Nation Radio – August 18, 2012


As the billionaires ready themselves to lock-out the millionaires over a few percentage points of total revenues, we here at Nation Radio nevertheless resolutely march on with continued hockey coverage. It may be mid-August and we may be talking about the same stuff in November because the powers-that-be are having their white collar slap fight, but what the hell…it’s why we’re all here right?

This week, Allan invited some tried and true guests like Corey Pronman, Jonathan Willis and Corey Graham to talk about Oilers prospects, other high-end kids and summer tournaments.

This is Nation Radio.

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Part 1

First up is Guy Flaming of the Pipeline show. Guy shares his thoughts on the Ivan Hlinka tournament, the draft and the recent issues faced by the Windsor Spitfires of the OHL.

Part 2

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Next we have Derek Zona of Coppernblue and NHLNumbers. Derek talks with Lowetide about Oilers Prospect rankings and where newly drafted Nail Yakupov falls on that list. 

Part 3

Hockey Prospectus and draft/prospect guru Corey Pronman is guest #3. Pronman goes over the prospects in the recent Canada-Russia series as well as the undrafted but majorly talented Nathan MacKinnon and Seth Jones.

Part 4

OilersNation’s own Jonathan Willis stopped by this week as well. Jon discusses what he will do during the lock-out, some Oilers thoughts and his "zone entries and exits" project.

Part 5

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Finally, play-by-play voice of the Oil Kings Corey Graham rounds out the guest list. Topics include prospects Henrik Samuelson and Curtis Lazar as well the Oil Kings upcoming season.

Part 6

Lowetide finishes the show about his thoughts on a variety of topics.


Whole thing.

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  • Someone want to explain why there are large contract extensions happening at this point. I know they can under the old CBA but why? It just shows the rift between the owners. I think these owners need to sort some things out before they even start proper negotiations. Some things they need to settle:

    -make some rules & protocol about how long the league will carry & allow failing franchises to remain in the league.
    -set a constant cap that all teams are comfortable with like 50mill & floor of 38mill. Incorporate a luxury tax where bonuses do not count against the cap but are subject to significant luxury tax & is put into the revenue sharing pool. Some owners want to spend to win, let them, so they feel they are getting something for their revenue sharing.
    -allow contract buyouts without remaining as a cap hit. Huge benefit for the players & allows stupid overspending teams to correct their mistake without having an impact to hurt the current roster that fans get to watch.

    Structure a bunch of rules around some of these things & I dont think it would be too hard to get the players to sign off, just be fair about the revenue splits. I am an advocate of 50/50.Lets face it, even if the players took a 43% or 45% cut of the Revenues, the Owners would probably have to lock them out again next time because they just cant help themselves.

    • MC Hockey

      Some interesting ideas so I feel I should comment:

      – agree league needs to make some protocols about propping up poor teams
      – salary cap and floor have to go up ( or down ) with revenues since they are tied together related to how much players get signed for…and 38 and 50 mill too low
      – agree luxury tax should happen on the top 10% of the salary cap ands those funds got to bottom teams
      – players and owners should get about 50% of revenues each

      • I don’t see why most people think that the revenues should be split 50/50? Are you kidding me? Yes the owners are rich, who cares? Most of them are rich for a reason…….because they went out in there in the real world and made it big. Do I begrudge Katz because he’s a billiionaire? No. As a business owner I know he worked his butt off to get there

        It is the owners that risk their hundreds of millions of dollars. What do the players risk? The shoot a rubber disc into a net, nothing more. Nobody forces them to do it. If you don’t think making 5 million dollars a year for playing hockey is fair, then go and get a real job. What other business splits profits with their employees 50/50. When a player underperformed what happens? Nothing, they still get their money. But when a player overachieves they hold out or balk at their contract. The players want it both ways all the time.

