A Chat with Ryan Whitney

Ryan Whitney was my guest on the Jason Strudwick Show last week. The big, skilled defencemen is an assistant captain with the Edmonton Oilers.

The Interview

Strudwick: What have you been doing to stay busy during the lockout?

Whitney: Not a lot. We skate in the morning. Mostly Bruins and a few of us from other teams get together three or four times a week. We work out before and after the skate.

It is getting a little cold for golf! Ha! It can be boring but good to see and spend time with family at home this time of year. But it is miserable not to be playing hockey right now.

Strudwick: You have battled injuries the last couple years, 86 games played the last two years, has the lockout given you a chance to get healthy?

Whitney: Feels good to get a full summer of training in. Feels good to just be skating every day and not rehabbing injuries. After a lot of injuries you don’t always feel like you did when you were younger but as an older player you readjust to your "new normal".

Strudwick: How important is a full summer of training?

Whitney: Two summers in a row I couldn’t do any leg training. Certain things hold you back from getting quicker and stronger. After this great summer of training it is nice to get back to good blocks of training.

Strudwick: Taylor Hall was on the show and he was wondering if you even know where the lower body equipment is located in the gym and not just the upper body equipment?

Whitney: Ha! He used to chirp my skinny legs but he has those huge lips!! Ha!Ha!

Strudwick: What are your thoughts on the current CBA negotiations? Were you frustrated with the owners’ first proposal?

Whitney: That first offer was a slap in the face! If they made their most recent offer in the summer we would be playing right now. The first offer was so bad it didn’t give us, the NHLPA, as place to start, you just couldn’t. The NHLPA tried to make a starting point offer but they wanted no part of it. We are battling a group that is very tight lipped and doesn’t want to negotiate. They just present offers and then say ‘take it or leave it.’

Strudwick: Do you have interest or plan on playing in Europe?

Whitney: I am going to wait on that for now. I have been skating with Sidney Crosby’s group every three weeks. They are great skates for now. Almost like a regular NHL tempo. I will look towards Europe after Thanksgiving. I have received strong interest from the KHL but I don’t plan on going there. I miss playing right now and I have also missed a lot of playing time. Getting insurance to cover you while you go to Europe is very hard as well and expensive.

Strudwick: Thoughts on former teammate Sidney Crosby?

Whitney: Imagine a hard worker’s work ethic and then multiply that effort by ten! He is the best player in the world. He is the best and still looks for areas to improve on his game every year. It is very impressive!

Strudwick: The last lockout was your first year as a professional, what impact did that year have on your career?

Whitney: It was my rookie year pro, I played in Wilkes-Barres/Scranton. There was no pressure to be called up. It was great to enjoy and just play the game. Everyone is the same age. It is when I learned to be a pro, what kind of work ethic the game requires and little tricks to make the game easier. For our guys down in OKC, that group will get to feel what it is like to win together, something they haven’t experienced a lot of yet. I wouldn’t mind going to play with them all!

Strudwick: Will you be giving advice to Justin Schultz this year?

Whitney: After talking to Hallsy and Eberle it sounds like I will be asking him for advice! They speak very highly of him. I think it is great that we signed him and I am really looking forward to playing with him.

Strudwick: What do you think Smid is doing playing at home right now?

Whitney: He is probably yelling at his mom for dinner! He is a great guy with so much energy! He is easily one of everyone’s favorite guys on the Oilers.

Strudwick: You have some experience as a member of the media, having spent time on the TSN panel. Do you have any advice for me?

Whitney: Yeah, I do! Stay on the radio! They don’t need your bad hair on TV! I have listened to your show and your voice is too high as well! Bring it down a few octaves!

Closing Thoughts

It is great to hear that Whitney feels healthy and strong again. There is nothing worse than battling injuries and rehabbing all the time. You never get into a rhythm and your play suffers.

The combination of Whitney and Justin Schultz on the point for the power play will make a dynamic man advantage even better. The Oilers are starting to build up weapons. It will be nice for new head coach Ralph Kruger.

