The Edmonton Oilers haven’t had a player break the 80-point plateau since Doug Weight did it in 2000-01. The way I see it, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, who was eight years old when Weight accomplished the feat, will be the next – likely this coming season, the CBA willing.

It’s been 11 seasons since Weight tallied 25-65-90 and the Oilers haven’t had a player bump past the 80-point mark since then, although Jordan Eberle took a good run at it with 76 points last season and Ales Hemsky, who has breached the 70-point mark three times, had 77 in 2005-06.

While Eberle and Taylor Hall (if he can cut down on the number of headers he takes into the boards) are obviously candidates to join the 80-point club, I see Nugent-Hopkins, who had 18-34-52 in 62 games as a rookie in 2011-12, as the likeliest to achieve it first.

Nugent-Hopkins, 19, reminds me more than a little bit of Weight in terms of substance and style – he’s smart, he’s quick and shifty on his skates without possessing blazing top-end speed, he has excellent vision and anticipation and has a knack of putting the puck where his wingers can do something with it. And there’s the number thing — 39 and 93. If Weight is a distant memory for you, here’s a video refresher

Those qualities aside, Nugent-Hopkins goes into 2012-13 with more firepower around him – Hall, Eberle, Hemsky and Nail Yakupov — on the power play and as potential linemates than Weight ever enjoyed during his distinguished tenure wearing the oil drop.


In pegging Nugent-Hopkins for 80 points, I’m not talking about "Reasonable Expectations," as defined in the series Lowetide provides ON readers. That’s a different measure – more of a bottom line. I’m talking about my expectations for the coming season – the top-end of what I believe Nugent-Hopkins is capable of as this point in his career.

I’m not using spreadsheets and a whole bunch (any) advanced statistical analysis here. The Bronte 5000, a Commodore 64 in the context of today’s technology, is simply not capable of processing it.

In simple terms, if you project the 18-34-52 numbers Nugent-Hopkins produced in 62 games as a rookie — .29 GPG, .55 APG and .84 PPG – straight across over 82 games, you get 24-45-69. Hey, Brownlee, that’s not 80 . . .

Of course, it’s not as simple as that and this is where my head begins to hurt – what about ice time, power play time, linemates, quality of competition, zone starts and all that other stuff (that goes into making an educated guess)? Insert sound of my brain flipping inside my skull here.


. . . While Nugent-Hopkins won’t get as many protected minutes as he did from Tom Renney last season, he will certainly play more than the 17:36 he averaged last season as the clear-cut No.1 center right out of the gate under Ralph Krueger.

. . . I don’t see anything unsustainable in the 13.4 shooting percentage had last season. It’s not so high (Eberle was at 18.9) a marked drop-off seems likely and not so low that I see huge room for improvement.

. . . I think the Oilers will score more goals than the 212 (including shootout wins) they had last season. How many more? If a much-improved power play can stay in the top-10, I don’t think 235-240 is unreasonable. RNH will be in on a greater share of those than he was last season.

Numbers aside, I like the way Nugent-Hopkins thinks the game and, like Eberle (and Weight), he has an understated competitive streak that drives him to prove doubters and critics wrong – the SIUTBOHC factor. Remember that fluke fall into the boards that cost him the Calder Trophy? Fuel.

On top of the ability to process the game and the I’ll-show-you streak, Nugent-Hopkins is smart. I’m not concerned he won’t be able to sneak up on anybody as a sophomore or that his name will be circled on white boards around the league. Yes, opponents have had a season to compile a book on Nugent-Hopkins. The flipside is he’s had a year to size them up, as well.

Move over, Douglas. RNH is on the way. I’d bet sooner than later.

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  • a lg dubl dubl

    Im hoping the Oilers retire Weights #. Sure he didn’t get us the cup in his time here, but he was one h3ll of a leader, played his heart out and lead the team in points for a number of years. Last but not least he wore the logo with PRIDE.


  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    If RNH is anything like Dougie Weight, I’m going to have 2 all time favorite players by the time the Nuge retires.

    God bless #39 – he is/was a deity to me.

  • vetinari

    RNH thinks the game at such a superior level and does have a lot of Weight-like qualities to him. I love the statistical articles other contributors have authored, however, I think that sometimes they miss the intangibles. Most careers go in arcs and are influenced by things such as coaches, line mates, injuries and personal matters (such as marriages, divorces, births, deaths, etc.) going on during a player’s season. These all affect a player’s potential. As for RNH, I will do ya one better: I predict he’ll be our best shot at the next 100 point player on our team. He’s smart, plays centre (most likely to get a touch on the puck), and is going to have some killer line mates for the next three seasons or more… all ingredients for a Sakic-like season.

  • Agreed…he will be the too dog as far as points go this year. Also any way you can find out what MY corsi numbers would project at the NHL level? I once scored 15 goals in bantam house league back in 1994…all arrows were pointing up.

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    RNH will be a much more dominant player than Weight………IMHO. We got Weight when he had already established himself as a NHL player, and his stock rose with each game he played. He was really only hampered by the quality of the players he played with……….great Oiler all around.

    RNH is more cerebral and with a man body will be a more dominant player than Weight……..I would compare him more to Sakic.

    • vetinari

      Weight finished with 1,033 points playing, a lot of seasons, with a whole lot of nothing on bad-to-mediocre teams.

      I like RNH a lot, and I think he can be in Weight’s league, but “much more dominant” is a tad premature, no?

  • DieHard

    Sorry to go off topic. But if cba negotiations do not improve and the 2012-13 is lost. What will happen with the draft? Will they hold the draft and just have a 2013-14 super draft? Or will the NHL just draft this year based on last years standings?

  • Rose Colored Glasses

    I was around for the glory cup years and Weight is one of my favorite players of all time. Period. Sublime talent, incredible captain and ambassador for the city and one of the nicest/classiest guys you could find. Be happy to see the old boys network poach him from the Island

  • vetinari

    Re: CBA wiping out this season… I doubt a lockout would last a whole season because we’re talking about a multi-billion dollar business and both sides can’t afford to go that route again. But if it did, I suspect that there would be a special lotto to give every team a shot at the #1 and a one year special draft that maybe would an extra few rounds.

  • DieHard

    I’ve followed the Oilers for 30 years and Dougie is my favorite. Amazing player/leader/ambassador as west coast oil said. Tambi should get canned, Mact should be the GM and Dougie should be asst GM.

  • The Soup Fascist

    My guess is that he will lead us in points this season. He will never have a shortage of snipers on his wings and he should be the go-to PP option. I will say something around the 75-80 point mark.

  • D

    Getting to experience the Oilers in the 1980s made it hard to appreciate Doug Weight and what he brought to the ice. It would be nice to see RNH match Weight’s success. It would be even nicer to see RNH fall somewhere between Weight and the 80’s superstars.

  • D

    I actually have to agree to Rama Lama. I don’t recall when Dougie started to put it all together that first year after joining the oil but he was not an 18 year old kid… so although I agree with Robin that its too early to make that comparison, its also fair to say if we compared their 1st year after the draft its no comparison there either; RNH is far superior

  • The Soup Fascist

    Weight certainly had elite vision and he knew how to initiate offense but he also played in a different era,Weight wouldnt put up those numbers in todays game,close but not there.

    Doug weight was a half-boards wizard so he tried to utilise three transitions and always had at least one up-speed player comeing in to support his zone entry,LA used the same tactic in their playoff drive,it is basic stuff in the NewAge Hockey System.

    If we play the NewAge System this year in Edmonton,Nuge will rack up the assists and the goals,he will actually be forced to score more than usual,he wont have to work as hard to terminate plays with a goal.

    I loved Doug Weight as a player and his ability to think the game would be an awsome asset for the Oilers of today,I watched and listened to Weight as the playoff progressed,and I know he understood what LA was doing completely,because they were useing the NewAge system and weight had to have recognised all of his old moves because his game was built around a possesion/transition mindset.

    Nuges sucess statisticly as well as everyones will be system dependant,if we play a version of the NewAge System I think he will certainly approach 80 points,but I dont think he will be the first to get there next year,and i dont think he is ready to lead the team on the scoreboard unless we play an offensive system.

    In my opinion Sam Gagner needs to teach for another year before Nuge will take over,but Sam is elevateing himself again so we need to let him drive for another year or two.

