Jason Gregor, who has lost his mind and is jumping out of planes with old ladies, is talking about his obsession with sun dresses again (watching them, not wearing them) and, ahem, tennis.

Keener Jonathan Willis is taking time away from writing 17 stories a day to dutifully mock bogus rumor-mongers on the internet (this is a worthwhile pursuit and should be applauded and encouraged).

Jason Strudwick is providing us with the inside dope about life in the NHL – he had a prime seat from the end of the bench and the press box – and talking chips and dip, at least until some NHL team gets smart and offers him a gig as an assistant coach.

Me? Even in my days working the hockey beat with the dailies, this is the time of the off-season, after the Entry Draft and the first week of the free agency season, when I putter around the house doing Family Guy things and bide my time until something ACTUALLY happens, which isn’t often. It’s slow.

Thank goodness there is some actual news on the way, at least according to Bob Stauffer, the plugged-in host of Oilers Now on 630 CHED. I was doing some quilting work today waiting for the next Willis article, word Gregor had regained his senses or news an astute GM had hired Strudwick when Stauffer tossed out a crumb.


"They are not done," Stauffer said of the Oilers and GM Steve Tambellini, referencing the pursuit of another top-four defenseman. "They are looking for an opportunity to create a mechanism to improve the team via trades and, most likely, for defense in a perfect-case scenario.

"I don’t think for a second that the Oilers are done. I think that the desire would be to add a top-four guy on the back end. Pretty difficult to add a top-two. If you do, you’re going to be taking some significant money back.

"I think they’re going to need to capitalize on maybe one of those teams out there that has grown tired of somebody. That’s usually how this works. They’re going to have to be pretty, you know, they need a lot of stickwithitness going on right now to make this thing happen, but I don’t think they’re done in terms of improving the defense."

When not inventing new words on the radio, Stauffer is pretty adept at taking the pulse of the Oilers and getting an inside track on what they’re doing, or at least trying to do. This much we know. He’s not the typical radio rights holder broadcaster in that regard – book off after the draft, make an appearance at a few golf tournaments and take vacation until training camp opens.


Unlike Bikini Girl or the unfortunate stiff (or multiple stiffs) Willis has been strafing with great aplomb, Bombastic Bob has a pretty good record of telegraphing what’s up with the Oilers. His tone today in a conversation with co-host Reid Wilkins – a conversation that included the names Keith Yandle and Jay Bouwmeester — leads me to believe he isn’t guessing.

You can take that for what it’s worth. Yandle? Bouwmeester? Who else? And who might have to go the other way? Good questions. What most Oilers fans can agree on, even with all the bodies on the back end, is the pursuit of another bonafide blueliner is a good thing. This, we’ve already discussed.

Action, as in adding a proven rearguard to the mix, make sense for the Oilers and is good business for a hockey website like this one. Until that happens, pray that Gregor regains his sanity, enjoy the bogus rumor busting and cross your fingers Strudwick gets an NHL job (or the radio show I deserve).

I must get back to quilting now.

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  • A-Mc

    This read inspired a trade idea…not sure if it’s a good one, but it got me thinking. Now I know what you guys are all going to say…enough with the bogus trade rumor/trying-to-be-a-leaf-fan-by-throwing-out-every-trade-idea/armchair-GM’ing…

    But if Nashville knows that Weber wants to go somewhere else maybe a deal such as follows makes sense, as these players don’t have much term left except Klefbom:

    To Oilers:
    Shea Weber

    To Nashville:
    Ryan Whitney
    Ales Hemsky
    Oscar Klefbom
    Conditional picks: if Oilers sign Weber to a deal over 2 years Nashville gets 2013 1st round pick, 2014 1st round pick, 2013 2nd round pick

    I just don’t know if either team would go for that as the risk is all in the Weber re-signing.

    Let the discussion begin…

    • A-Mc

      So lets say Webber comes here and plays for 4 years.

      Is 4 years of Webber worth Hemsky, Whitney, Klefbom, 2013 1st and 2nd round picks and 2014 1st round pick ?

      IMO, not even close. I wouldnt sell all of that for 1 player. I wouldn’t be moving Klefbom for anything: he’s the Oilers legitimate shot at their own home grown (Sorta) Suter/Weber.

