There’s been plenty of discussion about when, exactly, the Edmonton Oilers realized they’d best forget about patching up the remnants of the team that went to the 2006 Stanley Cup final and undertake a bare-metal rebuild.

Framed in what’s happened since that close-but-no-cigar trip to Game 7, namely six straight years out of the playoffs and a streak of futility that’s seen the Oilers acquire first overall picks in Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Nail Yakupov, I read with interest something sent to me on Twitter today.

It’s a form letter from then-GM Kevin Lowe that was sent to season ticket holders in March of 2007 in the wake of the deadline deal that sent popular Ryan Smyth to the New York Islanders. Here it is:

We all, of course, are acutely aware of what’s happened in the seasons since Lowe reassured season ticket holders the goal was to return the Stanley Cup to Edmonton. More than five years later, the goal remains the same, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

We wait.

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  • Oilfan69

    Does anyone start reading a post before they read who is posting it and after the first whole page when you realize you are reading the same post say” Damnit this is a NewAgeSys post isn’t it”

  • @newagesys

    Honestly, I read down to “recipe” and realized what lies in wait.

    You are obviously a bright guy. You could be using these comments/rants/punctuation-nightmares as actual blog posts and likely generate positive feedback.

  • Cervantes

    Oh man, what a great list of “the Oilers future”. It’s so good it hurts.

    Nilsson – Scrubbed out of the NHL in barely two years and playing in some Scandanavian league now.

    O’Marra – Couldn’t even keep a role as a 4th line AHLer on the farm team, shipped off for nothing.

    Plante – The 1st from that Smyth deal, currently struggling to be any kind of bottom pairing AHL defender. A poor mans Peckham, who might eventually find a few big league games if he can get over his several concussions.

    Pouliot – Our “promising 3/4 centre”, bounced out after only a handful of games, currently struggling to be an injury fill on the Lightning. IIRC he’s getting scratched in AHL games too.

    Jacques – JFJ, our former first line winger, currently doing scrub duty in California. He’s supposed to carry the bags to the bus, but somehow one keeps doing an inside/outside on him and getting lost.

    Stortini – The prototypical 4th line fighter, moved out to make room for… Lennart Petrell and Darcy Hordichuck? IIRC he’ll be likely to do some training camp invites this year.

    Brodziak – The only success out of this whole group, Brodz is a consistent 3 C for the Wild, shipped out for next to nothing, so we could rush to get Eric Belanger in to our lineup.

    Schremp – Bouncing around second tier european leagues, proving that scoring touch is no substitute for being a good team player.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the 2007 Edmonton Oiler “Stanley Cup Contender” team.
    I love my team, but this letter and list are proof positive that you simply can’t believe a word that come out of managements mouth.