“When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on” ― Theodore Roosevelt

So something called a Steve Burton – a CBS reporter from Boston who has been right about some stuff in the past – went on Teh Twitterz and said that the lockout was going to end in the next couple of days. Then we get all excited and then Bill Daly comes out and says that this is absolutely false.



“I laugh because I must not cry, that is all, that is all.” ― Abraham Lincoln

Remember when the NHL was in a prolonged labour dispute and it looked like the whole season might be lost and we would all be condemned to watching NFL, TV poker or worse? No, not this time we mean. The last time. Yeah that one.

A younger and sillier Wanye would watch SportsCentre (then known as SportsDesk) and would hang on every word and update. Any ray of hope – no matter how small – was seized as a massive likelihood that the ice hockey was about to return.

A lot of this had to do with the fact that we were in the midst of opening up a sports bar with buddies at the time. It’s funny how the absence of hockey has an adverse impact on a brand new sports bar, but we digress. 

As the weeks ticked by we got our hopes up time and time again, certain that the NHL and the NHLPA wouldn’t be able to write off an entire season. And time and time again our hopes were dashed on the proverbial rocks until finally the season was cancelled.

Then there was nothing left to do but grind our teeth and cry in our slow selling beer.



“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” ― Alexander Pope

When Steve Burton – whoever he may be – said that he had inside information that things were looking good all of a sudden it was the first time in the 2012 Lockout that we allowed ourselves even a glimmer of hope that the season might not be written off. "He was right about Kessel back in the day" we mused after looking up who exactly Steve Burton is "perhaps lightning can strike twice."

Cue Bill Daly, smasher of dreams: 

A Boston TV station reported Monday that an end to the NHL lockout could come this week, but NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly denied that the report was accurate, according to several media outlets. Players and owners are set to meet on Tuesday followed by the Board of Governors meeting on Wednesday.

Steve Burton at WBZ in Boston said talks behind closed doors have made significant progress and an announcement about an end of the lockout could come Tuesday or Wednesday. There have been no other indications that a deal is imminent, and Daly dumped cold water on the report.

Daly wrote to Patrick Caisse of TVA Sports, saying, "I’m aware of the reports making the rounds. Unfortunately, there is no truth to them." When Sarah Kwak of Sports Illustrated asked Daly if there was any morsel of truth to the WBZ report that a deal is imminent, Daly responded to Kwak by saying, "Not even a single morsel."

Not even a single morsel Bill? Not even a micron of a crumb?



“Totally without hope one cannot live. To live without hope is to cease to live. Hell is hopelessness. It is no accident that above the entrance to Dante’s hell is the inscription: "Leave behind all hope, you who enter here.” ― Jürgen Moltmann, Theology of Hope

It’s difficult to say what a better course of action is at times like these. On the one hand you can do like Wanye Circa 2004 and have continual hope that things are going to work out for the better. The alternative is what we have seen many people doing on twitter and in the Nation poll – writing off the entire season in their mind and getting on with the business of living their lives.

It’s a tough call what the better move is at this point. We are an eternal optimist – though we have been forcing ourselves to ignore specific rumours, innuendos and hints from the various talking heads – part of us still can’t believe that the season is going to be entirely lost. Again.

Sure, part of that is because it also turns out that a chain of hockey blogs requires actual hockey at some point. But really we just love the ice hockey – specficly the Mighty Mighty Oilers. Have since a kid and will continue to cheer inappropriately until we are old and grey and have transferred the mania to legions of Wanye Jrs.

We can’t treat it all with professional detatchment like so many in the MSM. Players are still heroes, cheering after goals is a must not like up in the dusty press box. We believe in something bigger than the players, management and owners. Something that can be hurt short term but never killed by a labour dispute.

We just want the Oilers to return to the ice regardless of their quality of play and refuse to abandon hope that it will happen this year no matter how painful those hopes being crushed may ultimately be. Those involved in both 2004 and 2012 labour disputes aren’t the game. They are merely employees of us all for a short time before heading off into the sunset and being replaced by new heroes. They can’t kill what we love, try as they might.