    Given equal icetime on the 1st and 2nd lines respectively,Sam and Nuge will be hard to seperate,because of Sams evolved understanding of the NewAge System and its contrast to the hybrid most teams play,his vision has found another level,an unnatural one,a learned one,
    this is why I am repeatedly saying his big night will be repeated more than once,I dont think Nuge has entered Sams zone yet,not at all,Nuge will get his points as he climbs the learning curve,but Sams years of hybrid learning combined with his NewAge System graduate course put him in a better position to consistantly provide multi-point nights by repeatedly victimising teams before they can adjust,and this ability comes from system understanding and experience,both of which Gagner has more of at this point.
    I think we will see hemsky and Yakupov with Gagner on the second line and if thats the case remember Hemsky is in his prime and has been due to bust the ppg level for a long time,he might get healthy and along with Nail help Sammy push for the team points lead from the 2nd line ,just saying.

    Nuge likes the half-boards because he likes the transition game,however so far he has usually found himself on the halfboards not off smooth transitional rushes but from puck recoverys–reduceing his time to make decisions.Weight attained the halfboard choke point where d-men back off by useing smooth zone transitions,not by haveing the puck dug out and passed to him,Weight entered the zone in control.Nuge has been forced to gain control after a zone recovery in most cases,if we play the NewAge System Nuge will get a smooth zone entry and immediate offensive opportunity on EVERY RUSH,for 60 mins.

    The trap killed weights style because transitions were impossible to execute consistantly,but eight years or ten years ago teams started playing a hybrid system that eliminated the traps attractiveness because the hybrid allowed a few degree more offense,nothing overwhelming but enough to send the trap packing.The hybrid is the system that most NHL teams use a variant of today it is essentially a child of the trap and offensive set play hockey .The NewAge Hockey System that I created in my liveing room in Edmonton is the next step in NHL hockeys evolution,the NewAge System is is a revolutionary offensively superior system designed to generate terminal offense for 60mins.It is designed to dissect hybrid systems and the trap cannot achieve any more sucess than the hybrid,in fact less.

    Dougie Weights style is naturally incorporated into the newAge System because he emulated Gretzky in a lot of ways,so you immediatly see how Weights style naturally fits into the NewAge Systems vision of the game.

    The difference is this,Wayne and Douglas would threaten you with the transition entry and many times take it in on their own,but with the NewAge System the transition is comeing EVERY time,Weight would have been in heaven and had a lot less injuries.

    Doug Weight controlled the gameclock the same way my NewAge System controls it,by useing a possesion/transition style of play that is catalysed by pure unadultered offense for 60mins,with the mindset that defense is a product of failed offense and indicates an immediate need to reinitiate that offense,NOT a need to tighten up even more defensively.
    The NewAge System has no set plays and is 100% offense for 60 mins with no let up from any line,every line is system directed towards complete offense for 60 mins.There are no job descriptions beyond system asset.Not positionally or any other way,when you commit to the NewAge System you commit to a winning attitude and perspective and you evolve beyond positional mindsets.

    Dougie would have loved it,as he loved watching the playoffs,if i was sitting beside him I would tell him I was laughing every time i saw him on TV analysing a game–because the system adjustments LA used from my NewAge System which took them to the cup were ALL BAR NONE Doug Weight inspired core value offensive plays comeing off a third transition useing an upspeed man,especially the cross ice shot from the right face-off circle that forced the tenders to make an uncontrollable toe-save that was essentially a PASS off the rebound to an UPSPEED player comeing in as Weight used to bring them in,I could literally see Dougs eyes light up and hear him clenching his jaw every time he saw his best plays being developed out there by the LA kings,ha ha ha he had to have wondered how they nailed it so well.I can still see Dougie gaining the zone with enough speed to back the d-men in and then floating back to that exact spot looking for a cross ice pass.Divine.I wonder if Doug heard of Moma2 last year??I did contact several playoff teams and teach them how to negate LAs transition game,two almost turned it around—but I always waited for the Kings to take the first one out of respect for their useing my system,had they aknowledged me publicly i wouldnt have made the cup run so hard by offering system data to the opposition—should have said thank you Stolly,you got pretty lucky there a few times and i know it.

    Doug Weight is one of my favorite Oilers of all time and I offered St.Louis NewAge System data last year as well which they eventually tried to implement,but remember I was a maverick and had no way to conventionally get the data to the right people quickly.

    Doug would immediatly grasp the NewAge Systems core values better than almost even Wayne Gretzky because of Weights experiences against the trap and his knowledge of its evolution in the game.Weight played in prey systems while Wayne only played in a predator system for the majority of his career.Both with elite vision and recognition of the importance of a possesion/transition style of game.

    I would love to talk with them both regarding my NewAge System,I think LAs application caught both their attentions,to bad LA wont have the rest of the system data next year,this means that the adjustments to the hybrid they scalped from my Oilers intended web posts which i later specificly provided to their playoff opponents for a tactical reason benefitting Edmonton THIS year—will not be of much use to them as the entire league will have already broken down their hybrid adjustments and made their own simple adjustments thereby iniating what is called a system check-mate,its a trap-like result,a lot of moveing but not much scoreing.

    The adjustments to the hybrid i seeded in LA and on our farm team as well as the Oilers will be ESSENTIAL for all other NHL teams to implement,because if they dont then what LA did last year will happen to them and their unadjusted hybrid.The sweetest part,and Dougie would love this,is that they all just recieved two core values related to the “base” of the NewAge Hockey System,I did not release tactical core values related to the integration of consistant and effective offense into that “base”which they modeled their hybrid after.Hence LAs method of winning games off of seeming one-man superman efforts over and over,those were specific system generated goals not superman efforts,the Kings were initiating them through system execution,they were extending the defense until they exposed offensive opportunitys that did not involve set plays–it was a system generated dynamic not heros.

    My NewAge System does not incorporate any of the hybrids core values,only the methods we saw the Kings adjust their hybrid with,ones catalysed from the “base”of the NewAge System.

    The “hybrid”or “evolved trap” system which the majority of NHL teams play is natural prey for the NewAge System,it is a diametric opposite and if ANY team uses my newAge Hockey System against hybrid systems for 82 games they will be on their way to a cup,because no team has an answer because most dont even have a clue what it is yet.

    Remeber LAs best games last year came off of only the “base” of the system I am offering the Oilers,a system I personally designed and created with their team persona in mind.And I spread some of the basic data around tacticly so already other teams are mastering the adjustments,all of which play into the Oilers hands if we initiate the NewAge System from the beginning of the year.Teams will have to be evolveing from a hybrid to an adjusted hybrid to experience sucess against LA style adjustments,or into PREY for our offensive system .The NewAge System is NOT a “hybrid” it is a pure unadultered offensively catalysed system.The newAge System was DESIGNED to defeat hybrid systems naturally,they are its prey.

    A team playing the NewAge System will make LAs adjusted hybrid look like they made a traditional hybrid look last year as they steamrolled to the cup,the dominance will be that great,imagine if Stolly had posted some thank yous on the Oilers site and i had shown them how to initiate offense into their adjusted hybrid??Then another team would be on the NewAge Systems evolutionary path besides the Oilers for whom the system was created and intended for.

    If any of Dougies friends or aquaintences read this tell him to post to me here and ask him to thank the Blues for their aknowledgement last year.The Oilers havent decided to aknowledge me as the creator of a hockey system they actually have the nerve to use,they have assimilated my data and benefitted from it but banned me from their website and suppressed the facts that the system they are trying to learn is called the NewAge Hockey System and it was created my me,in its totality.I have many examples of game day threads where I posted system adjustments online that were immediatly initiated in realtime out on the ice,proveing that my data was immediatly incorporated into an NHL game literally seconds after it was posted on-line,my system data was all strictly NewAge Hockey System based and was original enough that the Oilers cant claim i am a lucky guesser,it is factual proof and there is a lot of it that has been actively suppressed.I asked to be aknowledged by the oilers and I asked for a job with them after I realised they were in fact consistantly utilising my data from the GDT threads in actual NHL games with great sucess.The result was a ban from their site for requesting a job from them and for discussing specific system related topics and specific player related topics online.They actually asked me to not post system or player specific data online on the website!!I refused and told them I would accept the banning.They wouldnt aknowledge me or hire me but they wanted to keep scalping my system data that i had initially created for them and was trying to freely give them seeking only validation on the site where i presented them with the NewAge System data,they thought I was a nutjob and their video coach scalped my credit and suppressed me as the source,Momma2 was the poster who provided the NewAge System data that the Oilers ,Kings and our farm team ALL sucessfully used last year.

