Hurry Linus

Linus Omark may be the most qualified player in the Edmonton system to replace Ales Hemsky. 

At this point it is difficult to see what the Oilers have planned for RW moving forward. Some things are becoming more clear, however;Jason Gregor’s article yesterdaywas very revealing in regard to 83’s future with the team, the strongest indicator we’ve seen so far that the young Czech is headed elsewhere.

Which isn’t to say there is no time left to sign Hemsky. However, with the knowledge we have currently it is completely reasonable to suggest the Oilers management group have indeed sussed out their options at RW with Hemsky out f the picture.

What does that look like?

I’m not going to lie, it isn’t pretty. The Oilers RWers for skill lines sans Hemsky might look like this:

  • Jordan Eberle 47, 20-30-50
  • Ryan Jones 51, 12-10-22
  • Magnus Paajarvi 33, 0-4-4
  • Teemu Hartikainen 5, 0-0-0
  • Linus Omark 5, 0-0-0 (injured, likely back with OKC by next weekend)

You could argue Gagner can play that position but center appears to be his strength. So, if the Oilers offload Hemsky at the deadline, which of these young men will get the push?

Jones is the safest bet, an NHL player whose offense has vanished (he’s not alone) of late (0-2-2 in his last 10 games). Paajarvi performed well last winter when he got the push, but honestly keeping him in the AHL for the rest of the season might be the better plan. Hartikainen is an interesting option because he has size and is effective down low in battles but has not established himself in this year’s look-see like he did last season when recalled from the farm. 

Omark is an exceptional skill player, a slow start and an injury have him well down the depth chart. He’s an older player compared to someone like Paajarvi, and a Hemsky deal might be his last best chance.


A year ago, all of the options we’re discussing (Omark, Hartikainen, Paajarvi) performed well at the NHL level. This season has been a different story for the three Euro’s and I think Edmonton may hold open auditions for 2line RW using all of them plus Ryan Jones after the deadline.

That’s if the Oilers trade Hemsky. Ryan Rishaug’s tweet last night in regard to conversations between the two sides offers some hope, but I believe Jason Gregor caught the spirit of the situation covered in his article on Oilers Nation yesterday.

Good organizations have viable options waiting in the wings when dealing off notable talent. I’m not certain the Oilers can say they have the ‘Hemsky slot’ covered from within at this time.

Nation Radio takes a break this week, but we’ll be back with Oiler talk and interviews from across the Nations before you can say ‘is that a one-piece?’

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Clarko……just when do you predict Hensky will bounce back?

    83 points and most of these are secondary assists……who cares?

    I suspect that Hemsky will eventually stop pouting and start producing……we have all been waiting for that and it never seems to come. I dont want another Horcoff contract on this team and be stuck with this crybaby for another 6 years.

    Watch the young guys the are the future NOT Hemsky, Horcoff, Smyth……sorry but reality bites!

    • Romulus' Apotheosis

      Secondary assists? Please provide evidence of this, but even it was true, why doesn’t everyone else have a lot of ‘secondary assists’ if they are so easy to come by?

      Crybaby?? Again you have no evidence of this. Try to find a single quote where Hemsky either complains…or better yet, find one quote where a coach or teammate thinks that he is complaining or being a ‘crybaby’. Don’t bother looking too long, because that quote does not exist.

      He did produce the last two seasons when he is in the lineup…64 points in 69 games. This season has been admittedly a down year and no one is denying he should be playing better. But I think he has been getting somewhat better over the last month. He has 9 points in his last 12 games (that would be prorated to about a 60-point season). Not great numbers, but not too bad either.

  • Tha Legion

    Stop obsessing with Hemsky…….take down the Hemsky posters on your wall man!

    Im and Oiler fan………….NOT a Hemsky fan.
    Its too bad you cant understand that, I feel sorry for you.

  • A-Mc

    For all of those people wanting to replace Hemsky because he is injury prone , where do you think Omark has been for the past two months. When Hemsky was on his game, he was a 0.9 ppg player in the NHL. Omark’s last year in the KHL was 0.6 ppg. Oh yeah, he turns 25 this month. He is not a replacement for Hemsky on RW.

  • A-Mc

    Lets not forget how well the team has been playing lately with all the players coming off of injuries. We will get Nugent-Hopkins back tonight and Gilbert isn’t far behind. The Oilers have collected 7 out of 8 points against some very good competition over the last 4 games.

