Now diving…

Last week there was a NHL rule enforcement meeting. Some coaches, managers, players and referees were all thrown together to talk. I think it was a great idea that the players and referees got together. These are the two groups right in the action. They should know more or less what each other is thinking.

It was reported that diving was a popular topic to discuss at these meetings. Diving and how to curb it. Really? This is the biggest issue for NHL rule enforcement?

Don’t get me wrong, I hate diving and would love to see it erased from the game. That will never happen. Get used to it: diving is here to stay. Referees get abuse from everyone remotely associated with the game. Do they really want to make a call with ten minutes left for diving that results in a goal and a loss? They don’t!

They suggested putting a list of the divers in every locker room to shame them into stopping. They tried this before and I remember the list being very short and we all just laughed about it. Fine them? Sure but a thousand dollar fine won’t even register.

I don’t think you can get rid of diving so look at areas that do need to be adjusted. I think the icing rule needs to be changed to protect defenceman. Yes I might be bias but how severe an injury needs to happen before we all wake up and change it. We all remember Taylor Fedun go flying into the end walls.

Would it be crazy to allow goalies to play pucks like they used to? I love how many teams forecheck like crazy because of this rule change but it may save some defenceman some big hits that result in injuries. I am on the fence with this adjustment but I believe it is worth discussing. What does the Nation think?

Ditch the diving talk and work on issues that can be addressed!

One step at a time big guy…

Nail Yakupov has a lot of energy and is very excited about starting a professional career. However, as a rookie there are certain rules to tread lightly into that career that should be followed. There is only one chance to make a first impression with your new teammates.

It is premature for him to be looking for a place to live in Edmonton. Nothing is ever set in stone and even if it is getting a house before you have practiced once with an NHL team isn’t a great idea. There is no rush, get to camp, earn your spot then get a home.

I realize that he will most likely play on the Oilers this winter. However, humility and some respect for the NHL goes a long way in creating your reputation.

Gregor gains ground…

I give Jason Gregor a lot of heat for his lack on skill on a golf course. I just played with him earlier this week and an apology is in order. He has improved big time! In fact he beat me by three strokes! I haven’t played much this summer but I have to give credit where it is due! Well done sir.

Now if only his golfing attire would match his game. Do you own a shirt that doesn’t have fluorescent green on it?

  • toprightcorner

    Yak buying a house is a good thing and good timing. It eliminates the KHL question he gets everyday and he can focus on hockey.

    It also shows commitment to the team especially bringing his family to have a much better life in Canada.

    I don’t like this, “rookies need to watch their step and tread lightly” crap. It is stuff like that that built the negative culture in the dressing room. These “unwritten codes” when it comes to new and young players are garbage and separate the vets from the young guys .

    The game is different today, sure, there is a respect thing and you have to earn it, but nobody on a team should be treated differently than anyone else.

    Teams that continue to do this will find it much more difficult to be successfully and have complete team chemistry. The old way of thinking needs to be taken out with the trash. Just because that was the way it was when a 15 year vet came into the league doesn’t mean that’s how it should still be.

  • toprightcorner

    Wow,whats with the clip there on the house issue Struds??

    I mean even if he doesnt make it this year,{????????????????????????????}it is a very sound financial decision to buy a house in the city you plan on working in when it is a buyers market,I mean it is very SOUND fiscal management to do this now ,here,with the market like it is.

    So I call cheap-shot Struds,if there is a constellation of things under your skin spit it out your opinion and perspective are important and valued,but this doesnt ring completely true here.

    In all fairness if you were comeing onto a team with Gagner and Hall and Ebbs and Nuge ,and they were all serious hotshots you yourself might be inclined to go over the top sometimes to be noticed,that is called COMPETITION,and if there are certain subtletys we arent aware of that show a series of poor decisions on Yaks part concerning hockey or team traditions,spit it out so he can get a clear perspective,help him,dont hinder him.Darn-it.

    In all honesty Struds if all NHLers used this type of fiscal foresight we might not have a historical record of NHL hardship going back to the beginning of the NHL.As a veteren you must be aware of all of the careers where players mismanaged their paycheques for a myriad of reasons mostly related to simple fiscal education,and were encouraged by management teams who wanted to keep them desperate and pliable for negotiations—to actually not gain this solid fiscal ground.A constantly broke star is pretty easy to negotiate with at contract time.