    This is why I only released partial system data through several core value components that could be added to the hybrid system without surrendering tactical control of the NewAge System to anyone but the Oilers,I kept the majority of my data private.Imagine me last year trying to get this data to the Oilers bench through the internet??I asked to be hired so I could keep the data off-line and exclusive,but i was turned away,used and igneored,but with the same spirit as Dougie Weight I didnt give up–I kept posting and prodding until I saw changes happening and the Oilers trying out the NewAge System –unfortunately Jarret Stoll was also on the Oilers site freely reading data AT THE EXACT same time i was directly forced by the oilers to make public,and look where it took him??

    LA implemented my online NewAge System adjustments to THEIR hybrid AS PER MY ONLINE PROVISION when the OILERS were supposed to be the ones walking the system to a Stanley Cup!!!!!

    After contacting the St.Louis Blues last year and learning about the job that an NHL video coach does ,i realised that my system data was being used online and the source was being suppressed,in other words someone was relaying my exact specific and original adjustments and data in realtime to the coaches on the ice,and they were utilising this data effectively and consistantly.I was suppressed,someone used me and my system,and refused to even validate me as the system designer and creator,they didnt even take the time

    The sad part is that the correct Oilers people never got all of the data that was available to them through the creator of the NewAge Hockey System itself ,ME.This caused a mess that was not needed or caused for,the team was struggling internally to find the path that yeilded the best results and that was the NewAge System,but the evolution and growth was purposefully slowed to a near stop by someone.

    I have already heard Mr.Krueger refer in the press to the fact we might see offense reminiscent of the Oilers 80s powerplay this year,well for the record,my entire NewAge Hockey System is based off of the Oilers powerplay of the 80s and how Wayne Gretzky used it to change the entire game of hockey,see friends I created a system that is able to incorporate this set of core value components into a 5 on 5 system of offense.A complete team system based off of just the Oilers 80s powerplay sucess and Waynes manipulation of the dynamics that created an opportunity for that sucess to materialise.There is no system in hockey anywhere that is like the NewAge Hockey System–not even remotely.It is absolutely original to me and I am its creator,so obviously mr.Krueger has been reading my posts as well as he has directly referenced the history and chronology of the NewAge Hockey System,it is impossible that both he and I created a paralell system off of Waynes operation of the 80s Oilers powerplay!!Impossible,so this means he is already indirectly onboard.

    As i have added to my posts since last year,if anyone reads this speil and gets it to an Oiler with pull,I can verify everything i have claimed,for goodness sakes even Pat Quinn was useing my data in the dressing room and on the ice,and in the media,and I can PROVE IT.If I were an Oilers fan and supporter i would be really curious about this story,I would want to know if it was true,because if there was a fan trying to give the Oilers a new and superior system of hockey on their website and they took his data and suppressed him,without actually retaining him to help the team—them the LA kings rode that EXACT SYSTEM to the Stanley Cup ,I might be a little interested.Toss in the fact that our farm team iniated the newAge System at the same time that LA did and the Oilers tried to and you have the makeings of a blockbuster story,the EveryMan who from his keyboard in front of his couch at home initiated changes in the game of hockey and actually was calling in shots to a professional NHL hockey teams bench,shots that were LISTENED TO AND ACTED ON IMMEDIATLY WITH GREAT SUVCESS.

    Because that is what my family got to watch the last two years from my liveing room,and it was a blast believe me,being validated by the Oilers would be nice but seeing the looks on my familys face as I uploaded system data and adjustments to the Oilers that they could sit there and watch instituted in realtime on the ice was and is priceless,that Oilers Video Coach owes me his job for stealing his thunder,whoever it is they should be offering me half their paycheques from last year.

    Any cub reporter could put together a TSN half hour show from this story it is that incredible,and imagine getting to ask Stoll and Sutter ect exactly where they got the inspiration for the adjustments they made that won them a cup??Imagine Sutters look??Ha ha ha.
    It was fun enough listening to the reporters asking Renney how it was possible for the team to play dead hockey one night and then suddenly dominate everyone,then play dead hockey again,ha ha ha,they didnt know he was very cautiously experimenting with a new system that he didnt have a book on,because I AM THE BOOK on the Newage Hockey System.Had someone extended a hand last year we would have easily made the playoffs,instead i fought an uphill battle trying to introduce my system ,thankfully with help from a lot of players who were also keeping track of the online posts the message finally got through somehow.Now I am waiting to see if Mr.Kreuger has the intestinal fortitude to step up to the plate and shake my hand as the creator of a new and superior system of playing hockey that both he personally and his team have already validated through their initiation of its core values into their hybrid system already.I didnt go anywhere,and i am still prepared to play ball.

    In todays world with the internet we hear about all kinds of very real and very incredible things almost daily,well lets get it straight,there is a new kid in town in the NHL,and its ME–and I am carrying the NewAge Hockey System strapped to my hip and its fully loaded,I am a savant and an intuit,these are my natural skills,I am able to create and implement a new and superior system of playing NHL hockey,a system of pure unadultered offense.I can sit on my couch and adjust an NHL team in real time as well as any coach i have ever watched.I was a dominant athlete as a young man who was the Most Outstanding male Athlete in his high school.I was always at least two steps,usually three ahead of competitors in every sport or competative dynamic i ever entered into ,it was natural.I am an intuative Communicator,this means I am a visual thinker first and this allows me to read people better than most and to communicate with every mindset out there.

    When i watch an NHL game,if i am interested,i am literally three steps ahead of the play both ways,i am predicting accurately what players will do in a ridiculous manner with crazy accuracy.It is a remnant of my competition days combined with my Intuative communication style i developed as i aged.

    I can seriously call in adjustments that are actually countering an opposeing coaches future adjustments before they even make them,I can lure a coach into reacting very easily with minor seemingly innocous adjustments and then predict their reaction and use that momentum against them.It is called Intuative Anticipation,or really good guessing running in the high 90% in accuracy.
    Really I dont know how I can do it any more than I know how I used to beat 6’2 guys on basketball tipoffs at 5’7.It just happens because i need it to happen,and because i am an intuative Communicator by nature I can actually visually put myself in another players shoes and dynamic in real time as i am competeing,it is like i have an extra viewscreen from above everyone,because i am formulateing that view sheerly in my mind as a visual thinker,I am “creating”the view of how i want the play to go and then superimposeing it on what everyone else is actually seeing and doing.it is complicated to explain because it sounds goofy,but you need to visualise a dynamic before you can manifest it or make it happen,and because ANYTHING IS REALLY POSSIBLE,if you can manage to do this visualisation BEFORE everyone else you get to write the story how you choose ,win or lose,you take the decision makeing ability away from your opponent even beyond physical competition on the ice.Ask Ebbs how he does his majic–in his own words he will say the same thing,and so will Sammy if you ask him how he managed his Big Night.It is what it is,and unless you can do this and have competed with a lot of other people it is very hard to grasp and understand.Technically it is called 3 dimensional visualisation and anyone can do it with practice,but some of us are born professionals.Just try lieing to one of us,it will seem impossible to snake around our mindsets and lie to us,we will bust you almost to easily,based on circumstantial details you will not even consider.How do you think I know Jarret Stoll was the conduit for my Newage System data to enter LAs dressing room??Small details he didnt realise were unique and original and initiated by the system he was applying,he left a clear trail of popcorn kernals,ha ha ha.Same with every game last year when the Oilers tried initiating adjustments from the newage System to their hybrid,trails of popcorn kernals everywhere i looked.All documented online.