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  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    I think back to his last healthy stretch a couple of seasons ago and I am still amazed at some of the ridiculously long, seeing-eye outlet passes that RW made. For a while there he was among the cream of the league.

    If healing time and some actual off season training can return him to even close to that old version of himself, then I can not wait to see him feed the young crop of Oiler F’s.

    Also, nice to hear how the young’uns speak so highly of Schultz.

    Can’t wait to see if there really will be a ‘wow’ move from Tambi to add some finishing touches.

  • Oilers Coffey

    Fun interview, let’s get this Oilers motion in the ocean lol!
    I can’t wait to see a healthy Whitney, imagine JSchultz : Whitney: Hallzky : Ebs : NUGE : Yakupov : (healthy) Hemsky on any combination of a PP!
    It’s going to get insane!!!
    Let’s get this season rolling

  • Oilers Coffey

    Nice to hear Whitney is mobile and healthy again.Now we can actively look to move him,unless he is comfortable hitting Smyth and Horcs on the 3rd line with those long passes from down the depth chart.The only dynamic fit I see is doing just that and allowing the vets to play a style with a lot less skating over 82 gms.We have to much dynamic speed and skill to let Whitney run the offense from behind again the net,our top six will be skating the puck up,they need to be hands on.J.Schultz and Petry are going to carry the offensive load now in the top four,everyone else needs to compliment those two and compete for minutes.Smid is obviously our anchor and is slotted with J Schultz/Petry on unit one.And my guess is Peckham earns a support role on unit two looking after Yakupov.Whitney and N Schultz will need to fill the 3rd unit.

    This is starting to look like a Stanley Cup type of depth chart we are going to have,with some really good players on the third line and deeper on the chart.Whitney and Schultz as the 3rd pairing??Thats good depth.

    • Giant Squid Overlord

      Peckham in the top 4 sounds like a reach. I’d give more minutes to N.Schultz and a 75% healthy Whitney.

      As a third pairing, he still could get overlapping ice-time with Nail if he will be sheltered as many expect.

      • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

        I am thinking twofold with Theo,he will be good protection for Nail who I expect to be beside Gagner on the 2nd line and I also expect Justin Schultz to develop instant chemistry with Peckhams style of play,moreso than any one else.

        It is a tough call because who knows what krueger will do ,Petry and Smid are such a great pairing and Petry has the offensive ability we need there that I am not sure if they will thrust Schultz into the fire like I want to do and give him Petrys spot.

        I am likeing Petry on the second unit because of his offense,I believe he will also click with Yakupov and Gagner.I think Petry solidifys Peckhams game as Smid will do for Schultz–it was a dream thinking we could keep Smid and Petry together–they are both capable of anchoring their own units.

        I believe N Schultz will be working with Whitney on the third unit.And until we see if he is at 100% there and if his ability to produce effectively with a reduced role materialises we cannot bank on Whitney for more than a 3rd pairing prospectus.Whitney is a dead on fit for our third line of Smyth-Horcs-Hemmer,he can make that extended pass all night long and save miles of skating for the forwards,remember that this passing ability means we lose the goal scoring and rush threat,hence the reason I put Whitts behind Schultz and Petry–we need the rush threat on our first two units.I dont think anyone at 75% is worth keeping on the ice.Excuses are a disease.

        I am looking for a balanced dynamic pairing that has the potential for explosive offence from the back end,this means that I want to see our two best shutdown men and our two best rushing d-men paired up.

        Whitney is an elite quarterback from deep in his own zone,that retroactive attempt to reignite him last year sunk us,all the forwards were used to the balanced puck distribution Potter was providing–the long pass and a rush threat,so when we reinstituted Whitts as the QB from deep in our zone we were eaten alive.Not Whitts fault,coaching mistakes.

