Yesterday the NHL and NHLPA agreed to alter the start date for waiver period, thus opening the door for teams to assign their young players to their AHL affiliates. The Nation Network was able to obtain a copy of the new rules, and I will shed some light on what it means for the Oilers.

Yesterday I noticed a few questions regarding who could go to the minors, but also some errors regarding the money players would make in the minors.

First off, if a player is on a two-way deal they will be paid their AHL salary in the minors, not their NHL salary. I have no idea who suggested it was possible that Jordan Eberle or others would get their NHL salary in the minors, but that isn’t going to be happening.

Here is what the NHL and NHLPA agreed to yesterday: 

1. An earlier playing season waiver period (consistent with CBA section 13.2) shall be effective today, September 10, 2012, and will continue through and including September 15, 2012. Therefore, NHL Clubs shall have the option of Loaning any Waiver Player on or before September 15, 2012, provided that such Player has been properly Waived and has cleared Waivers prior to the time of the Loan.

 2. If a Waiver Player is Loaned between September 11, 2012 and September 15, 2012 pursuant to the terms of paragraph 1 above, such Player may be recalled at any time up to and including the third day preceding the start of the Season without requirement of being placed on Re-entry Waivers, regardless of whether such Player would otherwise be subject to Re-Entry Waivers pursuant to the current or any successor CBA.

3. If a Waiver Player is loaned between September 11, 2012 and September 15, 2012 pursuant to the terms of Paragraph 1 above, and the Player is not Recalled (or is Recalled and subsequently Loaned) prior to the start of the 2012/13 NHL regular season, his NHL Club will be required to place such Player on Waivers again prior to the start of the 2012/13 NHL Regular Season. 


It means they can assign Jordan Eberle, Justin Schultz, Magnus Paajarvi, Teemu Hartikainen and any other players who are on their ELC to OKC. This doesn’t mean they have to play there, I assume they will, but so far there hasn’t been a final decision on that by the organization.

I spoke to two different agents today and both feel players like Ryan Nugent-Hopkins will also be eligible to play in the AHL this year. They will allow 19 year olds who’ve played in the NHL to go to the AHL instead of back to their junior club. Nail Yakupov is not eligible to play in the AHL.

The agents also told me they believe that Eberle, RNH and J. Schultz would be contractually obligated to go to the AHL rather than to Europe. Of course they could butt heads and force the Oilers to suspend them for not reporting, but that likely isn’t going to happen. 

The kids want to build a winner in Edmonton and I suspect the Oilers will have a conversation with the youngsters and they will mutually agree that the best course of action is going to the AHL. As I wrote yesterday the Oilers need to develop more than just their four offensive stars, and having Eberle, RNH and Hall, if he’s healthy around their other young players should only benefit them. 


  • Nugent-Hopkins is up to 185 pounds and feels much stronger. He could be even better than last year, which is scary considering he’s only 19.
  • With the Hawks signing Michal Rozsival today, expect the rumour mill to heat up regarding Niklas Hjalmarsson. I know many felt a Gagner for Hjalmarsson deal made sense, but it would leave the Oilers without a #2 centre, and the Hawks don’t need another smaller centre. The Oilers need another banger on the backend more than another puckmover. IMO.
  • Reality Check to the head

    IMO, I dont think the oilers should have any trouble with convincing the youngsters to report to OKC instead of going over to Europe. They just signed big contracts and this must be considered a sign of good faith.

  • Dipstick

    I hope that a smart network provides coverage of the Barons’ games. That and the Oil Kings’ games will be the minimum prescription to avoid emotional meltdown if the NHL has a prolonged lock out.

  • T__Bone88

    There is so many pro’s that out weighs the only con that I can think of. The only con would be that they would be playing against lesser quality of competition. If they play in OKC they can gel with upcoming players & still play a north american style game. They can experiment with different players like maybe Pitlick or Hamilton playing along side Hall/RNH/Eberle, something they wouldn’t get to do often in NHL.

  • If they can send Hall down it would be a tremendous opportunity for him to play centre. Finally answer the question, can he or can’t he.

    I can imagine the Oilers a few years from now. Hall and Yak, Nuge and Eberle, Gagner and Hemsky. Slot in Hartikainen, MPS and Pitlick where ever they fit best. Lander centreing the fourth.

    Something to get excited about IMHO.

    • Hey Dave, this is actually something I had not even considered. If Hall’s shoulder is 100% it could be a great opportunity.



      would be an awfully scary top 6 in the NHL let alone in OKC.

      Add in the vets for the NHL roster and it would look very promising.



    • jadeddog

      This is a very good point. It would be the perfect testing ground for Hall at center. I literally couldn’t think of a better opportunity to see how he would do at center. He could make mistakes and learn the position, while at the same time giving management a chance to see how he does in the new role.

  • Question about the lockout for anyone that knows:

    With the lockout does it still effect the term on a players contract (I know they don’t get paid but does a year come off?). So if they had a lockout the whole season would the players like Bulin, Sutton, Whitney, Smid and company become UFA’s or would they begin next year with a year left on their contracts?

    I ask because with Eberle, RNH and Eberle playing in OKC it will burn a year off their ELC for AHL play.

    Now granted the lockout will probably be over before the whole season is cancelled so term doesn’t matter but just something I was wondering.

  • Truth

    Jason, did you not mention Hall because he is ineligible to go to the AHL, or because you think he will go elsewhere?

    Does anyone find it weird that Yakupov dropped the puck in Sarnia the other night? Especially considering Galchenyuk (who went two spots after Yakupov in the draft) was one of the guys lining up for the draw. He is obviously not going back to junior, why not? Has he proclaimed himself to be an NHL player before a single NHL practice?