    My question is, do you mess with this lineup if they start playing like a playoff team over the next 3 weeks. I’m not suggesting they will make the playoffs (too far back at this point), but this team might look great with everybody back in the lineup.

  • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

    Kool aid and Selma for breakfast.

    At this point, I think Omark has a better chance of developing into a solid NHLer than MPS. Having said that, neither one of them can even come close to what Hemsky brings. I hope they sign this guy.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    ~I love to throw away valuable things~

    Couple of questions:

    $$ – what do you expect to pay a top 6 guy in the NHL?? – If you think you can discount the price you are either: 1) trading proven talent for ??? like Omark, or 2) living in a dream land

    how many top forwards does a team need to be successful? – It’s not so much that the Hemsky detractors don’t like Hemsky, it’s that they can’t count up to 6.

    • Tha Legion

      Really…….are you serious man? I think that you should start a Hemsky Fan Club and sign up guys like Gregor! Im starting to think that you dont watch any Oiler games.

      Even people like you will eventually come to reality on Hemsky!

      His play has dictated his support and right now most people see him for what he is……..a has been!

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        I’m really looking forward to 2-3 years from now when the team actually has a shot, and you are left scratching your head looking for some secondary scoring.

        • Romulus' Apotheosis

          Man I’m starting to see your true potential………get into comedy, because man you are too funny!

          I wait for the day to eat my words, and I suspect that day will never come. I love Detroit because they rarely get a player wrong……..they said it all when they alerted the entire NHL that Hemsky has gone soft…….maybe not physically but most definitely emotionally and mentally.

          We have too many up and coming players to worry about when Hemsky will find his game? Hey you wanna bet tonight against the team that just told him to PFO, he disappears?


      • Romulus' Apotheosis

        It’s incredibly telling that you didn’t bother to answer my questions.

        Look you don’t like Hemsky. Fine. Answer these questions then:

        If you think $$ is the issue: how much do you expect to pay top 6 talent? (forget Hemsky just in general)

        If you deal Hemsky who do you fill in that spot? There are two choices.

        1) hope MPV, Omark or someone else in the system (Jones?) can play in that role. If they can perform at that level they will have overcome miraculous odds; Or,

        2) you suddenly find yourself with not only gaps at G and D but a new one at RW. SO you either look to trade (who’s going to give up top 6 and without serious pay back… oh yea… idiots like the Oilers – if you think they are easy to acquire by trade you are crazy); or by free agency… well who’s available that will come, for how much (if you thought Hemsky’s asking price too steep wait till you find yourself buying on the open market)

        These are real problems that GMs have to deal with. It’s not as simple as souring on a guy and trading him simply to move him. The ramifications are huge when trading a top 6 forward or top 4 D. You better have answers ready for these questions.

        And, I’m sorry but right now LO and MPV are not the answer.

        So, do we want to be a competitive team in the next two years? or do you want to put it off 3 more, hope the core of Hall, Ebs and RNH are still around and that your trade acquisitions turn out?

        What’s the bigger gamble? Instead of railing at Hemsky and his supporters, engage the arguments. Show me a path where trading him makes this team better either now or down the road that isn’t simply “he sucks.”

        In other words, show me your work on this math problem.

        • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

          Not my fight, but since the Oilers are at this point 29th and headed for the 2nd overall pick, and are hell bent on tossing 18 year olds into the NHL, what about:

          Hall – RNH – Eberle
          Smyth – Grigorenko – Gagner

          And if Columbus takes Grigorenko, then you are looking at:

          Hall – Gagner- Eberle
          Smyth – RNH – Yakupov

          Just sayin’

        • Romulus' Apotheosis

          I believe that Omark and MPS are players deserving of an opportunity to play. Your supposition that there are only two choices ( that you listed) is without merit.

          I believe that when Hemsky came into the league it took him three years to start producing so replacing him with a prospect or younger player, should be given the same consideration.

          I would use that opening to audition any player deserving an opportunity……..throw in Gagner in addition to MPS and Omark. Keep the cap space so that once free agency comes along we have some options. Right now we do not need Hemsky he has brought nothing to the table, and this my friend is NOT the way to mentor our youth.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            I didn’t say only two. I said:

            “MPV, Omark or someone else in the system (Jones?)”

            Development is an issue. But I don’t tie it to Hemsky in the same way. I also take it that we see the AHL differently. I think it is a great incubator for players.