        Smid and petry would be considered our two top shutdowm guys but Petry is to offensive to be overlooked as an offensive catalyst.The defining factor is only what order of offensive spots we put J schultz and Petry in.Smid will take the 1st unit defensive role and I see Peckham taking the second unit defensive role.I see a potential for natural chemistry between J Schultzes style and Peckhams style i say leave Smid and Petry alone at first and let Schultz terrorise opponents by setting up Yakupov Gagner and MPS all year.

        N Schultz cannot protect Yak,neither can Whitts.It is what it is.

        We dont have the defensive deterrant toughness we need quite yet.Smid,Petry,and Peckham and Sutton all bring that dimension ,Barker had it and so does Tuebert.We need nasty tough smart d-men so we can begin to police the ice from the backend again,it is nice to have tough wingers but the d-men with teeth are more important because of the situations they are given to vent ,d-men can let it out all night long and not take penaltys,wingers who overdo it open the team up to to many calls.D-men can mask the damage they hand out better than forwards.

        We are lucky to have Petrys offense because without it we would be building around just J.Schultzes offense on the 1st unit.He will not be denied Justin simply sees the game at another level and that will not change in the NHL because he is beating guys in his head not with just physicality.

        I understand the inclination to slot men in based on their historys and experience,but we have enough offense to be a little more forgiving of the defense than in the past,we can take way more offensive chances and risks from the back end now and we can afford some rookie mistakes right now but in two years that will not be the case.Because of this I am in favor of dynamic matches as opposed to statistical matches on our d-man units.

        I am really curious to see what Ralph will do,and how he sees the pairings from a pros perspective.

    • Jason Strudwick

      Justin has been doing a fine job in the AHL but playing against Ahl talent is a lot different then the top two lines in the NHL. I think having Justin on the 3rd pairing gives him the opportunity to get up to NHL speed. Defensive mistakes will happen and his confidence must he kept at a high level. He will get lots of pp time no matter which pairing he is on.

      For dman slow and steady wins the race.

      • Jason Strudwick

        “WARNING–rant by hockey starved fan reaching the breaking point–”

        Fair warning given–stop now this is a diatrade.

        I see the wisdom,but it feels a little to traditional for my liking.There is certaily a great deal of historical proof that this philosophy and gentle handling are sucessful entry methods for young promising d-men at the NHL level. I believe J.Schultz to be a generational defensman,not just a potentially very good one,it is his vision and ability to read the dynamic action as it develops that I am identifying with here when I say he is an exception to the rule.

        The types of mistakes a player like Schultz will make will be very much like Paul Cough-ups rookie errors were.Not mental errors,but risk/reward consequences,if I believed there were going to be defensive holes in Justins game at the NHL level I would be concerned but I view offense and proactive thinking as the key to winning at every level of the game,and as a result I believe Schultz will immediatly and consistantly pressure and burn NHL defensmen with his elite vision and decision making abiity,if Justins physical attributes were the catalyst of what makes him elite I would be on board Jason,but in this case I am not.

        I think the climate is right now to allow Justin the chance to hit the NHL at full speed in full stride,his type of dynamic vision will carry through exactly as Ebbs and Hall and Nuge carried through,there will be very little loss of sucess in the transition to the NHL level for Schultz,we just arent used to seeing this mindset from a defenceman or this type of evolution.

        I believe we need to refer back to our team history to define how we need to handle a generational talent like this,I have watched some video and see how Justin is viewing the game and it is dynamicly without a doubt,he is three steps ahead of the play in his head and this means his weemingly high risk plays are not really so high risk,in the same way nuge performs and other elite guys perform.

        There is no sense beating around the bush,we didnt sign Schultz for his physical presence,and there is no point in pussy-footing around-throw him into the fire and surround him with the best support you can and keep an eye on him,if he is failing monumentally move him –dont let him roast,but this isnt the type of guy you coddle—he needs to feel the heat to perform at his best and he seems to take pride in being the defining factor in games from the back-end.I know its taboo,but Paul Coffey took a sick kind of pleasure showing elite forwards exactly what he had cooking,many times it was almost like he was the team and NHL rep for offense and rubbed it into his own teammates noses in a very cool competative team dynamic.And to his credit he actually outperformed some hall of fame forwards on his own team in his career.

