Disappointing news out of Edmonton Oilers HQ broke this afternoon with the announcement that the Oilers extended the contract of Jordan Eberle by a mere six years for a piddling 36 million dollars. This is not only a terrible sum and an awful term, but it also provides a chilling insight into what the future holds for us all.

 In signing Eberle to a six year extension the Oilers have confirmed several facts about the near future:



It’s clear that the Oilers brass have determined that some sort of extinction level event will occur in the 2019 offseason. The only conceivable reason not to sign 14 past this point is that humanity itself will come to conclusion and contracts past this point will be meaningless.

The Oilers haven’t pin pointed the last day on Earth as of yet, but are sure to release more information as it gets closer on the horizon. Personally we don’t want to live in a world where the Oilers don’t have Jordan Eberle under contract, so this will be as good a time as any to make peace with the Almighty anyway.

It’s going to happen. You’ll see.


At some point in the next six years, a consortium of scientists, economic types and calculators around the world are going to declare 6 million to be the highest unit of measurement recognized by GAAP and other accepted numbering conventions.

"How much money is Bill Gates worth?" people will ask and the reply will come "oh man he is crazy rich. I’ve heard as high as six million in the bank."

Same will go in other fields of studies. It will be widely accepted that 6,000,000 people live on Earth. 6 million stars will light up the night sky. The clothing line Billionaire Boys Club will be forced to dial back it’s largesse to a more manageable "6 Million Dollar Boys Club"

It’s going to happen. You’ll see.


It’s going to happen. You’ll see.


When this contract expires, the Oilers brass review the books and see all of the millions lying about the offices that could have been given to Jordan Eberle they will realize the magnitude of their mistake and won’t see employment in any executive capacity for the remainder of their lives.

May history find some way to rationalize this obviously terrible decision.