The OKC Barons 12-13 are coming into view. Sure there are some ‘bubble’ players who might make the big club but at this point the candidates appear to be signed, sealed and delivered.

Coach Todd Nelson has his contract and we can begin to discuss the fall and winter for Barons prospects. I caught up to OKC Barons play by play man Jim Byers Saturday and we talked about a few players of interest for 12-13:

  • On Tyler Pitlick (in photo above): "I think he had a pretty good year, it’s probably time for him to take a step forward. He’s still very very young by AHL standards."
  • On Josh Green: Byers: "I like the Josh Green signing, especially because it looks like this could be a very young team again this season.At the AHL level he’s a very nice player to watch as well."
  • On Phil Cornet: "He made the mid-season all star game, it’ll be his third year in the AHL and we’ll see if he can take a step forward too."
  • On Kirill Tulupov: "I was getting the general inclination that he was going to look elsewhere, look for a place where he could get a little more playing time. Things were pretty deep this year defensively and with an influx of guys like Davidson, Marincin and Fedun and going with the guys they already have, it would surprise me if he came back. My impression was that he would not be back."


We’re in August and frankly there are probably a half dozen ‘bubble’ players who could end up in Edmonton for the beginning of 12-13. There’s also a possibility of a lockout, meaning some true blue Oilers could play in OKC. Below is a ‘possible’ opening night lineup based on the Oilers current depth chart and the players in the system who are waiver eligible.


  • L1: Josh Green-Teemu Hartikainen-Magnus Paajarvi
  • L2: Mark Arcobello-Phil Cornet-Tyler Pitlick
  • L3: Anton Lander-Dane Byers-Tanner House
  • L4: Chris VandeVelde, Antti Tyrvainen, Curtis Hamilton
  • Extras: Ryan Martindale, Kristians Pelss, Cameron Abney

Your mileage may vary, but that’s my guess. I like the depth at center, and that top line should do some nice things. Pitlick gets a push here but I think that’s reasonable based on who isn’t back this year (looks like the Oilers wanted to make room for some youngsters). VandeVelde is overqualified for the 4C slot but the Barons have some nice depth there.

  • D1: Alex Plante-Corey Potter
  • D2: Dan Ringwald-Colten Teubert
  • D3: Martin Marincin-Taylor Fedun
  • D4: Teigan Zahn-Brandon Davidson

I have two RH’s on the top pairing, looks like their top 4D will be 3 right handers unless Marincin, Davidson or Zahn can impress in training camp. Having all of those righties isn’t a bad thing, but it might require someone to play out of position. I would guess that the Oilers/Barons will add a lefty in the next few weeks, meaning one of Davidson or Marincin may start their pro career in Stockton (ECHL). Oscar Klefbom remains an intriguing possibility.

  • G1: Yann Danis
  • G2: Olivier Roy
  • G3: Tyler Bunz

This is an interesting depth chart. Danis is coming off a fantastic AHL season and may end up playing in the NHL for an extended period this winter. Roy is up from Stockton where he had an impact season, and Bunz graduates to pro with a terrific resume from junior hockey. There’s every chance we’ll look back on this roster 10 years from now and agree the goaltenders had the brightest futures.



Summer offers all kinds of distractions, and this has been a different kind of off-season (owing to the slow decisions of Parise, Suter and Doan, plus the cap hit questions). As with the NHL roster, the Barons don’t look "done" in the true sense. I would expect we’ll see some additions in the next few weeks, specifically a left-handed blueliner. As it currently stands, the Barons are quite young and the opportunities for their top prospects (Paajarvi, Hartikainen, Pitlick, Hamilton, Lander, Teubert, Marincin, Roy, Bunz) are abundant and obvious.


  • The Soup Fascist

    Got to think one of Paajarvi or Harti stick with the Oilers, assuming there is an NHL season. Unless I am missing someone with Potter in AHL, this roster would leave Oil with 13 F and 7D, one short of 21 allowed skaters. But I may be foggy, a couple of pops at the lake.

  • Lowetide

    Soup: I have the Oilers like this:

    C: Nuge, Gagner, Horcoff, Belanger; L: Hall, Yakupov, Smyth, Eager, Hordichuk; R: Hemsky, Eberle, Jones, Petrell. D: Petry-Smid; Schultz-Schultz; Whitney-Sutton; Peckham. G: Dubnyk, NK.

    So yes, 22. Oilers could end up plucking someone from the AHL team (Hartikainen, Lander, Paajarvi) but could also grabe someone off waivers.

    Klefbom is also a (distant) possibility.

  • The Soup Fascist

    Would be surprised if they carry two rookie D, given that two D-men would be in the pressbox everynight – although 8 D is a possibility (Potter).

    I think you are correct that there is a F spot available. Would hope the Oilers fill it with veteran bottom 6 “role player” with character or play one of Harti / Paajarvi in top 9 if they are able. Last thing we need is a young prospect floating between 4th line and pressbox as Arch noted was the case with Lander.

  • Lowetide

    I think they’ll be looking for a Doan/Arnott type. I always call that player ‘the Pisani’ and that’s what they need. Someone to step in when Smyth-Jones are injured/falter/need a rest and also to settle down the 4line.

    One of the areas we’re going to see Krueger’s hand in a big way imo is the 4line. It was very poor and they brought everoyne back! I imagine he has an idea about how to make it better.

  • Lowetide

    As with most Oiler fans, I’m just starved for a winning team. Question is will OKC be able to get past Norfolk this season. Marlies be damned, I want to see a championship.

    Seems the AHL team has a damn good mix of AHL vets and prospects bubbling under


    I almost agree with your line combo’s for the Barons and OKC. I still think that the Oilers trade or waive Eager. I also think that Belanger is here for as long as it takes to trade him. I also think the Oilers make a move with Hemsky sometime into the early part of the season. A team like Columbus needs his skill. Carolina would be a good fit along with Pittsburgh.

    OKC will be a 40+ win team again.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Oilers, skinny at center. Wild, have something like 8 guys listed as ctr. on active roster.
    We know where their Cap is at, and they are skinny on defense.Their big minute ctrs, are Koivu, Brodziack,Cullen, now Knopka,. Make any sense to try and trade for Brodziak, or Cullen?
    I know Cullen is a UFA next year.Both guys are good in the cirle, however, Brodziack was a minus 14 last year, but the team a whole struggled. Cullen is a hometown guy with NTC, might be hard to get him to move.
    Potter and Peckham for Brodziak.

    • Spydyr

      Potter and Peckham for Brodziak?

      First they let Brodziak walk for next to nothing then they trade Potter and Peckham for him.

      That is some mighty fine asset managment there.

  • Not really all that jacked about the talent in OKC. We need a couple actual NHL’ers up on the big roster, one of whom can replace Eager (if at all possible) and a real live d-man not fresh-faced with zero NHL games under his belt. We’ve already got one of those guys.

    You have no idea how often I refresh this damn site hoping to find out we made an actual bonafide deal. FAK.

  • Lowetide, is Pitlick projected to be an NHL player? I have high hopes for that kid, he’s a big guy and hopefully he can turn into a solid 3rd line winger, someone like Mike Grier. We need someone like that.