Ralph Krueger and his coaching staff want the Oilers to be a pre-gapping team. This is their new system and while some players have excelled at it, some have struggled.

Ryan Whitney hasn’t adjusted as quickly as they would have liked, but they are still confident he will not only grasp the system, but excel at it.

Assistant coach Steve Smith joined me on the TEAM 1260 earlier today and we discussed many strategies and philosophies on coaching. My final two questions revolved around Whitney.

I asked Smith what he likes about Whitney’s game and also the areas that he has struggled with so far.

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"Well, we have a system in place now where we are a pre-gapping team so we’re always gapping towards our man; we’re always gapping towards an area – whether it be in the defensive zone, in the neutral zone or in the offensive zone.  What we want to have is puck pressure all the time. So you have a responsibility and within that responsibility you have to be tight to that responsibility," explained Smith.

"That is the part of the game that he’s very cautious about and he’s had a difficult time with for the most part. He has yet to adapt to gapping up quickly, so there’s big space between him and the forward as they get pucks consequently coming over the blue line and his gaps haven’t been good. That’s something that he knows and he understands and has been shown (on video) that he needs to improve on. 

"What I like about him is that he’s a competitor, he is a good puck mover, and he’s got some offensive instincts that are really difficult to teach because he really has a natural ability with the puck. And when he’s on his game he’s difficult to play against. So we anticipate that after having a couple games off that he’ll be better, and he’s going to play on Saturday night and we look forward to a better game from him."

Very insightful stuff from Smith. It will be interesting to see if Whitney can get a grasp of the new pre-gapping system.

Smith also explained how the coaching staff has been working with the players to give them the best opportunity to succeed and understand their new system. 

"We do work a lot with video. I think it’s important that the players see their mistakes and we use them as teaching points. I think part of it is confidence for a lot of the guys, well at least a part of it is maybe…I think in the last couple years in Ryan’s instance, he had an ankle injury and I think that hurt him at times last year, and I think just having the confidence to know that his ankle is okay again now certainly will help. 

"These are things we work on a daily bases in practice. It’s not like they’re thrown into a game and are told that this is what you need to do. This is a daily routine that we have where we play 1-on-1’s, where we play these block drills where there’s 5-on-5 blocks on the ice, where we’re constantly gapping, where we’re constantly going through the routine and blowing whistles and stopping guys and letting them know when they’re in position and when they’re not in position.

Many teams are learning a new system, and I’m curious to see how the entire team progresses as they become more comfortable with Krueger’s attacking system.


  • Bi-Curious Gord

    But with out Whitney, who else could the fans harp on? After only reading these blogs for 6 months, I get why professional athletes don’t read them. The articles are great but the readers responses are often, dare I say ignorant?

  • ubermiguel

    I’m glad to hear Smith has some very balanced specific feedback including some insightful praise. This should take the sting off being a healthy scratch and hopefully it leads to an improvement in Whitney’s play. Knowing the coaching staff is behind him and want him to succeed is important. Now if only all the fans felt the same way…

  • Wax Man Riley

    NewAgeSys says:

    We have a roster full of bonafide shooters ,it is the system that dictates who is and isnt a shooter,nothing else.Not the player or his abilitys.

    If the Oilers play the NewAge Hockey System or a variant this year we will see 45 shots per game over 82 games.

    The NewAge System spreads offensive accountability 100% across the board like no other system being played in the NHL today.The offensive shot decisions are ALL system dictated and the shot choices are also SYSTEM dictated,many responsibilitys are removed from the players focus,and his game speed is drasticly improved as is his execution of system requirements.

    If a player like Nail,who I have watched a lot of video on,is allowed to contribute to a system like the NewAge System his speed and instincts will if he works hard enough put him in CONSTANT position systemwise to be releaseing his shot,premier shot positions on a consistant basis.With this system and the Oilers talent it will literally be a matter of who works hardest gets the most goals,the opponent will have virtually nothing to say or do about this outcome,the system is THAT offensive and superior to the “hybrid system”being played by most NHL teams.

    I recognised the finish but we have at least three guys in that league,with a d-man who looks like a sniper as well in Schultz.

    Yakupovs sucess will depend on the system the coach chooses to use him in if he makes the team out of camp as we all seem to expect.

