"Justin" has been kicking ass and taking names all the way back to 518. That’s a lot of hair.

Of course Oiler fans don’t give a hoot about Bieber or Timberlake or even Morneau. TODAY is about Justin Schultz and his decision: it’s epic in our town because it’s been so long since the Oilers "won" one of these. The Gretzky acquisition was the major one in modern history, and it is almost like the hockey Gods said "okay, that’ll hold them" and then moved on to gift the swamps of New Jersey, Detroit Rock City and  America in general while ignoring Edmonton for a long, long time.

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No matter what happens today, Oiler fans can be certain the organization pulled out every available asset at their disposal to show Justin Schultz what choosing Edmonton could mean. This town is so pumped to get Schultz I’m not certain what to expect when the decision comes down. Oh, I know there won’t be a riot (that’s Vancouver’s thing) but suspect there will be public displays of  joy, lots of tinkling beer mugs and the discussion of a bright future.

In many ways, Justin Schultz is about to join Mr. Bieber and Mr Timberlake as a ‘star’ of note–especially in the city he chooses. One thing I love about the coverage so far is the lack of "it proves we’re moving forward just to be on the list" hogwash. If Peter Pocklington had that attitude the plane would have landed in Winnipeg with 99 and Eddie Mio’s credit card on board that fateful night.


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I predict massive displays of affection and general tomfoolery if Justin Schultz chooses Edmonton. The combination of Schultz signing, the long weekend, the warmth of the sun and availability of spirits could mean a population explosion and overrun delivery rooms in the provincial capital about April fool’s and the 30 days after.

Justin Schultz may singlehandedly cause the city of Edmonton to pass Calgary in population in a calendar year, let alone what it will mean to the standings!


Glory, my friends. In this context "team building" and "empire building" are identical and our man Katz is an empire builder. This young man isn’t signed, sealed and delivered but the climb from also-ran to champion is reflected in the clarity and actions of the Oilers during this time. Using everything available–including two icons whose presence transcends the sport–gives fans a real indication about how much Daryl Katz–business man and Oiler fan–wants to win.


Team 1260 at noon, they also have audio streaming and the show is up at the Nations within 24 hours. Among the guests scheduled to appear:

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  • Tom Lynn from Veritas Hockey. Lynn’s background in the hockey business makes him an ideal guest on the eve of free agent frenzy.
  • Bruce McCurdy from the Cult of Hockey. Bruce has been at Oilers development camp and he’ll share his insight on that, as well as give us his thoughts on the Oilers summer so far.
  • Kent Wilson from the Nations. I’m looking forward to the conversation with Kent today, as Jay Feaster has made several moves in the last week. Kent’s a straight shooter, this should be fun.
  • Cam Charron, Leafs Nation managing editor. We’ll discuss Toronto’s moves at the draft, the Luongo, and what we can expect from the big Smoke this week.
  • Terry Jones from the Edmonton Sun. Jones had the Krueger story first and we’ll talk about that, Justin Schultz and the Oilers in free agency.

The best part of the show is your questions, so please pass them along via twitter (@lowetide_ and @ItsNationRadio), via email at [email protected] or leaving your thoughts in the comments section.

The show will be fluid today, if the Schultz news breaks we may have some additional guests. Hope you can tune in.

  • Jesus Alan.. With that kind of hype you’re really making me nervous. Brilliant text though. This is both crazy fun and scary at the same time, been awhile (excluding the past three number 1 drafts).

  • Lowetide

    Too much hype! Apparently having applied their best efforts on recruiting Justin Schultz, I hope the Oilers’ brain-trust will clear their heads and now focus on free agency regardless of the Schultz outcome. There is still much work to be done if the Oil is to ever contend for the playoffs.

    If Scultz decides to choose Edmonton, we can rejoice. If he doesn’t, let’s not beat ourselves and go into a funk. Life goes on, it’s a rollercoaster.

  • Lowetide

    Max: If the Oilers don’t get him, we’ll have a right to be disappointed. The other options–not to invest in the process, or be satisfied with being in the conversation–are far more tragic.

    • Romulus' Apotheosis

      That’s exactly right!

      It’s the drama of the situation that gets you on the edge of your seat. As Oiler fans there hasn’t been that much drama of excitement in a long time… a lot more drama of disappointment and melancholy.

      Is this just the hopeful turn of the Summer while the season sits months away… or is it real?

      I’m going to let my emotions run away with me and either skip through childhood fields or double over in the basement whimpering…

      it feels good to be this invested near Canada day, no?

    • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

      Agreed. Although I will slightly disagree with the take that if we sign him the population will explode lol. Most people I talk to that are casual fans are not as invested as us die-hards in the Schultz sitch.

      I think I’m gonna puke if we don’t get him. Although Fabian brunnstrom had a ton of hype and look how that panned out…. I know I know different situation but I’m looking for ccomfort in case he doesn’t sign…

      Sigh. Any idea what time the announcement is coming so I don’t have to check my phone every 9 minutes?

  • Lowetide

    Lowetide, I was reading Aaron Portzline this morning and he says the CBJ’s are considering Jonas Gustavsson (see excerpt below). It got me thinking of a Habby for Steve Mason swap. Mason has one year left on his contract ($3.2m), same as Habby. Would you rather have Mason or Habby?

