Big Decisions: The Andrew Cogliano Trade

Photo by Michael Miller, via Wikimedia Commons

Last summer, the Edmonton Oilers made the decision to cut ties with Andrew Cogliano, sending the young centre to Anaheim in exchange for a second round draft pick. A year later, how is that decision looking?

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Cogliano, who had just completed his second contract – a one-year deal worth $1.0 million – was promptly signed to a three-year deal with an annual cap hit of $2.39 million by his new club. At the time, I thought general manager Steve Tambellini deserved high marks for making the decision to divest the Oilers of Cogliano:

The dollar figure on Cogliano’s new contract makes Steve Tambellini look better for trading him. We might present it as a choice, one between Eric Belanger and a second round pick as well as roughly $700,000 in savings, or Andrew Cogliano. Given that Belanger’s the better player, cheaper, was available at no cost other than money, and most importantly fits team needs better, that’s a great choice. Even so, on a rebuilding team, it may not have been an easy one to make. Trading Cogliano is a risk; he’s young, has scored in the past, has blazing speed and rarely left anyone questioning his effort level. He’s also been exceptionally durable. Personally, I think it’s a smart risk.

After Cogliano’s first year with the Ducks, that decision continues to look good. Cogliano played middling competition for the Ducks, failed to produce offensively (finishing with a career-low 26 points) and wasn’t any great shakes defensively either. Bruce Boudreau is still optimistic that Cogliano has more to give, but plans to use him on the wing for all of next season – a move that’s several been several years in the making, given Cogliano poor work in the circle.

The return on Cogliano wasn’t exceptional – a second round pick in 2013 – but that’s okay because it’s difficult to see where he would fit in on the Oilers now. His skills are not ones that are in short supply in Edmonton; it’s not that he’s a terrible player, just that he isn’t a good fit for need.

Trading him was the right decision, and time has only confirmed that.

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  • SurfacetoAirMissile

    So what about these rumors of Arnott coming to Edmonton???? I think it would be a good move if we can off load Belanger somewhere, also I would like to see VanVelde get 15-20 games this season. Couple reasons, he can learn from both Horcoff and Arnott but I’m also very interested to see where he is at development wise and if he could slot into the NHL the following season.

    • SurfacetoAirMissile


      Where’d you see the Arnott rumors? That’d be cool if he came back (2nd line centre, perhaps? Is Gagner getting traded?). I always thought he got the bums rush outta here, and ironically, he’s the type of C that this team has been looking for after they traded him.

  • Is this Oilers Domination to Follow thing really going to be a thing? Dont get me wrong, I love the enthusiasm but I just dont want to stray into the category of fandom that likens to Canuck fan douche-bagery.

    Also, trading Cogs was absolutely fine. Could it have been possible to get more for him? I personally doubt it but I also thing a more shrewd GM could have squeezed a bit more out of cogs.

    • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

      I agree the Cogs trade was fine. I hope we use that second round pick in a trade package to land Yandle. That would really make the Cog trade look good. Plus Cogliano really wouldn’t fit too well on the team. I liked his durability; we’ve now shipped out our two most durable players in Cogliano and Gilbert.

      The team is in a weird spot right now in that they don’t need to many more pieces to be competitive, but getting those pieces without giving up another asset that just creates a different hole will be very tricky.

      Even with all our great prospects coming up on D, I still think we could use a Yandle. Then next year when Whitney and Sutton’s contracts are over is when we bring up Klefbomb and Tuebert to replace those types of players. Obviously a healthy Whitney is better than a rookie Klefbomb, but an unhealthy Whitney is probably worse than a rookie Klefbomb whose been seasoned in the SEL. Who knows, maybe Hall will work out at center like Messier did. Trade Gags for better D, throw either Harti or Paajarvi on the left on the second line, with Smyth on the left up top, and that’s a pretty good roster.

  • vetinari

    Like alot of the players moved in the last few years, Cogs seemed like a good guy who was a bit of a ‘tweener… he wasn’t a faceoff specialist or a points producer or a physical presence on the ice or an irreplaceable pk or pp specialist… he just had his speed going for him.

    I think whoever he plays for has to view him as a long term project and give him a narrow and defined role on the team (“you’re a 3rd/4th line winger and pk specialist”)… I’ve always viewed him as a “Todd Marchant-lite” kind of player who didn’t have Marchant’s chirpiness or agitator skills or faceoff ability.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Cogs and Gagne showed well in their first year here in Edmonton. What’s odd though is they both stalled/stagnated with their offensive contributions.

