Edmonton Oilers add Mark Fistric via trade

The Edmonton Oilers actually added two defencemen to their training camp roster today. The big news was the acquisition of hometown defender Mark Fistric from Dallas for a third round pick; the smaller news was the recall of Taylor Fedun from Oklahoma City.

A reasonable Oilers’ blue line depth chart likely looks like this:

  • Ladislav Smid/Jeff Petry
  • Nick Schultz/Justin Schultz
  • Mark Fistric/Ryan Whitney
  • Theo Peckham/Corey Potter
  • Taylor Fedun/Colten Teubert

The middle two pairings are flexible – I can see the merits of a Nick Schultz/Ryan Whitney second pairing or a Ryan Whitney/Justin Schultz second pairing, too.

Right now, of course, Theo Peckham isn’t really in the conversation. According to the Oilers, he "aggravated a hip flexor." The Oilers will know that Fistric is healthy entering camp – their deal with Dallas is dependent on Fistric first passing a medical exam. Meanwhile, Fedun is only around for training camp:

Fistric, a rough-and-tumble third-pairing defender, is a necessary addition to an Oilers blue line missing both Peckham and Andy Sutton; he’s a player in the same mold and given his age and past NHL seasons can arguably be expected to perform better than either of the guys he’s replacing. Additionally, he has FISTric right in his name, which is bound to please the comments section here at Oilers Nation.

He’s also likely to feature in a few highlight reel hits that will similarly please Edmonton fans:

  • OilerLand

    I like this pick-up considering the cost. However, he is not the big hitter that the videos show him to be. Obviously he did make those hits, but he is not a Kronwall. Just a steady stay at home guy who is hard to play against and makes you think twice about heading into the corner with him.

  • Mike Krushelnyski

    Yup now we just need that dirty gritty Finn in the line up to piss people off. I still was hoping that Kiril Tulupov would get a shot. That guy was just a beast

  • Mike Krushelnyski

    Don’t have to worry about dusting off the Norris trophy case, but good addition at 6/7 to replace Sutton. Who know might be a good surprise. Good clean hitter, minimum PK minutes…unlike Peckham.

    Now need to something at Center .?

  • Wax Man Riley

    I’d go along with the consensus that he’s potentially a solid 6th D Man. More importantly to me is that he’s the TYPE of Dman we need/can use right now….especially given what’s out there.

    All in All Oilers Nation seems pleased!

  • Poolanov

    From what I’m hearing he’s only 26 and was a late first round draft pick in 2004. Apparently was 4th in the league for hits two years ago…

    But really…as and Oilers fan….here’s all I need to know…

    “Fistric is known for his aggressive physical play. In a game against the Calgary Flames on January 27, 2010, Fistric received a match penalty for intent to injure after hitting opposing forward Eric Nystrom over the head with his own helmet during a fight…”

  • Light, Sweet, Crude

    Maybe it’s been noted already but the Canucks signed Vandermeer today.
    Barker and Vandermeer… is Vancouver officially on the Edmonton model? Get Tamby to see if they will take Khabby.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Awesome move by the Oilers, just what the back end needed. Hope it works out and hangs around with an extension. Mark can do anything Smid can do with a much more noticeable meanstreak. Gives the Oil some options at the deadline as well. Smid has significant value around the league but no way is he worth 4’ish per to extend him.

    Not a wow move, but a much needed addition.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Really impressed with Yakupov this morning. He looks solid on his skates and has a strong desire to improve on areas where he feels he needs work on. It’s great to see him be one of the last off the ice as well. Wonder what Hemsky would be like if he had the same drive.

    It was only day 1 of camp but there were no red faces this morning and the pace of practice appears to have improved. Hopefully it continues to quicken as the week unfolds.

  • Reality Check to the head

    It’s getting a bit more coverage now, but I really think the change to Krueger had been underestimated. He’s the right guy at the right time – it’s going to be fun to see what he does differently. Get the feeling all the players are starting from the same spot. Impress him with your play and attitude = ice time.

  • Reality Check to the head

    Hearing from Buds in Hongcouver, the Oilers are more than
    Mildly interested in Luongo…

    Not sure what i think of that , if there is any merit to it.
    Not the first time i have heard it though… scary ? depending the price.
    Wherever Lou goes, it should be in a city with less media and fan pressure, Is that here ? hmmmm not sure..