    If I had a player like Doug Weight to teach the NewAge System,with his natural vision and understanding of transition importance we could build a playoff team in one year,out of any group out there.Hint hint.I am hungry for validation and hungry to see the full NewAge System being executed at a high level for 82 games in the NHL,and as the Oilers and I cant seem to meet along the way,I might decide to unload my NewAge system data somewhere and wash my hands of this NHL stuff,the way the Oilers have treated me so far has left a bad taste in my mouth,and although I am aware they are only one example of pro hockey management and there is a high likelyhood that the video coach was scalping my data and the Oilers brass havent a clue who the heck I am, I have already invested thousands of hours and over two years in the creation and introduction of this NewAge Hockey System,and am loseing interest and motivation,please note that only a fraction of my system data has been released,LA aint seen nothin yet folks.

    Heres to the Oilers playing the NewAge System next year and to Dougies mark of 80 plus points falling by the wayside to Gagner or Ebbs.

    • 16konst

      I must say, listening to your post converted to speech was some of the best entertainment i’ve had on this site. Also, thanks for this:

      “The NewAge Hockey System that I created in my liveing room in Edmonton”

      For confirming my immediate suspicion that the “NewAge Hockey System” was throughly tested on a Sega Genesis.

      Back to the Weight love-fest.. THough I could name many, my favorite “weight trait” has to be how he was such a deceptive hitter. You didn’t know if he was going to dangle you, or put his shoulder/rear end right through you. I see a little of that in the Nuge, in how he really knows how to use his small frame to separate people from the puck. My biggest question about him would be, can he stay healthy for the vast majority of his Oiler career? Something Weight was certainly able to accomplish.

      • Wanyes bastard child


      • the big GRIGowski

        Sure, its very difficult to even scratch the surface of something as intangible as a System of play,you need to put a lot of interconnected philosophys and perspectivesinto verbal terminology that people can grasp fully and you need to do it in something of a chronological order or you may miss important data or its function may be hinged on timeing ect.

        Sorry for the post length,it is a hard row to hoe describeing hockey dynamics in ten words or less,this is complicated stuff on a lot of levels.

        Essentially,the NewAge Hockey System is a 100% pure unadultered offensive stlye of play that uses a Possesion?Transition gameplan with primary focus on momentum control.The two guideing principals are Conservation of Motion and Conservation of Energy.The system uses momentum and system dictated player positioning from a completely offensively catalysed perspective to initiate a tactical division of the ice surface via two types of cycleing ,a half rink cycle and a full rink cycle.

        There is an immediate and absolute turn away from traditional ice-hockey definitions of dynamic concepts ,there is a tacticlly designed forward motion or momentum built in to the the form and function of the NHS,the core value components have a defined and integral chronological purpose.

        In short the NHS is designed to go out and posess the puck,then drive it mecilessly at through the opponents net,with a 100% offensive direction all 6 men on the ice are at the same starting point as soon as they hit the ice,and all 4 lines are also at the same starting point.Up to 75% of the individual data management workload is removed from the players and placed within the System where it belongs,basiclly a players workload is drasticly diminished allowing for a refined focus on pure offense.

        The use of three zone transitions is a core value component of the NHS,in order to follow the guideing concepts of Conservation of Motion and Conservation of Energy,to conserve energy and not be chaseing around we NEED POSSESION OF THE PUCK,hence the focus on three zone transitions,we also need an iron grip on momentum and to do this we also NEED THE ZONE TRANSITIONS because in each zone within each transition there are opportunitys to create odd man advantages in our favor through the use of the up-speed and down-speed man–this allows speed and reaction time to be controlled by us 100% of the time.

        The method we use to initiate control of the ice surface or real estate for 60 mins to support our offensive focus is known as GAPPING,it is a controlled method of cycleing with and without the puck,it is the single most important system responsibility each man carrys,fortunately it is also the easiest most uncomplicated function to execute,and there are many outlets to adjust any imbalances in this area on-ice.The NHS is very forgiveing in the most critical area,as opposed to most systems of play which tighten up.

        I could go on like this for days and only scratch the surface of the data this system is comprised of,there is to much to address fairly in this forum,and I want to point something out,you can set out three piles of ingredients on a table that contain the exact same things in every way,then have three people cook a recipie,as we all know you will get three totally different interpretations of the recipie,ingredients being 100% equal we are left to the fact that the bulk of cooking skill is hidden within the chronological order of action and the timeing of those actions.So as the creator of a complete methodology of executeing a superior offensive system of playing ice-hockey,how can I possibly just pile up all my ingredients here on the table and expect you all to come up with the same result after you try to follow my recipie???

        I understand how many questions people may have,but the reality is that the dynamic concepts we are re-learning or re-defineing through the initiation of the NewAge Hockey System are familiar to all hockey players and fans,there are some new core values added but essentially we all already recognise everything on the table,so all thats left for us to do is rip away old pre-conceptions and definitions that negatively affect our perspectives and hinder our evolution into an offensively catalysed force of nature—once we reorientate our focus all thats left to do is fine tune the chronological order of integration of data and the timeing of the introduction of each level of that data.

        LA began to integrate core value components of the NHS with 25 gms to go last year and carried these system adjustments right through the playoffs,anyone can say an ingredient on the table is an ingredient and no one can argue the point right?anyone can claim that all and any changes or adjustments the stanley Cup champs made were simple INGREDIENTS that THEIR system used.This is a misnomer,it is inaccurate ,and the only way to prove an actual set of BRAND NEW HOCKEY SYSTEM CORE VALUES was initiated and used by the LA Kings to win the Cup is to look at the chronological order that these ingredients were added in and the timeing that was utilised as this was done,this means I can show you exactly when and where LA began to change their existing hybrid system with 25 gms to go and they began to integrate core values of my newAge Hockey System according to MY systems TIMELINE.

        They adjusted specific things at specific times and repeated this simple set of dynamics over and over and over and defeated EVERY hybrid system they faces last year,bar none,in a nutshell look at their adoption of several of my NHS core values and how they added them to their existing hybrid system ,and please note here they didnt have to REMOVE anything to improve,they only had to ADD,a much easier dynamic for a team to digest.Focus on their definitive use of three transitions,and the integration with great sucess of the up-speed man entering the zone,then keep a special eye on Jarret Stoll and how he quarterbacks these zone transition executions because he was the catalyst of LAs change over to the NHS philosophy.watch how LA used the same basic plays catalysed by execution of NHS core values to repeatedly victimise teams ,very good teams,they did this because they forced their opponents to become reactionary through initiation of a possesion/transition style,now look at how they used an up-speed man comeing into the o-zone to scoop in the rebound off of the goalies forced toe save on the cross ice shot frommthe top of the right face-off circle,the play itself is undoubtably a simple hockey play on the surface,but when you integrate all of the NHS core values I gifted to LA via the internet suddently you are doing four or five subtle things through the execution of what seems to be a simple hockey play,this is where I own LA and i show their adoption of the NHS core values into their hybrid system,it is all the things that happen around that shot and all the dynamics LAs opponents were FORCED to accept that we need to focus on,it is the chronological order of involvement by each player in the play itself,it is the timeing of the upspeed man entering the zone to perfectly hit the rebound because according to NHS tactics shot selection is designed to eliminate the goaltender from the play as much as possible at all times hence the specific shot selection of low corner cross-ice,this FORCES the goalie to surrender consistant rebounds in a consistant manner,and he cant help it because he is handcuffed by his need to turn his feet to accept the shot,he is FROZEN and can only put the rebound EXACTLY where we time our up-speed man to be.