    I created the NewAge Hockey System for the Oilers specificly and presented it to them on-line last year,I read Mr.Kruegers comments related to the type of offense we might see being similar to the PP of the 80s Oilers,welcome to my world,my system is absolutely and completely based off of the Oilers PP execution dureing the 80s,i have converted the core values of that PP to a superior 5 on 5 hyper-offensive system unlike any ever seen before.It is unique ,and it is mine.LA used it last year as did our farm team,the Oilers started to implement it with about 25 games to go and had steady sucess.

    I posted extensively about my system on the Oilers website over a two year period,in an attempt to have it recognised and implemented,I believe I accomplished that,and along the way LA through Jarret Stoll and co. piggybacked the data from the Oilers site and implemented it,and the farm team also implemented my system data effectively,both LA and the farm team attained the expected results,and the Oilers were righting the ship at the end of the year believe it or not,you could feel it.

    Players like Nail work so very hard every time they hit the ice that they need to play in a system that allows this extra effort to be immediatly rewarded and consistantly rewarded,they need a system that rewards extra effort and individual efforts that are aggressive and offensive for 60 complete minutes.A system that drains them of offensive energy,not one that stifles it ,not even for 5 mins of a game.

    If Nail is on the second line consistantly he will push for the team goals lead and walk away with the Calder hands down,possibly by a record margin of points if he stays healthy for 82 games,I believe Sam Gagner is a natural fit with Nails vision and insincts,and because Sam looks to be anchoring the 2nd line their unavoidable chemistry will rear its head through many multiple point games for the two of them,if we see this dynamic for 82 games I peg Yakupov within the NewAge System to score 35 plus goals,if he finds a home on the PP maybe 40—and the 2nd line will propel us into the playoffs with those multi-point games.Remember this is a system specific prediction.If we play a hybrid system like we did most of last year,I say he will be a 20ish goal guy no matter what icetime he gets.i appreciate nails skillset and shot ect. but I still firmly believe that offensive sucess is catalysed by system induced opportunitys—so with an average system he will perform above average for a rookie,with a superior system he will perform above average on the NHL level.

    Just make sure you remember to not blame Sammy for shooting a lot this year with nail on his line if we use the NewAge System,because the shots will be system dictated not dictated by anyones greed.And there should be 45 per game to go around,and i love the math when I see nails conversion ability,he will get four shots per game average,so it should be interesting.

    If we play a hybrid system he will get less shots per game by a large margin,I see Nail useing his onetimer on the PP a lot and getting most of his goals from there which is why i pegged him in the 20s,but in the NewAge System he will be generateing his goals off 5 on 5 situations as well as the PP and he will have a constant stream of system induced shooting opportunitys which is why I pegged him at possibly 40 goals. Yes,he is a finisher,yes he has an invisible release,and yes he can score from absolutely everywhere,and yes he will fit in here and have a lot of great young teachers to help him out,like a third born he will talk-walk-and score goals faster because of his slightly older siblings like Hall-Gagner-Nuge-Ebbs ect.

    But lets remember that he is walking into a room full of high picks with a serious skillset depth—this may be the toughest test he has ever had,and certainly tougher than the fellas before him,he has to compete with the full deck of cards with hemsky-Nuge-Hall-Ebbs-Gagner-Schultz-MPS ect.I dont see there being that much pressure or expectations put on him,we dont exactly need a savior these days with all the young studs we have.

    As with all our players,as the system goes so goes the players statistical seasons.We can already count on one thing,Nail will be ready to put in the hard work needed to be a system asset,and the system wont matter in that regard,the rest is still unwritten history,and anyone who wants to can pick up the pen and start writeing,they just need the desire—I see a lot of that in this young man.

    Just thought it was fitting…. don’t worry, I didn’t read it either.

    • WHOAH!

      No wonder that wall of text got GregorBanned.

      Back on topic, I listened to this interview on the way home today. Can’t imagine Ryan Whitney fitting into the Oilers’ new SYSTEM.* He’s far too cautious and doesn’t have near enough confidence to pull it off. Looks like something designed for the young guys as it involves a crapload of foot speed.

