The Oilers have recalled centre Mark Arcobello and he will dress tomorrow night v. Dallas.

Arcobello played College at Yale and was undrafted. He split the 2010/2011 season between Stockton in the ECHL and the OKC Barons in the AHL.

He tallied 17 goals and 43 points in 73 games in OKC last season, before adding 5 goals and 13 points in 14 playoff games.

This year he’s been much more productive scoring 14 goals and 39 points in 43 games.

He is not a big or physical centre standing 5’9", 170 pounds, but he has good hockey sense according to Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle and the Oilers decided to recall him over Chris Vande Velde.

Arcobello is the best forward in OKC right now, so he’s been reward, but I also think the Oilers recalled him because they are hoping he can add more offence than Vande Velde.


  • Jason Arnott, Brendan Morrison, Tim Connolly and David Steckel have been tossed around the last 18 hours after it was announced that Shawn Horcoff has a broken knuckle.
  • Ask Leafs fans what they think of Steckel. Yes he is a big body who has won faceoffs in the past, but his skating and his unwillingness to play big are a concern. He’s only taken 18 faceoffs in 4 games with the Leafs this year and he only won 6 of them.
  • The last thing the Oilers need is an injury-prone and expensive player like Connolly. Arnott failed his medical with the New York Rangers due to an old, wonky knee and Morrison likely isn’t in game shape, which is why they went with Arcobello.
  • With Horcoff out for at least six weeks, it is reasonable to think that Steve Tambellini might try and pull off some sort trade, but I’m not surprised he didn’t rush and make one in time for tomorrow’s game.
  • Theo Peckham and Ralph Krueger had a one-on-one meeting today that was initiated by Peckham. With Fistric going down, I wonder if we will see Peckham sooner than later. Reports of him being ridiculously out of shape are in accurate. His weight, body fat % and testing wasn’t much different than 2012 I was told.
  • Fistric is listed as day-to-day, but he won’t play against his former team tomorrow and will be questionable for Detroit on Saturday.
  • The Oilers powerplay needs to recognize that teams are standing them up at the blueline. The Oilers were very stubborn last night with their unwillingness to dump the puck in on the PP. The Canucks continually stood them up and forced turnovers. The Oilers will need to adjust better v. Dallas.
  • Also look for the top-two lines to be switched. I’d switch Yakupov and Hall…Put Gagner and Hemsky with Hall and then Yakupov with Nugent-Hopkins and Eberle. I’d put 4/89/83 out for tough minutes. Hemsky has faced tough competition most of his career.

UPDATE: Theo Peckham has been re-assigned to OKC and will play Friday and Saturday.


  • The Soup Fascist

    If Marc Arcobello ever desired a chance to be an nhl player the opportunity has presented itself in spades.His early success with Hall and Eberle in OKC has written him a ticket to the big show. If I am Krueger I line him up with Hall and Ebs.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    can we not just sit back and enjoy the fact that gagner is tied with the leading scorer of the mighty wild and outscoring everyone on the fabled florida panthers right now?

    how is kyle wellwood fairing these days?

    • The Soup Fascist

      ~ His stats are virtually identical to Gagner! If you subtract the points that Gagner scored against Western Conference teams (they are all terrible except Vancouver and Minnesota) this year, then you will find Wellwood actually has one more point than Gagner. So there. ~

      Signed DSF

    • DSF

      How much would you be willing to wager that Gagner finishes with more points than Parise?

      Get back to me and we’ll arrange the stakes and your method of payment.

      • The Soup Fascist

        Nice to see you finally coming around and comparing Gagner to Zach Parise instead of Kyle Wellwood. There is hope for you yet, DSF ….

        Actually you bring up a good point. This is an excellent comparison. Kudos.

        Son of NHLer – check and check.

        NHL 1st Rounders – yup to both

        Centers – Roger Roger (I loved Airplane – sequel sucked)

        Size – Parise 5’11” / 185 Gagner 5’10” / 191 (It is like they are twins)

        21 year old season – ZP 32 points / SG 42 points

        22 year old season – ZP 62 points / SG 47 points (oops ZP had a nice year there)

        23 year old season – ZP 65 points / SG on pace for 91 in an 82 game season (yeah I dont think he will continue to score at that rate either. But a 65 point pace? Sure why not?)

