If Jeff Skinner is worth $34.35 million to the Carolina Hurricanes two years into his NHL entry level contract, what are Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle worth to the Edmonton Oilers?

With Carolina and Skinner, who is represented by agent Bobby Orr, having put the finishing touches on a six-year contract extension that will take him through the 2018-19 season, Hall and Eberle are about to become very wealthy young men. The only question, really, is when that happens.

With a new CBA yet to be negotiated between NHL teams and the NHLPA, should the Oilers put pen to paper with Hall and Eberle two years into their entry level deals and take care of business now, or should they wait? Pay them now or pay them later? How much? Over to you, Steve Tambellini.

Side by side in big boy beds, they’re both rich, it’s Hall and Ebs.


What makes the discussion about Skinner’s deal as it relates to Hall and Eberle is the three players are absolute comparables in terms of draft pedigree, age and performance since entering the NHL.

Skinner, 20, drafted seventh overall by Carolina in 2010, has scored 51-56-107 in 146 games, which puts him at .73 PPG. He won the Calder Trophy as rookie of the year. That’s worth $4.350 million to GM Jim Rutherford for 2013-14 and $6 million a season for the rest of the term.

Hall, 20, selected first overall by the Oilers in 2010, has scored 49-46-95 in 126 games with the Oilers, which puts the dynamic left winger at .75 PPG despite considerable time missed in his first two seasons.

Eberle, 22, taken 22nd overall by the Oilers in the 2008 Entry Draft, has the best numbers of the trio. The former Regina Pat is coming off a 76-point season and has tallied 52-67-119 in 147 games, or .81 PPG.


While you can debate the merits of each player on a number of levels and try to predict how their careers will unfold – I happen to believe Eberle will be the best of the bunch in terms of offensive production – there is one certainty and that is the minimum price point for Hall and Eberle was set today.

Might Tambellini already be on the phone with Orr, who also represents Hall, and Eberle’s agent looking to do business now? Might we be in for some real news in what’s been a decidedly slow several weeks?

Bidding opens at $34.35 million. When it opens is the question.

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  • MessyEH!

    Wait until the end of next season.Sit The Fab 5 down and talk matching contracts.let them know they are the core and no
    One will make more then them. Throw in Stanley cup, scoring title, Connsmythe bonuses.
    Even 1 million each for the cup would do wonders. Give Yaks parents jobs and all the fab fives family. Watch them stay and win in Edmonton for the next 15 years.

  • I think the best thing to do is wait on eberle. If he does show a decline(Minor one imo), he can be had for cheaper. I think the club wants to sign the two at the same time, so I’m guessing this gets done in january.

  • Spydyr

    That’s all fine and dandy for Hall and Ebs, but what happens when Nugent-Hopkins blows their totals right out of the water????

    I guess what I’m saying is get them signed now, before the Nuge puts up 60+ and totally blurs the line.

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      If he blows them out of the water then he’s earned a superior contract and should be paid accordingly.

      That said, how on earth would putting up 60+ blur the line?


        Sorry. That meant to be 90.You’re right, 60 points wouldn’t blur anything.

        All I’m saying is it would be nice to have these two locked up already when we have to pay Nugent-Hopkins 7-8 million a year next:)

  • T__Bone88

    I would like to see the Hall and Eberle deals in the 36million for 6 years type range. Maybe break down the deal as 5million for the first 3 years and 7million for the last 3 years. The Skinner deal is a good comparable in that they should make about the same as him maybe a little bit more. It would be wise for them to sign now to get somewhat of a pay day because if your third year is not as good as before you end up with a Duchene type deal.

  • Spydyr

    Any deal that eats up free agent years for any of the fab 4 is a good deal in my mind.Pay them ,make them happy.Then all they have to concern themselves with is “score more goals win games”.

  • paul wodehouse

    Book the pressor today. Two Young Guns Ink Matching Contracts on the Deck of WEM’s Pirate Ship – Adoring Fans Look On and Cheer. My guess, 42 million for 7 years.

  • Jaw17

    Do you think the owners are handing out these splashy new contracts with the full intention of clawing it back before they have to pay out the first year? I don’t put that sort of deviousness past them. And that, perhaps, would be why the players appear to have the public sympathy on their side.

    >Sorry for diverting to CBA talk

  • Jaw17

    If I’m the oilers I wait untill December, just to see if eberle’s scoring clip slows down and maybe get a cheaper contract but I bet they both get the same contract and I’d be ok with a 5.7 mil cap hit

  • That’s a lot of scratch for Mr. Skinner considering he put up fewer points than Gagner last season (I know, I know, he missed more games).

    Locking up Hall and Ebs for another 6 years would be just fine by me though. I guess the only question is whether they wait for the new CBA to see if there will be an increase in the UFA age or any other tweak that might prevent them from spending “Skinner” money.

      • I agree Skinner>Gagner. Goal scoring is the most valuable skill a hockey player can have, IMO. The point, though, was that his price tag is giving him the benefit of the doubt that his rookie season is his baseline and it ignores the fact that his numbers dipped in year 2.

        I dont see any reason why the Hurricanes needed to sign him to the deal this year, especially with favourable changes for the clubs coming ahead in CBA talks.

  • Skinner and Taveres-like deals are probably the best one can hope for in this market. One wonders if Tambo/Lowe/MacT are waiting on the details of the new CBA before signing the duo. There has been rumblings that the owners really want to tone down 2nd contracts. If that works to the Oilers favour or not is another story. But we can trust Tambo to make that call, right?