They’re dragging out the 1972 Series again tonight, this time G8 (they should show G1 too, perhaps give an idea about why Canada had a bad case of tightened sphincter 40 years ago today) and we’re hearing concern from Canadian television execs about "content" for the coming winter. Allow me to offer a few suggestions.

Show some Oakland Seals games, or even one! I actually SAW a few of them but it’s been awhile. And the networks could throw in other long forgotten teams like the Minnesota North Stars, the Colorado Rockies, the Calgary Flames and the Kansas City Scouts.

Show a Bobby Orr game, or hell have an "Orr week" where we get to see the 1970 and 1972 clinching games and the final goodbye that lasted forever. Hell, I’d pay for that on DVD. The networks could also play back things like the 1971 SC final–that was Beliveau’s final year, John Ferguson’s too–and you know there would be an audience for the Flyer first cup victory and the Habs 1977 clincher too. Of course the Oilers era of excellence could be heavily relied upon to deliver ratings.

And what about the old WHA days? Hell man, those games have never been shown as far as I know, and cities like Winnipeg, Quebec and Edmonton would eat that stuff up. Or at least guys like me would buy in.

The AHL should go over well, too. I’d bet money Edmonton sport fans would watch the Barons every chance they get, and especially with all that young talent assigned there. I know it’s a weird year, but I want to see  the Nuge  and Wanye may move to OKC if Eberle can’t play here (I’m actually only half joking).


That’s my list, what is your list? Let me know. Maybe I’ll write the CBC and tsn. 


Look, you and I both know that without input from us the CBC will be running "Road to Avonlea" or documentaries with titles like "If David Suzuki fell in a forest, would anybody hear?" We know too that tsn will run poker or fishing shows or European race car thingy’s.

It is time to take back the fall and winter. I can’t watch that dull SEL or ‘dead eye Dick’ win another poker tournament. Can you?