Are we there yet?

I bet most Oiler fans are tired of hearing about the Hemsky contract, and frankly it has reached overload. Besides, there are so many other things to talk about:

  • Oilers interested in Methot!
  • Oilers/Leafs talking Khabibulin!
  • Smyth/Oilers talking contract!

This is good stuff! On the heels of the wins over Calgary and Philadelphia, things are heating up at the deadline and Oiler fans are engaged in chatter about how this team will look in 12-13.


I have one more item on Hemsky and then nothing until we hear some news about the contract. Some races are more important than others and sometimes you’re chasing, sometimes you’re running and sometimes you’re the guy taking the picture.

You and I are taking the picture. Steve Tambellini is in the photo.

I was thinking about this today: all Oiler fans have strong opinions on Ales Hemsky’s trade/contract situation, but none of us has a job riding on it. It’s an interesting item, really. As a fan, I can argue my point strongly and convince some, but at the end of the day there’s beer in the fridge and the internet works for reasons other than my hockey opinion (and I’m certain my family is very happy about it!).

Steve Tambellini doesn’t have that luxury. Making a decision on Ales Hemsky will have a major impact on this organization. There are 4 ways this can play out: Oilers sign Hemsky and he’s not worth the cash; Oilers sign him and he is worth the cash; Oilers send him away and he’s ineffective in his 30’s; Oilers send him away and he kills it in his 30’s.


It’s coming down, it’s coming down, it’s coming down. The Edmonton Oilers are about to:

  • sign Ales Hemsky
  • trade Ales Hemsky

It’s an enormous decision. Godspeed, Steve Tambellini.


  • Mike Modano's Dog

    Edit: As I was typing obviously things changed considerably. I wasn’t in the ‘keep him’ side of this argument, but now that it’s done all we can do is hope for the best.

  • unca miltie

    A couple thoughts..First, Hemmer to me is our Hossa, an extremely skilled player who can play even or better against all competition.
    Yes, it is disappointing to have seen him injured so much. I see him as a tough little sob. I would bet that if the truth were know, in the last 5 years, he has played many, many games in pain.

    Similar to Gaboruk, he now has both shoulders done and will be fine for a number of years. It is time to reward him for being the only reason we watched the Oilers since 2006. As much as I enjoy Linus, he cannot skate at all like hemmer, no way he is a reasonable replacement.

    So, please sign him..

      • Lowetide

        I don’t know what “for awhile” represents in terms of timeline, but it is a great day. Along with the Smyth deal, his best day.

        Outstanding deal. Really, just too cool.

        • Peterborough

          Right on. Its the happiest day in a week of optimism beating the crap out of Cagary shutting out the Philly scoring machines now this.

          Now if we can get a top two D-man this summer I’ll run naked throught the streets.

          cheers all.

          • Really has been a good week. You forgot to add the comments from Jay Feaster a couple of days ago during the 2cd period intermission of the CGY vs phX game. Those comments made my day. Calgary is so fubared. They will be like Montreal soon. Capped out and with no hope on the horizon. Subban got into another fight this week with a teammate. When will that marriage end? Thats a player I would trade for in a heartbeat. He could use a mentor like George Laraque around to help him focus his game.

            Read Laraques book. Incredible journey to the NHL. He really should go back to school to be a lawyer. George would make a good addition to the Oilers. Like Semenko and others who have become wonderful ambassadors over the years for the Oilers.

          • Wanyes bastard child

            Something a long the lines of his team not showing up and disappointing everyone if I recall correctly. Basically he said his team sucks.

            Also, YAY Hemsky 🙂

  • Oilfan69

    I think that they should go for 3 years with a cap hit of 5.0 with maybe a 6-5-4 breakdown to give him a bit more cash up front.

    Tambo should be shot for going longer than three due to injury concerns, looming CBA and the wonder kids contracts coming up.

    • Lowetide

      All I know is that whatever is in that photo doesn’t look like he’s in the mood for a nap!

      I’d go three years with Hemsky, the concern beyond that isn’t the kids it is the new CBA. The NHL doesn’t do things in rational ways and the new deal might have huge impact on things.

      jmo. 3 years.

      • treevojo

        Speaking of the new cba. Everyone including myself seem concerned with the second contracts of our future superstars and fitting them under a presumed smaller cap in the new cba. There use to be quite a bit of chatter from some of the gm’s complaining about the size of second contracts for rfa’s. What do you think the chances are that some sort of restrictions on these second contracts in the new cba might take care of the problem for Steve tambellini and co.

  • Management can help change the Oilers culture by re-signing Hemsky. Hall, Eberle, and RNH can’t get accustomed to UFA’s leaving Edmonton, especially one as talented as Hemsky.

    Tambellini’s had 3 years to assess and make easy moves, it’s time for him-Lowe to build a culture around the players that are here.

    The Oilers will play some important games over the next few years and Ales is a gamer. Unless Tambellini has a trade that changes the physical dynamic of the top 6, they need to keep Hemsky.


    This is by far the biggest decision for the Oilers since deciding to do the rebuild. So far the fans have been fairly patient. That being said trading Hemsky now will pro long the rebuild by two or more years and I don’t think any of us want that. Sign him please for two or three years at 5.5 a year. See how it goes. Trade him Down the road if need be. He is starting to look like the old Hemsky again.

    • Dipstick

      1. how exactly is trading Hemsky going to prolong the rebuild? you don’t trade him for straight picks and if you do those picks can be flipped for someone. change is not a bad thing. develop a core and interchange other parts.

      2. UFA or not, if he is that good he should certainly be more desired than he seems to be by actual hockey people not Oiler fans.

      3. a few games does not make the old Hemsky again. do i hope he gets there, yes without question. there is skill just need some leadership.

      under the right term and dollar amount (2 yr 9 mil max) i don’t care what happens either way.