I’ll be live blogging from the draft floor in Pittsburgh today.

The Oilers have an opportunity to add some depth to the organization today, and I expect them to add some players with a combination of size and skill.

The Oilers are currently scheduled to have six picks today, but I expect them to make a move or two so those numbers could change.


8:04 MST: Columbus doesn’t surprise anyone and take goalie Oscar Dansk.

8:05: The Oilers needed some much needed grit and toughness, but they needed it in the form of a player who can play, so they took rugged winger Mitch Moroz from the Oil Kings. This might have been a bit early, but I spoke to Stu MacGregor on Thursday and he was worried that he wouldn’t be there at #63.

They are really high on Moroz’s overall game, but mostly that he is hard to play against, tough and he has some decent skill.

2011/2012 stats… 16 goals, 25 points, 131 pims in 66 games with Oil Kings in WHL.

I’m sure many will say this was a reach, and a bit early, but teams rarely trade "functional toughness" and the Oilers have virtually none in their organization. It will be a few years before we see Moroz, but the Oilers clearly deviated from the "best player available" motto with this pick.

8:21: Go talk to Moroz…clips to come.

8:29: Round two ends…Took 25 minutes…Round one took four hours. NHL needs to find a way to speed up the first round, four hours is ridiculous.


8:30: With the 63rd pick the Oilers pick Jujhar Khaira from Prince George of the BCHL.

Khaira is a big kid, standing 6’2 and 205 pounds already. "I’m a power forward, play a two-way game. I’m really good below the goalline in the offensive zone and finding guys in the slot," he said.

"I’m pumped to be going to Edmonton, they have my favourite player, Taylor Hall and I watched Nugent-Hopkins growing up in Burnaby, so I’m excited to maybe play with them."

Khaira has a scholarship to Michigan Tech, but Everett just traded for his rights, and he said he’ll talk to the Oilers about what route is best for his career.

2011/2012 stats… 29 goals, 79 points, 69 pims in 54 games with Spruce Kings in BCHL.

8:55… The oilers acquired this 3rd rounder from  the Kings as part of the Dustin Penner trade…

The 91st pick of the draft and the last pick of the 3rd round the Oilers select from the Belleville Bulls of the OHL, Daniil Zharkov. Zharkov is another big body, 6’3, 200 pounds. Shoots left, plays LW and tallied 23 goals and 36 points in 50 games with Belleville.

2011/2012 stats… 23 goals, 36 points, 25 pims in 50 games with Belleville of the OHL.

Zharkov is a charasmatic guy. Said he was Canadian and wants to be better than Yakupov… "I know him and I’ve spoken with him a few times. I like him. He’s a good guy," Zharkov said regarding Yakupov. Zharkov has size and is a scorer. 

He also was adamant he isn’t going to Russia. He wants to play in NHL, and he said he has lots of people to prove wrong, since he was ranked as high as 32nd amongst North American skaters…


8:58… With the 93rd pick the Oilers took Erik Gustafsson from Djurgarden. He’s a left shooting D-man. He’ll need to put on some weight, and he’ll likely be a guy they develop slowly in Sweden. He’s a 20-year-old.

2011/2012 stats… 3 goals, 7 points, 16 pims in 41 games with Djurgardens in the SEL

9:10… Still no Omark trade.

9:22… Florida takes a timeout…Fans boo, as does media who want this to keep going. There was 83 picks made in first 75 minutes and now a timeout…


9:30… With the 2nd pick of the 5th round, and 123rd overall the Oilers select from the University of Denver, Joey Laleggia.

Laleggia is an offensive D-man. He played at the University of Denver last season, and spent the previous two seasons with the Pentiction Vees of the BCHL. He turns 20 tomorrow and was named rookie of the year in the WCHA this past season.

2011/2012 stats… 11 goals, 38 points, 16 pims in 43 games with Denver in the WCHA (college)
In 2010/2011 Laleggia had 20 goals and 82 points in 58 games. He’s not very big, at only 5’10", 185, but he can move the puck.

9:42…Starting to get tweets and emails that the Oilers screwed made some bad picks. I’ve never understood how fans, who’ve never seen most of these kids play, actually think a young kid is an awful pick. I get if you go off the board in the first round, but in the 3rd, 4th and later rounds it is really a crap shoot. You draft for need as much as anything and you hope these kids pan out.

9:50… I count at least 15 players still sitting in the stands waiting to be drafted. If you kid is getting drafted in the next few years, unless they are rated in the top-100 in every ratings guide I wouldn’t recommend them coming. Nothing worse than having your son sit through 210 picks and never hear his named called.


9:56… With the 153rd pick the Oilers select another big forward, and another 20-year old, John McCarron from Cornell University. McCarron is listed at 6’3" 215 pounds.

It is clear the depth of this draft class wasn’t great, because we’ve seen numerous 20-year-olds taken thus far, and the Oilers have chosen three.

2011/2012 stats… 6 goals, 19 points, 61 pims in 35 games with Conrell in the ECAC (college)

Unless the Oilers make a trade, they are done drafting for today. I will have MacGregor’s evaluation of the picks coming up at the conclusion of the draft.

  • Spydyr

    @ Rom

    Khaira: LW Prince Geroge BCHL 6-2 185 lbs. 54 games, 29 goals, 50 assists, 69 PIMS. Aggressive physical player, thrives down low, and protects puck well. Committed to Michigan Tech next year.

    Thanks to Skidplate this was stolen from him

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    is burke allergic to ties??

    why does he wear one and then not tie it?

    it’s like those idiots that take a helmet but leave it on their handlebars of their bike

      • Romulus' Apotheosis

        just about everything he does is irritating. living in Toronto I have to see his stupid face on tv all the time

        i mean… just go tieless… ties suck, I get it… but you look like a jerk draping one over your shoulders like that

        and the no hats… that’s like Steinbrenner and his sideburns/short hair policy… it’s a power trip, not substantive

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    I like the philosophy of taking players close to home or moving them to the Oil Kings to help development… But Moroz at #32 ranked #170th by ISS?! Come on really? #32 pick is almost like a 1st round pick… Bad time to choose to reach on a player…

    • Soccer Steve

      With all due respect, and I can very safely assume this, you know nothing about these players except what you JUST googled two minutes ago. Stu has likely been watching them for over a year.

      Also, read any of Gregor’s articles on draft-to-NHL likelihoods. You may as well close your eyes and just point at a name once it hits the 2nd round and beyond. Obviously, no one will do this but I feel I need to preface that sentence with one like this to a person like you! All due respect.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    man these Sutters all look mildly alike.. it is more disconcerting that they aren’t more similar… the similarity jumps at you after you look too long…

    anyway, can some of you Oil King fans do a write-up on Moroz… not a scouting report.. but a “saw him…”

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    Is Tambi so uncomfortable talking in public that he forgets things like opening the draft by thanking the host city, or congrats to the Kings, or shout out to Oiler fans or whatever?

    I just thought that during the whole first overall pick thing yesterday he couldnt wait to get away from the microphone.

    • fuzzy muppet

      Lol.. Tambi is “so” uncomfortable in front of a mike. I don’t think he’s a supremely confident individual? Or he’s just very awkward? not sure which it is?

      I also notice how much he likes to throw in the word “SO” in a lot of what he says. The Oilers are SO proud to select. We are SO excited to see this player.

    • Romulus' Apotheosis

      It seems a pretty loose convention… lots of GMs skipped it and the tsn guys seemed to diss the extra talk…

      but I think it’s classy to thank your hosts and congratulate winners.