      *Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

      • @David Staples — Have you caught your breath yet chuckles? Did you happen to notice your sublime timeing? Did you notice that the Oilers just set a Franchise record for shots on net? And were there to many tears in your eyes from your belly-rolls to see exactly how the Oilers did this? Ha ha ha ha.

        You keep up your hissy fit over the NewAge Hockey System and your defense of statistical analysis and the status quo, but keep your big spoon ready for all the Hunble pie ye shall eat.

        For your unsolicited information the Oilers are currently executing an NHS influenced adjusted-hybrid system NOT a pure NHS and are utilising the Gapping tactic that is part of the NHS core values to positively influence their transitions out of their own end, the NHS utilises gapping all over the ice in all zones and situations. The adjusted-hybrid cannot incorporate Gapping wholesale without losing defensive integrity. Oh yes, i forgot you havent a shadows clue what an adjusted-hybrid even is now right? Better read up on your NHS.

        The NewAge Hockey System has already taken on its own identity, so good luck with your cheapshots, you will quickly find yourself in the minority.

        I used to waste more time trying to explain the NHS in good faith now i am just looking past your comments.

        The record setting night was a result of excellent coaching of an adjusted hybrid system and excellent committment and execution for 60 full minutes by the entire roster. There were NHS influences that were injected specificly last night and those adjustments were posted online in longhand detail over 24hrs pre-game as you very well know that is how I like to post, I dont care if you dig up the posts to verify or not, but this performance was not NewAge Hockey System 100%, this was an NHS influenced adjusted-hybrid exactly like LA used last year.

        Stay tuned. Moma2,NewAgeSys,BadMedicine.

    • Maybe you should have read it. You are witnessing it on the ice.

      Thanks for pasteing my posts I am always glad to see the NHS out there being batted around, it has developed a life of its own based on its results, I dont need to sell the NHS any more , I just keep tabs on where it is growing the fastest.

      Intuative Dynamic Analysis is something new to the NHL and will soon replace statistical analysis, and unlike stats based analysis not any monkey who can read numbers can do it.

      Besides stats based anaysis cannot be validated via a results based format, it is snakeoil the equivilant of Vegas Odds.

      The NHS and Intuative Dynamic Analysis provide instant tangible results that are verified in realtime.

      Our recent sucess has been catalysed by a better managment of our puck possesions, we have finally begun to develop better tactical reads and are now timing our o-zone transitions and our first shot and rebound support better now that we have backed off of the fast wing rush and the dump and chase and evolved to a transition o-zone entry tactic as opposed to a fastbreak tactic entering the o-zone, in short now we are only implementing an adjusted fastbreak to exit our d-zone and then are switching to a transition tactic as we enter the o-zone. This is what an adjusted-hybrid is based on, this blend of fastbraek and transition tactics which is difficult to coach and to execute.

      Of merit to mention is the fact that the Oilers were utilising lateral Gapping as they entered the o-zone and this is a pretty unique approach to the tactic itself. So far they are doing the best they can with an adjusted hybrid, they are utilising Gapping to initiate pressure on the forecheck and now they are utilising it to exert pressure on the defense when entering the o-zone. This is all exactly as expected from an adjusted hybrid and remember the lateral gapping we are doing because within that dynamic is the next big adjustment we will need to make away from our current system and towards a pure NHS. We need to make a core value defensive adjustment by adding NHS influences to the dynamic action behind our blue-line or we will find teams scoring goal for goal with us even if they are way less talented, there is a flaw in the hybrid and the adjusted hybrid systems and it allows a system checkmate to be established that prevents the blend towards the transitional o-zone entry, and consistantly initiates a high number of possesion changes, and shots with very few goals scored. Essentially a run and gun without the gun.

      last night we generated the record shot offense via the well defined tactical first shots enabled by an adjusted laterally Gapped o-zone entry timed perfectly for rebound control and second shot execution, in fact our o-zone tactics were catalysed by the two shot tactic. And it was really executed perfectly.

      The o-zone transition is the adjusted hybrids achilles heel as we will see when we play LA who has experienced a hybrid/adjusted-hybrid system checkmate quite a few times last year in the playoffs. Because we arent using a pure NHS, but are using an adjusted hybrid influenced strongly by NHS core values and the Oilers refuse to find me or make me an employment offer they DO NOT have the data that will enable them to escape the system checkmate, this is because it cannot be accomplished without changing over to the full and complete NewAge Hockey System and they cant do that without me and the NHS database.