        As indicated thanks for pointing out this comp, DSF. Never thought of Gagner as a Parise quality player, but I think you are right, he is in the ballpark. Have a great evening.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    The way people bash Hall on here is unreal, thanks for givin me a good laugh at the end of a long day I needed it 🙂

    Id hate to see if Eberle ever gets into a slump geeze!!…o hey RNH hasnt scored yet this year LETS TRADE HIM FOR CROSBY NOOOOOWWWW!!!!


  • Somehow Arcobello being given a cup of coffee means we should trade Taylor freakin Hall? I don’t even know what to say…

    Can we institute some sort of basic competency test before someone can comment here?

    J.G. are you trolling the article in disguise for more hits? 🙂

  • Word to the Bird

    I know this has seemed to be addressed by the more level headed posters, but why on earth is hall of all people considered to be the problem? Last time I checked he’s playing a h3ll of a lot better than his linemates, and yet people demand for a trade?! It’s fans like you guys that give us oiler fans a bad rep

  • GVBlackhawk

    I think the oilers should make a deal for a centre but long term. As mentioned earlier, Brock Nelson would be a good candidate from the islanders. Maybe a klefbom straight up for Nelson would be the core of the trade. Thoughts?

  • Rocket

    Taylor vs. Tyler = apples vs. oranges.

    Gagner vs. Parise = apples vs. jumbo jets.*

    If Gagner plays half as well as Parise, without the anchor of a contract, then it’s worth it.

    *Thank you Chuck Klosterman*

  • 2004Z06

    Guys….! Read the posts! No one is saying Hall is a bad player, and I didn’t say Bobby Ryan was better or worse than Hall. All we are discussing is that at some point, the Oilers will need to make a tough decision regarding one of these young stars. They will have to trade one of them to acquire a big strong power forward. I am suggesting a center. The discussion is around which would get you the most in return.

    It is a simple discussion and only “meatheads” resort to name calling. What are you 12?

    • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

      I’m gonna bust your balls here a little. Re read your original post and ask yourself if it wasn’t asking for the types of responses you’re getting. The problem with Internet forums is there are no tones to how you say things. The reader can interpret it however they interpret it. Yes a lot of the times it’s very different than what the original poster’s intent.

      Also you can’t crucify people for name calling and in the same sentence indirectly call them “meatheads”

      Take your own advice, read first, think, then respond.

  • I’m a little but surprised but Arco got the call instead of VV given the role he is filling. That said, we haven’t had much scoring from out bottom 6 so maybe he can add some creativity in the short term.

    If Belanger isn’t back soon then something will need to get done in order to shore up the centre position because we are dangerously thin.

  • book¡e

    @Jason Gregor
    “Ask Leafs fans what they think of Steckel. Yes he is a big body who has won faceoffs in the past, but his skating and his unwillingness to play big are a concern. He’s only taken 18 faceoffs in 4 games with the Leafs this year and he only won 6 of them.”

    You need to do some research before making comments.

    He won faceoffs last year, that was technically 5 games ago. His first two games of the season were 20-30% faceoff games, since then he has been above water in the circle. Even good centres have bad games, you name a centre and I can find more than one 30% or lower game each season.

    1) He is still winning faceoffs.

    I took the liberty of doing some hard yards and watching each one of Steckel’s shifts in a few games to see what how he was doing. Not too difficult given how much he is being used.

    Against the Bruins he beat Chara & Boychuk with SPEED. He never looked out of place due to speed, he may not be the best skater, but he definitely didn’t look out of place.

    2) His skating is adequate.

    Then I checked out his physical play, he blocked more shots per minute of play than any forward on the Leafs. He was finishing his checks and taking the body – wasn’t explosive hits, but more hits than the official scorer credits him for. Then I looked at his play in tight and he won 60% of the loose puck battles I saw.

    3) His physical play is adequate.

    The point is that he would be an adequate replacement for Horcoff and Belanger. The Leafs fans may not like him – but so what, they don’t like Kessel either, and he would be an useful addition on any team.

    I maintain the Oiler can get him for a reasonable price – draft pick, minor leaguer or plugger. (I wonder if they might take Hordichuk :))

    The other thing you may not notice about Steckel is he is not playing with quality linemates.

    DISCLAIMER: I don’t think Steckel is the answer to making the playoffs, I just think of the choices that maybe available he is the best to fill a hole.

  • 2004Z06

    So RNH is out with a shoulder injury again….Can we trade for a big durable center now? I still think Hall’s shoulder isn’t 100% either.

    Before anyone loses their minds, I am not suggesting trading RNH.