They say that Birthdays were invented by Wall Street as a way to sell more candles. And who are we to argue? As a five year old we couldn’t possibly argue with something as sophisticated as Wall Street.


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OilersNation.com launched November 27, 2007. 49 people came that first day and we almost had a heart attack with joy. The only writer back in those days was a composite author that was half Bingofuel and half Wanye that we mystifyingly called "The Nation". But we bickerered back and forth with Bingofuel wanting on our own writer name until we hit the jackpot with this gem of an article on March 9, 2008

The fellows who started bring94home.com were kind enough to let us post here when they started up this site, so away we went.

We aren’t professional anything, but we can slam a beer and throw a punch at your sister faster than you can believe—guaranteed. And we can’t say enough good and bad things about the Oil and the OilersNation. We aren’t a fan of any particular player, coach or GM. We just live and die cheering for the jersey, and anyone lucky enough to wear it and call Edmonton home. So if you keep reading, we’ll keep writing. Even if Robin Brownlee is better than us, though we would never tell him that.

Good gravy. Referring to yourself in the third person? Threatening to punch someone’s sister in the face? What an amateur hour it was back in those days.* Sidebar: Every single one of the three comments on that article are all me pretending to be different people. Back in those days we had like 8 different aliases and would often flame war with ourself in the comments section to give the illusion of traffic.** Oh the fun we had.


Technically the 5th birthday of the Nation Network has come and gone back in November. But because of the lockout we let the occasion pass with little fanfare. Then we set to work trying to line up a primo celebrity to come to our 5th birthday party and that didn’t pan out at the last minute. This is what being 5 years old is all about – never getting your own way and accidentally peeing your pants in rage.

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The Oilers have been basically crap the entire lifespan of the site and are suspiciously starting to point the nose cone of the USS Oilers Hockey Club towards the ground this year too. And when the Oilers start to tank we know exactly what to do don’t we Nation.

Just keep the faith and keep drinking.


To celebrate being 5 years old we are throwing a party at the Pint on Whyte one week from today. 

There will be a pair of Jasons in attendance – Jason Gregor live broadcasting his show and Jason Strudwick too fondly remembering his stint as house DJ at the last nation party which got crazy out of hand towards the end and resulted in our Australian Brother Sam Brown winning a dance off and impregnating 3 separate women in attendance with his mind.

There are only 150 tickets – $20 each and with that you get a limited edition 5th Birthday T-Shirt, a $25 Oodle Noodle GC, a $20 Pint GC, and Labatt swag! 

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And all of the money will go to supporting the Inner City Children’s Program per the directives of the saintly Jason Strudwick.

Click here to buy tickets and may the Gods have mercy on your soul.

Its gonna be off the hook – come celebrate like you would at any 5 year old’s birthday. Full throttle. 

*And still today and in 5 years and forever

** Feels good to admit to that 5 years later