    Either way, we are ready, almost. Lets go boys.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Is it just me or is Tambillini kind of acquiring the bulk of everyone’s off season wish list? Namely a dynamite puck moving defenseman, a tough to play against banger (who has almost no penalty minutes), and upgrade in goal, and an upgrade on size in the top 9 (Harti)? I really think if we get an upgrade in size at second line centre, there’s not much else this team can ask for that isn’t readily available.

    If I dare to dream, Getzlaf on a reduced two year contract centering Hall and Yak.

  • DSF

    It’s nice to see us being proactive. Fistric is just what this blueline needed. Our top 6 actually looks pretty good if you ask me. Hopefully, we can have a reasonably healthy season on the backend.

    • DSF

      Yes it is.

      But they still need another top 4 guy.

      It’s not uncommon to have 2 of your top 6 out at the same time and, in a compressed season, that is likely.

      If Smid and a Schultz went down, yikes.

      • Reg Dunlop

        So, by your logic, Barker and Vanderwhatever will be regularly suiting up for the canucks as 2 of the top 6 will be out. Hmmm, maybe Hall will be going through the turnstiles in vancouver.Also, after Luongo is traded, vancouver is a Schneider injury away from lotteryville.

        • DSF

          No. No they won’t.

          They are #8 and #9 on the Canucks depth chart.

          Also, if Dubnyk blows up or is injured, the next best option if Yann Danis who has a SV% in the AHL of .905.

          That’s really bad but Roy is .895 which is really, really bad.

          Vancouver’s 4th string goalie is Matt Climie….921.

  • positivebrontefan

    Dam! Can he hit!
    Every Oiler is happy they don’t have to play against him this season I can tell you that.

    And DSF; four of those were one goal games. I wouldn’t call that domination. Flip two more of those around and we split the season series.
    Not out of reach.
    We are just happy people are signing our castoffs and not the other way around anymore.

  • I’m not sold on Fistric, I don’t particularly like that we gave a 3rd round pick for a rental player.

    This one could come back to slap us. This year’s draft is deep.

    The Oilers should be looking for a top 2 defensemen so players are not playing out of there element or skill set.

    Smid-Petry as one two has trouble written all over it.

        • Rocket

          Yes. Fistric will serve a roll: being a solid, mean, tough D-man to play against. Last time I checked the Oilers needed that & not a 1-2 that you’re talking about.

          It would be nice to acquire Chara or Suter or Weber or Keith but the Oilers can’t get them so they do the next best thing: plug holes & develop defensemen.

          What massive hole 1-2? Would you trade Petry & Schultz for Bieksa?

          I wouldn’t!

        • Well thats nice. Id love for Montreal to trade us Subban and Paccioretty for Chris Van De Velde and Omark and for Subban to sign for a 1.5m a year for the next 7 years.

          I’d make a great GM right?

          I dont think we can acquire talent the way you think we can acquire talent. You dont want to give up Hall, Ebs, RNH, Schultz or Yak but you want someone elses guy of that calibre. Stuff like that is so rare and there are like 27 other teams who want to do the same thing. Be realistic. The only chance we have to get a top two for a fair deal is to develop/draft one.

          They do need another D its just not going to happen the way you think its going to happen.

          EDIT: PLUS we basically just stole Justin Schultz from a team. How much of these things do you think happen?

          • Who sais anything about Subban or Omark? Whoever else you mentioned.

            Pronger for Brewer

            + picks and prospects

            = 1 Top pairing defensmen.

            The Oilers HAVE options, they have a 1st round pick, they have 2nd round picks, they have good prospects and NHL body’s.

            I’m not trying to be some all knowing GM here but if you want it bad enough the Oilers have the means to do it.

            Unless they are waiting to make that deal with Nashville when the year is up.

            Could be a possibility.

  • DISCLAIMER: I’m going to deal in a hypothetical here. I acknowledge this, so please don’t jump down my back for it.

    What if the long break really benefitted Whitney and he regains pre-injury form. Do we have then a legit #1Dman?

    If so, with the new addition I dont hate our defense.
    We’d have a #1- Whitney
    Two #3s- Smid and Petry (both who have proven they can play above that)
    Two #4s- The Schultz’
    And three bottom pair guys- Fistric, Potter, Peckham

    I know its hope against hope, and I dont think management should rely on such a thing, but with a return to form Whitney does our D measure up?