            Look at Gagner. I would have treated him like SJ did Couture. Let him work his way through the system and arrive when he’s got the confidence and is ready to go NHL style. Rushing players has it’s down side.

            This is basically the Detroit model. Retain talent and slow cook prospects.

            Anyway… I’m cracking a beer… we’ll do this again in a couple of days… till then I’m putting hemsky on the shelf… enjoy the game!

        • A-Mc

          Your tone sounds a lot like a personal attack there man. Anyone who is looking to move hemsky doesn’t warrant being called an idiot.

          The math for me would easily be: trade hemsky for something like Whitney on the back end.(if you can)

          The price tag on a legit, healthy top 6 would be about 5m-6m depending on thier role. I do not consider hemsky a regular top 6 for the oilers based on:

          1. Work ethic
          2. Leadership
          3. Play making
          4. Health (games played)

          I would:
          Bring up a young guy to wing the second line. Hemsky’s contribution seems to be passing. Omark’s name comes up because he is a very good passer and is very hard to take off the puck. Other guys like a net crashing Hartik. Might work too.

          3 hot shot youngsters, a .92PPG hemsky, a surging at times but overall good Ryan smyth, and a 2nd line center in Sam gagner has not brought the oil to the playoffs and is in fact looking to be a bottom feeder team once again
          . Obviously the front end talent isn’t enough so you have to ask yourself, what part(s) of that front end are you willing to part with to get a decent defender.

          If Hemsky isn’t the guy to use to make that trade, then who is?

          If this season comes and goes and tambo moves no one, but signs hemsky to a 4 year 5m/yr contract, what will you have to say?

          Signing hemsky means we’re accepting that our team won’t change much for next year besides some new young guys that we aquire in the draft.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            The amount of dancing the hemsky bashers are willing to do is hilarious.

            It’s very simple:

            He won’t sign – fine you trade him.

            He wants a $ and/or term that you aren’t willing to give – fine you trade him

            You are offerd a proven Dman in return – fine you trade him

            You are offerd a cant miss prospect or a pick you deem high enough to get a cant miss prospect – fine you trade him

            The rest is just straws people are grasping at to try and prove their point.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            C’mon dude… I never called anyone an idiot. and I notice your concerns over tone don’t apply to the guy I was actually chatting with… who comes up with gems like this:

            Really…….are you serious man? I think that you should start a Hemsky Fan Club and sign up guys like Gregor! Im starting to think that you dont watch any Oiler games.


            Stop obsessing with Hemsky…….take down the Hemsky posters on your wall man!

            Im and Oiler fan………….NOT a Hemsky fan. Its too bad you cant understand that, I feel sorry for you.

            What did I say in response to this that upset you?

            I worst thing I can find on the thread is the “can’t count to 6” line. It should be clear that I’m suggesting that people are so caught up in the Hall, Ebs, RNH future that they forget that you still have to field the rest of the forward core… ie, not suggesting that people literally can’t count to 6.

            But on to your substance:

            Well most people concede his top 6 status. Last year the top 180 (ie top 6 or 6×30) forwards scored 34 points or more. That’s the benchmark for top 6. I think that Hemsky has a solid shot to produce at a rate better than that in the next 4 years.

            Bringing up a young guy is a long shot for that kind of production. But make no mistake that is what we will be looking for if we dump Hemsky.

            If Hemsky isn’t the guy to use to make that trade, then who is?

            If this season comes and goes and tambo moves no one, but signs hemsky to a 4 year 5m/yr contract, what will you have to say?

            Signing hemsky means we’re accepting that our team won’t change much for next year besides some new young guys that we aquire in the draft.

            This is a massive red herring of a specious argument. If my preference is to keep Hemsky (depending on terms, $ etc.) why would that imply that my preference is also to stand pat with the team? Who has ever made the argument here or elsewhere that the Oiler should re-sign Hemsky and do nothing besides?

            As @Nate suggests up thread (#30) the $ issue isn’t that big a deal. Signing Hemsky won’t prevent us from keeping the kids and adding on D. So what would the reason be to stand pat if we kept Hemsky.

            What would I say if that were the case: one more symptom of ST being a terrible GM.

          • Wanyes bastard child

            Also in regard to what Nate said (and I read this somewhere) the kids are already making close to 4 million on their ELC’s I believe. It’s really not going to cost us that much more to pay them, I’m thinking tack on maybe 6 million over what all three are making already and that is a pretty easy pill to swallow considering some of the contracts coming off the books.