      IMO, the trade would likely stop at Hemsky and Whitney and maybe the 2nd round pick for Weber. Nothing more.

      Klefbom and the 1st rounders are your future. Your potentially giving up 2 jordan Eberle’s, Hemsky, Whitney and Klefbom for Weber for 4 years. Too steeeeeeep for my blood.

  • A-Mc

    Well I would think that Yandle would make a lot more sense than Jay Bow just considering age and current team. I would think that Hemsky, Belanger, Omark, Plante and Peckham may all be part of the deal(very appealing to Calgary). If they could off load 3 contracts that would also give them the freedom to look at a guys like Doan if hes looking for another team.

    • Vaclav

      Belanger, Omark, Plante or Peckham appeal to Calgary for a 1-2 NHL denfenseman.

      Belanger – our 4th line center
      Omark – won’t be making our NHL team
      Plante – Won’t be making our NHL team
      Peackham 7-8 Dman.

      Sorry I just don’t see how giving these guys for Jay Bow would at all appeal.

      Hemsky is the only one with any value as he is a top 6 forward on every NHL team.

      • justDOit

        With the exception of Belanger the rest are all still pretty young. Calgary has a lot of older players and are going to need replacements. Hemsky is the real kicker for the deal to happen because most teams don’t like Jay’s cap hit considering his recent performance’s. And if you think this is bogus then look at this

        The Calgary Flames have traded defenceman Dion Phaneuf, forward Fredrik Sjostrom, and prospect defenceman Keith Aulie to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for forwards Matt Stajan, Niklas Hagman, Jamal Mayers and defenceman Ian White.

        Phaneuf is a better defenseman that Jay Bo in my opinion

  • Vaclav

    It would be great if the Oilers could add another d-man from the vaunted 2008 draft. Their development pairs nicely with Hall/Nuge/Eberle.

    Any chance Hamonic is available now that the Isles selected 37 defenceman at this year’s entry draft?

    Is Terry Pegula wanting to pinch some pennies and not pay Tyler Myers his $12M this season?

  • A-Mc

    I can’t imagine what we would have to give up for Bouwmeester and his $6.68M cap hit.

    I also can’t imagine enduring what Calgary fans have endured since he joined the Flames.

    I hope Tambi and the brass can find something because icing the same team as last year, besides the two new rookies, is a recipe for the lottery.

    OT – Bronte, the “Fist” thing has moved from tradition to absolutely annoying to read. Also, shouldn’t posters who fail to post first with the lame tradition be banned for let’s say 30 days?

    • A-Mc

      Calgary doesn’t have much cap space left to improve the team. You never know when Jay may just decide to dump salary.

      He did just pickup Wideman for 5.25/yr, so i suppose you could look at it one of two ways. 1. He grabbed him to beef up the D
      or 2. He grabbed him with the intent to move Bouwmeester to free up a little cap space.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    but i dont want to give anything of real value player or pick wise to calgary!any ideas who would or should be in a deal like that except for sam cause we need him at 2nd line centre unless a legitimate update on him is in the works

  • Quicksilver ballet

    It’s the Shea Weber deal they must be finalizing, i just know it. Obviously Shea’s not big on going to Quebec City next summer.

    ….. anyone else would just be fodder/more of what we have plenty of already.

  • Cru Jones

    Oh good, they are “looking for an opportunity to create a mechanism to improve the team via trades.” For a minute there they had me worried that they wouldn’t do whatever the hell it is that they’re talking about doing there.

  • A-Mc

    Ack, i check the site so often expecting something new. It doesn’t matter that i get twitter updates, i still check the site every 10 mins.

    I sure hope Bob is right – i want some good news to really kick up the excitement for next year.

    So far the addition of Justin Schultz isn’t enough (at least for me). He might turn out to be a great addition but i hardly think we’ll realize that until at least the 13-14 season. I’m really hoping for something that will get the Oil through next season so we’re at least picking later than Calgary. As it stands right now, the Oilers aren’t really any better off than last season in terms of what is going to get us closer to a playoff spot. The potential is high with the 2 bodies we picked up, but as of right now that’s all it is: potential.