    Feel the Oilers would’ve been better off moving Gags and keeping a premier PK’er like Andrew.

    • Cheap Shot Charlie

      I can see where you’re coming from thinking that a C-man who can kill penalties while standing on his head is more valuable than a 45-55 point hobbit. However, Cogs is the epitome of a tweener. Few guys are able to show first line skill in junior and can be effective 3/4 line guys in the bigs. Correct me if I’m wrong but there aren’t maybe Danny Cleary’s in the league who can pass the test of time.
      Of course, that being said Sam will need elite talent around him to excel beyond 55 pts. I think the right choice was made, it’s just too bad that Gags isn’t turning into Datsyuk. I think we’d all love that!

  • @ Dman

    If Arnott wanted to come here and could be had at a reasonable rate he would be a major upgrade over Belanger. I don’t think he comes close to Gagner anymore.

    All of a sudden there could esily be 3 solid scoring threat lines and no need to shift one of Hemsky, Eberle, or Yak to the LW.


    or some variation. Looks like a nice balance and Horcoff could get the distinction of the top paid 4th liner in the NHL.

  • I am ok with the trade as well. I don’t think it is that odd at all that they stalled. It is very similar to how Paajarvi stalled. They were getting premiere minutes on the 1st and 2nd line and 1 PP time due to injuries.

    When the vets were healthy the next season they were pushed down the depth chart on team that is not deep.

    You take a finnesse player and put them with less skilled players with reduced icetime and no PP time and their numbers are effected. With high expectations and faltering results your confidence is bound to take a hit.

    This is why I would like to see Paajarvi have a good camp and get a long look in the top 6. We could use a big player with speed in our top 6. I know he is not the physical specimen that would make him perfect in the role, but he creates space, draws penalties, and his shot percentage last year was the lowest in the league. Put him with some descent players and i can guarantee he has a bounce back year.

  • Add to that after having a setback in Cogliano’s sophmore year the coaching staff did exactly what people are suggesting with Paajarvi. They told him he was going to be a defensive specialist and a PK guy. They are both smart players with speed and may be capable of making that switch but well rounded players that have put up good offensive numbers previously will always be looked at as a flop if they end up being just a defensive forward that is partnered with other defensive forwards and does not put up many points.

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination to Follow

    I was hoping for a 2012 2nd rounder when Andrew was first traded, and was disapointed when I found out it was a 2nd rounder in 2013.

    Now the timing of the trade makes more sense, Oilers can look at their talent this year, find any glaring weaknesses and trade one or both of their second rounders in the draft to fill any holes. The can also trade their first rounder if they are in a position at the deadline to challenge for a playoff spot(not a rental but more of a Mike Fisher type acquisition).

    Cogliano on the Wing has potential but second rounders seem to get you Michaleks and Visnovskys these days, so I think the trade worked out for the Oilers – depending what they do with the pick.

  • @Will

    For me, it is an absolute YES for Yandle. Young offensive DMAN that can move forward for many many years with this club.

    If the Oilers offensive (forwards) future is Centered around Hall, Eberle, RNH, Yakapov that is super exciting.

    If you paired that with a D Core centered around Yandle, Petry, Justin Schultz, Smid and hopefully Klefbom then I am stupid happy.

    That is a core that can grow together and be awesome. Assuming of course management is capable of keeping them all under the cap and surrounding them with decent supplimentary players every year.

    Also keeping in mind that this group is paired with a pretty good looking crop of “non-elite” prospects: Lander, Harski, Paajarvi, Teubert, Rieder, Marincin, Gernat, Fedun, Musil, Pitlick, Roy and Bunz

    God, looking at that I am actually excited. GO GET YANDLE (or similar)

  • John Chambers

    That 2nd round pick should prove to be valuable. Next year’s draft should be deep, so two 2nd round picks that will likely be between 35 and 45 can probably be exchanged for something in the 22-28 range.

    Either that or that pick becomes the “throw-in” should the Oilers trade Paajarvi for a Dman.

  • justDOit

    Cogs has great wheels, and a not bad shot, but he can’t handle the puck with speed – Rico Fata 2.0. He was frustrating to watch after that rookie season.

