The Edmonton Oilers are "in search of" defensemen who can play at the NHL level and develop with the fab four. Is Oscar Klefbom ready to help now?

Martin Lundén has been a valuable resource for Oiler fans over the piece and continues to bring information miles before the rest. He was so far in front of the Klefbom signing seasons changed, and now he has some new information that may impact the big club in 12-13.

  • Lundén:According to sources who’ve talked to Klefbom the Oilers have tried to persuade Klefbom, offering him a spot on the Oilers roster with guaranteed ice-time, a guarantee that the highly thought of Schultz didn’t receive (or so they say). Klefbom have yet to make up his mind, saying “it’s obviously a lucrative offer” that “makes you think” but “nothing is decided yet and I’ve asked them for more time to make a final decision”.

I trust his word, the guy is connected and there’s a direct quote in there. So, is this a good idea? I think it’s dangerous to have two rookies playing top 6 minutes, especially when the team lacks someone who can block out the sun and calm the waters at the top of the depth chart.

Consider the depth chart with Klefbom in the top 6:

  1. Ladislav Smid
  2. Jeff Petry
  3. Ryan Whitney
  4. Justin Schultz
  5. Nick Schultz
  6. Oscar Klefbom
  7. Andy Sutton
  8. Theo Peckham
  9. Corey Potter
  10. Colten Teubert
  11. Taylor Fedun
  12. Alex Plante

If the story is true, I doubt the Oilers are looking for another defender unless it’s an upgrade in the top of the depth chart. A guess would be that they were so impressed by Klefbom (as implied by the article) that they are willing to suffer the growing pains of two rookie blue in order to fast track the young Swede.

It is a surprising turn of events. This kid must have taken one giant leap forward from a year ago.

  • Lummeropenet

    If the Oil really think they could make this work i guess. Maybe he should spend another year in Sweden. Come over next year and see if he can make the team or off to OKC for some orientation to North American hockey before he fits in. If he does stay in Sweden the Oil should hunt down another D-man as long as the cost (not trading anyone in the projected top 6-8) is reasonable. Someone who can fill in while all their young D-men develop.

    Why rush now. New coach, new system and new high end prospects. We already need to wear welding goggles when looking at the Oils future.

  • nuge2drai

    I think Klefbom has the ability to play in the NHL this year but with the Oilers current roster and makeup on D I don’t think it’s wise. They brought in Petry last year and they are bringing in Schultz this year then bring in Klefbom next year. Don’t bring in two rookies at the same time especially when you can’t protect them.

    Keeping Klefbom in the SEL allows the Oilers to have him play his entire ELC in the NHL which would be huge for the cap space. He may be a top 4 after his first year so they get a top 4 dman at 1.2 mill (or whatever it is)

  • paul wodehouse

    I think Eulers is right …take PRV for instance…~please!~…he was given the key to the city when he arrived and put on the same small pedestal as the4 and the14 and he got through the first season…second season it took waaay too much time for everyone to see that he got stalled in his own( actually the teams) hype and he ended up in the A ( a reluctant move albeit the only move that could have even started to help this young man that I’ve said plays like a girl in the corners) and did he flourish? ….nope… not at all … and now with this young Dman Kbom is being ‘asked/coaxed/bribed/lured’ to play up in the show before his own time that he himself has set ‘for himself’ and they WILL expect what?

    Give the kid a chance to prove himself on his own time table … no big ice time promises…no pie- in- the- frickin’ sky BS that can and probably will stunt his growth rather than enhance his development…this organization needs to slow the f*%k down … steady as she goes with ALL their prospects or suffer the sinking stock prices of yet another PRV type player…

  • RexLibris

    The ideal thing would be to have Klefbom come to camp and see how he stacks up with the big boys.
    Judging from his play at WJC and end of year in the SEL he is probably ready

    If he is deemed not ready try to convince him that AHL is better for his development than going back to SEL .

  • RexLibris

    Klefbom was out after the first period of the 3 on 3 game on Monday. Hopefully nothing serious.

    No. Klefbom needs to spend one more year in the SEL. I am not letting Tambi off the hook by promoting another rookie as a stop gap. Fool me once…

    No sir. It’s up to Tambi and Co. to find a real NHL dman and an two way NHL forward for this season.

    Otherwise, with injuries, it’s another year out of the playoffs.

    • nuge2drai

      I heard Mucil left with an “arm injury” as well, which is worrying because he had season ending wrist surgery last spring. Good lord, the injury bug is biting already and its still July!

  • knee deep in it

    What is the over/under for how many times “Dropping the Klefbom” is used in a headline this season? I’m guessing about the same as for any variation of “Hemmer and the Nail”.