        Simple play,I know,but it is all the details that define the play as NewAge Hockey System inspired tactics.And you may also search for the posts I made to LAs opponents outlineing the methods to STOP this execution and initiate what the NHS calls a system check-mate,essentially a full rink trap if you will executed by both teams simultaneously,this results in a lot of skateing and shots but not many goals,the systems effectively cancel each others offensive momentum and the games MUST be won by designed and intended individual efforts,specific opponents are cut out of the herd by the NHS tactics and then at specific times player break free of the system check-mate and go it alone .This is a gear change that most hybrid systems cannot handle,as set plays used by the hybrid systems allow the NHS tactics to create many holes and opportunitys by simply giveing all 5 men the green light to break out of the system and create offense when it is opportunistic,if your execution is based off of set plays and the consistant execution of set plays you are not prepared for the offensive integration through the individual effort that the NHS throws at you.Watch how Stoll was useing a simple momentum and direction reversal in the neutral zone ,he was planting himself six inches above the offensive blueline in the neutral zone and recieving the first transition pass deep in the neutral zone–this forced the d-men to either back up fast of engage him fast,he forced them to react,then if they backed off he simply stepped over the line and entered the o-zone with puck control,and if the d-man was sucked in and Stolly could feint him out and lure him into pursuit then Stoll waited for those three terminal steps forward from the d-man and then he dished the puck behind himself to a streaking UP-SPEED man who caught the d-man comeing forward at stolly and flatfotted and unable to regain position in time to stop the incomeing puck carrier.It was the consistant integration of NHS core value to LAs existing hybrid system with 25 gms to go in the regular season that allowed them to embrace a possesion.transition style and allowed them to use simple NHS tactics to dismantle all hybrid systems they faced.These specific plays and this jazzed up hybrid system execution focusing on possesion/transition core values were all integrated into LAs EXISTING HYBRID SYSTEM in a chronological and specific manner that ran paralell to my presentation of these exact NHS concepts and NHS core value components on-line to the Oilers team.In other words everything is timestamped in cyber-space and you can easily see how my data was absorbed and integrated in a specific order on a specific timeline that runs paralell to my introduction and presentation of the NewAge Hockey System to the Oilers on their web-site,via forum posts and Game Day Thread real-time posts.LAsimply acessed the web-site and recognised something valuable,then utilised it,remember I tried to keep my system data OFF the internet and make it exclusive to Oilers ,they refused to validate me or offer me a job,so i continued to upload my system data online to allow people to read about it and consider it.

        I spent over two years following a specific gameplan regarding the creation and release of the NewAge Hockey System,I was forced to adapt several times and in the process decided to flog the NHS to other teams to spite the Oilers as a response to their suppression and refusal to validate my identity as the creator of the NHS,a system they were in fact implementing and achieving sucessful results with.I sent Jarret Stoll a message requesting that he validate me as the source of the adjustments his team initiated,he refuse,and in response I provided newAge Hockey System tactical data to LAs playoff opponents on several occasions in several series last year,data that was EFFECTIVELY UTILISED and nearly de-railed the Kings Cup run,I purposefully waited till after at least the first series game to add data to LAs opponents via the internet—because I did this exact same thing over several different series ivolveing several different LA opponents playing different systems but all hybrids,I can show you how each team began a series executeing their own hybrid systems and exactly how LAs adjusted hybrid bolstered by NewAge Hockey System core value components snuffed them all out easily,and I can illustrate HOW it was done,then I can show you where LAs opponents first usually tried to fight back as per their coaches and existing hybrid system execution–how LA adjusted to that–and then when they were usually on the ropes teams got desperate and started listening to all my internet posts,I sent e-mails to offices,mailrooms,individuals,ticket agents for teams,it was a nightmare but each time my data was recieved by the right people the NHS adjustments were immediatly integrated,I believe because the coaches all grasped the ideas quickly and were able to react.I can illustrate this dynamic easily because as soon as the opponents incorporated the same adjustments as |I had provided to LA via the Oilers website the games turned into system check-mates immediatly.I can PROVE teams were not initiateing system check-mates prior to my provision of data to them and I can unequivocly PROVE that in fact NewAge Hockey system check-mates were initiated repeatedly and consistantly from that point on,I firmly believe had any one opponent of LAs had my data from game one on and integrated it into their existing hybrid system LA would not have made it past the first round.As with anything when all other things are equal talent wins out,my intent in releaseing the NHS was to create a more offensive evolution in the NHL game,to show teams a way to adjust the hybrid systems they use to provide more offense and more goals and excitement without loseing any of the great intangibles hockey gives us.In short in an NHL plagued by a diluted talent pool leaguewide catalysed by the dual pressure of expansion and the sapping of manpower by the KHL,we needed a way to jazz up the offense of NHL hockey to give the fans their moneys worth and to keep our game healthy and evolveing in a positive forward direction.And we needed to do it in a way that all NHL teams could replicate the positive results easily and cheaply,so the changes had to be system based and convertable to all of the variations of the hybrid system that NHL teams use today.As an added bonus to the Oilers my original and current intent was to release a Trojan Horse{NHS adjustments to the hybrid that are undeniabl sucessful} out into the NHL via hybrid system adjustments that provided undeniable and consistant positive results,thereby lureing or rather forceing by proxy many NHL team to evolve their own system philosophys in a more offensive direction highlighting their teams skill through system adaptation as opposed to trying to find deeper talent bases.

        This means team with a more shallow skill depth do NOT need to play a defensive game to compete in the NHL,the “trap”is ineffective and a defensive mindset is dismantled by the NHS,so naturally an adjusted hybrid will outperform other traditional hybrids,but imagine what a 100% Newage Hockay System team will do to the adjusted hybrids??and the traditional hybrids as well??So you see this is a complicated issue involveing a constellation of dynamics that i am attempting to transform into an Oilers advantage.In the process I am also trying to help the NHL compete and thrive by makeing games more offensive but equally as competative as they have been in the past league-wide.

        Now anyone can add big guns to a traditional hybrid system and allow their men to achieve winning results with some exciteing offense thrown in for the fans.Tell me LAs cup run wasnt great to watch??Tell me those individual hero-type goals that were system induced werent exciting to watch and be a part of.

        Tell me it wasnt great to watch several teams recognise LAs adjustments and begin to turn their series around and extend the number of games played for the fans??Tell me you didnt love it when NHS adjustments to the opponents hybrid systems allowed them to put LA into a system check-mate createing lots of skateing and shots and action??And heart stopping finishes without seeing the ugly face of the “trap”out on the ice??

        Remember this,on the last defineing play of the final game when the wings player took the penalty deep in the Kings zone,HE WAS DOING THE RIGHT THING AS PER THE NewAge Hockey Systems tactics,he was stpping LAs first transition,pressureing them to prevent them from initiating a possesion/transition dynamic,and he was there doing this because I provided his team with NHS system data that allowed them to put LA into a system check-mate.had the Canuks not had a brain fart and dumped the puck in at the worst possible moment they were turning the series on LA useing NHS system data as well,check the GDT post on the Vancouver website,I walked them into the proper adjustments and I was online adding realtime adjustments,and I demanded that they stop dumping the puck in to LA explaining how LA was utiliseing NHS tactics and was playing a possesion.transition game so dumping the puck in was suicide and they had to STOP IMMEDIATLY,this was with two games to go that I was helping the Nucks–they listened immediatly and adjusted and added the NHS data I gave them and they were TURNING THE SERIES AROUND,by revertine back to Canucks Hockey and keeping the puck as opposed to dumping it in,it was a reversion to this dump in mindset AFTER THE PROPER NHS ADJUSTMENTS HAD BEEN MADE AND INCORPORATED that ultimately led to the series ending play—turning the puck over to a team playing the NHS is a very bad idea.Stopping them from takeing it from you is also a hard one to swallow when they come in 5 man non-stop high speed waves cycleing over and over hopeing to pressure you into dumping the puck into their chamber to load the gun for them again.

        Sorry for the long post but as I said this could go on for days and we would just scratch the surface,we are talking about an entire SYSTEM,the NewAge Hockey System is a culmination of 40 years of hockey viewing totalling thousands of games,and a life-time of personal growth through sports competition and dynamics topped off by an inborn ability to communicate Intuatively,the spelling and grammer got lost along the way somewhere unfortunately.

        If you ask me specific questions I can keep the volume of my answers to a minimum,but if the question is generalised i will need to refine it and that will take words and volume.

        Just asking me how my system works is not going to cut it because I cannot give you an accurate and fair and descriptive answer so easily the question is to general and all-encompassing,but if you ask me specific questions i can indoctrinate you into the NHS philosophy in a more orderly understandable fashion.

        I am not going anywhere soon and have still got the motivation to be here flogging this NHS.I am happy to answer anyones questions as best i can.I encourage anyone who is skeptical to consider the world we live in today,the free information online and the acess to it has changed our world,results speak louder than salesmanship in todays world,if i want a job done i just need to acess cyber-space and I will git-er-done surely.And after all the Game Day Threads teams set up are a cheezy way for teams to scalp talent and insights from cyber-space,they just got more than they bargained for in Momma2,and when the NewAge Hockey System was force-fed to them on-line they spit it out as fast as I was spooning it in,LA didnt mind the taste of what Momma2 had cooking though,did they??

