Daryl Katz got it right today, and I believe Edmonton Oiler fans will be very pleased with his latest action.



Many of us who are pro-Katz just couldn’t understand the actions of recent weeks. Although it is understandable that frustration sets in, and it is reasonable to expect an empire builder to push for the best possible deal, the one thing I felt Katz would not do is threaten the fanbase. God knows he’s old enough to remember the past scares, and Edmonton does in fact have a fragile ego when it comes to keeping their beloved Oilers.

Earned or unearned, someone my age will always have the value of the Canadian dollar, the age of the rink, and the wealth of the owner in the back of our minds. It is a complete fact: we’re Edmonton, good and bad.




I think it’s a huge step, but we’ll see in the coming days. Katz tells us his thought process and then perhaps gives us an idea about the next step. I keep wondering if the Oilers and the city will engage the fanbase ala the Saskatchewan Roughriders, who use community based fundraising on a large scale.

Could the Oilers and the city come up with a few ideas to help with the cost? How much would you pay to sit next to Gretzky while watching a Seahawks game? Personally, I’d plunk down enough coin to get my wife very upset in order to have lunch with Stu MacGregor.

Maybe that’s a silly idea, maybe it isn’t. However, the Katz letter gives us all an opportunity for a new start.

And once again to learn the freedom and power of forgiveness. I believe Daryl Katz will be shocked by the reaction.

So give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light
Cause oh that gave me such a fright
But I will hold on with all of my might
Just promise me that we’ll be alright
The ghosts that we knew will flicker from you
And we’ll live a long life

  • The Soup Fascist

    You had me at ” … Oilers fans Everywhere”, Daryl, you had me at “Oilers fans everywhere”.

    At the end of the day we need an arena deal. With all the CBA crap and the NHL’s / PA obvious disdain for the fan, I agree with Magnetman. We have been kicked to the curb so much lately any tidbit of acknowledgement, sincere or strategic, is welcomed.

    One thing is interesting, not a hint of an apology to mayor or council. Obviously, he still feels wronged by the leaks.

    Get a deal done!

    I like the fishnets better too. I am so shallow.

  • Get outta here, Katz. Edmonton doesn’t NEED any sports team. Do we like to have one? Yeah, sure. But the Oilers need Edmonton a lot more than we need the Oilers, the worst NHL team since the lockout.

    Beyond that, you aren’t just looking for a fair deal. You’re looking to be paid generously for the privilege of making tons of money downtown.

    And, in closing, there shouldn’t have been any confidential information. Public money should mean a public deal.

  • paul wodehouse

    good lord BlackJack…a little over the top with the Stalin/Gulag references no? … why not drop an ‘O.J. didn’t murder anyone’ blast while you’re at it…and the ‘sucker Gretzky’ vomit you keenly mention …Gretzky doesn’t get suckered by anyone, not Katz not Kevin not LeForge…this crew does NOT roll that way…the only one that’s getting suckered is you…stay calm big guy it’ll all get worked out …especially now that Katz has actually said he has a “personal shortcoming” and apologizes for it … at Lowtides’ blog you say you choose your words carefully …why don’t you do that here ?

    • Mike Modano's Dog

      I wasn’t comparing Katz to Stalin.

      I was pointing out that people tend to pin the blame on “advisors” when they’re emotionally invested in a situation where leadership is against them but they don’t want to see it.

    • Smyth94ever

      Yes it surely was, It was also both out of character for him and a necessary/overdue honesty at this point. I, like you, have always trusted and supported Katz’s loyalty to yeg and the Oilers, thus have kept my mouth shut on the recent going’s on. I STILL believe he will do everything in his power to ensure we have our beloved Oilers for my grandchildren to watch. Anything less is unthinkable to me. Having said that…

      “THIS is now where the rubber hits the road.”

      Get it done, boys. Get it done.