        I am no pro but I look for balance and this means we NEED 50% of our defense to be explosively offensive and we require the system to provide them with 50% of the offensive opportunitys in games.I think Justin and Petry and Whitney are our 50% ,I think Justin is the premier rusher,petry is a nice blend and Whitney is not a rusher at all,we have an excellent selection of dimensions to apply to the system–whatever it will be.

        I think we need defensive partners that compliment each other dynamicly to be together at all times,no system interchangability everywhere,we need to respect dynamic dimensional compatability at all times.And we need to be developing exactly the same dimensions on the farm as support for the big team so we dont really need to look for who is hottest as an injury replacement but for who fits best dynamicly.

        Jason this whole issue leads into fundamental areas of pro hockey I totally disagree with,you are obviously a person with a pro background so I dont want to seem disrespectful here.And I am just another fan.

        My rants are against the hockey system itself,the traditions and the old school mindsets.This is territory that is dangerous to tread on if you cant back yourself up with provable results 24/7.

        Obviously as a fan i am a theorist,I am as you say guessing,right?And I have no way to prove my perspective,right?I have no possible way to generate the evidenciary results i require to be validated,do I??

        So to 99% of the people who read my posts i am blowing wind out my arse,they see a long and seemingly broken diatrade and simple laugh and ignore the context.This is because i am speaking dynamicly 100% of the time and it comes across that way in my writing style and approach,I am willing to break convention in every area as long as it produces results.How do I define those results without any proof?There is no way other than to say I am happy to be the 1% because when I competed it represented winning.

        I dont think there is a man alive who doesnt go out onto the ice with the 100% belief that he can make a difference.I am sure he had that feeling when he was sitting on the bench as well,but until he had the opportuinity to manifest his belief on the ice he to was a theorist wasnt he??In fact he is a theorist before every shift isnt he??So am I as I am sitting on my couch at home.I just happen to believe in my methods as much as the man on the bench does,but alas as I have no way to manifest results,I can only compare my theorys and their potential results to the actual results I see manifested on the ice.This must me done through comparison.Prior to the internet and the provision of realtime data exchange there was no way to do this.Now you can.The only way I can provide proof of theory is to be in a position to coach alongside a professional in real time and then compare results at the end of the game. On GDTs you can do that,but so what??I have done this,and to what end??What am I going to do tell people I am making the right calls more than the Oiler coach is,and expect them to believe me??Am I supposed to validate my perspective that way–I have done that,and i was suppressed and banned for doing so.I post on what I see as dynamic no-brainers that are counter to traditional hockey perspective and recieve due stress.Call it faith if you need to,faith in a dynamic pattern of situational manifestations which I have identified as being consistantly connected to victory or winning.And in many ways counter to traditional hockey thinking.

        Jason when you were playing ,if I was a coach and had slotted you into the lineup it would have been for a constellation of reasons,not simply because it was your turn as per the traditional pecking order or contractual obligations.I am not saying coaches dont already do this.What I am saying is that based on this premise had you gone down to injury,I would be calling the farm,not for the most NHL ready ,best overall package positional player we have,but for the exact dimensional support for YOU,as close a duplicate of you and your style and dimensions as possible so as to provide seamless support to your teammates and the system itself.I put you there for a myriad of important reasons and i need a duplicate for all those reasons.This continuity is disrupted in a multitude of ways in a traditional team and organisational dynamic at the NHL level.

        Even when drafting a specific player that player MUST be a dimensional mirror of the system need he will represent upon maturation and integration.Scouts dont really have the catre-blanche they excercise and are much more accountable to the system than traditional hockey forces them to be.