  • SurfacetoAirMissile

    Unfortunately Cogs may have already peaked by getting into the Hockey Hall of Fame so early in his career thus the Oil traded him at his highest value.

    Perhaps Gagner has now peaked, with his Gretzky tieing record last season. Maybe it is time to sell high. Gagner to the Islanders for Mark Streit, The rights to Yashin and Doug Weights hair stlyists phone number.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan


    pulling something out of ones ass and writing in a blog technically could be considered a rumour.

    however, who/where the source of the rumour comes from has a huge, in my opinion, relevance towards whether said rumour should at least be entertained as remotely possible.

    for example, if Darren Dreger were to toss out Jason Arnott to edmonton as a possibility, i would put a little more stock into the rumour than if it was dick cloutier on hockeybuzz.

    ~any truth to the crosby for horcoff and omark rumour? some guy on some message board said it.~

  • RollsRoyce13

    I enjoy reading Oilersnation and enjoy reading opinions in the comment section. But am already sick of “Oiler domination to follow”. Please do away with it…… I think the Cogs trade was one of Tambo”s better one’s.

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      I agree it was, I’m starting to wonder if the reason why Tambo doesn’t make many trades is because other teams are will to offer fair value. They know the oilers have a lot of good prospects and want to low ball the oilers to try and get them. Also I wouldn’t want to use Marincin, Gernat, Kelfbom in any trades yet, not until we get a better idea of their potential. I think both Marincin and Gernat could surprise everyone and a trade could be regretful.

      • GVBlackhawk

        No I think he was just voicing his annoyance with you. And speaking on behalf of everyone who reads the site.

        Meow was funny on Super Troopers. It is not funny coming from you on an Oilers blog site.

        Oilers Domination to Follow also sounds ridiculous when the team has been embarrassingly awful for so long. How about “Oilers Ascension to 20th to Follow”.

        • Brownlee loves the word meow

          I’m very sorry that the word meow annoyed you so much. It was never meant to be funny coming from me. It was something that tied into my avatar, and the movie super troopers.

          As far as the comment you replied to.. I was actually referring to sensoring the comments on blogs. it is one thing to control something that is deemed inappropriate or abuse.. I wasn’t picked on today but some other commenters were… undeservingly. loosing marbles about something so insignificant that it isn’t even worth talking about…. Is a waste of time. Just like me writing this as it will undoubtably be deleted again

  • The value of the Cogs trade all depends on what we end up getting for that 2nd round pick. Maybe we get the next Weber, maybe we get the next Jorge Von Clauppenhauer IV. Maybe we package it. Either way, if the pick isn’t part of something that results in a useful NHL player eventually making it to the team, then the trade has failed. Time will tell.

  • If we are looking to use that pick how about we convince Toronto to give up Cody Franson by submitting an offer sheet? If we super-overpaid for one year at $3.3 million and the Leafs decided not to match (I can’t see why they would, they don’t even use the guy), then we would owe them a second rounder as compensation.

    I’m not saying Franson is worth 3.3 million, that bid is just to make the Leafs not match the offer.

    It could come back to haunt us, but trading Cogs for a 6’5″ right handed young offensive d-man would sure be a good trade in my mind.

    I put this up on the twitters but I guess I don’t have enough followers yet to warrant a response. Thoughts?

    • I think your idea is completely dumb and you suck. Obviously you knew that a team must use its own picks for an offer sheet. Therefore your suggestion was a thinly veiled attempt at hijacking the thread and discussing a way to acquire your true love Cody Franson. Every time he’s put on the ice he gets a point, then he is benched for the rest of the game and a few more games after that. If you love him so much why don’t you marry him?

      P.S. Get out of here or start talking about the catch phrase of the day. We don’t like your kind.

      P.P.S. If you don’t like talking about catch phrases at least talk about something realistic like acquiring Shea Weber for Omark and a 6th rounder. You suck.

  • I’m siding with the gang here, Hockeybuzz in actual hockey talk is a Foul. And no, that’s not why it’s called a rumour. A proper rumour is coming from a source that may conceivably be in the know.

    If that “Rumour” comes from HockeyBuzz/Eklund/RichardCloutier then it qualifies as bullsh*t and bullsh*t only.

    Like many things in life, reading Hockeybuzz is okay but admitting to it is not.