So what is your strategy? Are you clinging to hope like Lindsay Lohan as she faces down jail time and the IRS seizing her bank accounts? Or are you throwing it all away and resigning yourself to another winter sans hockey? Let it all out in the comments Nation, whether it be hopeful or hopeless. It’s cheaper than therapy and in tough times like these we all need to stick together and talk it out.


There is no arena update.


  • Not watching poker these days.. But playin alot more.. Football? Basketball? What are these?? only Hockey matters…… Fist i must sob then eat… then sob some more.. WAKE UP AND GET A DEAL DONE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how much time to i need to spend with the wife anyways.. geezuz!!!

  • Dallylamma

    I like the implication that you’ll actually know about all the Wayne Jrs. out there. I hear you blog types are worse than NBA stars for keeping track of that sort of thing.

  • My hope was killed when the players came to the table last official set of meetings with an offer that prevented their share from ever dropping and asking for almost double the amount of “Make Whole” money the league had graciously offered them.

    Like, maybe no one will notice that we arent dropping to 50/50 and are unlinking from HRR.

    That offer was the equivalent of taking the season out back, Old Yeller style.

    • So true instead of a 50/50 year one the players were wanting a 120/0 split asking for more in contracts than the league was likely to make. What a bunch of douche bags. Of course they are spoiled rich kids now, they don’t have to take responsibility for anything that’s happened, can’t possibly be any of their faults.

  • watkinator

    Won’t be any hockey this year. It won’t happen unless the players collectively agree to financially cut their left arms off. And that won’t happen, so no hockey. The owners aren’t going to let this thing end until they get every cent, every last bit of contract control that they have decided that they are going to get. The players can’t accept that they won’t get the owners to honor the contracts already signed or see that they have more to lose by not making a deal than making one. The owners don’t care that they are screwing over the players and can’t see the damage they are doing to their business(es) by simply not moving on the contract issues. Just don’t ask why I hang on every shred of news every day (I do) because I don’t know. The only hope I have is that I’m wrong.

      • That IS true. I remember a time when you could NOT comment on pollz on this site. Those were dark times.

        Speaking of dark times, I also remember a time when Wanye forgot to renew the domain for the site and we all thought he sold out to GoDaddy.

    • Easy there big fella *pats head*

      I’m reading a riveting book about Andrew Carnegie. Perhaps I’ll write about that and then – jk I wouldn’t subject any fine citizens to THAT.

      To keep my sanity during the lockout I’ve tried to make entirely new routines so that I dont miss the NHL as much. So far – no good.

  • Gerald R. Ford

    If TSN/Sportsnet, etc. stopped reporting on the lockout until it was over… it would be over. This endless media obsession with what Fehr had for lunch (he prefers the vital organs of kittens on multi-grain, toasted, topped with the salty tears of innocent children), or how many times Bettman scratched his nutz during the last “negotiating session” (or, rather, had Daly scratch them for him) only creates the illusion of interest. No one cares about what’s NOT happening! Seriously, I would rather watch in-depth coverage of Borneo basket weaving than see one more !@#$ing animated graphic explaining the intricacies of decertification.

  • Wax Man Riley

    I am at the point that I HOPE the season is cancelled and the players don’t see a dime of anything they were to make this year.

    I want the 13 profitable teams to lose money.

    The rest of the teams are actually at least breaking even. For those teams, I HOPE that fans do not come back into the half-full arenas, and they continue to lose money until people realize hockey hath no place in the desert.

    Go CHL. Go KHL.

  • I gave up hope months ago. I’ve been to a few AHL games this season, which is good.

    Really, I was beginning to wonder where all my time was going, watching 70+ games on tv for the past two seasons. Now I use that time to learn piano and play Flight Simulators. But now I’m spending all of my cash on FSX addons and rudders and yokes and joysticks and throttle controls and GAH! Like a thousand bucks!

  • Wax Man Riley

    Now we have a Dallylamma contributing to the hockey world……..there is a god!