        This all starts with system definition at an organisational level,it all begins with the coach and his system and ends with full organisational structuring and support of this man and his system.This must be a long term committment by the organisation and the head coach because it takes a great deal of time and effort to build the system support network in terms of player recruitment and development needed to provide dynamic based system continuity at a level high enough to win a championship.

        Statistical assesments and analysis and considerations screw up this dynamic decision making process,if the farm team or the team system we trade from are not exactly like our own then we need to very closely examine potential system assests for dynamic and dimensional compatability,BEFORE we consider any statistics related to dynamic action on the ice.we need to know dynamicly how they attained their positive results immediatly before we integrate them into our system.

        I dont care if you are a 30 goal scorer in the NHL,if I need a left winger ,I am not looking for goals I am looking for dimensions to fit my system,any players stats are system induced,and each system caters to each players extra dimensions differently,some absolutely ignore them and some incorporate them to the degree they will structure and entire system philosophy around one man,like Pronger,or Whitney for example.

        If you are seeking balance you dont look for statistical analysis at all you look for dimensinal and dynamic compatability only.How many teams ignore statistics when they are considering adding assets???None do.Do you see now why I argue against tradition totally??

        I am telling you Jason,I could take a line-up of players who were all cut from camp and beat the lineup in a seven game series hands down.because winning is a dynamic mental process not just a physical one.
        As long as every man had NHL average physical skills i would immediatly do a dynamic assesment of my manpower and integrate that analysis into my system and proceed to bust up the guys who made the team.I have watched the greatest players in the game be neutralised,and I watched LA neutralise everyone last year,I put zero faith in statistics and 100% faith in communication and system integrity.And i dont mean defensive system integrity either I stress offensive system direction and integrity,I expose old school perspectives easily,it doesnt take any more physical skillset than NHL average to generate elite numbers,higher than average skillsets just create a system imbalance if they arent tightly policed from within.They can make a system produce a wee bit more positive results but not to a consistant championship degree.

        I want to see J Schultz brought into a system designed to incorporate his extra dimensions without surrendering system integrity.For this reason I would slot him onto my first defense unit with Laddy,and let the system support him as it is supposed to do,one man is only responsible for providing NHL average physicality and learning ability,the system is supposed to do the rest.This young man provides more in all critical areas than should be needed,as a result he is going into the fire with everyone else,as i see no reason not to expect the system to support him 100%.

        It is difficult to asses how any asset is best handled until you have a clear mission statement and system outline from a head coach—As simply a fan–I am my own head coach and I have a 100% offensive mission statement based on the NHS which is a theoretical system I believe in.So the things i say are really originating from a 100% offensively catalysed system that is just a theory.

        To be honest I think anyone can become elite if they choose within any balanced dynamic based system,in this type of system opportunity is generated by the system,it is system induced and recognised as such 100% of the time.Anyone can score a goal at any time and is expected to do just that,I dont believe in set play defense as a philosophy at all, everyone must be an offensive system option at all times and able and willing to execute that mentality.

        This is why I see J Schultz as fire-wood and want to throw him right in there,he is supposed to burn in an offensively catalysed system,then become tempered and harder than he was the day he was thrust in.What is he going to do break??Lose his confidence in what–he is part of a system,unless he repeats the exact same mistake over and over in identical dynamic situations we have no problems.He can make ten mistakes in a row as long as they are different ones and recognised as mistakes,but when the muck-up bus comes round the bend the second or third time we expect an adjustment—we cant have consistant identical dynamic breakdowns.I do not fear volume of mistakes I fear a lack of dynamic adjustment ability in the system itslef and in every player we see,because I already know they all have average NHL physicality which is my only other concern.

