This is Daniil Zharkov dealing with an evildoer. Zharkov may be getting more attention than normal for an Oiler draft pick, as the lockout and the internet will give Oilers Nation a chance to check up on the prospects regularly. How DO you follow all of the prospects?

This winter–as always–Oilers prospects will be scattered all over the Norhern Hemisphere and following them can be a pain. I well remember attempting to get stats on kids like Alexei Mikhnov (who seemed to be playing in the 1950’s during his time in the RSL) or trying to get Eddie Caron’s transfer papers from one college of the idle rich to another.

It can be a pain, and there’s no one stop shopping.


Well, yes, you’re right I am lying. For many years now, poster Seachd at hfboards has done the painstaking work of regularly updating minor, junior and Euro stats. Hooo boy, what a lot of work! Last season’s edition (thread #2) is here.

If you want to follow these guys closely, then there are a few bookmarks that might come in handy:

  • Coming Down the Pipe! This is the blog for the Pipeline show, the best show of its kind on the planet. Breaking news, prospect updates and draft profiles are a part of the package. Must read.
  • WHL From Above: Quality site that gives terrific insight on the entire league.
  • Taking Note is Gregg Drinnan’s blog, and his is kind of an ‘industry’ blog. Former players, former coaches, interesting stories–Drinnan packs a lot of info into his blog each week.
  • Shawn Mullin’s Swift Current Broncos blog covers SC but also gives you great insight into the league and its relationship with the NHL. The Reece Scarlett article this week is an excellent example.
  • Yahoo Hockey buzzing the net is an outstanding blog that covers all ranges of hockey. An exceptional resource.
  • Small Thoughts at Large is another daily WHL stop worth your time.
  • the scouting report is a fun intro for next summer’s draft if that’s your thing. They have their Preliminary top 30 up now, Curtis Lazar is #10. Drop in and find out the 9 prospects who are apparently better (I don’t believe it).
  • OHL Prospects is a wonderful resource, an absolute beauty.
  • Lets go DU is a strong blog and they follow Denver U, so Joey Laleggia updates should be available there.
  • New England Hockey Journal is a stunning resource for hockey fans. You may recognize Kirk Luedeke from his appearances on Edmonton Radio. He currently can be heard on Nation Radio and The Pipeline Show! several times a year, and goes all the way back to the legendary John Short sports talk show that basically laid the groundwork for modern sportstalk radio in our city.
  • Unofficial USHL hockey blog is a fine resource on the best emerging junior league on the planet.
  • Big Puck redhead is a Cornell blog and should keep us updated on John McCarron this winter.
  • Future Considerations is a smooth site but also has great information.
  • Tend the Farm is a quality blog focused on the OKC Barons.
  • Artful Puck is a gorgeous blog devoted to the Barons.
  • Go OKC Barons is a nice tumblr resource for photos.
  • Michigan Tech hockey guide should give us some things on Jujhar Khaira this winter.
  • Swedish Oil is a must read, lockout or no lockout.


I will, and promise to pass along something of interest every week (Oil Kings pre-season is underway, Moroz has an assist in 2 games and Ewanyk is playing and has an assist in 1 game.) However, the blogs and sites posted above should make for some interesting reading if you find yourself getting curious during the winter.


A big part of the Oilers future is still bubbling below the surface. None of us wants a lockout, but there is a silver lining: the Edmonton Oilers have some terrific prospects to follow.


Kicks off at noon Edmonton time on Team 1260, emails welcome at nationradio@theteam1260.com and you can also touch base in the comments section. I’m a twitter addict, @Lowetide_ or @ItsNationRadio.

Scheduled to appear:

  • Jonathan Willis from COH and Oilers Nation. We’ll talk lockout, Eberle comparables, projecting the future and the Oilers playoff chances in 12-13.
  • Terry Jones from the Edmonton Sun. We’ll talk about the Oilers summer, what Terry will be covering without NHL hockey in Edmonton this winter (should it come to pass) and there’s every chance the Eskimos may be discussed.
  • Harrison Mooney from Puck Daddy and Pass it to Bulis! I want to find out about his exceptional Olympic coverage, along with a rundown of the team on the left coast—which will include a Luongo segment that should be humorous.
  • Cam Charron from Leafs Nation. We’ll talk about that ridiculous ESPN The Magazine story that ranks the Leafs as the worst sports franchise in North America, and try to name the Leafs starting centermen in order and with authority.
  • Eric T. from Broadstreet Hockey and NHL Numbers. Back by popular demand, Tulsky’s work has been inspiring. His zone entry studies represent a true breakthrough in how we view the game, which players we should hold in high value, and we’ll explore that and other issues. I will be asking Eric several questions about his Flyers preview at NHL Numbers, so you might want to read it (outstanding).
  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    My have we come a long way. I wonder if anyone saves newspaper clippings anymore. I recall snipping the final scoring stats from the paper at the end of each season and archiving them so that I could have multiple seasons to look at when sitting down to pick my pool teams.