        Can you imagine the Video Coach with his laptop open reading post and relaying this data,with his own flavor and forged identity attatched to the Oilers bench dureing games??Think about it for a second,I am no idiot and neither are other Oilers fans,people reading the posts were watching their games on TV like I was so they obviously see the data implementation happening in real-time.

        The one mystery that defeats me is how the Video Coach and team management thought they could supress my identity and not validate the source of their new data—and get away with it considering EVERYTHING IS RECORDED ONLINE IN CYBERSPACE. Seriously consider this for a moment,if I am sitting on my couch at home and I am posting live online dureing an NHL game and my analysis and recommended adjustments are NOT heeded but turn out to be the most correct ones in the moment it might not be a big deal the first time ,the second time can be called lucky,and the third can be attributed to an educated fan of which there are many,but after that we need to look closes at the source of the data,and quite honestly what I discovered when I started posting on the GDTs was that NHL coaches dont really get three screwups in a game,at the end of 60 mins after you engage another coach in adjustment after adjustment you get caught up in the moment exactly as if you were playing a game,and you get tunnel vision,you just keep throwing punches back on instinct and when the smoke clears you look around and count the dead bodies or goals against and analyse your performance.So you see at this level results are EVERYTHING and there is no margin for error,you need to hyper-focus for 60 mins with no let-up.This means that each and every time my analysis and adjustments were accurate but not acted upon in a timely and effective manner,the Oilers suffered a serious consequence of one type or another,there is no competition between me and the coaches whenI post online its really about eliminateing inaccurate system adjustments.,–and praying.And also I found that comparatively speaking there is no time for decision makeing as a coach,less than the players have on the ice,you need to bring together the input of many people and dynamics on an ongoing and accurate basis for 60 mins non-stop,talk about a mental sprint.

        It is only fair to say that I couldnt pinpoint how I was sucessful as an athlete and I was very winning if you will,i attribute it to an ability to do what I call ultra-focusing,its like haveing tunnel vision but the tunnel is wide enough to encompass the entire field of competition,look at how much I write?Its because I am ultra-focusing and when I am asked a seemingly small question it turns out to be not so small and the devil is in the details so the simpler your question and the more general it is the longer the answer will generally be.Nothing is small to my perspective,generalisations are like poison they waste time and energy,specifice no matter their level of complication are always welcome because they are the cure to the poison of generalisation or lack of focus in the moment.

        Please forgive the long posts,I will not repeat this type of narrative again unless asked ,if questions are specific I will be able to keep them short.I post on another website as well where i can be as long winded as i need to be and not disturb the karma of the thread I am on ,like I have done here,my apologies again.Please realise I am makeing incredible claims here so I feel obligated to be as thorough as i can be when i defend my NewAge System its results and my credibility as its creator.I essentially am trying to kick the door in on a group of traditional old boys club mentality Hockey Professionals—-I expected to get a hearty and arse-kicking welcome as soon as I got their attention,this is a tough bunch for real,but I never expected suppression,a lack of validation,and a subversive utilisation of system data provided in good faith.I expected a couple of straight rights to the jaw from hockey Pros that would bring me to my proverbial knees,challenges to my data that would allow me to take the shots and show the strength of my system by weathering that storm,then i expected these incredible hockey minds to recognise the positive results my NHS provides and THEN I expected at least one of them to brain up and say HEY this guy has results to back up his NHS ,lets give it a whirl!!Instead these Pros crawled into their self-serveing protective shells and closed the door.Good thing there is as I said a cyber-record of the many times they returned to the well to acess my data and then implemented it into their gameplan,at the end of the day I feel validated through that,and my family and friends have gotten to watch this stuff in real-time with me,so at the end of the day I have been rewarded more than I ever could have imagined –after all for 40 yrs I never bothered to seek involvement beyond my TV set,but then along came the internet,and look what can happen if you get involved??Amazeing things.I dont really care about the hows and whys,but i can sit there and compete with or match the skills of NHL coaches consistantly,I have a long enough record of actual GDTs that allow me to gauge my performance as opposed to the actual coaches in real-time game dynamics.

        And really my NHS is so drasticly diametricly opposed to traditional hockey systems like the hybrid that you cannot help but see when it is being utilised and executed on the ice.All I have to say is that we all as fans know what hockey plays are and we all know what wins are—therefore it is fair to expcect that as fans we can see that it is the order those plays are executed in combined with the timeing of each step that create wins,so when anyone wants to question the context of my NewAge Hockey System remember this dynamic and dont expect to have me pull majic plays out of my black top-hat that no one has seen before,you can definately expect my hand to be quicker than your eyes though,because I action on Intuition as much as tactile input,so i encourage people to look deeper than the play you see happening to pinpoint NHS tactics,look at the dynamics that lead to the play itself,look for plays that are repeated sucessfully consistantly,identify the system tendancies of both yours and your opponents gameplans and target them with repeated pressure seeking out areas of limited reaction options for your opponent,get their feet turned,their equipment bound up,their head turned,their arms up,whatever it takes to gain an intangible advantage outside your own NHS execution–because you CANNOT wiggle that system execution to gain an advantage out there,System execution first always.LA followed this up by forceing the toe-save rebound out of goalies all the way to the Cup,the simplest play ever,but lethal if you are chooseing it because of what it FORCES the goaltender to do with his feet,you work him like a puppet useing his body geometry as a tool to sculpt his movement with,you eliminate his decision makeing ability from the goal scoreing equation.Watch Sams Big Night on video and pay attention to how he gets his opportunitys,it is consistant,it is designed,and he will repeat that again because of these facts,Sams points that night were all SYSTEM INDUCED,and pay attention to the overall system we played that night,we were already experimenting with the NHS via the players initiative,it is clear by the gametapes and results prior to that game who was first to try it and who followed and in that way we can clearly illustrate the evolution of the NHS into the Oilers locker room and organisation.And we can accurately explain in an illustrative manner how Sam executed the NHS consistantly for 60mins,he could have had more points that night as we all witnessed,and hed he had three more periods we can imagine the damage he would have done,he wasnt slowing down at ALL.

        We havent discussed the communication aspects of the NHS at all and before I go i want to say that this system is dependant on the aquisition and maintenance of an elite level communications conduit and base platform,and this means that we need to introduce something that is NEW to everyone,we need to find a method to create a NEW page for everyone to start on,not get everyone on the same page—see how different the NHS is we reject traditional competative mantras—we need a NEW page to start off on ,so we need to create one,and thats not easy to do.On-ice communication is critical and a core value component tacticly in the NHS,each line has a leader who has distinct responsibilitys communication wise,and this role morphs from player to player as the NHS dictates.

        We never say,”a shot on net” because no one is ever trying to do that ,at least not within my system parameters,we say shot “in net”or “through the net”,this is serious and a part of the preparation required to mentally visualise and then physically manifest a goal when you are on the ice,it all starts at home{the bean-bag}so to speak.We never ask players to go out and create time and space,simply because it is impossible in every way,why complicate a mans job by asking him to manifest the impossible,no one is going to go out there and manufacture any time there are only 60 mins to go around,ok,and no one is going to manufacture any more space than is already out there,ok?If this sounds somehow wrong to you please try to realign your perspective ,in the NewAge Hockey System we ask our players to follow the guideing principals of “Conservation of Motion”and “Conservation of Energy” because these are things they can accomplish in a tactile manner out on the ice,things they can literally control physically and keep in perspective mentally ,and really we ask then to move less and expend less energy as opposed to asking them to move more and expend more energy,we work as a 6 man unit to do less work and score more goals for 60mins.In order to execute a pure offensive system for 60 mins the NHS promotes a distinct disregard for defensive mindsets and dynamics,we view defense as being the result of failed offense so we strive to better execute and repeat the offense and instead of assumeing and executeing a defensive posture upon a failed offensive thrust we immediatle engage in another offensive thrust to recover the puck,we do not fall back into set defensive positions and posture ever.Because of our possesion/transition core values and our Gapping measures combined with our cycleing for 60 mins we are always in a superior position to recover the puck EVERYWHERE ON THE ICE,we always have the closest man on both sides of the puck so being in a puck race is to our advantage for 60mins,this is why it was a bad idea to throw the puck to the Kings after they adjusted their hybrid with NHS core value components related to transition management and ,momentum management and tactical shot managemet.It was what they wanted,possesion,and its always easier to milk the cow standing up than it is to wrestle it to the ground and then try.LA followed NHS protocal and “encouraged”the opposition to view dumping the puck in as their best option as many times as they could in each game,a core value of the NHS in action.They created tactical dynamic away from the puck that brought the puck to where they wanted it “indirectly” they did this through following the two guiding NHS principals of COM and COE,which allowed them to play a possesion /transition game which in turn allowed them to abdicate away from set plays and lent them the creative opportunity to move the opposition around away from the puck to create tactical dynamics,they were all throwing feints and fakes at the oppositions set play posture,this constant non-structured multi-directional pressure eroded the structural integrity of the oppositions defenses because guys were constantly being TURNED and ANGLED out of lanes on purpose to reduce their mobility,another textbook NHS tactic—just moved for seeming unknown reasons a few feet or in a designed direction–tactical movement without contact a small degree response for a small degree of energy expenditure and motion,just a fake to get a few feet or an angle to turn a players body direction.And all this is accomplished without loseing an iota of offensive momentum,or focus,at high speed.