        On a sidenote ,judging by how i see potential NHL players career windows of opportunity absolutely shrivel in just a few short years,I think it is important for every man with that dream to bust a nut, do some research on his own team on his own time and develop a strategy for a dynamic approach to making the squad,no matter what the role or adjustments required,you must adapt to what the big team needs after the draft and do it fast or you are done.This means educating yourself to a higher degree than is traditionally accepted in terms of your potential employers dynamic vision and perspective.Just look at some of the Oilers playing now,Petrell,Smid,there are others who are redefining themselves dynamicly as we speak and they are giving up nothing to do this they are losing nothing from their games,but are in fact adding dimensions.Look at Gagner doing the same thing adjusting his game,in fact it seems like a coincidence doesnt it Struds??But a lot of Oilers players seem to have a new evolving dynamic perspective that is enciuraging them to push their personal limits.

        It is nice to see.

        • Jason Strudwick

          Man I totally agree with you……..the only guys that do not make mistakes, never put up any points.

          I was watching re runs of past Oiler games and the only constant throughout the games was everyone was taking chances, coughing up the puck occasionally, and playing a very entertaining game of hockey!

          EveN Lowe was taking chances……..low event hockey endorsed by defensive coaching styles is for the birds!

          Now that we have some REAL offensive talent, let them take all the chances they need, make mistakes, learn from their mistakes, and most of all entertain the fans!

          By the way you, did you enjoy writing long essays as a youngster?

          • Jason Strudwick

            No I hated writing anything,I always wanted to be playing sports.

            I developed a hockey program called the NewAge Hockey System a few years ago and it is based on the Oilers powerplay from the 80s and on the non-traditional offensive dynamic perspective they used to make it so deadly.

            The NHS is a 100% pure offensivly dynamic system that does not use set plays or subscribe to a defensive set play mindset or perspective.Defense is not really considered in the traditional sense.There are zero set plays defensively and no practice time committed to that area of the game.

            I could go on about it but its pointless ,i have battled many times trying to teach the NHS to people on many forums and it is futile,everyone whines for proof of concept based on NHL results.Which by the way I have already provided–but have not been validated.Hows this for spits and giggles,the Champs used the NHS I developed to turn their season around last year and walk over everyone to the Stanley Cup ,they made the committed shift to the NHS with about 25 gms left in the regular season.A certain favorite hometeam of mine was also experimenting with the NHS concept.And believe it or not some of the playoff teams trying to unseat the champs adopted NHS tactics as well to try to survive,and several came close to doing just that.

            Your view of the Oilers and your perspective of how they should try to play is exactly like mine,the problem is this,there was no book written on the system the Oilers used in the 80s as it was a dynamicly catalysed system much like the NHS I created,the Oilers did not subscribe to traditional strategys at all no set plays,everything was dynamiclly catalyed in a tacticl manner—people who dont understand the methods would call it an ON-THE FLY style,but that would not be accurate because the Oilers had a gameplan every night that was identical,they just initiated it in a dynamic fashion,which means it changed every single game if you were trying to defend against it—but it never lost is core value focus on dynamiclly catalysed offense createdthrough the utilisation of a possesion/transition game which by proxy gave the Oilers momentum control for 60mins.

            I have been pumping theNHS and this type of style to the Oilers for several years and all I accomplished was a ban from their website.if you are interested give me an e-mail address and i will show you Game Day threads where the NHS was directly incorporated into an NHL gameplan in realtime,actuallythere are many of these instances.There are GDT posts to several Playoff contenders from last year during the playoffs which were also heeded and acted upon.I have no official confirmation of any of this,but the facts are all there if you are looking for them and know where to find them.

            I have given up on trying to promote the NHS for now,it is a thankless job and doesnt pay well,ha ha ha.And besides its nothing unique for me,its really just how I see the game all the time.In hockey everyone is a pro,you can develop a unique system and whiners all say its just hockey plays—its like they are programmed to use excuses.