    In todays NHL with salarys as high as they are ,teams need to do the opposite now and they need to encourage this proper management of fiscal careers because it takes heat off of them in the cap dept ,it is easier to deal with a filthy rich rich guy than just a rich guy at contract time,its called evolution Struds.It is in a team best interests to see a player get MORE sucessful fiscally to enable the team to operate,whereas in the past it was the opposite dynamic.Sometimes it is embarreaseing to look behind us isnt it??

    The way I see it is that every NHLer who makes a clear million in a year should have his Everyman future sewn up,that means buying a house and manageing your finances proactively and immediatly ensureing a future on par with Everymas expectations and abilitys call it the Plumbers Plan if you need to,its called a firm foundation.

    Your second million should be helping your extended family,and after that you are considered a free man,without that you have been a poor manager plain and simple.

    There are no expectations fiscally for anyone beyone the Everyman level,but the sooner you ensure and protect that beginning and future the sooner you can continue to mature fiscally ,and this makes it easier to mature in other areas of your life,includeing out on the ice.

    Buying a house ,even before you make the roster is a smart and sound decision,and the second a man stops makeing smart and sound decisions on his own behalf is the day he must consider himself to be married to his cause,and we all know what that means,negotiation,and once that starts everything must be reevaluated constantly,this can be unsetteling unless you have an equally committed partner,so Struds,unless you plan on a long and fruitfull mutually supportive future alongside Yak as an partner ,best pat him on the back and commend him for such a sound fiscal decision and remind him to wait with the housewarming party with his teammates until he makes the team.dont you think??

    That is enough respect right there,hold off on the celebrateing of something you havent earned yet—have the official housewarming party after you are penciled in,but for gods sakes as an experienced mentor dont confuse the kid man.Buying the house was the right and sound AND timely decision to make,come on Struds evolve already,ha ha ha.

    As far as the diveing goes,the solution is simple–call coincidental minors every time you are in doubt,then offensive teams will always have an advantage 4 on 4 and lesser teams will stop diveing for hope,ha ha ha ha,they will stay on their feet for hope,ha ha ha.

    And as far as antics like Averys screwing with the goaltender,just let guys take libertys on him as an official or as an officiating group.

    There is no way to disguise the pyramid of influences that guides NHL evolution.The NHL managers dictate to the refs how to interpret the rulebook,and that dynamic will NEVER change,so we need to look there for changes.

    New rules are not needed,Bettman just needs to say the right things,so lets ask HIM,instead of everyone else.

    If a player insists on keeping his back to the play then call him for delay of game after you penalise the player forced to hit him in the back,that simple,we all see what is happening and we all know how to fix it,now Bettman needs to step up and do something.

    History is repeating itself because the league is evolveing again as is natural,and offense is here now,so the sooner we adapt as a league the better.

    It benefitted the league to have the crappy style of play we have seen for ten years because of a degradeing talent base team wise and league wise.Caused by expansion and the KHL.

    But now that the talent level has established good balance again the league has become more offensive naturally,and it wont stop anytime soon,great for the fans and great for the league managers,might I suggest Bettman and the NHL simply look back to the 80s to see how to properly call offensive hockey games from an officiateing perspective of NHL rule-book interpretations game to game .

    And I cant not plug the NHS,there are very offensive systems being used effectively by teams now,very recently we have seen this transition.And this wont stop as we have already seen a cup won useing this system focus on possesion/transition hockey—or in other words OFFENSIVE exciteing hockey,high scoreing Oilers type of hockey.Had LA had our talent and the NHS variant they used games would have been 7-2 right through the playoffs for them,look what they did with their conventional league talent level??They won it all.And next year if you arent playing a varient of the NHS like they do you will get eaten alive,period by period for 60mins.

    Takeing penaltys for anything in an offensively orientated NHL is very bad business and very bad news for a head coach,because it will bury even the most talented team.All I can say is think about the dynamic that causes penaltys,it isnt the team in possesion that normally takes the penalty,this is why diveing is so easy to stop,just call co-incidental minors,one for the trip and one for the delay of game.

    For goodness sakes olympic athletes can be banned for not competeing on a high enough level,why cant we police professional athletes the same way???One tripping call,and one delay of game call,end of issue,players will get it quickly and if you need to call the same guy twice in a game or he is chronic tack on an unsportsmanlike or a misconduct to him.

    This is totally a reffing/rulebook interpretation issue that needs to be addressed by Bettman and the league.

    We dont need a new rule for everything.

    Why not a rule takeing away Kevlar /concrete elbow pads,and lets save some careers,how about.Lets get real,you want to throw 220 lbs at a guy on the boards you need those elbows exposed to injury to police yourself or you will kill someone,plain and simple.

