What a glorious Monday. The Yankees are down 0-2, the Dolphins are tied for 1st in the AFC East, there is lots of hockey to watch and if you live in Oklahoma your hockey team will be getting better very soon.


  • Taylor Hall will head to OKC tomorrow for a two-week conditioning stint. He will practice with the team for a few weeks before returning to Edmonton to see his doctor. If all goes well he will be cleared and is hoping to play Friday November 2nd v. the Houston Aeros.
  • Sam Gagner signed with EC KAC of Austria’s EBEL making him the fifth Oiler along with Ladislav Smid, Ales Hemsky, Lennart Petrell and Corey Potter, who will be playing overseas. Gagner told me he leaves Wednesday, but he likely won’t play this weekend because he’ll need a few days to get all the paperwork approved.

    "I wanted to wait a bit to see if we’d get a deal signed with the NHL," he said. "Once you get to this point of the year you want to be playing, and I’m told this league is tough to produce in. Our team just signed Tyler Myers and they have a few former NHL guys so it will be a good test. I wanted to be playing so when we get a deal signed I will be game ready," Gagner told me over the phone this morning.

  • The OKC Barons are 1-1 after splitting games v. the Lake Erie Monsters over the weekend. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Jordan Eberle went pointless, while Justin Schultz scored his first professional goal. The AHL is much more competitive than people think. They will score soon enough, but no one should expect it to be easy.
  • Another crazy weekend in the NFL. The Packers make it clear they are still legit. The Texans struggled in man-to-man, the Giants schooled the 49ers, again, the Colts run-defence was so bad that Shonn Greene racked up 161 yards, the Eagles choked, again, RG3 is the most exciting player in the league and the Dolphins are tied for first in the AFC East. I Love it.
  • I respect Tom Brady as a player. He’s an incredible QB, however, I love watching the Patriots lose. I’ll admit it was entertaining watching Richard Sherman, a cocky 2nd-year cornerback for the Seahawks, mouthing off about Brady after the Seahawks 24-23 victory. Read here. Of course it is easy for Sherman to beak off, because he doesn’t have to worry about Brady embarrassing him on the field for at least three more years. I like it when players get fired up.
  • Robinson Cano owns a playoff record that no batter wants: 26 consecutive ABs without a hit.  The Yankees have scored in only 1 of 21 innings v. the Tigers. All four of their runs in game one came in the 9th. Their offence stinks and they face Justin Verlander in game three. The Yankees have trailed 0-2 in a series eight times, and they are a respectable 4-4 in those eight series, but unless they pull a Pedro Cerrano and ask Jobu to take the fear from their bats they don’t have a prayer against the Tigers.
  • It isn’t technically a sport, but free falling from 128,100 feet (28 miles) is bat @*&% crazy. I went sky diving this summer from 10,000 feet and it was a blast, but you couldn’t pay me to do what Felix Baumgartner did yesterday. Slow clap.
  • The Eskimos have won two straight and likely need only one more win to secure a playoff berth in the east division, but I don’t think their recent success will help them long-term. Read here.
  • The NHL and NHLPA will meet tomorrow in Toronto. I know that in 2004 they went three months without meeting, but for the past few weeks they’ve met and made ZERO progress. It would be nice to get a mediator who would instruct both sides to come up with a new proposal. Until either side sees a new proposal there will be no progress. With every passing day the NHL is becoming less relevant in the USA, and in hockey-mad Canada the fans are becoming more annoyed by the day. Most of us will watch the NHL when it returns, but will you watch it as much? If there is a 20% dip your spending habits, tickets, merchandise, and your viewing habits the league will feel it. If this lockout lasts a full season, I sense many fan’s sporting passion will be spread out, and not focused solely on the NHL.
  • Jason Gregor

    In other new Ales Hemsky currently has 8 pts in 9 games so far..after last time he played in europe(pardubice)he went on to have a career NHL year..
    I may have compared Omark and Hemsky before..well looks like I just may have to eat my words as Hemsky looks on fire..

  • Wanyes bastard child

    One could predict what will happen with dead certaintity in regards to the new CBA.

    The eventual deal that both parties will accept will be based on equal partners and a 50/50 split on revenues.

    Why not just save everyone the aggravation and agree to a binding arbitration process?

    Bettman and Fehr are stupid!

  • Dipstick

    Lennart Petrell is killing it in Finland. He has seven goals in eight games. I decided to make a list of Oilers playing in Europe for some of you that are interested to see how they are doing there.

    Ales Hemsky -ELH- for ČSOB Pojišťovna Pardubice in the Czech League
    GP 9 G 3 A 5 P 8

    Ladislav Smid -ELH- for Ocelari Trinec Czech League
    GP 8 G 1 A 3 P 4

    Nail Yakupov -KHL- for HC Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk,
    GP 6 G 4 A 2 P 6

    Lennart Petrell -SM-liiga- Helsinki, Finnish League.
    GP 8 G 7 A 0 P 7

    Corey Potter – Vienna Capitals
    GP 2 G 1 A 0 P 1

      • Jason Gregor

        Question for you Gregor… Do you know the extent to which individual players have a say in the lockout? Is there some sort of vote, or committee or process?? Or is it just iron fist ruled from the Fehr, and a small group of $100million dollar stars?

