WHOOOOWEEEE Taylor Hall Ladies and Gentlemen!

Amidst a tense labour dispute between the NHLPA and NHL Brass, good news broke today when it was announced that Taylor Hall had signed a seven year contract extension for 42 million dollars with the Mighty Edmonton Oilers.

According to the Oilers website: "GM Steve Tambellini announces the Oilers have agreed to terms with forward Taylor Hall on a new seven-year contract extension with an average annual value (AAV) of $6 million."

Tencer tweeted that Hall commented on his show immediately afterward "I never in my wildest dreams thought I would sign a contract for that amount." That tells you something about the magnitude of the commitment the Oilers just made.

Indeed it is a contract so large that Shawn Horcoff himself was roused by his afternoon butler from his daily nap in a bathtub full of cash to be given the news.

Ryan Whitney got so excited he mistakenly tweeted: "Congrats @hallsy04! 42 mill sheets huh? Im assuming you won’t snap on me if I sneak some cactus club giftcards into a meal you pay for again"  42 million sheets is 42 billion dollars in rich guy speak, but that tells you something about the magnitude of the commitment the Oilers just made.

At least we are 99.9% sure that a sheet is a million dollars. We googled it but that was completely unhelpful.


Remember the days when the Oilers couldn’t have imagined signing a contract this big in their wildest dreams either? Remember cheering for your favourite Oiler with the knot of fear in the pit of your stomach that if he really killed it he was 99% headed to a larger market?

Right now somewhere Jordan Eberle is sitting on a bejeweled throne, calmly strumming his fingers on a desk made of SOLID GOLD.

God Bless Daryl Katz’s infinite pockets and God Bless Taylor Hall.

  • DSF

    Good deal for both parties.. You have your No.1 signing for another 7 yrs… More of the same to come from the balance of the Fab 4. This is a team that cannot attract UFA’s, so rebuidling with high draft picks there’s a price to be paid, but you can have these stars long term.
    Tambelini has more work toget done with the Vet, roster, and a couple more D men with seasons on their blades.Also a back up goalie.
    For those who think he’s over paid, this is a bargain compared to Paraise’s contract.

  • Wanyes bastard child


    I think we all realize its a gamble on Taylor Hall with this contract however Arch said it best on LT’s article which agrees with your argument and at the same time is a very likely scenario of whats to come:

    1) I really dont think Hall earned this contract. Lots of missed time, not enough ACTUAL points being put up.

    2) I think he will earn this contract.

    3) Actually, by the middle of this contract we will probably be laughing at 6 million dollars for Hall.

    And thats the point as to why every Oilers fan should be excited. See point 3 Arch makes. By the middle of this contract we will probably be laughing at 6 million dollars for Hall. The kid hasn’t fully proven himself yet but some minor tweeks and this contract confidence boost will definitely help. Only time will tell. Go lead us to a Stanley cup Taylor Hall!

    • Quicksilver ballet

      What could go wrong with giving a 20 yr old 42 million dollars? Yet to put up 100 points in the NHL, it’s a tad premature from my viewpoint.

      I was going to just keep my mouth shut on this issue, but since you wanted yourself some Quicksilver ballet i thought i’d oblige.

      DSF put his neck on the chopping block on this subject, he’s doing a fine job questioning the wisdom of this deal. As an Oiler athletic supporter i’ll keep my mouth shut and hope he outperforms this deal at any point over the next 8 yrs.

      • D-Man

        Fair to question the validity of the deal, but considering today’s NHL – was there really another choice?? Unfortunately, NHL owners can’t help themselves and sign these types of contracts setting up precedents for the next up and coming star…

        Do I agree with giving Taylor Hall (or any other 20 year old with skill and a ton of upside) this type of cash this early into his career?? No… Is this contract fair considering what’s happening in today’s NHL – unfortunately, yes…

      • justDOit

        Premature? You expect a 20 yr old to put up 100 points in the NHL? I’m sure you’ll supply us with a list of post-lockout 20 yr olds who have achieved the century mark though.

        While you’re at it, give us a list of all 100 point players from last season, and their age and salary. And then tell us how many of these 100 point players played on bad teams… because Hall’s 0.86 ppg isn’t too shabby, when put in perspective.

        Having said that, I also agree with your basic message, to a point. Giving such young players this much money is crazy, but the Oilers are not to blame for the economic landscape in the NHL. The facts are, that $6M/yr doesn’t buy that much today.

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    “When they said Seven years I didnt blink, Im comfortable being here for that long. I think by that time…. I hope we’re a perennial threat. That’s my main goal and my mindset when i signed this deal”

    This is not only a great goal scorer the Oilers signed for the long haul, but an incredible leader. He showed his leadership and dedication to this team off the ice when he flew out to make sure Justin signed here.

