Nail Yakupov: Coming Home

Nail Yakupov: Coming Home is a documentary on Oilers 1st overall pick Nail Yakupov’s return "home" to Sarnia from his new home in Russia playing in the KHL.

Steve "Dangle" Glynn (me) and fellow Nations contributor Andrey Osadchenko drove to Sarnia to watch Yakupov in action and have two in-depth interviews with him. We also sat down and spoke to Yakupov’s good friend and former teammate Alex Galchenyuk, the Montreal Canadiens’ covetted 2012 3rd overall pick.

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    Hmmmm, looking ahead to the draft, I am dreaming of having our top two lines as Nuge – Hartikinen – Eberle, then Barkov – Hall – Yak. Size and skill on booth lines. Gagner becomes apart of a package for a top 2 defender (possibly someone from Chicago?)

    Our third line is all about depth with Horcoff – Smyth – and Hemsky being able to jump up if need be, while providing solid veteran leadership.

    The fourth line is still a mess, but you never know how Kruger will use what he has. It could be we had a great fourth line and didn’t even know it.

    With that top 2 we got in the Gagner package, plus all the prospects coming up, our defense begins to look a lot more formidable as well. Yes, the future (at least in my head) is bright.

  • 24% body fat

    ok, the season is going to get locked out

    the yak to ovechkin comparisons are too close and similar as are teh crosby and mckinnon the following year.

    everything is falling into place for another “Season not played” champion.

    • gregarious von brownsworth

      It does sound a little far fetched. From what I read on sites like these, which could be complete crap mind you, it does seem like the Oiler brass are trying Harti out with Nuge and Ebs to give that line a hard forechecking, nose for the net, wrecking ball that pot the odd goal.

      Even if they’re not, I think you would agree that we do need a guy or two like that in our top two to be a contender for the cup. If, however you think we can win with pure skill, you are welcome to that opinion, and there is some data to back it up.

      But let’s assume for the moment we do need a big body guy with some skill, who else in our organization fits that role, and can step in over the next few years? Other than trading for a big skilled winger (which seem like they’re really hard to come buy, or come at a huge cost), I don’t see many other options.

      Sure it may be Hall Nuge and Ebs forever, and that would be great. But if management can put together two amazing scoring lines with some size and grit as well as insane sniping and sublime passing, that is going to be hard to defend against. Right now, I don’t think we have that with a top line of Hall Nuge and Ebs, and a second line of say Yak, Gagner and Hemsky.

      I guess my hope of hope, dream of dreams is that Harti develops into that big tough winger with skill that our top 6 desperately needs. As for Barkov, you can really sub that name out with any large centerman with good skill. Because if there’s one thing this team needs more than a Bobby Ryan, it’s a Ryan Getzlaf (speaking about forwards mind you, this team still needs a lot of things, like a legit top 2 D man, a 1B tandem option, and a new arena).

  • Wax Man Riley

    Thank you Steve and Andrey, I enjoy all of your posts!

    Great video as well, you always give great insight into Russian hockey.

    For all of us Oiler fans, check out 13:18 in the Yakupov video. I look forward to it!

    • He really is a gem, his english is just a work in progress. He’s kind of like Pavel Datsyuk and Mikhail Grabovski in that sense. Their english is pretty bad, but if you’ve ever read a translated version of their Russian interviews they’re great.