The Nations Partners with McKeen’s


So you may have noticed some McKeen’s Hockey banners popping up here and there across the Nation. That’s because the boys over at McKeen’s are launching a new website and subscription service that will replace their excellent annual magazines.

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They called us up prior to the launch looking for some sort of partnership. That was a no-brainer for me – McKeen’s has been pumping out quality mags for years. If you’re anything like myself, their fall fantasy guide has been a must-buy since you first started engaging in drafts and manically following 5 different games every single night. 

So we gave them some banner space to let folks know they’re upping their game in the digital space. Also, NHLNumbers will be supplying some player stats and salary info for the new site. No big deal.

In return, McKeen’s is letting us promote the Nations on their new site. And – even better! – they gave us the inside cover of their latest (and last) magazine which is hitting newstands this week. There, you will find the above advertisement, lovingly conceived by yours truly and brought to life by resident OilersNation citizen Gregg Beever. 

So check it out folks. Fantasy season is obviously going to be delayed by the on-going labour strife, but once it finally starts you’re going to want a McKeen’s magazine and/or subscription to help get you through your various drafts.

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Other News

– Also! McKeen’s pro scouting coordinator Gus Katsaros decided to join up with LeafsNation as well.

– The Nations has been adding some talent across the network recently. Dmitri Filipovic and Graphic Comment complement an already strong crew at Canucks Army. As well as Gus, LN acquired Steve Dangle earlier this summer. Finally, FN recently debuted BookofLoob, whose new Two Minutes Hate! feature is likely to be a favorite for a long time.