THREE ENTRIES FOR THE YAKUPOV PHOTOSHOP CONTEST?! What in the sweet Nuge’s moustache is going on – is everyone working productively this week? We highly doubt it. Our main man Jimmeh gets it – his entry is right on point and the early leader right out of the gate.

Perhaps we can inspire people with the kind of photos we want to see but are incapable of producing in photoshop. It’s not our fault really – most of our fingers were blown off in the imaginary war of 2006. 

You can take any old rap album and stick Yak’s face on it and other hilarity. Rick Ross here doesn’t look like he would mind having his album altered to suit the tastes of Ice Hockey fans does he?

Nas as a Pharoh? Yakupov as Nas? Has the world gone all topsy-turvy like? Only you and your photoshops can decide. 

How about the iconic Eminem? He could be mistaken for the most recent Oilers Number One Pick if you were extremely myopic, had forgotten your glasses at home and drove by him standing on a corner doing 40-90km/h.

Or take a standard skyline shot of Edmonton* and write YAK CITY on top just to enter the contest. Good heavens these things make themselves up people. Remember there are big prizes on the line. BIG LIFE CHANGING PRIZES.

Email your genius to wanyegretz at gmail dot com and you will live in infamy forever and ever Amen.


While the photoshop entries might be lighter than a Kate Moss weigh-in** – the requests for OilersNation stickers are pouring in. Ever since our friends at Jet Label hooked us up with a big ol roll of sticker goodness we have been plastering them all over the computers of our fellow students here at Nerd Camp.

If hooking up Latin American and Malaysian entrepreneurs who have never even heard of Ice Hockey before meeting us can be considered good marketing then we are the Googles of the marketing.

But for those of us in the Nation who want some stickers and didn’t come to nerd camp we extend the invitation to you as well. So far we have 83 people who have asked for stickers (!) to be sent to 4 different countries (!) which will most likely bankrupt Wanye Industries due to exorbitant postage rates.

Climb on the bandwagon! Claim what’s rightly yours! Email us your name and address to wanyegretz at gmail dot com and we will hook you up faster than you can say "two to four weeks depending on our laziness"

And please send us some more Yakupov "Yak City" entries. If not for him, then for the lil NUUUUUUGE who gets so cranky in the offseason and loves photoshop contests***

*If we had access to MS-Paint down here at Nerd Camp we would show better examples. Believe that.


***Or so we like to imagine