      So we will be forced to watch the team try to reinitiate this type of offense and then see them be scored on goal for goal and realise that the adjusted-hybrid even firing on all cylinders will negate their skillset advantage tremendously. This adjusted-hybrid system will if opened up wide offensively, bleed goals and the tighter the defense is cranked to create a scoring gap either for defensive or offensive reasons the LESS effective it will become because to tighten defensively means to stifle the offense and communication gaps suddenly appear and the system implodes. This is the net result of a hybrid/adjusted-hybrid system checkmate which we will soon see opposing coaches apply and LA is excellent at it so we wont have to wait lone to see this played out in realtime on the ice.

      The best this system will do for us talent and skill or not is generate high scoring run and gun games where we have a fighters chance of winning, the adjusted-hybrid is not capable of incorporating a stable enough defensive platform into a potent enough offensive scheme to manifest dominant offensive power, it wasnt designed for dominating offense it was designed to maintain a tight defensive framework through the use of set plays and also to generate competative offense through the use of creative o-zone transitions.

      If we keep this system and execution expect 6-5 games that can go either way, and no consistancy in the wins department, we are simply using an offensive version of the trap and hoping to win our share of games competatively.

      If we want to see this type of offensive shot production and goal production connsistantly every game then we will need to see a full on switch to the NHS, but first the seemingly endless Oiler growing pains must happen, we will need to see the dynamics i outlined happen in the next ten gms or less and we will need to see the roundtable convene to find a solution because we wont be producing the wins but we will be producing the goals, a polar opposite problem to what we started with, at which point the decision will be made to tighten the defense and keep it simple and that will be the final dagger to end the season because we will spiral after that.

      We did this exact same thing last year to a T, refused to abandon the outdated adjusted hybrid system that we are choking on.

      I offer my NHS to the Oilers all the time, all they need to do is post a request or a question, same with other teams who are interested, however I will only discuss hybrid/adjusted hybrid modifications using NHS certain tactics with teams other than the Oilers because I have never fully released the entire database needed to initiate a full NHS to anyone yet, just adjustments to existing systems, I am trying to save the real deal for exclusively the Oilers.

      Hence the refusal to detail the upcoming defensive adjustments needed immediatly, the more sucessfull hybrid/adjusted hybrid adjustments I give online using the NHS core values the clearer the overall NHS program becomes. Right now many NHL teams are converting to an adjusted-hybrid exactly like we are trying to execute, this is perfect and it is nice to see the evolution speeded up in the last two years, you see the NHS incorporates ALL the core values of both the hybrid and the adjusted hybrid systems, it is an evolution not something absolutely new, it is the next step, and as such was designed to literally rip its parent systems to shreds, the first team to fully implement the NHS will melt through the entire NHL likea hot knife through butter and no team will have an answer because their systems tactical databases are built into the NHS.

      There is only one way to generate the offense we saw last night consistantly and also provide a championship defenseive ability and this comes believe it or not from even more offense, and sadly the adjusted-hybrid as well as we may execute it will never give us the goal differential seperation game by game we need to become a consistantly winning team.

  • G Money

    Short but extremely informative article. Thanks JG.

    Actually makes me a feel a bit better – it does seem to sensibly explain a lot of the aggravating game-to-game and shift-to-shift inconsistency the team has displayed.

    When all 5 players on the ice are playing the system, the talent would shine and team looks great. If even a couple of guys are not fully engaged, which is bound to happen with a new system/no training camp/few practises, the whole thing breaks down and the whole team looks terrible at even the simplest plays.

    Also perhaps explains why Whitney looks worse this year than last year.

    Reason for optimism.

    Would be very interested in a follow-up article about which other teams use the same/similar systems, and the resulting track record(s).

  • MarcusBillius

    Can a slow player, a defender in particular, willingly close the gap if he expects he will be beaten in a foot race by 90% of the forwards in the league?

    • The Soup Fascist

      I am not sure but I suspect the intent of a tight gap or a “pre-gap” is to take away – or at least limit – the advantage held by the quicker forwards.

