Podcast Pilot

I’m excited to show you guys this new pilot project! We don’t have a name yet, but we’re going to be talking about sports over beer at Tallboys’ in downtown Toronto at 838 Bloor Street.

For the first week, I sit down for a pop with Jeff Veillette aka Jeffler of Leafs Nation, and Thomas Drance of Canucks Army, along with myself (Steve Dangle) to talk about Leafs goaltending, Canucks goaltending, tampering, and more.


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  • A-Mc

    so wait… you start this podcast then post it on OilersNation and your first topic of discussion is the LEAFS!?



    PS: GOod idea on the show. I’ll continue watching this episode now..

      • A-Mc

        ya I’m not really raging. Just more poking fun. Kind of like how people rage over hockey night in Canada was always about the leafs

        Speaking of commentary/hockey/Fan Personalities: I’ve sometimes thought it’d be fun to have the same kind of setup like in this pod cast, only they’d be adding a 2nd layer of commentary over a hockey game. kind of like a post game review but in video format with some good personalities. Think about it like Jonathan W.’s articles where he breaks down plays but only he does so in video format and then has a buddy next to him telling him he’s stupid and that Horcoff is to blame for everything. It could be entertaining if the right personalities were picked for it.

      • JCDavies

        I would watch more of these if they are made.

        Couple questions:

        How do they plan to do this? Is Dangle going to bring in you to talk about the Flames or Willis to talk about Edmonton, for example, or will it be the same group discussing all seven Canadian teams or all 30 NHL teams?

        I prefer to read/listen to people discuss things they know about and follow regularly. There are already a couple of large media companies in Toronto that have a bunch of people that talk about players they haven’t seen play and games they haven’t watched. In this case, with Drance (Vancouver) and Jeff and Dangle (Toronto) it worked out.

        When was this made? Sometime after Luongo’s Detroit debacle but before Reimer came back? There seems to be a delay in posting video.

        • We’d have to figure it out, but I think we’d either do 1 primary show for across the network or replicate it in other markets with key figures there. Depends on price/availability, etc.

          I believe it was recorded on Wednesday, which is actually a pretty quick turn around for a vid like this.

  • A-Mc

    for the life of me, i cannot get this video to play past the 8:58 mark.

    Reloading the page will show the full 13+ min podcast but once it starts to load/play, it will stop at 8:58 and show it as the ‘new’ 100% completed state.

    youtube just hates me right now i guess. I’ll try again later.

  • video was good. good topics agree with most of it. no comments on JVR or other injuries wouldve liked some comments on what you think Coach will do when players come back. and when will next LFR video be posted???

  • A-Mc

    Mop head in the middle is like the mad scientist of the group. He sits quietly, wide eyed with a smile on his face until someone unleashes him, and then he explodes into an explanation Fury like a coked out physicist explaining the Theory of Relativity to a grade 8 class.

    I liked it. For a pilot, i think it was good.

    Would these same guys do other teams? or would it be the other team writers doing their version?

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    Toronto huh… you guys should get Dellow.

    the intro was a little forced… but it would be smart for you guys to try and get come cross-promotion with local bars.

    Also… figures that Drance gave the Argos the diss. doesn’t know anything about the Oil or my city.

    … is a podcast usually video?

  • Isn’t Thomas Drance the putz who wrote the article about the Oilers for Vice? Tough to argue that article was anything but tasteless and crass (and poorly written!)

    That alone is reason enough to pass on the show, but when you compound it with his pathetic, inane “input”, I’ll give it a double pass.

    I like the input from the other two, though.

  • Further Thoughts:

    1. Bring back Fat Jeffler (just kidding, nice work buddy)
    2. Jeffler needs to be more assertive
    3. I want someone to shotgun a beer on this show. Maybe whoever says the worst thing.
    4. GAHHHHHH Can’t believe Gillis almost didn’t go to Sweden
    5. Good overall. Would enjoy it again although they might want to put some powder on Drance’s dome.

  • Also, jeez that’s some pretty high production value for a “podcast”.

    Only non-union guy that could pull that off on a budget out west would be Jeanshorts. Dude is a magician with video.

  • It’s hard to pass judgement on the podcast from a pilot; these things have a way of finding their footing after a few episodes. However, I do think it is a worth while project that I would definitely watch. I’m a Habs fan, so that isn’t a thirst for any and all content about the Leafs or Canucks talking. Would also like to see how different team sites would put their own spin on this format.

    A few notes:
    – intro titles under each person the first time they are on camera (where the crawl typically goes) would help avoid having to introduce the participants every podcast.

    – We don’t need the participants to tell us what they are drinking, unless you guys already have endorsement deals in place. It’s awkward, takes up time, and no one is really going to care.

    – I appreciate that it’s a multi-camera production, and I think Steve did a wonderful job with the editing.

    – I like that it is kept short at 15 to 30 minutes. Viewers are busy and can’t commit to much more than that — depending on how often these are made. The more often they are released, the shorter they should probably be.

    – Will this be Dangle’s show with rotating guests or the same two guys? I would welcome more stats based discussion and a mix of voices upon occasion — not just the white male blogger.

    – This is shallow, but… I find Jeffler’s hair distracting. He makes some good points and all I’m thinking is that something MUST be done about that hair.

  • Czar

    This Beer Banter is missing a hot waitress or shooter girl. After a couple shots the boys could drop the gloves and I’m sure the results would be very entertaining. Look forward to the next one guys!

  • kobegeee

    I loved the podcast, as a Leafs fan I loved how much you talked about them, but I can see how fans of other teams may not like that… I thought the video quality was great… Keep up the good work!