Somebody at doesn’t like Minnesota and Columbus…


There’s something interesting happening with the NHL standings over at the league’s official website.

The order of teams in the Eastern Conference is unsurprising – pretty much exactly what one would expect. They’re arranged alphabetically, first by name of their division and then by team name. Here’s a screenshot:

Nothing surprising there.

The Western Conference, however, deviates from the pattern a little bit.

The standings follow the same order as the East, except that somebody has taken the time to move the Blue Jackets and Wild to 14th and 15th place in the conference, respectively. Might someone at the league office be miffed with the results of the NHL’s last wave of expansion?

Update. Via Ross in the comments section and Bruce McCurdy on Twitter comes the most plausible explanation: the NHL drew up the template for their conference standings after the Predators joined the league in 1999, meaning that when Atlanta, Columbus and Minnesota joined the league they got slotted in automatically at the bottom. Because Atlanta moved to Winnipeg they’re actually in the right place alphabetically, but Minnesota and Columbus stand out. That makes sense, but given the woes of the Blue Jackets and Wild the last few years I still find it a funny coincidence.

  • A-Mc

    It actually makes sense if you’re familiar with databases… They were likely entered into the system in alphabetical order (division, then team name).

    Since Columbus and Minnesota were the last two teams added to the NHL (Winnipeg is just Atlanta renamed), they were added to the end of the database and thus, come up last.

    The teams are then just displayed in the order they were entered…

    • A-Mc

      After months of Lockout BullSht, he’s probably refreshing every hockey page he can think of like everyone else is doing!

      *refreshes his hockey tabs* *addicted already*

    • Nah, had to look up last season’s standings for a piece I’m working on and the NHL’s page automatically starts off on the 2012-13 standings.

      I laughed when I saw Minnesota and Columbus at the bottom, thought others might too.

  • Rob...

    Though funny, it may not be the result of malicious intent. The sort order may be determined by an ID not displayed, even though it looks like sort by Division and then Name.

    Now if instead Columbus was 16th, with 15th spot taken up by ‘Reserved for next expansion team’, that’d be malicious and funny.

  • Death Metal Nightmare

    Ross is closest:

    its called lazy web devs – who really dont care and just want to get paid and be lazy as much as possible while surfing reddit and sketchy sites at work.

    • Actually it’s not laziness, in fact, the exact opposite.

      There is precisely one time per year that you want to order alphabetically and that is at the beginning of the year when there are 0 games played. Aside from that one day, there is no benefit to having an additional ORDER BY clause in the statement (it’s actually a drain to have clauses in your statements that you aren’t using).

      So the defaults are all the NHL orders (points, then various tie breakers). If none of those exist (i.e. in the case of 0 games played at the beginning of the season) it defaults to the order they are written in the database.

    • RexLibris

      They’re probably looking at Taylor or Brust as better options.

      Frankly Craig Conroy would be a better option in net right now than Karlsson, and Irving might become a poster boy for players ruined by the Flames. His ceiling was never that high, but considering the time spent on development to then let the poor kid twist in the wind in a 9-0 pasting by the Bruins last year, followed by a half-season of benching by your AHL coach…

  • I love trivial little logic problems, so I wasted enough time on this one to figure it out to my own satisfaction. Some of this has been covered in the comments above, but here’s a sequence that makes sense.

    The new template for six divisions was actually designed when Nashville joined in 1998 and the league went from 4 to 6 divisions, so the Preds are in the right order. Atlanta, CBJ and Minnesota were each tagged on to the bottom of their divisions when they joined in subsequent years. Atlanta was likely shown at bottom and out of (alphabetical) order for all of its years, but when team moved to Winnipeg it kind of auto-corrected itself.

    The other solution is that somebody in the NHL office really does hate the Wild, while it is a known fact that the hockey gods hate Columbus.

    Hmmm, where is Ockham’s razor when I need it?

  • ginganinja

    Hey On. I have a fantasy draft tonight for a weekly head to head league. The categories are pims hits points goals assists and wins + shutouts for goalies. I get 20 players. Any suggestions for guys who will get me some points plus rack up hits and pims for me at the same time that i could pick up in a later round? A.k.a some sleepers?

  • I apologize as this is completely off topic but since ON is my source for everything Oilers I thought I would ask here.

    I am an Oilers fan from Ontario and am my ability to see the Oilers on TV is limited (sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise) because I am well out of the Oilers viewing area and well inside the Leafs.

    SportsNet West is always blacked out so HNIC and a random TSN game are my only opportunities. So, can anyone from outside Alberta tell me if NHL Center Ice gives me the ability to watch 90-100% of the Oil’s games?

    • ginganinja

      Just to add to Willis’ reply… I live in Ontario and get Center Ice. You’ll see every Oilers game that is televised, either through CBC, TSN, or Center Ice. I do remember that once or twice a year there would be a game not televised, and so it would be unavailable to watch obviously. I don’t know if that’s still the case, but you’ll for sure get to watch almost, if not all of the games.
      The trouble is staying up late for those 9:30-10:00 starts. 😉