    — The Blue Jackets might be stuck with Sergei Bobrovsky and Steve Mason as their No. 1-2 goaltenders. The only free agent that appears to interest them is Jonas Gustavsson, whose rights are currently held by Winnipeg. If Gustavsson doesn’t sign with the Jets and becomes a free agent on July 1, expect the Jackets to make an offer. It’s unclear if Gustavsson would be wiling to sign in Columbus, or how he’d read the situation. Is it a three-headed monster if he joins? (Get it? Monster?) Or does he see two struggling goaltenders and an opening to lots of playing time?

  • Mulli35

    “Of course Oiler fans don’t give a hoot about Bieber”

    Once Wanye sleeps off his last visit to the Pint I think he may strongly disasqueeeeee with that statement.

  • paul wodehouse

    If our GM is involved on any level here LT there is no way this Justin comes here … Bieber on the other hand might be interested in coming here …he’s got enough money to handle the “hangin’ around with the elite jocks fees ” to fit right in …

    i only wish i was more supportive of this most impossible dream…i have no faith in our GM to pull this off…wherever do you get the idea that he could ever execute such a complex bit of business…what is up with your complete disregard for the fact that this man has NO horsetrading or hockey player dealing acumen to do something only real smart hockey guys with large testicles are cut out to do… …Sather…Holland…Holmgren…maybe Burke could…

    but not this man …

  • Krusher

    The boost with Bieber potentially coming on and the continued progression of Klefbom gives us all hope. Petry this year will ascend to a good top four d-man. All of a sudden the back end doesn’t look so putrid.

    If Bieber does state he will come here in a few hours, I just might fall off my boat and swim around naked in Sylvan Lake this afternoon! Cover your eyes kids

  • Krusher

    Justincase you missed it , madjam predicts a 90% chance Schultz will choose the Oilers ! His hockey career is best served here , bottom line . To much pressure and limited time in Vanc. makes that a second choice only . Gretzky and Coffey’s most hockey productive years were learned in Edmonton – not elsewhere .

    SUSTAINABILITY and FORSIGHT . Can the Oilers continue to fail in the standings and even add more elite talents ? I don’t think so in forsight . If our top 4 turn out as projected now we undoubtedly will have to lose at least one because of exhorbitant contracts required to keep them all . Chicago and Pitts . both basically only have two left at forward position . If cap and CBA remain constant ther is a good chance one or more of our elite talents will have to be dealt.

    For reasons above i believe the Oilers have to form a reliable core and make playoffs this year . We can’t afford anymore lottery picks again at this stage . We need to be very active in getting a marquee defenceman to anchor us , and Schultz unlikely to it or be only acquistion we seek this trade deadline . We also need a big centerman . Windows to win cup are narrow fr all teams and that sustainability veryn fleeting as we have all witnessed in this cap world thats likely not to change with new CBA . Time to put the “peddle to the metal ” for a rather reserved managerial group !

    Our future is now , and a core setup imperative this year – no more time to lollygag around .

    • Lowetide

      I’d have to hear it from the Oilers to believe it. But they aren’t going to run him into the ground, if he slumps they’ll back him off.

      Based on his numbers, I don’t think it’ll be close. He’s better than a slew of Oiler blue this instant.

  • D

    Lowetide it could be a very busy day on Oilers Nation.Listening to Tencers show last night I thought I heard that the Shultz decision would be made/announced today so as to give those teams that lost the sweepstakes an opportunity to reformulate thier plans for FA.

    Who de we target if we lose and who we do we target if we win the JS sweepstakes? Is Carle a viable option? Would Bowmeester be a viable trade option? Calgary needs to shed his salary. The term left isn’t to bad. The cap hit isn’t something we couldn’t handle and we have the assets to make the kind of deal Calgary needs.

    Or Komisarek? He’d come cheap and would be the kind of shut down dman that would pair well with Nick Shultz.

    Going to be a day.

  • RexLibris

    The Oilers could guarantee top-4 minutes for the same reasons that the Leafs could offer guaranteed media scrums after every pre-game meal. What choice do they have?

    Whitney, Potter, Petry. Those are the power-play defenseman available to the coaching staff right now.

    On another note, I noticed recently that the “it was an honour just to be in the conversation” theme was creeping into some articles about the Flames.


  • Quicksilver ballet

    Where would Carle slot in on a good team, is he a 3 or 4 on a good team?

    If money is the only price to land a d’man that could help, i think the Oilers would be very involved in one or two of these UFA’s.

    Thanks for spending part of your holiday weekend with us LT.

  • I doubt they promised him anything, I think it goes without saying top 4 minutes are available.

    I would have to wonder if hes even asking for such assurances, I would hedge this is mostly media speculation.

    The only team that could give him such an sssurance right now would be the Oilers. They got a hole in their top four, they could use top 2 guys. Ottawa, NY, Leafs, Vancouver all have solid defences and would be foolish to guarantee those kinda minutes to a kid when they got better options available.

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    I have to admit I like the sound of our team being one of the last two for his list…if it’s true.

    I would really like to see us sign someone of consequence that would truly be a part of our franchise’s core going forward. I think it would really speed up our rebuild. If it doesn’t happen I hope it will just take a little longer with more assets spent to get that same type of player – and results.

    • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

      Proof that madjam is a Flamers fan.
      That deal is way too lopsided in Flamers favour, and besides…Jokinen said he’s testing the market, and J-Bo is too soft.

      NO DEAL