            Truthfuly you can apply the NHS to ANY existing system and improve it dramaticly,as last years champs did,they adopted core value components of the NHS and applied them to the system they were already useing.There has never been a team that has utilised a pure NHS gameplan yet,just partial concepts.The 80s Oilers were as close as I have ever seen a team come to this style of on-ice player managment.I posted a lot of my NHS data online but have never put the “book”out there,just a few chapters of it,I was planning on saving the “book”for the Oilers until they took offenece to my aggressive NHS promotion tactics and posts directed at specific players and coaches as well as my repeated requests for a job,all things which in one way or another breached forum rules.I have no complaints in that area–it is what it is.

            You see,i could easily reply to you in very few words.”yes i agree we have a skilled team that should take more chances to score goals!!”and leave it at that.But the fact of the matter is that many many people feel this way—but until the team itself endorses or discovers a system that will allow them to do this,we are all wasting our time if we dont either suggest or provide a way for the organisation to do what we are asking.

            people assume that the pros are untouchable,that there is no other resource to look to for innovative and effective tactics that will provide positive results at the NHL level,it is called a glass ceiling,you can offer data but it will just be absorbed until validation of source is requested,at which point integrity will be flushed down the crpper and the organisation will take what they have gotten and shut you out,they are really that vain,and really in their defense not many people have the balls to pony up and admit they are using data from a non-professional source,its like the Police dept. admitting they use psycics–they would never admit it for fear that the public wuld lose faith in them——-but if you look at the statistics related to positive results you will find that there are in fact now more and more depts.that openly admit to using this resource because it is results based.

            I look at it this way,you can pile the ingredients for a loaf of bread on ten tables and ask ten people to bake you a loaf of bread using the right recipie—and they will all come up with different end products,but remember they all had the right recipie??So what happened along the way??Why are all the results different??

            Because everyone isnt cut out to be a baker thats why,cooking is a dynamic process as much as it is a cerebral process,exactly like competative dynamics are set up.

            Everyone thinks they have the right recipie,and even if they are identical the results will be inconsistant—so there is something missing that most people cannot seem to see,until repetition burns it into their minds.

            The NHS application of hockey values and concepts results in a superior result.And its the cook that makes it all work,I can hand out the recipie and answer questions till I am blue in the face,for what??So each cook can bake a perfect loaf and claim they have the perfect recipie of their own design??As i said it is a thankless job,i had fun for a few years but am not giving anything away anymore,call it a scorched earth policy.

            Maybe they will start a reality show called “Ive got your Number!”where people gt to challenge their favorite sports coach to a duel of methods,you know really let the fans coach a game against their favorite pro coach.I can see the NHS coming out in that format,but there is no other way to put this system into full use at a pro level with the shocking effect it can potentially have on the league itself,not unless a team just jumps in and gets their feet wet.But you know the story,no one wants to take any risks,the mindset is still gunshy and conservative.Maybe Ralph krueger will change that,and to be frank i just think my perspective is superior and theirs isnt –they may be pros but so what??They are chained by their professional responsibilitys,it is nearly impossible to expect them to make a leap of faith this big,and this is why we will not see a Stanley Cup here anytime soon,there is a lack of integrity somewhere based on a protective profession based reaction,no one has the guts to openly access,endorse and utilise a non-professional,non-traditional data source.

            And special groups of players like we have here require a special system to maximise their potential,a system like no other we have seen since the 80s,and really if the men who played back then truly understood the “book”on their own system we would have seen many cups won by Oilers coaches,but the record does not show that,in fact its an interesting point isnt it,almost impossible to have happen right??

            As I said everyone isnt cut out to be a baker–they may have an excellent recipie in front of them but if they cannot combine the dynamic managment with the cerebral managment they will bake a sub par inferior loaf of bread every time–well they might get lucky every ten loaves or so and pull off a good one by chance.

            In case you are wondering ,the missing ingredient here for the Oilers happens to be my specialty ,dynamic managment.I have it in spades naturally they dont—they have hockey knowledge in spades naturally I dont—-ha ha ha,and here we are.If they read this the Oilers will simply go out and try to buy themselves a professional dynamic sports managment consultant–and they will still miss the boat because as we know the Oilers alumni haven exactly left us a trail,of Stanley cups to follow from a managment/coaching perspective.Welcome back Mac-T and good luck.Not much has changed other than the talent level.