    Diveing—-concrete elbow pads—same dynamic here,obvious stuff that just makes the NHL look bush league.

    No fan anywhere likes to see a player knocked unconscious by some incidental contact because the elbow pad is made of steel,it is sickening to watch,and its equally sickening to watch guys run people into the boards recklessly because they have to much padding on their elbows,so much they lose self-control and sanity.

    This is the hypocrasy hockey is buried under today,I mean we lobby to remove fighting because of the violence but I almost lose my nachos watching Sidney Crosby smash his head off the ice for seemingly nothing.We are allowing our game to be directed by public opinion which can be media influenced and regulated and we are ignoreing the core issues of player safety and NHL professional integrity.

    Issues that are strictly NHL business like diveing and overpadding are being dodged by the men we pay to do this decision makeing job,this has been a joke since we got Bettman involved in the NHL.

    Bettman tries to force everyone to accept a round-table format for NHL decision makeing,he is afraid to be accountable and is spreading this accountability around by diffuseing the decision makeing dynamic by trying to involve as many peripheral stakeholders as he possibly can,this is a weak and feeble way to be a leader and to do business on behalf of the NHL.

    Bettman needs to grow some Cajones and tell the refs how to fix this or hire a real hockey man to do the job already.The NHL doesnt need his escapist laywerly perspective anymore,we need a definitive leader now,the Bettman era is over,he cannot support the evolution the game is undergoing now,we need Gretz or someone from his era to step up already and guide the league into another offensive phase,in a smooth and effective manner,with as few growing pains as possible.

    Let players use their sticks again effectively and diveing will disappear,watch an 80s game,reffs let players use their sticks to harrass their opponents and it is an important part of hockey to be able to do this.As soon as we started calling obstruction and different types of these calls we saw the game itself change.Man Wayne was always wrapped up but he still managed to skate forward through it and he wasnt exactly a physical specimen now was he,no offense wayne,ha ha ha.

    No one is diveing if there is no call comeing,a player should be able to wrap that stick anywhere he wants to as long as he doesnt impede forward momentum enough to disrupt the players path completely,yes you CAN hack a guy and hound him with your stick,it isnt against the rules so we need the reffs to back off and let the dogs run,or we will always face this diveing crap.And NO MORE automatic penalty when a glass stick breaks for gods sakes,who cares if it breaks as you hack an opponent you are ALLOWED to use your stick on stick,its part of the darn game BETTMAN!!!!!,this aint baseball pal.See my point with the glass stick comment??we CANNOT let public opinion run our game,we all SEE the stick shatter and we might if we werent hockey experienced believe a major wrong had been done,what complete BS,a shattered glass stick is no penalty,maybe one for the guy useing the unfit and dangerous stick,what ,do we need to see someone lose an eye before we fix this??Is it like the elbow pad issue???Beyond Bettman and the NHLs grasp or understanding??I think not,its just that Bettman is a lawyer in his brain and soul,so he is slippery like Teflon,his era is done,he has been hindering hockeys evolution for at least four years directly,we need him and his perspective GONE and soon.Then the Players Union needs to hire him ASAP,ha ha ha ha.

    If you are skateing up ice and someone is hacking you and you trip,but it isnt because of a complete interference of your direction,to BAD,get up and keep skateing,there should be no call,we can all tell the difference between hounding and interfereing with complete progress.It is exciteing to see players break through tight defensive coverage includeing agressive stickchecks.

    And if it is questionable simpley make an additional delay of game call,you dont need to avoid the obvious tripping call and have public opinion run hockey games via instant replay,you can solve the issue internally and protect hockeys integrity as a professional sport.Call the obvious trip we see as fans AND call the unsportsmanlike lack of effort you see by the diver as an official,trust us as fans we will learn to see it as the reffs do quickly,and we will appreciate the solution,and WOW imagine the 4 on 4s we will see for the first half of the season till teams “get it”.

  • Locksmithluke

    G’day ladies and gents, long time reader, sporadic poster! My two cents, after all sorts of probing in regards to the worries of Yak heading East, he may be, like one fella stated, using this to quell the rumors. Sort of solidify a home base if you will. I don’t imagine that this would/could cause any sort of negative views from inside the locker room, but perhaps the opposite? I, myself, see this as a commitment to the franchise, teammates and fans alike! And to be honest, after the Hall & Ebs signings, to have a talented young man like Yakupov set up shop in town, family and all, is a positive sign, that may transition to others out there that E-Town isn’t a bad place to call home!
    Ps, Love this site, keep it up! Copper an’ Blue ’till I die!