It’s early, but Patrick Thoresen is off to another strong start in KHL scoring and the former Oiler looks poised to have another terrific season for SKA Saint Petersburg.

Former Oilers are scattered throughout the Russian League and some (like Alexei Mikhnov, in photo) are off to impressive starts. Thoresen is in first overall, but there are other Oilers players/prospects/picks making noise. Here’s a quick look at the KHL scoring race through the first portion of the season–Oilers division:

  1. Patrick Thoresen, Saint Petersburg 3, 2-4-6
  2. Alexei Mikhnov, Moscow Oblast Atlant 4, 2-1-3
  3. Alexander Bumagin, Novokuznetsk Metallurg 3, 1-1-2
  4. Mikhail Youkov, Moscow Spartak 3, 0-2-2
  5. Charles Linglet, Dynamo Minsk 3, 0-2-2
  6. Fredrik Pettersson, Donbass HC 3, 1-0-1
  7. Milan Kytnar, Bratislava Slovan 3, 1-0-1
  8. Alexei Semenov, Saint Petersburg 3, 1-0-1
  9. Rob Schremp, Dynamo Riga 3, 0-0-0

It’s an interesting list. These are either former Oilers or prospects/draft picks, so you get ‘cup of coffee’ types like Linglet and then 1st rounders like Robbie Schremp. Schremp is off to a slow start–I wonder how you say "MacT ruined him!" in Russian?


We at Oilers Nation will search the globe–THE GLOBE–in an attempt to find interesting stories this winter for Oiler fans. Whenever Robbie Schremp tweets something of interest, or the OKC Barons win a big game, or Robbie Schremp scores a goal, or something gets by Tommy Salo–even if it’s just a rolling can in the supermarket in Stockholm–we’ll find it and report it to you.


There will be plenty of reporting on NHL negotiations through the process, and Oilers Nation will cover that too. However, the thing that brings us together is this beautiful game called hockey, and we choose to celebrate it wherever it is played.Lawyering and guys in suits talking to media is part of the business of hockey, but that’s not the reason we love the game.

I won’t learn Russian for you, but as long as Google translate is working expect stories from Mother Russia, Sweden, Finland, junior hockey and college. We’ll wait patiently for our Oilers to return and cheer like hell when given the opportunity.Until then–can you believe Schremp has ZERO points?


  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    I heard Schremp is trying out for a shut down role. He told me MacT ruined all his scoring confidence and is now going to model his game off Moreau.

    I’m curious to know if Omark is going to model his game off Moreau was well.

  • WELL DONE LOWETIDE!!! This is an awesome idea!

    Would love to know how the “finish patrick kane” Tony Rajala is lighting it up! (doh!) yes still a potential oiler but barely!

    Mike Morrison tending anywhere ? who cares interview him and put the audio clip up on site – just for the accent.

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    “When” the Oilers return I will be cheering to a pirated live stream. If I miss one Oilers game to start this season I will actively try to cost the NHL every penny I can. No more ad bucks from watching on T.V. and knock off jerseys from China are in the cards if they want to continue to insult “the best fans in the world.” let’s see if we can get revenues down to 1 billion again so they don’t have to fight over what they clearly are not intelligent enough to share fairly.

  • Lowetide

    No need to rely on Google Translate with Finnish stuff, I can translate it for you. (And Swedish probably as well, even though there might be some proverbs which I don’t get, I’m not a native speaker, after all.)

    And just that, tell me everything you want to know about Jani Rita, Frans Tuohimaa and Samu Perhonen, I’ll get you the answers.

    The first tidbit: Rita was acquitted today by the disciplinary committee of the Finnish league after he fought with Mikko Jokela of HIFK on 1st of September (or tried to hang on while Jokela was banging him).

    The heated pre-season derby between the two Helsinki clubs resulted in a total of six players and three coaches being suspended for various periods of time in the beginning of the SM-liiga regular season, with Semir Ben-Amor of Jokerit serving the longest punishment, 18 games, for beating Ville Peltonen of IFK senseless. Both clubs were also fined, and the biggest daily newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat denounced their sponsorship deal with Jokerit.

    • Lowetide

      “In limbo”, I guess. He’s lucky not to be with his Finnish team, Ilves has got beaten by their local rival Tappara 7–1 in the regular season opener and lost their second game to HPK 3–0. Last year they finished last and are a likely candidate to do it again this year.

      But on the other hand, there are so many players competing for jobs in OKC. Kimmo Kapanen, the GM of KalPa, already announced that there would be roster spot for Teemu Hartikainen in their team if the Oilers decide it would be better for his development to play in Europe. Can’t see that happening, though.

  • unca miltie

    Eetu Huisman, thanks for the comments. fyi, I had traded for Ville Peltonen on my version of NHL 94 and he played great. Too bad he never really had an NHL career.

    Note..looked up his career on hockey db..wow, almost 400 nhl games, plus a lot in europe. He did much better than I thought

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    I love the fact that this article made me think of so many forgettable ex-Oilers. And to top it off there’s a guy with the screen name German Titov who just posted.


  • Lowetide


    Satan,,,,er,,,,I mean Schremp???

    Well managed boys.

    Schremp has a natural skill level far above normal and he has average skating ability if he puts out.

    Whats wrong with that if you dont expect more than average in any area??

    I dont care ,but just the thought of his name makes me mad at management and I dont even remember why,its a gut instinct that we were wrong.How old is he again??26?

    We could fit him in.

    He just needs to be managed properly in a suitable system that only asks him to be anerobic with his skating and can utilise his curling and turning ability to its maximum,he seems to be a one-sided player avioding his backhabd pass,sounds like a perfect fit for a high speed cycling team,he wouldnt need to go end to end and his average skating would be enough to still allow him to execute system responsibilitys and all of his skillset.

    You dont want a talent like Schremp running up and down the ice ne is more of a barrel racer,look what it did to Smyth last year??And expecting Schremp to be an areobic skater is like expecting Penner to stand in front of Sourays slapshot now isnt it???Plain stupid .

    I say we could fit his skillset into our system.

    His numbers say he is the real deal,and maybe he is now a perfect fit for this team we have here now–as long as he can keep his skating at an average NHL level I say his skills are perfect for our team,he would be in many excellent positions to use his elite hand eye coordination in close,simply because he CAN be a cherry picker here and by god we do need one.

    Im mean we really do need a pro cherry picker many teams use them and last time Schremp was here we did not need that dimension,now we can carry a guy if he has Schremps toolbox,and what a perfect dynamic to bring him back so he can finally silence the critics who roasted him so badly here—The worst treatment I ever witnessed here for a young guy.Put him with Jonesy and Belanger and watch the fireworks.