      For example a Whitney would have a better chance of containing a fleeter of foot opponent if he takes his time and space away. Where he would be more isolated and exposed, is when the waterbug has more room to get wound up and find open ice.

      But WTF do I know? I was such a pylon when I played, I might as well have worn an orange helmet.

  • MarcusBillius

    My sense is that a lot of Oilers fans are very knowledgeable about hockey and give some slack to players that are struggling. When these struggling players, like Whitney (and I won’t mention other names), start to cost goals and games, the fans become frustrated and fear another season of exciting, last-place hockey.

    Professional athletes are paid well and should have developed thick skins, e.g., Harcoff. Life is tough.

  • Good read Jason.

    I have to question this style of play this year. In a shorten season why would you completely revamp your coverage and attack?

    This is something that should have been deployed in a longer season, if the coach’s knew that some of the veterans and kids would have trouble adapting to it right away, then it seems like a lot to ask, furthermore the boys never had a training camp to get use to the new system.

    I don’t think it’s a bad system, but could they not have revamped Renny’s system or at least went with man on man?

    I found your comment interesting the other day when you said losing 6 games is the equivalent of losing 12 in a regular season. I find that implementing a new system is almost along the same line’s as this, what takes a month to learn in a regular season has to be compressed into learning it in just a few weeks.

    Seems odd?

    • paul wodehouse

      They probably felt it was a half year, they weren’t going to dominate anyways. What better time to start a new system so that next year, when the kids are older more experienced there would be no growing pains with learning a new system. And then they would be able to dominate. It makes sense to me. Whats the difference between 9-13 in the standings?

      • No offence, but this year the Oilers can ill afford to give away points or learn a new system on the fly, points are at a premium, not to mention there are very limited breaks between games.

        With the way the schedule is the Oilers will be hard pressed to go 500 the rest of February, to make matters worse the Oilers are now going to go on a huge road trip to the teams the Oilers can’t beat on the bet of days.

        The kids will be older and wiser next year like you say, they won’t have an issue learning a new system then.

        • Jaw17

          Are the kids the ones having an issue learning the system now? Seems to me they are playing good at both ends. As good as one would expect some 19-22 would play.

          • Really….I’m on the asumption that this a team game and not just about the kids, but ya, seems the kids are doing just fine with Taylor Hall being the only plus player on the team.

            That wouldnt be a concern if the team scored 5×5.

          • Huh?

            You said this

            “….The kids will be older and wiser next year like you say, they won’t have an issue learning a new system then.”

            And I said this

            “Are the kids the ones having an issue learning the system now? Seems to me they are playing good at both ends. As good as one would expect some 19-22 would play.”

            So we are talking about the kids. Not about the rest of the team at this point. We aren’t talking about how well they are scoring. We are talking about their ability to learn the new system and effectively do it. Which one could easily argue they are doing.

          • OilerLand

            Seems you might of had some confusion with my earlier posts. The best the oilers could do this year is make the playoffs, which would do what for the organization? Nothing

            Therefor the majority of the core of team only need to get older/stronger/experienced to be better. And that this was a wash year even before the lock out.

            So its the best time to change the system, so that there is no learning curve for the team next year. Everyone will be on the same page and have had 6 months of a training camp.

  • MarcusBillius

    I think a few days off and some extra practice time is going to do this team a world of good. Come Saturday I think we’re going to see some definite improvement. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb right now and say they win the remaining four games on this homestand. Nugent-Hopkins will break out and Ryan Whitney will play all four games. Mmmm, Kool-aid. 🙂

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Okay, the honeymoon’s over. Pretty sure Scotty Bowman used this exact same system to lead the Habs to 5 S/Cups in a row in the 70’s, what’s old is new again? What the heck has Krueger done to warrant an opportunity in the NHL, did he tear up the fourth rated league (Swiss league) in the world?

    His team is in a shambles the last half dozen games. Nobody’s standing up for each other. When one of the fab 5 get hammered everyone looks around thinking about the guy who gets 5 mins a night, it’s his job. These kids are going to have to start standing up for themselves. Make their opponent eat some Easton, or swallow a Jofa elbow pad. Try choking on one of those Curtis Glencross.

