Above is Tyga – a young star in the Cash Money/Young Money Rap Empire. He has a slammin track called Rack City where he talks about how he will rain down money on dancing girls given half a chance.

After the jump is Nail Yakupov – the newest star in the Rexall Sports/Edmonton Oilers Hockey Empire. He hasn’t released a slammin’ track that we have heard but the instant he smashes his first goal into the ice hockey net we will start dancing around and doing our best Tyga impersonation yelling "YAK CITY YAK YAK YAK CITY BITCH"

To prepare for this momentus day we want to kick off the fifth photoshop contest in the grand history of OilersNation.


If you have recently been released from long term incarceration or perhaps just completed a thorough scientific study of the Mariana Trench you may have missed Photoshop Contests 1 through 4. They are among some of the most hilarious stuff that has ever happened on this site and we are regularly blown away by both the quality and number of entries in the game.

There was one that talked about how the Oilers management have zero plans beyond tanking the team and praying for good draft picks. Astonishingly this has worked. There was one gushing about Ryan Smyth coming home. There was one wondering what would have happened if things worked out differently at key points in Oilers History. And there was our personal favourite about how our blessed NUUUUUUGE is the cutest lil baby ever and needs to be celebrated as such.

It’s amazing how resourceful we have all become in this Mariana’s trench of Shitanusly Terrible Hockey isn’t it? We have made our own fun like the pioneers did before fun was invented in 1839.


We are toiling away at Nerd Camp and the laughs are few and far between. So we are going to unilaterally decide the contest and set the terms. We are also going to beg Oodle Noodle put up a $100 Delivery GC for the winner should he/she be from Edmonton and we will put up one of the sacred remaining NationDraft party tee shirts if the winner isn’t from the Edmonton area.


Let’s work on the assumption that Yakupov is a Legendary Gun for the Oilers. Let’s also assume that our favourite Tatarian Herdsman loves gangster rap. Let’s also assume he is going to be doing his best to run the City one day*

Let’s see some hip-hop/gangster themed entries proclaiming Edmonton Yak City. Extra points with the judge if you work in YMCMB gear, photos or any rap related content at all. Bieber gets it – look how swagged out he is in the photo above! Extra extra points if you can use imagery from Edmonton to remind the homesickest person on earth what home looks like again.

The Contest starts today – and ends on Saturday night at midnight. We will put the 5 finalists on the site on Monday morning and we can all have a good laugh and whistle in amazement and then the voting will commence. 

Craft your magic and send them to – good luck to everyone involved!**

*Good luck with that

**Good luck with that too