Good call Teddy Peckham!

Theo Peckham has signed in the ECHL with San Francisco. This is a great move by him, a solid decision. He will get to play a ton of minutes in many different situations. It is just what he needs.

When the season starts – yes, I believe we will have hockey – he needs to be ready to go. It will be a sprint and those who can’t handle it will be left in the dust. A short training camp will be a challenge for players sitting idle, especially younger ones.

He has gotten himself into better shape since the end of last year. This could be a sign of maturity as a person and player. As the Oilers start to improve he can ride the wave as part of the group or get spit out the back. I believe the rebuild mentality is now over for this organization, they are looking for solutions, not projects. The time for excuses and giving underachieving players many chances is over.

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It is up to Peckham to decide which he is. His signing down in San Fran is a step in the right direction to ride the wave.

So Edmonton, which way do you want your General Managers?

The former general manager of the Edmonton Eskimos, Eric Tillman, couldn’t have been more different than current Edmonton Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini. Over the last few years when it came to the way they handled the media and sharing their vision for their respective teams, they were complete opposites!

Eric Tillman loves the media. He is a guy who wants to share his perspective on his sport and his team. He was a regular on many sports talk shows. Many times he defended moves he made and discussed very publicly the plans he had for the Eskimos.

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I was floored when he publicly discussed which quarterbacks were on his team’s negotiation list! It rubbed many people within his organization the wrong way and it has been suggested it was one reason he was released on the weekend. Since his firing, fans have also voiced their displeasure with his loose lips. They feel it may have compromised the teams internal secrets.

But hold on….how many of you have been screaming for Tambellini and the Oilers to be more open with their fans?

Which way do you want it because you can’t have it both ways!

Tambellini is not cut from the Tillman mold. He doesn’t seek out the media to discuss his teams plan. Why would he? Should he publicly state, like Tillman ,which free agents he is targeting or potential trading partners? Are you kidding me? That would be crazy!

I want the Edmonton managers to keep their plans to themselves and build winners. That is it. I do not care where their families live (outside Edmonton in Tillman’s case), or whether they are a regular quote machine for the media (something Tambellini isn’t).

DJ Suitcase World Tour 2012

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Thanks to everyone who came out to the pint last Friday to a great event. We raised over 20k and we all

had a great time. Thanks to Gregor for spear heading the event. You are the best! The ICCP is very grateful!

I was a little nervous about the dj part but after blowing the roof off the place, I know my skills are there. When I dropped the needle on ‘ Jump Around’ I honestly thought the place was going to burn! Thanks to Harman B and DJ Quake for big time help!

Previously by Jason Strudwick

  • I’ve always found it laughable when fans say that Kevin Lowe or Steve Tambellini say one thing, and then when the opposite happens, they’re shocked… “what the!!! you lied to us!”. It’s as though they expect Tambellini/Lowe to completely play their hand face up just so that we, as a spectator, can see what is going on.. but who cares that the other GMs at the table can see their cards too.

    These guys have to have to say one thing and mean a completely different thing. And while I was surprised to hear Lowe recently note that goaltending is a problem, I have understood that Tambellini couldn’t ever come out and say “Khabibulin is crapping the bed!” in the past. Your players are always superstar talent, or other GMs don’t want them.

    I might be giving our management a bit too much credit.. maybe Tambellini really does/did think Khabibulin was our MVP here, but I think it’s an example of where you can’t just come out and say exactly what you’re thinking, or you will handcuff yourself (not that the MVP line is causing GMs to knock at the door, mind you… but that’s just one example).

    • Except that in every season Nikolai Khabibulin’s been here, he’s started the year as the team’s number one goaltender.

      It’s one thing to argue that the Oilers’ leadership doesn’t believe in Khabibulin if their actions match that belief. In this case, the team’s actions have matched their commentary: they both say they like Khabibulin and act like the like Khabibulin (plus they signed him to a four-year contract at a time when it was obvious that was a stupid risk to take).

      Yes, no point would be served by talking down Khabibulin over the summer. But the team had the chance to buy him out, save some money, and invest it elsewhere. They chose not to.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Ironically, not buying out Khabi’s final year might work out all right for the Oilers if this season is shortened. Presumably, they will only have to cover a pro rated portion of his salary. If they had bought him out, they would have had to make their obligated payments (not affected by the lockout).

        Also as an “over 35” I thought a buyout has to be at full cost, so it doesn’t free up money, but would free up a roster spot.

        If the long layoff doesn’t hamper his play much, he should be an adequate back-up (for this season only).

  • Neilio

    The only reason I want the Oilers management to talk more is that they actually do so little, I want to know that they’re at least trying.

    Saying nothing is OK as long as you’re actually accomplishing things as well.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Hopefully Peckham bought a return ticket. By this time next week the lockout will be over. Would’ve helped him if he was there from day 1. The way it looks now, he’ll be lucky to get one or two games in down there.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    @JW…yes it was a bit stupid of the Oil to sign Khabby to that 4 year deal, but i figure they did it for 2 reasons…#1. they needed a starter and in his last season in Chicago, he showed that perhaps he was having a rebound in his career…#2 they wanted to show the potential UFA’s that they were trying to chase down and sign at that time that the Oil were willing to commit long term and pay you very well if you came here, and that it really wasn’t a bad place to play after all because Khabby signed here!

