Is Ralph Krueger Done With The Oilers?

Multiple reports out of Europe suggest that Edmonton Oilers associate coach Ralph Krueger will not be returning to the team.

Commenter Alex Mathis passed along the following link to 20 Minuten, a daily language newspaper published in Switzerland. It’s always dicey to use Google Translate, but it does typically pass along the gist of the story. Translated from the article:

Ralph Krueger’s contract as an “associate coach” in Edmonton has expired and will not be renewed. He says, compared to 20 minutes online, that he once again looking for a change of air: “I have learned so much in Edmonton. But now I want to again take over a team and work as a head coach.” The question is: Where is Ralph Krueger head coach? A promotion to head coach in Edmonton is unlikely.

Even Ralph Krueger does not expect a top job in the NHL. “I have not done any interviews and will now plan my future in peace. But this much I can say. The goal is to take over Western Europe to a team as head coach.” He leaves open whether a club team or a national team.

If just one outlet were running with this story, it would be a bit more open to question. However, that news is also being reported in other outlets – a quick Google news search reveals 79 related articles, many of them in highly reputable European newspapers.

Tom Renney’s future is still uncertain, but it would appear that Ralph Krueger is decided on his.