A sunny monday morning in Edmonton finds some of us shaking our heads in wonder that the Oilers have cooled off so mightily. Others are happy that the Good Guys pulled out a win in Columbus and look to the next game against (goes and looks) Columbus? Again? After a pair of matinees? Who made this schedule?!

BAH. Theres a Draft update and the first run of NationTees dropping after the jump.


The first ever NationDraft chugs along and your ol’ pal Wanye sits in 453rd place, ready to strike at a moment’s notice like the mighty Cobra. Despite correctly picking Thomas Vanek, Sidney Crosby and Zetterberg we have fallen behind early on for one reason and one reason alone.

Dammit Brooks Laich. You make $6.5 million of Ted Leonosis’ money. And your injury – vaguely listed as "groin" – is holding us back from greatness. It says in this article that you injured yourself whilst playing in Switzerland during the lockout. That was months ago man! Suck it up and get in the game. If not for you then do it for us – a fake person on the internet you have never met.


They say that good clothing designs stand the test of time. We can’t say that we had a hand in dressing Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five but as a brand new fashion designer sure to be celebrated for years to come we can understand quality gear when we see it.

About a month ago NationGear launched with the sale of Magic Hoodies which sold out faster than Justin Bieber game worn undies at a Justin Bieber concert. And now look: tshirts! And two seperate designs! It’s almost as though a battle royale broke out at Nation HQ about which design was better and then facing an insolvable impasse both were released at once.



The second most annoying meme on OilersNation after yelling fist in the comments has been immortalized in a series of Squee shirts! And what’s this? Three different colours? Who designed these TOMMY HILFIGER?! This thing is solid gold and confusing to anyone but the most diehard fan. Two wins in one if you ask us.



You may not recognize it at first glance but this is the Tatarstan Coat of Arms home of our favourite #64 in human history. And the writing reads "welcome to Yak City" in both Russian and Twitterese. This thing is SO SICK we might have to call the World Health Organization to make sure we aren’t breaking any laws by selling it across the world.


If you want to look funky fresh click here to go to the Nation Store. These babies are only $28 each and dropped on twitter this weekend and are well on their way to selling out with about 100 left before the design is retired forever.

A percentage of sales is going to be sent over to the deserving folks at the Bissell Centre for a program that they are running that provides free bus ride tokens to Edmontonians. The Last hoodie run resulted in $1,200 being split between the MS Bike Tour and the Inner City Children’s Program.