    Another two weeks like the last and the Oilers might as well put an old fat gazelle on the front of their jerseys instead. We all know what happens to the slowest gazelles in Africa.

    What’s worse then being on a celler dwelling hockey team?…..being a fan of one. After we can our new coach……more violence please.

    Thanks, i feel moocha better now.

  • Wax Man Riley

    Glad to hear they have a system. The way they run around in their own end, and always having trouble getting the puck out and up the ice, I didnt there was a system.

    I can see Whitney having problems with closing the gap. You have to be able to swivel, and retreat quickly, and I am not sure his ankles are up to it.

  • OilerLand

    This New (Old Reincarnated Hab System) is a major transition. While it does spread the accountability it also creates more dependencies on the forwards particular for the backchecking game. Whitney isnt the only guy struggling with it.

    Twice at the Dallas game I saw DMen moving up ice in the neutral zone to pre-gap and timed it too late — as the Stars forwards just flew by them like they were pylons.

    Its an aggressive system and there will be risks…most of them will be odd-man rushes.

  • I used NewAge System and my hair grew back fuller and more complete. I looked like I was 20 again! *Overhead shot proving full folicle rehabilitation*

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  • Good to see they have a system……..this is not very obvious when you are watching a game.

    My only question is why is Whitney ( being a veteran) having such a hard time adjusting? Did they just come up with this system yesterday? Surely they would have practised this a couple of time? Every other defenseman got how the system works except Whitney?

    Something smells funny?

  • The Soup Fascist

    this is great news. i thought the system the team was utilizing was running all over the ice in a completely undisciplined fashion. there are fundamental problems with this team, that, until they are corrected, will prevent this team from getting out of the lottery. the oil:

    take way too many undisciplined penalties.

    play very poor positional hockey.

    miss the net too much.

    make poor choices in the offensive zone.

    turn the puck over a ridiculous amount.

    until these basic fundamentals are cleaned up, expect a lotto pick.

    is there really a belief that the team can return from their marathon road trip and still be playing meaningful hockey?

    does anyone else wonder when the team reaches way up the board to take mitchell moroz as a potential power forward why the didnt come up the board three spots and take zack kassian instead of paajarvi?

    i know he wouldnt be here right now, but it sure looks to me like this team could use a calm, poised rock of a western candadian dman for the next 15-20 years to anchor the d with jschultz. unfortunately, the team seems to think games are won on high end paper skill and not on the ice.

    how long do they stick with this line up until they realize how poorly constructed the team is?

    really concerned about taylor halls finishing ability.

    really really concerned that RNH’s lack of even strength production right from his days in red deer is a problem that will never go away. and now the pp magic has disappeared.

    so when the oil are picking in the top five this spring and faced with the decision of who to pick, do we see them take the best junior scorer available, or take a player that can make their team better? i have a sneaking suspicion that next fall they will be trumpeting a third soft scoring line featuring drouin instead of sending a big center back to junior to work on his two way game.

    i understand patience with this team and all that, but judging from the fact that there would appear to be no improvement with this club, and what looks to me like a regression, how long does this go on? most nights it looks like a good ahl team could beat he oilers.

    one last thing. how many of our three early second rounders are looking like they will be nhl players.

    pitlick? sure doesnt.

    musil? he is really slow.

    moroz? about a half a point a game on a dominant junior team.

    that is big trouble and indicative of why this whole thing looks alot more nyi and cbus than pittsburgh and chicago.

  • paul wodehouse

    …I want to applaud the Manitoba Court of Appeal for almost doubling the sentence of child abuser and two hundred+ time sex offender Graham James this day …

    ’bout time the law does something right…

  • OilerLand

    How do ya like me now boys!! Ha ha haha. By the way that was another Dynasty record level night of entertainment brought to you by the NewAge Hockey Systems influences on an adjusted-hybrid system of play.
    Whoop!! Keep watching for it, and if you want to learn what “gapping” is read up on the NHS, pre-gapping isnt really an accurate description, Ralphs close.

    • Lofty

      My apologies if I have misdirected any feedback your way that was destined for the other poster. My oversight completly. Wow how does one attempt to make reparations for this type of dynamic, I guess no harm no foul. Thank you for not flaming me up which you had every right to do, your patience and understanding is appreciated.