Teemu Hartikainen’s progress has been the subject of much discussion this fall,and for good reason. The big Finn has a chance to fill that most elusive of roles: a big forward who can crash, bang, keep up and cash. So, uh, how’s he doing?

We’re in luck because Hartikainen has played at the same level (AHL) for the past 2+ seasons. We should start by admitting that time-on-ice in each discipline, quality of linemates (especially this year) and qual comp factor into the equation. Also, luck is an enormous factor in all of this–line drives count as outs if the other guy can get leather on it. Still, its an interesting way to look at the prospect and parse the boxcars. Let’s start with evens


  • Age 20: 66, 10-22-32 .485
  • Age 21: 51, 9-14-23 .451
  • Age 22: 12, 2-5-7 .583

Hartikainen didn’t start with the big guns (2 games for Paajarvi, one period for Josh Green) but got there early this season and stayed for a time. Last night he played with Paajarvi and Lander, so he’s moved around the lineup; however, I do think its reasonable to suggest he’s gotten a push from coach Nelson and the Oiler management. Credit where due, he’s posting good numbers (very good before the recent team slump) and should be good for 35+ points in this discipline if he plays with Nuge-Ebs enough this season.


  • Age 20: 66, 7-3-10 .152
  • Age 21: 51, 5-4-9 .176
  • Age 22: 12, 1-2-3 .250

Again, its early so lets not go crazy. Having said that, it is encouraging to see Hartikainen posting points early this season (the Barons most certainly have other options) and last night’s assist came on the man advantage.

By now someone is screaming "sample size" and that’s certainly true, but I think we’re at a point now where we can probably say Hartikainen’s bat is good enough for the big leagues. Not every AHL prospect scores .583/game at that level. An example might be last year’s Barons, who looked like this at even strength (30 game minimum):






















































































As you might expect, the top of the list is mostly minor league veterans–Green, Arcobello, Keller–those are the guys the Heat are employing this season. They can hit AAA pitching like crazy and it shows in this graph. Paajarvi had a very nice number a year ago, and Hartikainen’s this season would put him at the top of the list.

We’ll spend more time looking at even strength scoring in OKC as the season wears along. More at-bats gives us a truer read on the numbers–some of those line drives will find the grass as time rolls along.


Todd Nelson likes the progress he’s seen from Hartikainen.

  • Nelson: “Harty’s got pretty good hands around the net. Lots of his goals come in tight, off secondary chances. He’s also doing a heck of a job on the power play, in front of the net, mirroring the goalie.”

A year ago, Nelson was talking about Hartikainen needing to find consistency and improve his play away from the puck–all of the things Craig MacTavish used to say about Dan Cleary, Jason Chimera and just about every new winger (save Fernando Pisani) to come down the pipe. Coaching staffs love consistency and awareness, and Hartikainen has improved a lot in this area. His playoff in the spring was kind of a graduation in this area.

Now (I believe) we’re down to two things: how much lumber can he bring to he plate (and the numbers above look good) and how often he’ll throw that big body around on a line with Nuge and Eberle. He seems to be passing that test, too–and without taking stupid penalties.


Its too early for a victory dance, but things are looking good for Teemu Hartikainen. Good arrows. Good arrows.

  • Cervantes

    A 20 year old NHLE of .58 on Harskis .833 ppg would normally equate to about a 42 point full season in the bigs. Normally cause for optimism. But, the Oil are so loaded, I really see Harski getting very weak minutes and taking a big hit on points. He’s going to be basically sharing bottom six minutes with Smyth and Eager, and maybe getting some of Yaks minutes if the kid has trouble coming over (which, given his admittedly sheltered KHL production, doesn’t seem like a worry). I’m all in favour of Smyth getting an easy ride this year and having some gas in the tank at the end, but I don’t see Kruger rolling his top 9 lines around with mostly even time distribution, which is the only thing that will help guys like Harski and Maggie.

    Add in that greasy goals tend to have a worse NHLE than skill goals, since you’re suddenly dealing with 30 year old monster D men instead of kids, and I end up really worried that Teemu will end up getting 12 minutes a night and finish whatever year we finally have hockey in with about 25 points, leading everyone to shine up the rail that we so efficiently run people out of town on (for reference, see Cleary, Dan and Satan, Miro and Chimera, Jason, and Winchester, Brad, etc).

    The alternative is him spinning his wheels in the A until 94 is ready to hang em up, which also isn’t really a great alternative. Or, the “wow” trade making room up front, which, while lovely, requires one to have faith that Tambo will actually do… anything… ever…

    Anyways, distracted. I started this looking for NHLE on his production, and if he can get proper minutes and not get buried, yes, a 20-22-42 season would be a great return from a guy with some grease on his mitts. Lets hope he gets there.

    (For extra fun, Milan Lucic, rookie season, 8-19-27. Second season, 17-25-42, +17. Not saying Harski is a 100+ pm guy, but Lucic seems to be the gold standard that everyone gets an awkward boner for, so it’s nice to see how that would measure up)

  • Lowetide

    Cervantes: That’s (imo) the question. CAN Harski satisfy the organization’s blood lust AND deliver offensively in a Tim Wallach at the end of the batting order manner?

    That’s the question, right there.

    • RexLibris

      What about an Eli Wallach, circa Good, Bad and the Ugly? That’s a trio I’d send over the boards.

      But who gets to be the Man With No Name and who is Angel Eyes?

      Nugent-Hopkins is cold, so I’m going with MWNN, Eberle gets Angel Eyes, and Hartikainen is Tuco.

      I now return this thread to its regularly-scheduled programming: congealed dairy products!


  • 24% body fat

    I like Hartsky, but considering we expect RNH to get 100 pts, Ebs and Halls 80, Yak to be determined, Gagner and Hemsky 60, and still want horcoff to produce, It is very unlikely no matter how good the player is to get 40-50 points. Nor do the oilers need him to if the other players get that many.

    There is only some many goals a team can score and only 3pts max per goal.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

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  • The Soup Fascist

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    • Mumbai Max

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      Cervantes summed up the Harski situation nicely,we know via Ralph that there will be pairs which are used consistanly with a third man rotated in and out to change the face of the line itself for tactical reasons,this means we should see consistant points production from our top six men who make up those `pairs`with the rest of the inserts picking up the leftovers.Players like Jones who can adjust to any dynamic quickly will thrive in the changing opportunistic environment.Smart tactic as it provides for both mindsets,the guys who NEED the regular linemates and the guys who thrive on the adjustments and changes when they are moved around.Excellent dynamic system asset consideration and managment.

      I like how Harski tends to bust straight through the middle taking the most direct and dangerous path to the net,its very direct and challenges the defense every time,really challenges them down the middle,its like the flyballs that two guys or three guys all go for it but somehow screw it up,the one that can make em miss through miscommunication,Harski can be that flyball down the middle to defensmen.A hard deep flyball.Its a dimension of his game that is unique,like Omarks spin,something individual to a degree and very effective in a coaches hands.

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  • Aitch

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  • The Soup Fascist

    The free box of Smarties thing piques my interest. Please elaborate.

    Also the Caramilk secret keeps me awake at nights. Any insights you could add would be appreciated.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I see various types of goat cheese, along with Feta in the fridge at home. I’m afraid to touch it, it could bum me all up inside.

    Cheddar/marble cheddar is all this world really needs.

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