Every now and again your ol’ pal Wanye will stumble on information while standing in line at the bottle depot. It doesn’t happen often and we don’t make stuff up the rest of the time like other fake named internet bloggers.* So you can trust us when we say that the Oil are jerking around Ryan Smyth and that it is another example of how the organization is effing up in so many ways.

We recently had a conversation with someone connected to the Smyth camp. And when we say had a conversation it was the farthest thing from pretending to be some puffed up Media wannabe. No we came across as a tearful Oiler fan happy to be talking to someone who knows the scoop with Smytty.

This is the second time we have had a chat with this cat. The last time ol’ #94 was still an LA King. At the time we drunkenly pleaded “Smytty needs to come home. He is probably peeling from the Sun down in LA and we miss him so much” before dissolving into tears and needing to be led away.

As we were being dragged from the conversation, this person lifted our spirits to the moon when they called out “that isn’t the craziest thing you’ve ever said. He does want to return to Edmonton, not because he doesn’t like LA but because he wants to come home for the rest of his career.”


Almost a year to the day we ran into them again and gushed about how happy we were that ol’ Smytty was back where he belonged in Oil City. “An then he scored all them goals and he looked so happy and then the NUUUUUUUGE was happy and Eberle already has 30 goals an then Taylor Head got his coconut stomped on an we were all so sad an then -” began our “interview.”

“You know,” the person replied good humouredly, “it’s great how happy you are to have Ryan back in the fold. He is thrilled too and honestly can’t believe the reception Oilers fans have given him. It is killing him how contract talks are going and that he doesn’t have an offer yet from the Oilers.”


Doesn’t have an offer? How is this possible we wondered – ostensibly in our head but infact aloud continuing the most painful conversation this poor person has probably had in months. “Well when he was considering leaving LA the Flames came to the table to make a serious pitch for him. He certainly didn’t ever think too hard about going to Calgary (insert our relieved face here) and then Katz phoned him personally and said that if he came back to Edmonton it would be for the rest of his career.”

“Then at the deadline he had heard rumours the Oilers were listening to offers for him. It didn’t go very far but that plus the fact they haven’t made him an offer even though the season is winding down is upsetting for him. He just wants some stability and to stay in Edmonton for the rest of his career. It’s too bad really.”


First of all Ryan Smyth is a Saint and the best Oiler in the past 20 years hands down. Guys with his heart, devotion to the team and long term output come along once in a blue moon. His shoddy treatment by this organization disgraces us all.

We would rather the entire brass, coaching staff and front office be summarily fired and shipped out of country than for Ryan Smyth to have another moment of his unhappiness on their account.

This organization doesn’t deserve Ryan Smyth and it seems convinced to prove this time and time again. Think a world class outfit like Detroit would treat it’s Ryan Smyth like this? Right.


What about all the talk we saw on the TSN that said they were in talks with Smyth? How does a franchise that has serious issues inspiring loyalty among players, a franchise with a reputation for alienating NHLers and a franchise who has already boggled the ball with Smyth once allow these things to go into the eleventh hour?

This reminds us of the BS between the Oilers and Hemsky as was reported so well by Jason Gregor a few weeks back:

 “The trade deadline is 24 days away, and so far Ales Hemsky hasn’t heard anything from the Oilers regarding his future with or without the team. How is this possible? Does Steve Tambellini believe that top-six forwards grow on trees, and that it will be easy to replace Hemsky?”

“It is ridiculous that the Oilers haven’t approached him with anything significant to see if he’d be willing to re-sign. Maybe they will have differing opinions on terms of a new deal, but if the Oilers don’t at least approach him and his agent then they have failed big-time in trying to ensure that this team becomes competitive.”


For an organization that has made some puzzling signings in the past 24 months – Barker and the three year contracts for Belanger and Eager spring to mind – how is it that the Oilers leave cornerstone contracts like Hemsky and Smyth contracts until the 11th hour?

This front office is something else. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the slow painful climb out of the league basement does it? We can’t wait until this abrasive group are focusing their attention on re-signing Hall, Eberle and our precious Nuge.


*Confirmed E5

** He doesn’t.

  • Cru Jones

    Yes, just like how Hemsky “didn’t have an offer” and was 100 per cent going to be traded?

