Tickets are selling at a pace that can be described as "mildly brisk" for the OilersNation 5th birthday party at the Pint off Whyte this Friday. We like to think that it is because each $20 ticket gets you a free 5th birthday tee shirt pictured above.

Gregor thinks its because all the proceeds go to the Inner City Children’s Fund. A buddy of mine texted to say "A UFC ring girl is in the house? That sounds like a recipe for disaster. This I gotta see."

Whatever may drive you to attend the party, we hope that you will join us on Friday.

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Every $20 ticket gets you the snazzy limited edition 5th Birthday T-Shirt, a $25 Oodle Noodle GC, a $20 Pint GC, and Labatt swag. Should this Friday find you without plans, or plans that are less entertaining then a big party click here to buy yours.


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Another week has come and gone in the NationDrafts draft of the Nation and Frankenstein remains the top of the pops with 429 points. The Ryan Smyth & Wessons took the time to brag tweet us this morning about his current 6th place position and as a man at the helm of the 412th place Ministry of Squee we have to take our lumps as they come.

Where you sittin in the draft? Higher than 412th place? You must be some kind of genius we bet. Or had advanced knowledge of how the first 19 games of the season were going to play out. We certainly didn’t because we had the misfortune to pick BROOKS FRIGGIN LAICH.

Honest to Nuge Brooks Laich we have had to go and look up Washington Capitals news to find out what trickery you are up to. It said last week you were "nearing return to action." And yet here we sit 7 days later  with you still sitting comfortably in the press box and counting your millions.

We will say this once more Brooks Laich:


*grinds teeth*

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Using the magic of computer technology we randomly select a biweekly prize winner and then send them some goodies. Thus far the winners have been Team Knockout and the follicly themed Strudwick’s Hair Line. Both are residents of good old Edmonton and have received $25 Oodle Noodle delivery gift certificates. May you both feast on your good fortune friends.

As always a big thanks goes out to our title sponsor United Cycle who has put up a $5,000 shopping spree for first place whoever that lucky SOB will be and some Oilers Jerseys for the folks in 5th-10th place. Mad respect!