At first we looked back and were shocked to find that we had written the original with regards to the arena article over two months ago. Then when you think about it absolutely nothing has happened in the time since – no end to the lockout, no movement on the arena whatsover.

"Time literally stands still when you are having fun." – Nobody, Ever.


Having said that let’s look back at what a certain young Bieber fan said a little while back. It still all applies as we have mind smashingly gotten nowhere in the 60 days since. 

Let’s all take a deep breath and calm down. 99% of what we are witnessing is theatre designed to create fear among us average folk and force the government’s hand into publicly funding a greater share of a private-public partnership.

It is all theatre designed to rile us all up and get us all scared and demand that our protecting powers that be get us our shiny new arena and hang the cost. Tough to try and rile up the population though when there is no hockey though isn’t it?

Even Exciting Last Place Hockey provides infrequent moments of joy for fans and creates an environment much more likely to demand an arena deal get pushed through. Except that this pesky lockout is providing absolutely nothing for Katz to leverage positively in getting a deal done. That makes it harder for him to complete this deal and it is already proving to be a very difficult job.


The quickest way to get the deal done is turn up public pressure to 1000 until someone cracks and the thing gets built.

We all know that this arena is getting built. The City is putting in some money, Katz is putting in some money. Other government entities at all levels are being pressured in back room deals to contribute money too. Think they are going to be more apt to kick in some cash if they can look like White Knights swooping in at the 11th hour and saving an arena deal "moments before it cratered into the ground?"

Can you think of any Conservative Governments that might want to look like heroes in a traditionally Red City like Edmonton? The bigger the outcry for a saviour to come in to this deal the better off they will look. The better off they can look to the average voter the more likely a politician will get off his or her wallet and come riding to the rescue.



Katz is one of our top 5 business heroes and Mandel is the best Mayor in a generation. Having said that man oh man what the hell is going on here? Why does Edmonton have to be one of these cities that has to push and strain to get anything done to leap the city forward? Why does everyone involved have to be so combative that they can’t even look each other in the eye much less get a deal done 4 years in?

Regardless of whose side you are on we can agree that this negotiation process doesn’t reflect the spirit of Edmonton in the least. A four year, drawn out, public display of small mindedness and poorly timed bluffing on both sides is an absolute black hole for positive vibes in Edmonton. 

We are behind the arena 100%. Not on Katz’ side, not on the side of City Council. Neither side is representing the average Edmontonian in the least. And seeing as us average Edmontonians are going to be the ones paying for this thing any which way you slice it, it is particularly out of touch and embarassing. 

Don’t let politicians, rich people or the media scare you. It is all a show designed to get a rise out of us all and everyone freaking out and blogging, tweeting and screaming their heads off is playing right into their practiced plans. Whether it’s through a per ticket surcharge, $9 beers or tax increases you are paying your portion of the arena whether you like it or not. And odds are you won’t even notice.

This sucks. I miss Jordan Eberle and the lil baby NUUUUUUUGE. Sing it Katy Perry.


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