Who do you love?

All coaches have players on their team who they trust above others. Part of that trust comes from the coaches pouring over stats. Which center wins the highest percentage of draws? Which defencemen has the least number of turnovers a game? Which forward hits the net with a shot most often?

The Little Things

Those are all some of the stats that can be tracked, recorded and reviewed. However a coach’s trust is earned in many more ways then from just a stat sheet he can review while riding on the team plane to the next city. It is the little plays made during the game that are not tracked by stats that really influence a coach’s trust or lack thereof in a player.

Can a winger get the puck out on the wall in his own zone when it is rimmed to him? This is a huge play that directly impacts a game. The ability to perform this task properly, as in getting it out, immediately takes the pressure off in the defensive zone. How many times do we see a winger fail to get it out because of the pressure applied by a pinching defenceman and it result in a goal?

Can a defenceman retrieve a puck in his own zone and under pressure make a quick breakout pass? So important! This is one of the most difficult plays in hockey to do but when done properly it literally stalls the offensive teams forecheck. With the all out jail break forecheck many teams use now, with a sharply passed puck, an odd man rush going the other way is possible.

How likely is a player to make the correct decision with the puck? There are times in the game when there isn’t a great play to be made. A one on three rush though the neutral zone is one of those times. Will the player try to beat all three while his team mates change and possibly turn it over which will result in a mess? Or will he dump it in the short side corner which will allow his line mates to change?

Krueger’s List

The new coach of the Oilers, Ralph Krueger knows the players on his team. He has been with them for a while so I would expect he knows who he has trust in and who he does. Of course his opinion can change with a players improved attention to detail.

He is fortunate to have many offensive weapons in his top six forwards. I think scoring goals and a high power play efficiency won’t be an issue for the Oilers. My concern is who will protect the leads?

It is game eighty two. The Oilers need two points in this game to make the playoffs. The Minnesota Wild are in town, it is the third period, one minute to go and the Oilers are winning by one. The face off is in the Oilers defensive zone. The Wild throw Koivu, Parise, Heatley, Suter and Spurgeon on the ice.

Ralph Krueger will put together a group of five players he has trust in to protect that lead and to do the little plays I outlined above with a minute to go. My question to the Oilersnation is…Who do you love? Who do you trust to be out there and protect that lead? Tell me your five players that you think will get the job done. Don’t just tell me your favorite players, put yourself in Ralphs shoes.

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    Horc – faceoff

    Hall – unmatched will to win. I specifically recall him talking about small plays, like getting the puck out on the boards.

    Smyth – will sacrifice and has most experience, plus can take the faceoff if Horc gets booted

    Smid – best defensive defensemen

    N. Schultz – second best defensive defensemen? This could be Petry, depending on how this season goes.

    Dubnyk – better if there’s a goalie

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    @fuzzy muppet

    Your response is to go ahead and throw a kid that is lost in his own zone on who had a grand total of 2 minutes and 40 seconds of PK time last year?

    • fuzzy muppet

      Killing penalties has nothing to do with making the right play with the game on the line.

      This is Taylor Hall’s team. When he’s on the ice, the play goes the right way.

  • Impressed that so far Horcoff is (rightfully) named here. Players don’t set their pay, and we should stop expecting a $6Mill game from him.

    I’d maybe have Petry in the mix with Smid, though veteran Schultz might be better.. not sure on that one.

    I wonder who (if anyone) says Whitney? Interesting.

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    Old Schultz, Smid, Horcs, smyth and Pisani (I wish). But really, Belanger would be out there as insurance in case Horcs got booted from the draw.

    Great article. Really good.

  • geoilersgist

    Horcoff, Smyth, Eberle, N.Schultz, Smid

    Eberle is to keep them honest and he plays solid defence. The rest are just solid at defence and Horcoff wins a ton of draws

    Almost forgot to bang my mighty FISTS as I typed this