    Great Great Signing, article below I was hoping Halls agent wouldnt read:


  • Gracious!!! I think I would really enjoy being Tyler Seguins agent about now…… his woody must be quite epic.

    FWIW… hall is quite a dashing young fellow (in a horse teeth and fridge magnet kinda way) and sir Katz loves his toys shiny and splendid.

    is it too early to have a discussion on a Napoleon complex and its manifestations in our owner?

  • Well Wanye…I have had to put up with a lot here, your bizzaro spelling of your name and how the F*** do you pronounce that anyways? Wong-ye? wannneeee? then there is your weird crayon-digital graphics that always look like your were pissed when you put them together and finally its your constant barrage of stolen you-tube clips from obscure Rap stars that seem to have been made in someone’s basement and are used to somehow give reference to the theme of your post but invariably are just confusing and unlistenable.

    thanks Man…love ya

  • D-Man

    I like the term of the deal and the dollars make sense when comparing the deal Skinner received… Although one can argue that this contract is one of the biggest problems within the ownership group – I have to give props to Tambo for this deal…

    I just find it hilarious that the ownership group is trying to limit contracts to 5-6 years with this CBA, yet three GM’s signed marquee players to longer terms… Doesn’t make one want to cheer for the owners this time around.

  • This is a good deal for the Oilers. There isn’t a team in the league that wouldn’t give him this same deal or bigger if they had the cap space.

    I would have prefered 10 years so we had him through his entire prime, but 7 years is a good length.

    Those comparing it to Tavares have to remember that Tavares was a great deal for the Isles and he is the exact same percentage of the cap as Hall is. Wages do go up over time in the NHL the same as they do in every other industry.

    I would have prefered a bigger discount and seen him between 5 and 5.5 but there is no question that if Hemsky is worth 5 million Hall is worth 7+

  • I think the main reason they trid to get this done before the season is that the CBA may very well limit contract length to 5 years and they would like to have both Hall and Eberle locked up longer then that if possible.

  • paul wodehouse

    doing the math…if Hall plays every regular season game and goes seven games in every series to win seven Cups in a row he will play 770 games under this contract…that’s a titch over 54 thousand dollars PER GAME actually played!!!

    check out the potential addition of funds by subtraction of games lost through injury…K so if he plays 62 games per season and sweeps the seven series to win seven Cups in a row that’s seventy seven thousand three hundred and forty three dollars and seven cents per game actually played…

    is that Omphaloskepsis or what?

  • Clyde Frog

    DSF does NOT put his kneck out, ever. He finds examples of past successes and questions why the Oilers didn’t do that.

    As if there weren’t 28 other teams that also didn’t do that.

    Putting your kneck out would be coming up with a theory and supporting it with data and logic; then owning the results.

    NOT just pointing to random teams and yelling we should have done that!

  • French Toast Mafia

    DSF reminds me a lot of Eklund. The only reason anyone pays the slightest bit of attention to what he says is because it’s usually so stupid it can actually be pretty entertaining wondering what’s next.

    It’s always fun to see how much a guy can pump out his chest and talk down to people when he is sitting behind his keyboard knitpicking stats and random bits of history to support his ideas.

  • Cheap Shot Charlie

    Saw this on another blog today that perhaps DSF frequents when he’s not on Oilers blogs:

    “What have you done today other than patrol these blogs? What did you do yesterday? The day before? The last three years? What will you do tomorrow other than patrol these blogs? What will you do the next day? How about the next three years of precious life? How do you feel knowing you spend every moment of every day patrolling these blogs, miserable, yet with no ability to ever make a positive change in your life?”

  • Clyde Frog

    Make a short list of his future predictions and then a list of his criticisms questioning why the Oilers didn’t act like another team.

    I can’t seem to think of a single “prediction” other than his belief that Henrik Samuelsson will be the best player in last years draft.

  • Cheap Shot Charlie

    i see DSF as a fan, like the rest of us. what i get when i read his posts is that he very much dislikes management and wants the Oilers to be better. his delivery may be unappealing to most but not unworth merit.

  • paul wodehouse

    …so DSF
    a question for you, the master of disaster

    … y’think this deal will give Horcoff 42 million reasons to relinquish the “C”?

    AND the number ten for Yak to wear?

    Surely he’s not the kind that needs these articles ripped from his grasp…

      • paul wodehouse

        … i can hear the chants already ….when 4 scores a goal or two or three i hear …GIVE HIM THE “C”! GIVE HIM THE “C”! GIVE>>>>

        and when Nail gets some points outta the gate i hear GIVE HIM THE TEN !GIVE HIM THE TEN! GIVE…

        or will it be BUY HIM OUT! BUY HIM OUT!