    Before we all lose hope, let’s remember what we are dealing with. Anyone ever trying logic on a three year old who has been told they don’t get all the candy in the supermarket?

    That’s what will be happening today except with 18 of them! I say cancel the season just to teach these brats, you can’t always get what you want.

    I say fug em!

  • DieHard

    I agree with what Archaeologuy wrote. They have thrown out percentage of HHR. Make whole was a gift from the owners and was tossed aside. Changing the ratio to 50/50 necessitates a reduction of current contracts to compensate for available revenue.

    There are many players and folks here at ON that think it’s OK to have socialized owners (sharing revenue) and capitalistic players. Shouldn’t maybe the Crosby’s of the league kick in a little to the 3/4th liners who just get by with league minimum.

    • Wax Man Riley

      Ya right! Do you think Hall was sharing his salary at the beginning of the year when he was getting paid on injured reserve?

      Socialist owners and capitalist players. Owners are in it for the good of the league (profitable teams), while the players are in it for themselves. This can be seen by the regard the players have for their fellow teammates. Khabibulin and Sutton won’t see another paycheque. Do youo think Horcoff cares?

  • Hemmertime

    Been resigned to fact no season from day 1. Dont follow the Labour news much at all. I follow OKC and Schultz/Eberle/kids but half of that is just to talk sh*t to my buddy who cheers for Anaheim.

    Strangely, I dont miss it, because we’re used to going so long without it. If we were a playoff team used to shorter offseasons then it would be worse I think.

  • NOT resigned. Missing Oilers hockey VERY much. I’m not an NHL fan as much as an Oilers fan. Been following the team for years. Don’t give a crap about junior what’s his name never will-be’s. LOVE watching OILERS games at the bar. The sooner this godforsaken lockout is over the g*d d*mn better. OILERS! G*d d*mn OILERS!

    And in case you guys haven’t noticed, if this lockout goes on Oilers Nation is in serious jeopardy. It’s the best combination of serious discussion and tom foolery *cough* Wanye *cough* on these here intarwebs.

    If you guys like this site then you better be going to bed every night asking whatever deity you worship to end this horrible, horrible lockout STAT!

    Finally, Wanye is a pretty fine fellow in real life and a successful businessman I’d hate to see go away. We need more guys like him around Edmonton.


  • ryanchett

    I’ve been watching a lot of college football and most Barons games. I’ve thought about changing the routine to do more productive things, but then I remembered that I started watching sports and such to relax and spend time doing relatively stress-free things. So far hasn’t been terrible, but now that the football regular season just ended I’m going to find something else, and I’ve never liked basketball much…maybe winter TV premieres? If there are hockey fans out there who have never gotten into football, I’d recommend it, though I find college more exciting than NFL for some reason.

  • ryanchett

    Even though I am the one who knocks, I still have hope.

    If you don’t get that reference, Breaking Bad will help fill this current (and ultimately temporary) void, along with many other fine programs like the Walking Dead, Dexter, Curb, etc., etc. There’s also the NFL, video games, hell even reading. I’ve also heard that it is OK (or fun even) to consume alcohol when there is no hockey game on. And of course our good friend porn is always standing by.

    In short, this too shall pass. Just pretend its a really long, really cold summer! Then when they do come back enjoy the 20-game winning streak to start the season due to the Vulcan mind-meld the kids are developing down on the farm. Or at least, we can hope.

  • Dawn

    So they deprive me of Oilers hockey. Fine. I divert my attention to Barons, Oilkings, and a little Neftekhimik when I catch it in the morning. To tell you the truth, I was pissed when it looked like they were going to work things out. The blasted NHL was about to cannibalize my teams! They disregard my needs and desires when they start cancelling games. And then they decimate my teams, the ones that took my broken hockey heart to their tender bosoms to heal. Is there going to be an NHL season? I don’t know and I don’t care. There is plenty of hockey for me to get into either way. Will I watch if they come back? Of course. But first, I’m going to be mad. Then after a game or two, I’ll be caught up in the drama that is our Oilers.