        I just can’t see a world where anywhere near a majority of the players are wanting to tough it out for a big fight. Never mind the guys like Khabby/Horc who are losing the last year of big juicy contracts they will never ever ever earn back, what about guys like Corey Potter, Lennert Petrell, Darcy Hordichuk etc who are just going to get passed on the depth chart for kids coming up in the system. What if the season is lost, with Peckham lose his spot in the NHL to a young kid? Individual cases aside, the point is, sooooooo many players have soooooo much to lose. The logic of potentially losing millions in a lost season to avoid a $100k roll back next year aside, it would appear to me there are so many players losing their tiny window of opportunity on a career that the players must be ill informed, poorly advised (by agents), have no say in the process, or a combination of the three.

        I honestly try to put myself in the shoes of the players willing to tough out for a huge fight. And it seems like a very small % of players have anything to gain by losing a season. VERY small %. Its a lose-lose-lose scenario, and the players always come out losing the most… In many cases, their entire careers are in jeopardy.

        Do you know how the process works for average Joe player who just wants to get back to work? Do they have any way to rock the boat? Is there a weekly review process? Are there team reps who rely the sentiment of the group?

        Personally if I was a player, I wouldn’t care if I had Donald Fehr, Ovechkin, Crosby and whoever else mad at me, if it meant I could get back to collecting my $50k pay stub for another few months before I get passed by all the kids coming up in the system.

        • Jason Gregor

          Fehr has a much more open-door policy than Goodenow did. If a player wants to call and talk to him they can.

          They have had weekly conference call meetings…where any player can call in and voice their opinion.

          They haven’t had a vote yet, since there hasn’t been a real offer, other than the first one at 43% which no player would accept.

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    Fearless Felix’s jump has some astounding number figures!

    Balloon: 55 stories high

    Free fall max speed: 1,342 km/h (compare to Westjet’s Boing 737-700 top speed of 938 km/h)

    Jump altitude: 128,100 feet

    Saw this on twitter yesterday: Scaling the Earth down to the size of your typical classroom globe, Felix would have jumped from 1 mm off its surface.

    128,100 feet is 39 kms – that’s roughly the distance from Spruce Grove to Sherwood Park. Earth’s diameter is 12,756 kms. Felix was 0.3% further from center of the Earth when he jumped than when he landed.

  • Jason Gregor

    What good news that is especially for the Euro teams they are playing for . It doesn’t really help the Canadian fans . I find myself watching the grandkids games and realize when I would skip a game due to the Oil or Esks I was the one missing out . Perhaps Canadian families will revert to the way they did things in the old 6 team league and first expansion .We got the Leafs or Montreal every Saturday , want them or not . Today there are games nearly every night . As a long term Oiler fan (pre NHL ) this time I may just stick with the kids .

  • I’m not sure how much sympathy I can have for the players wanting a bigger cut of the revenue pie when they’re so eager to go play pretty much anywhere for so much less. Besides, isn’t the average player salary way higher than it was after the last lockout anyways?

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Maybe Nichols just is that bad. He did get a start and yes you need more than that, but in a 8 team league where no one is eliminated with 3 weeks to go, you don’t just start playing for the future. No team does it, so don’t expect ours to be any different. Could easily sign Adrian McPherson in the off-season and Nichols could just as easily never step foot on a CFL field again. No point in throwing games.

    Also what’s up with the Journal gig? You in the paper as well or just online?

    • Jason Gregor

      I write for the Journal on Mondays. It is in paper and on-line.

      How do you know Nichols was a guarantee lose? Joseph had lost his previous nine starts until the victory over Hamilton.

      The Tabbies had worst D in the league. If there was ever a time to see if Nichols had some game that would have been it.

      • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

        I disagree, the time to start Nichols was after we got the crap kicked out of us vs. Hamilton. Why they went back to Jyles I’ll never know.

        Now that the won two with Joseph there is zero point in going to Nichols unless injury occurs or Joseph starts playing brutal.

        This team has been quite interesting this year with some of their decisions, actually lack of decisions that is. Somehow they’ve found a way to make the three-headed monster much worse than the Oilers have. They’ve had it at the QB position, at RB and at the kicking position. At some point you have to throw your full confidence behind one guy and hope he can get into a groove.

  • Jason Gregor

    I’ve got season tix, and while I’ve made it to 35’ish games per year the last couple years, I plan on only hitting about 10 per year on average when the season is going again. That’s a 72% drop in games gone to. But does it really count when I’m just splitting my tix up amongst friends? My season seats will still be filled with people. I guess if everyone did that, it would be tougher to fill an arena. I just want to make sure the NHL feels the pain, even though I’m still finding bums for seats.

    Merchandise: I’d been looking for a new jersey for a while. I’m holding off on that for at least a year or 2.

    Drinks: I will still likely consume just as many beers per game, even if they bump prices up $0.50 – so I won’t be cutting back there.

    That being said, I’ll likely watch MORE games on TV as I won’t be going to as many. Although my viewership overall may go down, out of my season tix will still be full, and I will end up watching more games on TV…I feel that somehow this is not the message we should send to the NHL/PA.

  • it does bring me pleasure to see the Evil Empire doing their best death star impression, blowing up.

    every league has an Evil Empire.

    NFL – Cowboys

    MLB – Yankees

    NHL – Maple Sucks

    Premier League – Man U

    NBA – Miami

    Ping Pong – China

    Cricket – Some cricket team.

    etc…those are mine EE’s. yours?