        Time out ,I am sure there is enough in this post to answer a few questions now.

        My Grandpa must be loving this as he looks down on me,he was my hockey catalyst,and could never find a way to get through to the coaches when they needed a little help ha ha ha,he must be chuckeling up there watching the way we can get involved in todays games.

        • Quicksilver ballet

          You’re borrowing elements that have been practiced in the league for 20 yrs already. Tweaking one or two things and branding it as your own.

          Contrary to your belief, you haven’t reinvented the game of hockey.

          • the big GRIGowski

            My belief is that I have created the most dynamic purely offensive system of playing ice hockey ever witnessed by anyone anywhere.And it is original to me.

            As for your “borrowing” comments designed to subtely undermine the uniqueness and originality of my Systems dynamics,please think of it this way,I havent claimed an ability to pull majic hockey plays no one has seen before out of my tophat,ok,nice try.

            Put three identical piles of ingredients on a table and ask three people to execute the same recipie under the same conditions and see what three results you end up with,you will have three very different sets of cookies my friend,because all three people will interpret the recipie and express that through their actions differently while at the same time try to reach an identical outcome.

            The ingredients are equivilant to the “common hockey plays”the methodology and machinations behind the rest of the process preceding the tastetest or the result are MINE and MINE alone,and this set of uniquely initiated situational dynamics expressed in a timely chronological order and then repeated means that MY NewAge hockey System is being initiated.

            So yes in fact I have created and presented a NewAge Hockey System that has already been used to win a Cup by the LA Kings in its first year of release,tack on the Oilers farm teams paralell sucess as well,I dont have time to prove it now,but later.

            I do believe i have in fact re-invented 5 on 5 hockey,and the differences are so profound on a fundamental level that they cannot be denied as being new and original to the NewAge Hockey System.

            This is a little more than tweaking it is more like a Purple Nurple to traditional hockey in almost every way.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            You know Newage, i’m actually starting to feel a little sorry for you. How much time must’ve been wasted on this venture.

            How is it possible to implement a broadbased system like you’ve dreamed up here when every players reflex/reactions/instincts will be different? Where does a team forced to use contractually obligated players sit in regards to strengths and weaknesses fall in all this, a team without a No.1 or 2 blueliner, a team with questionable goaltending, a team where the top 6 is a work in progress?

            Do you have any actual acknowledgement that a pro hockey club has used your system exclusively and been successful with it. Did Daryl Suter send you a Stanley Cup ring as well?

          • Quicksilver ballet

            The NHS implements its core value components by essentially removeing the bulk of the player workload and decision makeing and transferring it to the system where it belongs,there are many core values that address all of your concerns,heres a synopsis,”player reflexes/reactions/instincts”—-we reduce the amount of movement players are required to execute through applying a guiding principal called “Conservation of Motion”,we reduce the amount of energy players expend through “Conservation of Energy”,we eliminate the responsibility of set play and defensive dynamics,replaceing them with a two phase cycleing approach,we keep all 6 men on the ice focused 100% on offence,we implement an iron grip on momentum through our unique Gapping tactic catalysed by the conservation guideing principals,and we are always ALL moveing in the same forward direction for 60mins.Even our bodie positions are always in a forward direction,our sticks are also tacticly integrated positionally into the cycleing we execute.The NHS implements a tactical shot management philosophy that dictates line by line this dynamic on a period to period basis,supported by pregame scouting of opposition tenders.

            Reflexes,reactions,and instincts are all dynamics that can be controlled through transferring their catalysing dynamics back to the system itself,you dont need to use your reflexes to the max as much because the momentum is always on your side,your reactions are tailored because you are executeing a very forgiveing cycle in two phases,your instincts will not kick in so much when your individual decision makeing has been relinquished to the system,you will not be panicing,all of these things are directly connected to the shot as well,which again has become a system dictated dynamic,relieving the players of the responsibility of shot decision makeing allowing them to actually maximise all of these intangibles through a fast ,natural,instinctive release,of their shots at times when their opponents least expect it and times when the system has dictated them a quality opportunity,they NEVER have to pick their spots and have a SYSTEM RESPONSIBILITY TO ENGAGE OFFENSE AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY VIA THE FIRST SHOT–as per the pre-planned tactical shot management the system dictates for each line every period–this is because system tactics are also based on anticipatory rebound aquisition and goaltender control.

            There is no such definition as number 1 d-man or forward associated with the NHS,at all,the concept doesnt exist,traditional players positional mindsets are utilised as support for an abandonment of all defensive focus and planning,all the traditional defensive concerns are taken away from the players and returned to the system where they belong via the elimination of ALL set system plays in favor of a two phase offensively catalysed 5-man cycle.Because of our two phase cycle we always have the man closest to both sides of the puck no matter who has possesion and we also always have momentum and directional speed on our side via our gapping tactic and our upspeed zone transitions.

            The NHS is the most forgiveing system I know of,it allows players to use their creativity more by relinquishing their mental workload and their physical workload by adjudicating a large portion of their individual system responsibilitys back to the system itself where they belong.No kidding,you skate less,burn less energy,posses the puck more,get hit less,hit more,touch the puck more as a group,shoot more and more relaxed and naturally,at system dictated moments which goalies and opposition dont anticipate because they are not traditional or “natural”shot positions.

            The NHS was created with the skills of the average NHLer in mind and by design it allows these men to execute a superior systen catalysed by explosive and constant offence,puck pressure and momentum control,followed by lots of goals.

            I believe the NHS could take the Oilers NHL roster playing their adjusted hybrid ,useing the Farm team only easily in a 7 game series.Probably only give them one game,and finish them in four—supporting their current coaches–it will be easy because they already have implemented NHS core values into their hybrid system on the farm,it would be fast track upgradeing.

            I have definitive proof that LA used the NHS data I released,and also the Oilers and the farm team,and also several of the Kings playoff opponents I was online with.Proof is not easy to define–we need to establish that the teams stray from their historical reactionary movements and tactics in specific situations and then that they action another set of specific dynamics or actions in those situations,they must revert under pressure in consistant dynamics to exactly the NHS or I cannot claim any credit,we must do this because after all these are just hockey plays right?We need to establish consistant chronological order,and timeing of the implementation of NHS tactics to spite historical system tendancies.

            No problem,just google the GDTs and watch a replay of the game on the right timeline as I was posting so you can see when and what and to whom I posted data and you can see the results on the gametape in real time identifying the reaction times between data posting and actual bench action on the ice,you can actually see it dramaticly improves as the season progresses and trust builds.

            Remember my data was in large on the GDTs and I had no direct communication with anyone —the Video Coach or some Oiler was online relaying my exact easily identifiable data,and adjustments to the Oilers bench whereupon the data was actually being implemented.Do you think the Video Coach was simply takeing my data and relaying it to the bench as if they were his own adjustments and data??Without telling anyone it was Moma2 from the Oiler website provideing NHS data and adjustments from his liveing room??You be the judge,I was banned from the Oilers site and they deleted many of my posts,because so many members quoted me so many times many of the posts are still on google.Come on man ,I won 50 bucks in my liveing room from my brother in law by uploading a specific play from a specific player—he picked the man and i found a relative dynamic and picked the on-ice play or action which the team and player initiated within minutes,exactly as I said,I removed all possible doubts and made 50 bucks.Which he later “borrowed”back??