            Hows that for an essay for you money??Really I am a person with an abnormal amount of time on my hands,I suffered some serious injuries that have made me housebound and forced me to reach out through this computer to keep busy.Before my injuries six yrs ago I hadnt even turned on a computer never mind used one,I in my pre-injury life would never have even considered an Oilers fan site or posting at all never mind developing the NewAge Hockey System,things just seemed to work out this way,I have about as much of an idea why I ended up here as the general public has with how the Kings won the cup last year,things just sortta happened one step at a time.

            I gotta go the word police are on their way!!

            I hope the Oilers find a way to do what you say,because i agree with you 100%,fortunately i myself am currently re-entering the workforce and will soon be back to myself and wont be on the internet much or promoting the NHS online.I am back to fan mode.My cyber-coaching days are over soon thank god.

            I might as well thank the folks here for their patience with my long posts,consider it charitable therapy and accept a big thank you—and the assurance that any post by NewAgeSys in the future will be very short and simple fan based and opinionated.

            But just for the hell of it,a 17 yr old goaltender who plays organised high level hockey recently found me through a friend and spent two hours talking to me about the NHS tactical shooting program,he was asking his teammates to use it on him but didnt understand it fully—he does now and is absolutely excited about it,like it or not soon little Nuges will be applying NHS principals to their games.And ,ha ha ha,the kids dont lie,they call it the NewAge Hockey System,with integrity,ha ha ha.FYI the NHS tactical shoting program was fully endorsed by the current champs,how exactly did you think they dismantled so many goaltenders the exact same way??With,ha ha ha ha ha ha,elite skills??It was a component of the NHS that provided those results.I hate long goodbyes and this is my last long post here,so see ya later,moma2 says goooooo Oilers!!!

  • The Oilers Shot Clock

    I glad to see Whitney feels healthy again he is important to the style of uptempo hockey the oilers need to employ from the backend so the kids up front can take advantage. He can stretch an opposing teams defense using a long pass and thus makes a player like Hall an extension of himself in that sense. Any lack of aggression or discipline to the defensive side of his game will easily be compensated with his tendency to distribute his offence even while playing defense. He’s always been very under rated and fits right into where the Oilers are at in their development of people.

  • Dipstick

    Whitney seems to be hedging a bit regarding his rehab. I hope that he is merely being cautious and he will return to at least 80% of his former self. Frankly, I have more confidence that Hemsky ‘s rehab than I have in Whitney. He needs his ankles to be 100% to be effective.

    • OilClog

      His ankle will never return to it’s once glorious state, this everyone knows. Hemsky’s shoulder is a different story, and more of a team weirdness. You’re a Oiler, here’s a shoulder injury! Glad to see Hemmer rippin it up, can’t wait to see him threading passes to the Yakupov.

  • Dipstick

    he’s a UFA in July i don’t think there would be a chance he resigns in Edmonton (unless Struds has any more insight on that). i think he’ll take any chance he has to go back to the States. if he makes it past the trade deadline.

    • OilClog

      what makes you think that? From the sounds of everything.. he loves being a Oiler, the Kids love having him as a teammate. The days of players leaving the Oilers for greener pastures is done. Whitney loves playing in Canada, has said it endless times. We end up trading him before he walks away.

  • Dipstick

    Hey Struds – I agree with an earlier poster that you have a great way of getting the guys to chirp one another without being mean spirited. Good stuff. Hopefully they’ll still want to speak to you once the real games begin!

  • Jason Strudwick

    Whitney is going to be very good for developing Peckham and Schultz. If there is one thing that he can show our young guys it’s panic control.

    The first year Whitney played for us I was very impressed with his puck patience, and sweet passes! He never mentioned this but rehabbing from a AC injury is two years in the making…….if you are lucky!