    That seemed odd to me. To drop the puck for a team he should legitimately be playing on right now. If there was no lockout this year and he couldn’t make the Oilers he would surely be on the Sting.

    If I was the Oilers I would want Yakupov on the Sting right now until they decide what to do with him. Get as much playing time as possible.

    • jadeddog

      Yakupov will play in the KHL if/when there is a lockout. To be honest, the KHL is likely a better place for him next year. What more does he have to prove at the CHL level? The KHL will allow him to play against men, and likely against many NHLers that bolt to the KHL during the lockout as well. The KHL is already a pretty good league that is only going to get better with a hundred or so NHLers playing in it.

  • jadeddog

    Is there a reason that Hall wasn’t specifically mentioned in the article? Is it because he was on the injured list at the end of the season and gets his NHL salary no matter what?

    You would think that the Oilers would rather Hall play in the AHL as well.

    • Jason Gregor


      I didn’t add Hall because he is still injured and if he is reassigned then he has to be deemed healthy. Can’t assign injured played. Hasn’t been six full months since surgery so no way he’d be cleared by this Saturday. IMO.

  • Jason Gregor

    Nuge weighing 185 lbs. by his second season is why you can’t always look at these 18 year old players and say they are too small. People take time to fill out. He has height on his size and as he gets older, he will continue to grow. Nuge will never be a bruiser, but he will gain his man strength and be more than able to handle the rigours of the NHL.

    I would have like to sign Roszival but I agree that we might need more sandpaper than we need a puckmover.

  • Jason Gregor

    I love the idea of a tv station pickin up OKC
    Games in the event of a lockout.
    That would totally suppress my addiction to hockey!!
    Especially if Hall/Nuge/Ebs are there.

  • OilLeak

    This is awfully optimistic gregor. First of all it assumes the kids (being pro athletes) would give up a potential year of higher salary in europe to play in OKC. The kids, even if young, all scored at rates much higher (except Shultz who was in College) than many of the stud prospects who played in the league a season before the 04 NHL lockout. The 03 draft year had some serious talent that was allowed to develop a full year in the AHL all playing against each other. I fully expect Lander, MPS, Harski and Shultz to be in the AHL, but i highly doubt that RNH, Eberle or Hall to be there. Do you honestly beleive that if their is a prolonged lockout Jordan Eberle who was 16th in NHL scoring and scored the 5th most points in the western conference is playing for less money in OKC versus a contract in the KHL if he is offered it. The fantasy of building a winner is awesome, but these players agents are going to direct them to the money in a different league and i cannot blame them for going overseas versus playing in OKC. Hall, RNH and Eberle will easily be the most sought after Oilers over seas if there is a long lockout, no matter what management asks them to do (because they will ask them if they want to be assigned to the AHL before they do it) they will play for more money else where.

  • OilLeak

    further more, the NHLP will be pressuring its high end talent to seek contracts and money from sources not having to do with NHL owners (the AHL) and the agents of these players will be extremely vocal in making sure their clients maximize their earnings over the season and there career. Agents will want an extended revenue stream from a new contract if this lockout lasts longer than a few months. Overall I believe the three proven wonder kids will sit on the sidelines and wait for the next few months like the rest of the leagues high end talent until the situation is either resolved between the NHL and PA or they will bolt to Europe with the rest of the leagues top talent.
    Sorry guys, this article honestly reads and it’s comments read a lot like a fan-tasy and it really does not address what the whole issue of the lockout is about. The players like the owners all want money. If these kids can make 500 000$ in Europe versus a 150 000$ in the AHL what do you honestly think they will do. Even if the SEL has closed it’s doors there is the swiss league, the finish league and the KHL that would all open their arms to about 1/3 of the Oilers roster. Each of these league salaries will pay more than the AHL money they will get.

    • Jprime

      Paragraphs are a thing, fyi.

      So because the kids scored more points, makes them to not want to play in the AHL? Jason Spezza was good for 55 pts the season before the lockout and then going on to score 117pts in the AHL. He must have hated it there.

      Also, in case you didn’t bother actually reading the full article:

      The agents also told me they believe that Eberle, RNH and J. Schultz would be contractually obligated to go to the AHL rather than to Europe. Of course they could butt heads and force the Oilers to suspend them for not reporting, but that likely isn’t going to happen.

  • Simpsonite

    See I told you that Nuge would stand on his apartment building roof and stare over the city doing arm curls bulking up because he didn’t get the calder…between a pissy nuge and a healthy hall with a robot shoulder the Oil will be fun to wa…oh yeah. Stupid cba.

    Eberle will be good too…just in case somebody named Wanye thought I forgot about him…

  • vetinari

    Is anyone else secretly hoping that Taylor Hall comes back with a shoulder like the kid from Rookie of the Year?

    He doesn’t know it yet but something went wrong in his surgery and he has a 145 mph slapshot. Ryan Smyth would be good in the role of the riley old veteran that helps use the new gift.

  • B S

    “Nugent-Hopkins is up to 185 pounds and feels much stronger” heard this story before, except his name was Gagner, not Nuge. I hope he had someone watching over him while he worked out.

    Adding weight (even muscle) doesn’t automatically make you fitter or tougher. it puts extra stress on your joints, and can slow you down, unless most of it is focused on the legs. Gagner tried the same thing a couple of years ago and ended up with cement boots instead of skates. I sure hope Nuge doesn’t end up with the same problem because his survival depends on his speed and mobility, not his strength.