            There is enough proof for a half hour TSN special show,a regular Canadian fella sitting in his liveing room createing and promoteing a new unique pure unadultered offensive system of playing ice-hockey,designed in form and function for his favorite and Home team the Oilers,follow him as he joins the Oilers website and proceeds to establish a communications conduit through which he transfers NHS system data to anyone reading the posts.Watch as Oiler players learn of this new and superior system the NHS and begin to unofficially adopt it,see management eventually come round and begin to experiment,watch the arc-evil LA kings as they send a spy to learn this new and valuable data,see the spy return home and give the data to his king and then watch the king win a war and a cup with the data.See the Oilers begin to embrace the NHS as they watch the Kings rideing their Oilers NHS to a Stanley Cup.This is simply to much ,ha ha ha.

            I have tons of GDTs from Oilers games,and some good reactionary ones from the Canucks site,who I got a great reception from the Super-mods from.Both the Oilers and Kings started to seriously implement NHS core values into their hybrids with about 25 games to go.Those last few regular season games we had are excellent ones to see two teams simultaneously adjusting their hybrid systems by adding NHS core value components,and those games have excellent examples of both teams initiateing a system check-mate on each other,those games EXACTLY emulate ALL of LAs cup run wins and games,and are the best examples of the documented obvious and paralell implementation of my NHS tactics from a traditional hybrid system platform.

            You can also research the Canucks series,they were reacting immediatly after I posted data for them,they were in fact turning their series around step by step through the implementation of a system check-mate made possible by my provision of NHS data to them online.The Wings also listened very accurately,but not until they were terminal they showed a little to much loyalty to their in the face of serious losses and didnt use my data soon enough,actually they used just a bit then stopped and choked,then tried again and then they were also initiateing an EXACT version of a system check-mate like LA was also doing,vis a vis the Canucks series earlier.Perfect examples of the implementation of the NHS to the hybrid system on the fly with definitive positive results documented.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            My table saw gives me the that exact same catalysing dynamic effort everytime i turn it on NHS. You’re dreaming if you think 18 players on the same team will show up every night and perform like this machine you’ve created here. Players don’t show up every night of the 82 game regular season. On any given night, teams are fortunate if half a dozen players show up with enough pizz’n vinegar to overwhelm their opponent that evening.

            Step away from your NHL2012 NHS, it’s not a credible statistics based source to run an NHL team. Humans are flawed and prone to inconsistancies. Your program is missing the huge element of reality. With analysis like you’ve so kindly provided here, it’s really important you don’t quit your day job sir.

          • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

            I asked the Oilers to take the iniative and contact me so many times it contributed to my being banned from their website ,I didnt expect a sudden acceptance,remember I had to raise a lot of Cain with management as an anonymous poster and at the same time keep the posts filled with NHS system data so players could read it and acess it,I was and am now well aware that contrary to the Oilers website Moderators repeated claims to the fans there Oilers players and Management do in fact visit the website,because it is nutty to suggest that none of them EVER without a doubt ever acess this cyber-resource.

            I didnt expect a professional team to just jump up and endorse me without seeing positive results first,but I didnt expect to be sandbagged by a video coach or someone in the chain of data relay to the bench,obviously my NHS data was being implemented on the ice but no one was willing to officially validate me as the source in any way shape or form.This didnt suppress my NHS system data from getting out there,it just kept a wall up between me and the Oilers bench preventing the coaches from getting all my NHS data at once as I wanted to do—yet the stream of data I continued to provide continued unabated to the bench and into the Oilers hybrid system adjustments in fact the relay and reaction times from the coaches got faster,but there was still no validation.

            My NHS has already been integrated into quite a few hybrid systems,Oilers,LA,and all LAs playoff opponents.So it has been tested and it has already supported a Stanley Cup winning team in the LA Kings.I say thats tested,officially recognised and credited is another story,that would take a team of people and a lot of frank honesty form a lot of hockey profesionals.

            I understand how you connect testing to validation,however as a visual thinker I have already watched it be superior thousands of times in full color video as i created it.

            I am still here promoteing the NHS and anyone who reads enough of my data will have to honestly admit there has never been a system like it ,anywhere.Only the Oilers 80s PP is comparable.But the NHS is a full complete 5 on 5 system.

            I have been looking for a team to hire me and give this a go,I have hounded the Oilers on their website for two years.No response there.

            Obviously as this systems creator I want to see it produce results,wins,points and more Stanley Cups.I am out here appealing for opportunitys to make this system an NHL benchmark or standard for ten years or more,it is what it is.My expectations were realistic two years ago and in my opinion I have taken leaps and bounds I hadnt anticipated because the internet was much more effective at disseminateing data than I thought it would be.

            I am not off course at all.

  • Hayek

    RNH definitely has the pedigree and the potential, but just keep in mind the areas in which he lacks.

    1) Attrocious on the faceoff dot
    2) Poor defensively
    3) Poor in corners

    His positives obviously outweigh his negatives, however they linger to reduce the amount of ice time that he can receive. To get those empty net points, you’re going to have to win a faceoff to be put on the ice. To increase EV ice time late in games, he’ll probably have to get better defensively.

    Great comparison to Weight though, seems like a very similar style.

    • Poor defensively, he covered up a lot of sh*tty mistakes by the likes of Barker and other players, his defensive game is really underrated. Faceoff dot will improve with maturity. As for the corners, its not part of his game, never has been. Thats like saying you think your grinder isn’t any good because he doesn’t score goals even though that isn’t part of his game.

  • MessyEH!

    You Sir have made me very drunk. At the start of your post… around the third NewAge System I decided I would take a drink
    Of my rum and coke every time you said NewAge System do I wound having 4 rum and cokes. So now I am drunk and angry. Do you know why good sir, well I’ll tell yeah. That is what rum does, it makes you drunk and Captian crazy kicks in. You are a liar sir. Everyone knows Stoll can’t read. It was Penner who stole your system.’or Green.

  • The Soup Fascist

    The New Age System must be like the Flames “system”. Bore the other team into submission. Very effective.

    Dude seriously, 35 paragraphs. I have a blister on my scrolling thumb.

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    Had the N.A.S. been described in 3 paragraphs I might have been interested. Instead I am just offended. Don’t come back, whoever you are.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    You created the New Age System in your living room in Edmonton? Are you sure it wasn’t in your Mom’s basement while you were eating Chitos in your PJ’s?

  • The Soup Fascist

    Wanye, what do you charge for infomercials on ON Radio and Blogsite? I invented a juicer / grill combination in my living room. I think ON viewers would be a great target audience.

    Jarret Stoll’s abs which allowed him to attract such uberhotties as Rachel Hunter and Paulina Gretzky are a direct result of my juicer / grill.

    Please send rates …. And a sticker.

  • O.C.

    I have never seen so much verbal diarrhea before to make a simple point.

    “I have a different system that I believe works better!” would have been sufficient.

  • O.C.

    Back on point…

    BTW RB, nice to see you aren’t spamming with 5 blogs a day…

    The story has legs. RNH is almost the forgotten man. Were he a number 1 pick on any other team, there would be story after story on his future. It is as though he has to prove himself as a key cog.

    80 pts next year? I think that’s lofty but 65-70 makes sense next year. His style of play could see him run a consistent average of a point a game for the next 8 years after.

    That makes RNH a legitimate 1000 career point prospect over a mid 30s career.

  • The Soup Fascist

    Weight is a good comparator in a lot of ways. My only comment would be that I remember Weight as a vocal off-ice leader. His personality was “bigger than life” in a good way.

    RNH, as talented a player as he is (likely more so than Weight) he does not seem to have that same presence. The good news is Hall and likely Yak have more than enough of that commodity and his more subtle leadership will be a good fit.

    Very together kid. Hard to believe he is 19.

    • The Soup Fascist

      You remember correctly, but don’t forget Weight was 23 by the time he arrived in Edmonton and was older still by the time he got a letter on the way to becoming captain.

      Rookies tend to shut it and play, which is smart. RNH likely won’t ever be as vocal as Weight, but he’ll have more of a voice from now on and I expect he’ll use it.