            I haven’t done the math but this suggests to me that we can still pay Hemsky, keep the kids happy, get that elusive D-man we are looking for and still have cap room to tweak here or there.

          • A-Mc

            I’m on my phone so it makes it hard to copy pieces of a previous post. In short your response to a hemsky trader included a line about who would trade a top 6er for anything less than a soul, “oh yea.., idiots like the oilers”.

            I called you on that because you’re better than that kind of comment. It’s not worth scolding the obvious offenders.

            Anyway, going on:

            I suggest that if we don’t trade hemsky, we’re essentially not changing the team because I don’t think we have any other pieces that we could move that would get us a Whitney type. It’s questionable that hemsky would even bring in a Whitney, but he is our best shot. The other option is Gagner but I don’t like the idea of moving gagner. Being as young as he his and his work ethic, I think he fits our oiler image.
            I’m under the impression that teams don’t trade decent defenseman with out a capable body in return. This is why teams are home growing thier boys now. If this is false, and we can straight up buy a 5mill/yr stud D, then let’s do it and keep hemsky (as long as hemskys asking price is reasonable)

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            Fair enough. I missed that one.

            here it is by the way:

            (who’s going to give up top 6 and without serious pay back… oh yea… idiots like the Oilers – if you think they are easy to acquire by trade you are crazy)

            But in my defence I missed it because it was targeted at the Oiler brass and conditionally so… not at a commenter.

            I think the point stands. Letting a top 6 go for nothing is a bad decision. But I take your point. Maybe I got too hot and unruly. I’ll try to be better.

            I agree that we need D more than we need Forwards. but the best bet we get with hemsky (unpackaged with someone else) is a maybe several years down the line (unless we get a near ready prospect) and may never work out. I don’t think another Whitney is coming without more in the deal or a UFA/FA signing.

            And… then we will need to go find a top 6 forward while we wait and hope for that prospect to work out.

            All that makes me nervous.

            I’m not against trading per se… but I’m also not sold it’s the best option. And I don’t think you can disdain the option of a signing right off the bat and be successful.

          • A-Mc

            If it works out where we have to trade hemsky and gagner for a good D, then IMO, that’s a bad deal. I would keep both guys.

            The only thing that makes me nervous about keeping hemsky is that I’m afraid of his price tag.

            If he took a 3year 12m deal (5m-4m-3m) with a 1m bonus for points over X/season, I would be ok signing him. That gives him 1 year to produce like he should, and 2yrs at a reasonable price/cap hit if we need to move him because he hasn’t fit.

            Horc isn’t movable and I just hope hemsky isn’t looking for a contract like that.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            Can you explain the reasoning behind that decision? I’ve never heard that before. Are bonuses reserved for younger players or something? Who does that benefit more the players or management?

        • bazmagoo

          I think if the Oilers can get a high end prospect like Ryan Ellis from Nashville or Jonathan Bernier from LA then it’s feasible to think that deal would make the Oilers better in the near future (1-2 years).

          I agree if they end up trading Hemmer for a Colten Teubert level prospect and a 1st it does nothing to help the teams development over the next 2-3 years and should not be done.

          None of these young guys want to be playing for a losing team indefinitely.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            That’s definitely closer to the mark. If ST gets an NHL ready (or very near to) D that is projected to at least sniff at the top 4 in the next couple of years… that will definitely make a difference.

            However, even if that is the best case scenario (i still think it’s debatable and the impending search for another top 6 forward will show that), how would that justify not exploring all your options? ie. not testing the waters with Hemsky?

    • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

      You suppose the same guys who wants to trade Hemsky are the same guys who criticize management for getting rid of guys like Satan, Cleary, Whitney?

      • Bucknuck

        It could be, but I would argue that Satan, Cleary, and Whitney were all traded before they showed what they can do. Trading Gagner would be more similar to those names than trading Hemsky.

        Hemsky has been in the league for ten years. He’s a proven talent and can be counted upon for good offence when he is healthy, which hasn’t been often lately.

        What I find interesting are the things not being said about Hemsky. They don’t talk about his work ethic, or his leadership, or his presence in the room. If you are going to pay a veteran good coin to be in a young team, he should be providing some of those items, no?

  • Does this team need a $4M Hemsky or a $4M Top 4 d-man that can move the puck?