  • beloch

    The simple truth is Katz wasn’t thinking of the fans when he pulled his Seattle stunt. He was aiming at City Council and didn’t realize the fans would be collateral damage. This is not a full defence, the trip was an act of unrivaled arrogance and stupidity.
    As a long time loyal fan and season ticket holder, I accept his apology and give him credit for realizing it had to be made. The problem is he also owes Council an apology and an adjustment downward in his demands, the first part of which will definitely not be forthcoming. I suspect senior NHL officals, possibly even Bettman have informed him that the team isn’t going anywhere and his crass behavior hasn’t exactly helped the image of the owners in the lockout PR battle.
    I applaud whoever leaked his unreasonable demands and it is time that Katz realized the city is not his personal ATM machine. The clock is ticking and we need the deal done. And by the way the provincial government, which has contributed exactly nothing to settling this, should give the guy his damned casino license, which should settle this.

    • beloch

      You really believe he didn’t think the fans would react at all?

      Katz: “So you know, we’re going to go to Seattle and see about moving the arena there.”

      Friend: “But what about the the thousands of people who’ve got season tickets? Tens of thousands who will see the games? Hundreds of thousands who own *Edmonton* Oilers gear?”

      Katz: “Who?”

      I don’t think that’s very plausible.

      And even if it were – and it isn’t – it would still look bad.

  • paul wodehouse

    Good cop. Bad cop? The guy or his pr firm are such losers.

    Pretty much the same way they run their franchise. That’s why Lowe et al are still there. LOL

  • Magnetman

    This is the first sign of ANYONE in the NHL community giving even a tiny tinkers damn about what Joe Fan thinks, wants and feels. I’m encouraged and such a move could cause me to rethink leaving the NHL and NHLPA out in the cold.

  • BK

    Very smart and humble move. I would suggest the media campaign will begin by giving perspective on how deals like this have and can work. His point of educating consumers is VERY important.

  • Well, Mr. Katz, I feel like you had a huge bonfire and burned up a lot of good will. Loyal fans have paid a lot of money (apparently the fourth highest prices in the league) to fill Rexall Place and watch, for the most part, a lot of disappointing hockey. Now, as the future finally starts to look more promising, you pull this stunt and hit us with a threat. I will reserve my judgement and watch with interest what you do in the next few months. You have my money again this year. In the past I have renewed without thinking twice. As of now, I have lost a hell of a lot of enthusiasm for the game and “your” team. My future financial support of “your” team will no longer be automatic. I will think through my decision much more critically when I get the renewal notice. By the way, I think City Council gave you a good deal last October.

    • Jenga

      Ditto. I even, stupidly, put down my money when the season looks in doubt. I hope I feel the 4% return was worth it. This was a small step. The next step would be to bring in some community builders as advisers instead of the a-hole yes men Katz has surrounded himself with. Robert Black was well known as being an ass in private practice and he is proving himself an ass in his role heading the arena group. These guys are too used to negotiating everything from the power position (franchisees tend to have limited bargaining strength) and are approaching the arena and the city as if this was just any other negotiation. Today was the first acknowledgment that there are other stakeholders and that maybe Katz needs to recognize and consider ALL of the interests in this deal, not only his.
      As for his apology for not being more out front, fine, that’s what you hire a good, respected, mouthpiece for. Not some guy that fires off threatening press releases in the middle of the night, but a guy that can stand out front and explain your position.
      Katz, the ball is in your court. A deal us there to be made but I question whether you have the guys in place to help you make it.

  • Now THAT is one hell of an owner. Loud, long, standing O for the man. THAT is integrity coming through after 4+ long years of dealing with ownership/shareholder level issues that have gotten him nowhere, leaving him likely questioning everything, and extremely frustrated – which is human. And this is why PLAYERS are not to ever be confused with owner/shareholders, much less partners – they simply don’t have to spend their time dealing with this level of detail just to provide a place for the game to be played in the first place. There are clear levels of responsibilities and accountabilities between shareholder, management, and employees, and this is why the players are not partners, they are employee/contractor level in the grand scheme.
    Congrats to Daryl. Let’s see if anyone on city council has that level of integrity (the Mayor does, certainly). More to the point, will everyone be able to show humility in order to better the city?