    Smyth, although beloved, has made his own bed here. He asked for a trade back to the city, and now he’s complaining that there’s no offer? The guy has put himself in a position where he has ZERO bargaining power. I’m sure that once he gets around to it (after y’know, fixing everything else) ol’ Tambellini in his infinite wisdom will get around to #94.

    In the meantime, sit tight Smytty. I’m sure you’ve got a couple bucks in the bank to get you by.

      • Cru Jones

        You found this out on your own how? You talked to someone connected to Smyth? Isn’t that how most complaints are found out, save for the Souray-type scenarios? Like I said, I’m sure they’ll get around to Smyth, but his current situation is of his own doing.

        • He wasn’t leaking anything to the media with a well placed anonymous comment dude. I’m not someone you leak stuff to because I am not a real person.

          How is this situation of his doing? Publicly demanding to be traded back to Edmonton forcing both team’s hands then asking to stay here for the rest of eternity?

          Yeah sounds like he is really angling for anything else other than to retire an Oiler.

          • Cru Jones

            Precisely my point. He’s cut his own feet from under him in terms of negotiating power. So, because of this, our GM (who may or may not be our GM next year) should come running to the guy, contract in hand? Hardly.

            If people are worried about anyone on this team not being signed, it’s Gagner and Petry heading into the off-season.

          • Do I think one of the most loyal players to his team in the NHL who is in the twilight of his career should be signed to what could be his final contract of his career sooner than in the 11th hour?


          • Danny Donkey

            Wanye, mabye you can help me understand things by clarifying. You say that Smyth is one of the most loyal players to his team. I’m wondering how you make a statement like that based on what has happened in the past. Did Smyth not eventually get traded because he no longer would take a hometown discount and therefore did not accept a deal which was reported as being 100-200k per year off from the Oilers offer? Smyth also could have signed in the offseason with the Oilers (unless management didn’t want to because they were rebuilding?)but instead chose to hit the homerun with Colorado’s offer. If he is so loyal to the team and bleeds copper and blue, why did he leave because of money? I’m not disputing that the Oiler’s management may have been disrespectful in offering Smyth 100-200k a year less then what he wanted, but if Smyth loved playing here so much and was so loyal, why did he leave?

            Maybe some of my facts aren’t accurate which would completley disregard this message so if any of my info is wrong perhaps someone could tell me the accurate info so I can better understand.

          • Edmonton’s offer was about $100,000 a season less than the absolute MINIMUM amount Smyth and Meehan were willing to accept.

            That’s a lot different than being $100,000 a season less than what Smyth thought he could get on the open market and what he actually signed for in his next contract.

          • Cru Jones

            Not at all if it means an overpayment. Regardless of who you believe, Smyth left Edmonton because there was at least some uncertainty as to his value – a fact that was made more than clear with his performance during the duration of the deal – he wasn’t worth it.

            Tambellini was able to sign Hemsky for 2 years – a term that few were willing to consider – by playing a little brinksmanship. I wouldn’t expect things to be any different with Smyth.

            And yes, I am a Ryan Smyth fan.

          • Fair point. I just don’t think brinkmanship in every contract negotiation is necessary. We haven’t even brought term or value into the conversation yet so it is premature to say he is going to be overpaid.

            At least you are a Smyth fan good on you there.

  • The Farmer

    I love Smyth , but sometimes I wonder if he isn’t the be all and end all we think he is. Stauffer won’t come out and say it ever, but the way he beats around the bush, I get the feeling that 94 isn’t as good of a teammate as we would all like to believe.

    Personally I think they want him back, and I know I do. But it has to be a very reasonable contract. I wonder if the organization is worried about low balling him, or at least giving that impression, when they approach him with an offer of what he is actually worth. Thus making the negotiations a little stagnant.

      • The Farmer

        Hey Wanye I have a Smyth jersey, I hope he retires here. I just get the feeling that this is how the organization feels. As far as getting slapped, tonight is my last game before I’m married to calving season, so I might need a little human physical contact 😉

        • OK slap revoked I’m sorry. But when the organization has a flood of A Grade talent coming out of entry level contracts on the horizon they need to have set an example of how loyal players are treated.

          Good luck with calving season I saw a goat born once and almost died on the spot.

  • Tambo doing “nothing” is not only believable…. it is status quo when subjects called “contracts” are afoot.

    Then again….. he has also forgotten to ask for an extension himself….. just so we are all on the same page.