    Bottom line is how can you afford RNH, Hall, and Eberle if they all get paid between $5-6M each plus whomever we take in this year’s draft plus a $4M Hemsky. Doesn’t leave a lot of cap space…even if it contiues to rise a bit.

    • Say the Oilers sign Hall, RNH, Eberle for $6 million and this year’s 1st gets $4million, that’s $22million for their core. Edmonton has plenty of cap space even at this price range. Ryan Smyth won’t make $6.25 moving forward, so $4million for Hemsky’s fine, but for how many years?

      Chicago- $21.7 for Toews, Kane, Hossa, and Sharp. With room for Keith-Seabrook at $11 million.

      Vancouver- $22.5 for Sedin, Sedin, Kesler, and Luongo.

      Pens-$26.4 for Malkin, Crosby, Stall, and Fleury

      LA- $23.8 for Kopitar, Richards, Doughty, and Johnson.

      I think the Oilers would like to change the dynamic of their forwards. A Lucic, Stewart, or Benn type winger and they’ll have plenty of cap space to sign a couple defenseman.

  • filthymotherpucker

    Ok I’m pretty sure a pylon could acheive more than hemsky right now. He’s gotta go while we can get something for him. He is exactly what the old Oilers were about. Its time to keep moving forward and bring in someone who looks like he actually wants a job in the NHL. Hemsky has been ann eyesore all year long and looks like he’d rather be a figure skater than a hockey player.

  • A-Mc

    The Hemsky era is over or should be over. If in my job sales dipped three years in a row and I never came to work and put in an honest days work……..I suspect I would be fired!

    Hemsky has been eclipsed by all of the younger players and considering he is in the prime of his career, he should be producing plain and simple. No more excuses, we have heard too many of them; his shoulders are bad, he has no one to play with, he has no real center man to play with in years, he has a headache, people say mean things about him, his feeling are hurt……..who cares?

    This guy for the past three years has no game and the play always dies on his stick!

    Let’s trade the bum!

    • Bucknuck

      LOL!!! Yeah, his 84 points in 107 games over the last 3 seasons (including his numbers this year) is TERRIBLE!!! Throw him out!

      Injuries does not equal excuses! They are very real and I don’t blame any player in the NHL for having injury issues. If anything, I suppose you can say he has been too aggressive at times which has made him somewhat vulnerable to injuries.

      Like Gregor said, top 6 forwards do not grow on trees. As it stands now, we could have two legitimate scoring lines. Tonight we might see Hall-Gagner-Eberle, Smyth-Nuge-Hemsky. That looks pretty good to me.

      The other issue is the gross mismanagement by the Oilers. They should have been negotiating this contract extension over a year ago. Even if you plan on trading him, it would have raised his trade value substantially. Instead we will lose him for pennies on the dollar if we trade him now, or lose him for nothing if he goes to free agency.

  • OilFan

    Omark and Hemsky both march to the beat of their own drum. That makes it hard if not impossible to get either of them to buy in to any system.

    Whoever it is they slot in, whether it be Omark, Harti or whomever the Oil are going to have to put them in a position to succeed. Don’t put them with the Horc-line or Belanger. Put them with some talent and leave them there for a few games and give them a fair shot. The Oil aren’t famous for patience.

  • A-Mc

    Linus Omark is at the precipice of becoming an NHL never was. He needs to come back strong,focused and determined. He of all of the prosects in the Oilers farm system has the skill to play as a top 6 forward. Does he have the heart? Does he have the guts night in and night out? If the Oilers and Hemsky part ways we will find out sooner rather than later. I want him to succeed. I want him to bring that swagger of his and back it up with points. He is probably sitting on his couch in OKC and just chomping at the bit after the Gagner onslaught. Omark could be “the guy”. The question is does he want to do what it takes to be that guy. I hope he does. He is a hell of an enetertaining player to watch on the ice.Cowboy up Omark and get ready for a ride of a lifetime.

  • OilFan

    It’s funny all the kool aid drinking on the nation regarding there prospects and you all right O’mark off ?

    I read everyones comments months ago about Hemsky leaving practice early etc now we have to keep him ?

    Hensky is on psce for just over 30 points this season, is that hard to replace ? >

  • 1manwolfpack

    I’d prefer to see Linus in Hemsky’s spot if and when something happens.Hopefully he can get back in the OKC lineup soon and earn a call up

    Impeccable taste, LT! Selma has always been high on my list! Her “scenes” in Desperado will forever be burned in my mind. As will any pic of her in that Frida unibrow outfit.