  • PabstBR55

    If Schultz wasn’t guaranteed icetime, who says he starts the year with the NHL club. He could easily start on the Barons and work his way up like Petry did until he is able to make the giant step like Petry.

    A top six of:
    Smid, Petry
    N.Schultz, (Insert viable top four Dman)
    Whitney, Kelfbom

    Looks great and makes Schultz force his way onto the roster.

    IMHO, I would still rather let Klefbom spend one more year in the SEL.

  • RexLibris

    I’d like to see him stay in the SEL for another season. He’ll play here the year after and be better for it. We always toss around the Detroit model for patient development, well this is where that conviction is put to the test.

    As for Klefbom, it is now apparent to me that the Oilers need to trade for Alex Urbom out of New Jersey. Then they’d have two ‘Boms from the point.

    Actually, in all seriousness, he is a prospect I’d like to see here.

  • Oil Fan in Ottawa

    It’s not Klefbom’s abilities that are in doubt. His hesitancy and uncertainty are though. I would preach patience here as it pertains to the Oilers decision-makers. I’m looking forward to seeing him play but not at the price of having him pee down his leg and leaving a yellow stain on Rexall ice.

  • This doesn’t surprise me at all. The fact that Stauffer has been pushing the envelope with “Scouts telling him Klefbom is better than Murray.” makes the situation real.

    Best case scenario is having Klefbom play his 9 games, get a taste of the North American game and then either send him down to the AHL for the year or back to Sweden. One more year of development will only help him not hinder him.

  • Lowetide

    If the choice is SEL or NHL/AHL then imo Klefbom stays in Farjestad for another season. This situation may be the result of the oilers worrying over how much playing time he’ll get in the SEL.

  • Oil Fan in Ottawa

    I question our apparent assessment with basically just a development camp so far . Kreuger seems to think he’s the real deal and that’s probably a good thing – not sure i trust the others who have frequently misassessed . I’d like to see him stay in N.America as i was also impressed with him . Is he an insurance policy for Whitney if he has problems after last surgery.

    The defence from 7-12 takes a step down . I wonder how many of them will be gone with several others moving up in the likes of Musil , Marincin , Gernat , etc.? It feels like we are poised to make a big run the year after next year rather than the big push this year .

    Bottom line – if he is an upgrade bring him on board !

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    Ridiculous to think that management would be ok with 2 rookie dmen in a year when tambo’s @ss is on the line. I highly doubt this one, but wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Eulers

    Too soon! Why are we constantly rushing the development of these players. At the very least, some seasoning in the AHL would do the young Dman some good. Sigh!

  • PabstBR55

    I watched Klefbom at the prospect 4 on 4 game (1st period only?)

    He is ready for the NHL with size, speed and a great first pass.

    You don’t BUY and dynasty team – you build it from within.

    • oilersplumber

      Count me in on that plan……!!! Hopefully most of the fan base sees that………..but judging from the average age of it………..methinks they would say……..when asked……..”Who was Stan Makita”………the answer……….”That drill guy ?”

      • vetinari

        Agreed but I think I would play it slow.see what happens in training camp. And I would try to convince he to give the NHL a shot for 9 games and then see where both parties stand afterwards. If he still doesn’t think hes ready and wants to go back to Sweden then let him. At least at that point both parties know where they are in his development.

        • oilersplumber

          …all good…..the only thing or issue I personally have with euro players is the whole attiutude thing……I remember flying into Vanc one year which happened to be the all-star break and the game was in Vanc that coming saturday……two rather prominent players of euro descent were next to me in the baggage carousel……two young boys trotted up behind them to ask for signatures…..could not believe the response to these two kids to this day…….I know that one off does not make the player………but as me mum told me……”small character acts build big character tracts”…..

  • PabstBR55

    Hey great! We get to be in the draft lottery again!

    While we’re at it we should pair Hall and Ebs with Belanger to keep their point totals down to create a better negotiating position for their 2nd contracts.

    ELPH returns for one last hurrah!

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    LT what would be your preference given the choice of having top 6 of

    1.Ladislav Smid
    2.Jeff Petry
    3.Ryan Whitney
    4.Justin Schultz
    5.Nick Schultz
    6.Oscar Klefbom
    bringing a number 2 or 3 Dman but it costs either Gagner Paaravi or Hemsky and Klefbom stays behind?

    I just really don’t want Gagner traded.

    • Lowetide

      I’m really not a fan of putting two rookies into the lineup at one time, but if the Oilers see this kid as being able to play at that level he must have taken a big step forward.

      My guess is that he stays in the SEL for a year and that Edmonton adds a useful defenseman via trade.

      I’m hoping they keep Gagner too. They’ve invested this much time in him, might as well see how this thing turns out.