The NHL won one battle, albeit a very minor one, as the Alberta Labour board ruled that the lockout can continue. I was able to obtain via email the reasoning behind this decision.

Following the same thought process of our British Columbia counterparts, we likewise

are of the opinion that the application of the provisions of the Alberta Code with respect to
strikes and lockouts to the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers Clubs in this instance would have the same detrimental effect on the league-wide collective bargaining relationship as the British Columbia Labour Relations Board recognized would result from certification of a separate bargaining unit for the Vancouver Canucks. Whether via certification of a separate unit (as with Orca Bay) or by way of the application of Alberta’s strike-lockout provisions, the result would be to carve one or two teams out from the league-wide structure and replace it with their own individualized collective bargaining relationship. Given the unique nature of professional sports and more specifically the NHL and its structure in particular, this makes no labour relations sense.

For all of the above reasons, we dismiss the NHLPA’s application in its entirety.

I don’t think this has an impact in the overall negotations, but if it helps both sides focus on the task at hand then this is a small victory for the fans.



  • Ducey


    I heard Bronte on your show today fumbling around with some hypothetical situation where
    and Owner and a favourite player have probably talked on the phone, gone for a drink supper and shared their positions on the lock-out situation. Pure hogwash.

    I don’t listen to you everyday so I don’t know if you have had a professional negotiator on your show to explain the process, the art of negotiation and what both sides can do, professionally and legally.

  • Oilers Nation Unite: Any writer on the Nation who gets paid to do this. Here is the next post. It’s called lets end this lock out now. Here’s the play. It’s all about money for the player and the owners. They want/need our money. Boycotting hockey (NHL) for good is dumb and we will never stick to that. However, this isn’t just hockey. We vow to sit out the year from the NHL only, and all associated hockey related revenue. For one year. Next, we compile a list of what all 30 NHL owners own, companies, real estate, chains, brands, cars; whatever makes them money. And we vow to choose other products. Instead of Molson Canadian, buy Moosehead. Instead Katz drugs, shop at London Drugs or Shoppers Drug Mart. Instead of Walmart, go else where. And we go down the list and threaten every single owner to buy somewhere else. They are willing to miss out on hockey related revenue and take the lose, but are they and their share holders, board members, etc. willing to take the lose on everything they own and thus making it possible to swallow hockey loses? Next we go to the NHL. Center Ice packages, cancelled. NHL network, cancelled. Any advertiser that has a major spot with the NHL, we choose to buy else where.

    Here is a list of major NHL sponsors

    : – Forzani Group (Sport Expert ,Sport Check, etc.)
    – Sirius XM Radio – Bridgestone
    – Ticket Master
    – Energizer
    – Verizon Wireless
    – Visa
    – Pepsi
    – Scotia Bank
    – Geico
    – Cisco
    – Kraft
    – Starwood ( hotel )
    – Bell
    – Lg
    – Honda
    – Mc Donalds (Us Only but let’s boycott them anyway)
    – Us Army (don’t know how you can boycott this one anyway )
    – Gatorade
    – Huggies
    – Blackberry (yes you are reading right)
    – Enterprise
    – Canadian Tire
    – Tim Horton
    – RDS
    – TSN
    – CTV
    – NBC
    – Reebok
    – Molson beer (Futur Sponsor)
    – Budweiser (current Sponsor)

    Now. If we piss those companies off and they see a decline in sales BECAUSE they are associated with the NHL, how is that gonna play? I promise, with that kind of economic pressure and sponsors even thinking of pulling out this thing gets signed within 10 days. The entire point is this. With media coverage, get this in the Journal, the Sun, The Calgary Herald, on TSN, on CTV, CBC, CBS, FOX, NBC and everyone craps themselves at the media coverage alone. You want power, go for the money. Advertising is the key. Lets get this movement started and let set a drop dead date on them. The Mayor plays this card, the Katz plays this card, the NHL plays this card, lets trump all of them and collective push all in. We are starting here Nation and it take one writer on this site to make the article public and start calling on some media friends. The snowball will grow in a hurry. Attack every dollar that Gary defends. And nail every owner will every dollar that allows them the power to continue the lock out.

    Tyler Fisher,

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      yeah..umm..that sounds like too much work.

      How exactly did that protest to Fire MacT go after something like 200 people signed up on facebook and like 2 people showed up in person.

      No one is going to do anything…but sit and wait. That’s my plan anyhow.

  • The Goalie 1976

    If the NHLPA spent this wasted time actually putting together a REAL counter-offer to the NHL we could have ended the lockout already. What a lack of clear priorities.

  • The Soup Fascist

    I think the only reason that they went through this motion, was the fact that if NHLPA would have won this petition, the only effect it would have had was that the NHL/Owner would have had to pay the players while on the lockout, ala: an injured player.

  • Just another example of the side show professional hockey has become in North America.

    I find most rich kids or kids born into wealth to be spoiled whinners. Hockey is an expensive sport to play in North America, so I’m not really suprised most of these players are acting the way they do.

  • book¡e

    You know what’s weird. It’s like Oilersnation is using replacement commentors during the lockout.

    “NHL Hockey players are brats because it costs a lot to play hockey”.

    Yes, if only NHL players were as classy and respectful as NBA players.

  • Concur

    Tyler is right, hit it where it counts. What we need as fans is a list for every team of what is part of their family of businesses.
    This even goes as far as OKC for the Oilers. Damn and I was going to watch / listen the game tonight…

  • book¡e

    When are the players going to realize they are getting fleeced by their own union! They are never going to get back the money they are losing right now. I would love to have the oportunity to ask Horcof, Smyth and Habby how they are are enjoying watching their millions fly out the window. It just seems they are getting very bad advice from their own union. They can be united all they want, they still will never get the money back they are losing right now in their short carreers.