        I love hockey as much as the next guy. I own Season tickets and go to every game. I have never left a game even a minute early to beat the traffic or whatever reason. I can afford the games but sadly many cannot. This is the fault of the players in my opinion. But I really hope the owners put these spoiled brats in their places, even if it means losing a season.

        • Tim in Kelowna

          “Do I begrudge Katz because he’s a billiionaire? No. As a business owner I know he worked his butt off to get there”

          You can’t make that assumption. Just like how there are people that have worked their asses off for years and can’t afford a minipack. It’s the same rationale that says, ‘Katz is a successful business man so he must be a genius so you should trust every move he makes.’

          Bettman could lock the players out for 5 years and it wouldn’t put the players in their place. The bottom line is fans pay to see the players. Yes the players are spoiled. We can all agree on that. But the owners don’t need to be in this business, they buy these teams at their own risk.

  • See where Horcoff was rated one of the 15 most overpaid NHL players heading into 2012-2013, source Bleacher Report.

    Here is what they say:

    “Edmonton Oilers captain Shawn Horcoff made $6.5 million in salary last season, but only scored 13 goals with 21 assists in 81 games.

    “He is the highest paid player on the Oilers, but finished seventh on the team in scoring last year.

    “His contract lasts for three more years, which is bad news for Edmonton. However, his salary next year will go down to $6 million, then $4 million and $3 million in the final two years.”

    Calgary Flames outdid the Oilers with three players on the list: Bouwmeester, Wideman and Cameralli.

    I hope the rumours of the Oilers’ interest in Bouwmeester are unfounded.

  • Tim in Kelowna

    Why didn’t both parties start negotiations right after the draft? Waiting until late July to get things going makes no sense. 2 lockouts in 7 years is totally unacceptable, and quite frankly I don’t think the NHL can afford another year without hockey. Hockey isn’t exactly a booming business in the southern United States as it is, and this won’t help one bit. In 2006 I sided with the owners, but this time around the both look like petulant children.

    The fans already get a raw deal, and all this lockout means is yet another hike in ticket prices. I understand that both parties are looking out for their own interests, but they should have some respect for the people that provide all the money they are fighting over- the fans.

  • Tuesday morning breakfast would be dismal without these, Kent. Thanks to the whole team.

    Obviously the Horcoff (and Bouwmeester) contracts are too high, but I wish people would stop acting like these guys are Patrick O’Sullivan and Cam Barker. Both Horcs and JBow are relied on too much, and play some of the hardest minutes on their teams. They would leave a larger gap to fill than anyone seems to aknowledge (Marty Reasoner? Kyle Brodziak? Matt Green? Anyone? )

    It’s overpayment that makes these guys a disappointment, not necessarily their on-ice play. If used differently (or surrounded by a different cast) a Bouwmeester might be a lot more effective as an Oiler (I don’t really want his contract though), and Horcoff might be (and has been) much better on teams that have guys like Pronger, Spacek, Pisani, Stoll, etc.

    Give those guys different teams and systems to work within, and you’ll see why they are struggling, and why they succeeded in the past. If you’re the type to say “for $6 Million he should be a star no matter how we use him” you just flat out don’t understand how a team works. There are maybe 5 of those guys in the world.

  • Tim in Kelowna

    Oiler fans punished enough like most Canadian cities not making playoffs . Tough to remember even our young elites after an approximate 6 month hiatus each season . Yearning to see our young stars play again – i am ? Yearning to see propects vying for team ? You bet we are . No where near lockout stage yet until Union draws the line prematurely . Bettman holds all the cards like it or not . Owners have faith in Bettman , and unlikely to ever turn against him and decisions he makes on their behalf . Players will reluctantly knuckle in , as their is no other league that can offer what the NHL is giving them anyways .

  • I agree with Tim in kelowna. This whole negotion is total garbage and is infuriating. When there is a lock out this year, I hope 5 franchises are forced to fold because the fans said get bent. I figured bettman wanted to grow the game, not decapitate it with a second lockout within a decade.