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    i’m a big Peckham fan and hope the best for him,i think one day soon it will all click in for him just like it did for Smid.Watching some fights you had there,do the players think that it is chicken crap to fight with a visor on? i do,be a man,take the helmet/visor off.

  • OilClog

    Peckham is a gamer, even if he’s playing the worst game of his life, he’s protecting any one of his teammates in the blink of a eye. Guys like that are needed on ice level.. not wasting away up in the press box.

    For the team’s stand point, Potter should be the 7th D, filling in when the puck movers are down with injuries and what have you.

    • GVBlackhawk

      You can try as hard as you want, but if you are making costly mistakes that contribute to goals against then you don’t deserve a spot in the lineup.

      Last season, Peckham was often guilty of trying to make an ill-timed big hit at center ice, leading to odd man rushes against (and glorious scoring chances).

      • OilClog

        Then by your standards half of the team shouldn’t be on the ice ever, at all, go play baseball.

        God forbid an Oiler play physical and wreckless.. why would we want any intimidation on our team? let’s just continue to watch as our Hemsky’s are thrown into the boards head first, or Cross’s freight train Hall’s, because the opposition knows we have no back bone.

        The only way Peckham can turn into Jason Smith is by playing. He does enough good things on the ice to deserve playing time and a quality chance. If more players on the team had Peckham’s get at them attitude before they get at us.. maybe then we could question the rest of Peckham’s contributions to the team. Every time Peckham made a mistake last season he sat for games.. Not how you develop.

        His PK work has become a strong back bone for him to lean against.. add in his agitating physical factor.. He has the on ice demeanor to turn into a Gator. Or we can be like Toronto, watch it happen elsewhere.

        • GVBlackhawk

          “Then by your standards half of the team shouldn’t be on the ice ever, at all, go play baseball”.

          This is not true. For starters, I was comparing him to the other Oilers defensemen. Forwards do not pinch down low and give up odd-man rushes. Secondly, Theo was the most guilty party when it came to this last season. Smid, N. Schultz, Petry were not as prone to putting themselves out of position to make an ill-timed bodycheck at center ice.

          I disagree with you on ‘wreckless’ play. I believe hockey players are more effective when they use controlled aggression. Hall is the closest thing to a reckless player and he puts himself into vulnerable positions at times. The Cory Sarich hit is a prime example. Not sure what “Cross’s freight train Hall’s” means.

          You have to play games to develop. You have to stop making the same mistakes over and over in order to avoid being scratched by the coach. That’s the way it works in Edmonton, Toronto, or any other NHL city.

          I hope Peckham can put it all together but he has to play a simple game to be effective. He does not possess the kind of skill set where he can attempt high-risk plays and recover if he fails.

          For Theo to be successful, I believe he needs to play simple, physical hockey. He also needs to work on his outlet passing (as his D partners make almost ALL the outlet passes — this is not good). Continue to improve on his PK work.

      • Jason Gregor

        And the year before Peckham was very solid. Consistency is the element players struggle the most with. He wasn’t same after his concussion. We’ll see if he can be the player he was 2 years ago, or the inconsistent player he was last year.

        You can’t say for sure last year was a more accurate reflection of his skill. He’s shown he can be good and bad. It’s up to him now.

        • The Soup Fascist

          Horton dimming his lights certainly seemed to be a negative turning point in his career. Under his “Teddy Peckman” alter ego (wearing #49 I might add) he was playing solid hockey and was a bitch to play against – until the one-punch at the hand of the big Bruin.

          Another common issue raised (not sure if it was accurate) was that his conditioning was subpar at times. To me that is a sign of immaturity. Hopefully, Theo has learned and grown (in maturity, not hockey pant size). Him offering to report to the ECHL is an indication IMO, he is figuring things out.

          Let’s hope things go well. A healthy, confident and in-shape Theo / Teddy would be a welcome addition to the blue line.

        • GVBlackhawk

          Yes I agree that the concussion did adversely affect him last year. I cannot comment on the previous season as my memory is good, not Hawking-like. I would have to defer to advanced stats for that.

          I do know that inconsistent play will not get it done, especially against the lower tier competition that he normally plays against.

          I will also give Theo some props on his improved PK work last season.

  • Gi JQE

    I see Peckham as a late bloomer. I have seen enough flashes of excellence in his game to know that he possesses the ability to succeed. The guy could be a stud…..or a dud 🙁

  • Gi JQE

    I think as mentioned many times before around these parts that PECKHAM is on a similar path to that of Matt GREENE. Hopefully he can put it together the way GREENE has.

    I’m one who would like to see his aggression on our 3rd pairing if he can limit the critical errors.

  • I think that Struds is off the mark on this one!

    I for one believe that a good GM should at least project a vision for the team…….the plan and how it is rolled out is debatable.

    The fans need to know that the GM understand that he has a personal and professional obligation to articulate the vision to get all stakeholders ” on the same page”.

    This is where Tamby fails time and time again.

  • The biggest problem with Peckham has been his waiver eligibility. It would have been vastly more beneficial for his development if he could have been sent to OKC last year instead of watching half the season from the pressbox. There are plenty of recent articles lauding Hartikainen for his grit and discussing how he has noone standing in his way for a role with the big club since the Oil have no size and grit.

    This is exactly what Peckham brings, and he should be given EVERY opportunity to succeed, and every opportunity to make mistakes and develop his game.

    I am cheering like a madman for you Teddy. Everything is right there for you to grab.

    Godspeed, young man.