    Thanks to guys like you LT for making the task enormously easier and giving the feeling of being productive while I’m wasting time.

    • RexLibris

      And we all know how much the Alberta provincial governments love unions, sorry, I mean associations.

      It’d be pretty funny if, in the end, what brought closure to this ego-trip by Bettman and Fehr were the obscure labour laws of some provincial NHL backwater* (*according to sources in Toronto and New York).

      Thanks for the reading list LT. It wouldn’t be fall without someone handing out a supplementary reading list!

      As a side note, do any of those sites listed contain the same aesthetic incentives as yours?

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    Hey LT,

    A should there be a lockout, a full year length, how will draft order be determined? Same way as the Crosby lottery?

    If so a lockout is a good thing for the oil…

  • RexLibris

    More Kharkov please,and I actually listen to the words the young prospects say,I listen to them not other people,when they make a mission statement I take it seriously,methinks Zharkov will mow down a path to Yakupovs side and we might see a surprise 2nd line of Zharkov Gagner Yakupov.Just asying that this kid has all the tools and has already made a mission statement,and he looks to have a wee bit of a stability issue,which is perfect for a hockey player,that emotional volatility is best utilised in an anerobic fashion out on the ice,you cant be to mellow,there is only room for one Iggy in the NHL.

    • GVBlackhawk

      “…emotional volatility is best utilised in an anerobic fashion out on the ice…”

      Translation: get mad and stop breathing = increased on-ice performance.

      Sheer brilliance!

      My new mission statement is: Make completely random hockey blogs.

      • Zed

        Well if that is your mission statement ,the best of luck to you,ha ha ha.

        Seriously,maybe I worded that wrong for you,but the meaning is still the same,let me give you a graphic example–there is a nice post somewhere on the Oilers site under moma2 that discusses this very topic in regards to reactions in front of the public and the referees surrounding penalty calls,we had some young guys overdramatiseing and the team quickly intervened and after one specific game mid year last year the Oilers as a team buried that issue and they as a group developed a new respect for the officials and it is now a part of their identity,the Oilers do not whine or dramatise out there,they do not embarras referees,they respect the officials and the integrity of the game,this is who they are now as a team,professional and accountable.

        Sorry ,point is this,you need to understand that emotional control and actions are all connected to your adrenal gland and you entire mainframe ,if you dont learn to pace that emotion/adrenal connection then you cannot reach an elite level of personal performance management on the ice.You do not go out there and simply unleash all of your emotions for a minute and a half shift,then sit down on the bench and shut it off properly or contain it to a manageable level without a great deal of practice.

        Hence just as excerciseing your body can be done in an aerobic manner and an anerobic manner,your emotional control of your adrenal glands output and performance can be controlled aerobicly and anerobicly.

        One means a constant steady high output effort,and one means a series of high output efforts performed-segments which in their individual energy output exceed the aerobic output for short time periods.

        Think the Tortise and the Hare—the Tortise is aerobic and the Hare is anerobic.

        The reason you see competitors useing inappropriate body language and facial expressionsis because they dont have a working awareness of the imoprtance these mannerisms carry with them in relation to overall performance and game mentality.It is about timeing,there are no facial expression and body language “rules”that are written in stone,therefore it is a dynamic that can be either positive or negative,it can help you win or it can help you lose,it all a matter of knowledge and understanding,no competitor is going to make a contrary decision that disadvantges them if they have knowledge of a better method.

        Yet we still see this dynamic affecting the outcomes of NHL games all the time—-this is why we clearly deal with this issue at the core value level in the NewAge Hockey System.

  • Zed

    “Hooo” nelly. That’s a lot of reading (New age). Good info if I was paid professionally to know that stuff. However, I’m the kind of guy to talk about that stuff around the water coolers and the bar tables.

    Lazy? Yes, but my best conotions around these parts come from the article’s author or comments section.

    I’ll leave it up to others to interpret and analyze. I’ll just opinionize thank you.

    *Props to the telecaster joke*