A 5-1 over Dallas in Dallas last night? Jeff Petry scoring in two straight games? The rookie party must have been one hell of a morale raiser for the Mighty Oil because that was as complete of a game as we have seen in awhile from the Copper and Blue and Orange and Blue.

Time to party if you ask me.


The thing about being a team on the come up is that sooner or later you are going to start winning games you have no business winning. The Oilers hadn’t won in Dallas since 2006 if you can believe it, but last night they handled the Stars with all of the grace and champion form that one would expect from a team Robin Brownlee picked to make the playoffs this year.

The big difference you can start to see with these here Oilers is that when they lose a game nowadays you can point to a handful of players that dramatically underperformed. A couple years ago? They didn’t have the team to compete on most nights.

And now when these same underperforming players connect and play to their potential for a night the result is things like a 6-1 road beat down of a team they rarely if ever beat on the road. Even Jaromir Jagr scoring his 324th career goal* against the Oil and breaking DD’s shutout bid couldn’t dampen the mood.

If this is the way they are going to play after their annual rookie dinner we suggest Justin Schultz and Yak City pick up the tabs for all the meals going foward. That was a fine hockey match every which way you slice it.


Well we had 150 tickets and gift packs ready for the 5th Birthday Party of OilersNation.com tonight at the Pint off Whyte. And 150 tickets hath been sold and rolled since that time. Perhaps its because UFC ring gal Arianny Celeste** is in the building. Perhaps its because Jason Gregor has promised to dance the lindy high atop a flag pole should the Oilers win. Whatever the case the original 150 tickets are gone.

But we haven’t bought tickets yet and most of our lazy ne’er do well buddies are sort of "game day" decision makers. So we called the Pint last night and asked if we could release 50 more tickets for sale tomorrow morning and they said "fine by us you idiot we are a public gathering place with a capacity of 600. Knock yourself out."

This will cut into the left over tee shirts we were going to fire sale off on the site afterwards with the proceeds to charity. But as they say in the Merchant Marines "a good party beats internet tee shirt sales any day of the week.***" All of the proceeds of the $20 ticket go to the Inner City Childrens Fund and you get a swaggalicious 5th birthday tee shirt, a $25 Oodle Noodle GC a $20 Pint GC and assorted memories from the night.

It’s Friday. Let’s party. Click here for yer tickets y’all.


*Actual career statistic we looked

**This won’t go well mark my words

***Actual saying in the Merchant Marines