This is David Musil. He is playing his final junior season with the Vancouver Giants. Despite fine play from the young defender, the Giants are not winning hockey games. Is Musil a candidate for trade? Could the Oil Kings be interested?


David Musil is an outstanding defender at the junior and world junior level–we saw that last Christmas when the young man played incredible minutes for his country. In the WHL, Musil is a quality player (5, 1-3-4 even) on a team with one win in 5 games and a 12-23 GF/GA differential.

It’s early, and things can change. However, if the Giants continue to lose 4 out of 5 it won’t be long before they consider sending out some veterans in exchange for youth and draft picks. Not now, but something to keep in your back pocket as the fall and winter roll along.


The Injury to Martin Gernat (and Mark Pysyk graduating to pro hockey) means the club started in something of a hole to begin the season. Recent injuries to Keegan Lowe and Cody Corbett added to the difficulty and there’s also the possibility of Griffin Reinhart being called to NY Islander training camp if the NHL/PA ever takes its head out of its ass solves their dispute.


Hell if I know, although prospects and picks are the currency of the WHL. This Aaron Irving kid is probably too valuable to send away, but the Oil Kings have laid a lot of pipe prospect wise and one would guess they have the assets to get something done.


This isn’t a new idea, twitter has mentioned Musil to Edmonton for many days now.  The thing is, it makes sense. The Edmonton Oil Kings may be shopping for defensemen and doing it early. David Musil may not be playing games that matter after Christmas and the WJ’s.

Something to keep in mind.

  • vetinari

    Bob Green doesn’t strike me as the kind of GM that would trade picks for short term success. He’s built this team through the draft and the odd shrewd trade. Having said that if the Giants essentially do the OK’s a favor at the trade deadline and send him to EDM for a bag of pucks I could see it.

  • RexLibris

    He might offer Dysin Mayo or another defensive prospect and an import pick. It is hard to say.

    What I do find interesting, and this kind of goes back to my article on Integration between the Oilers and Oil Kings, is that if the Oil Kings are that interested in Musil (and to be honest there are probably a half-dozen other WHL teams that would be also, such as Portland or Calgary), does it have any connection to the fact that Musil was on the Oilers’ junior recall list a few days ago?

    I’m certain the Oilers would like to see David Musil playing for the Oil Kings in his last year of junior because of their depth and potential to go to the Memorial Cup. That Bob Green has steered his team into a situation where they could afford to acquire him without beggaring their future speaks volumes about his ability as a GM, but also leads me to believe that he is more informed and involved with the Oilers’ organizational philosophy than it might appear on the surface.

    Then again, maybe it’s just me.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    “If” the deal were to get done I’m pretty sure an Import player would have to be going back the other way. Seeing how Musil is Himself an Import and CHL teams can only dress 2. Then again I’ve been wrong countless time before.

  • Dan the Man

    I’m pretty sure I heard Derek Laxdal mention on the Team yesterday that the expect Gernat back in October. If so that would be huge.
    Hopefully I didn’t hear it incorrectly, did anyone else catch that interview?

    • The Soup Fascist

      I did not hear the interview, however my understanding is Gernat is expected back in Edmonton at the end of October – to begin rehab on his shoulder.

      I may be off base, but from what little I know about his injury, this could be a 4 or more month issue before he is playing hockey. I am guessing the Oilers and Oil Kings would prefer the young man rehab here vs. the Czech Republic, where delicious beer and supermodels are plentiful.