    • A-Mc

      My concerns are:

      1) Renney puts Omark back on a line with Belanger thus cutting any chance of him contributing offensively.

      2) The Oilers could still move Omark, with RFA waiting for him in the offseason.

      Don’t want to see another Miro Satan deal, the Oilers need to give Linus a shot with the skill lines.

      Also, he’s going to need at least 5 games in the AHL to get back up to speed after a broken ankle.

  • Headline kind of nailed it for me. HURRY LINUS!

    ..and he’ll be back this Thursday. He’s a slow starter though so might struggle a bit for the first week or so but he’ll be good. Personally, I’m hoping he’s back with the Oil post trade deadline at the latest.

    I know Archaeologuy secretly agrees with me.

  • Replacing a real talent like Hemsky, who has a long history of playing and producing against top players, with Linus Omark makes me sad.

    I hope we can fill other more pressing needs with what we get for Hemsky. If we fail to do that then we’re moving backwards.

    • I think Omark or Paajarvi could easily fill the void of Hemsky’s departure & contribute more than what Hemmer has done over the last two years! If LO or MPS get the ice time Hemsky has been given they will produce! Too much talent there not to! They just need to play!

      I would hate to see the Oilers offer the kind of dollars Ales will command & the term & then wonder how many games the team gets out of him during the year? No thanks!

    • A-Mc

      Looking at hemsky since he started getting injured: do you really see a top talent there? What about this season even?

      Question: if we sign hemsky for 1 more year and in that year he stays healthy but he plays like he has played this season. Would you keep him @4-5m/yr when it came time to make a new 3-4yr contract?

      • The talent is there. He’s just starting to feel healthy again. He’s at his worst now and still produces more than Omark. I’d make the gamble that he’d return to form sooner than Omark could elevate his game to a place he’s never been.

        But the writing is on the wall. Hemsky is as good as gone. I just hope we can get a part that we need for him. If we dont then we just lost a 2RW for nothing, and that position gets added to the long list of Oiler needs.

        • A-Mc

          To be fair, omark wasn’t given much of a chance this season due to contract limitations. If we had omark and hemsky up in the NHL right now, I think hemsky would produce more. But the kicker for me is the price tag that comes with a hemmer contract. If omark can be 80% of what hemsky is but with a significantly lower price tag, I’d take that deal all day. I want lots of $$ room when hall/ebs/RNH are up for real contracts because those boys we cannot afford to lose.

  • A-Mc

    One issue I see the oilers have is puck possession after we’ve done the chip an chase. Unless its one of the kids who chase it, our other guys don’t seem to win the 1-1 and therefore we don’t setup the offensive attack.

    If there is one thing omark is good at, it’s beating guys 1-1 and playing keep away. I think that skill alone could really help with our attack game.

    Hemsky tries to do this but I don’t think he is very good at it.

  • Captain Obvious

    LT, I really hope that the brain trust have seen something more in Linus than the masses have. There is no arguing that the kid has skill, I only question his overall complete and lack of a complete game.

    When Hemsky was playing like the player we dearly miss, before the last few injuries, he was responsible defensively and you could rely on him playing tough minutes with the likes of 3 years ago Horcoff. I don’t see that yet from Linus. Can he round into shape? Maybe, but he isn’t 21 and still adjusting to the pros. He was playing pro prior to coming here. I hope my pessimism is proven wrong as I dont see anyone else right now who can ate up. Jones will definitely be in a bit over his head long term, great short term stop gap though.

  • A-Mc

    I read that Linus is hitting the gym and taking some things seriously. In all honesty, results aside, I would rather see Linus out there than hemsky most days based on effort alone.

    Having both would be A-ok with me but if it’s going to cost us 4-5m/yr to have hemmer around, I just don’t see that being a good signing. I we do keep hemsky around for a while maybe Renney can mandate he take hypnotherapy to cure his no-shoot condition.

    Can’t wait to see Linus back in action, I’m disappointed that it won’t be until next season though (if he doesn’t get traded).

  • A-Mc

    LT, I completely agree. The Oilers don’t seem to have any sort of succession plan at right wing (or any sort of plan that involves veteran players outside of a defensive forward type of role).

    Does anyone else think this is a little short sighted?