The $10,000 Cross-check

Stars forward Jamie Benn has been fined $10,000 for his cross-check on Ryan Jones in Thursday’s game between Dallas and Edmonton.

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In addition to the fine, which is the maximum allowed under the new collective bargaining agreement, Benn was assessed a five minute major and a game misconduct by the referees at the time of the incident.

Undoubtedly factoring into the league’s decision is Benn’s relatively clean record (this is the first time he’s received supplemental discipline from the NHL), and the fact that Jones felt well enough to play later in the game and again on Friday. Working against Benn was the fact that the cross-check was so obviously not a hockey play.

In a perfect world, I’d like to see a brief suspension for hits like this. I do think, however, that a fine is consistent with the NHL’s enforcement standards, and all that could really be expected to come from this. Benn’s salary this year is $4.5 million (before getting reduced due to the lockout); a $10,000 fine represents the same percentage of his annual income that $100 does for a man making $45,000 a year – it’s the NHL equivalent of a speeding ticket.

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  • OilClog

    And Halls clearly long record of dirty and vicious behavior was worthy of two games.. Whats more prone to life threatening injuries.. Head/spine.. Or knee…

    Typical NHL standard.

  • Alsker

    A fine for NOT injuring Jones properly, whatever happened to “intent”, off the bench take three strides towards the backside of an unsuspecting victim, aah, now I see no intent there at all.Cant imagine what the suspension had been if that would have been Sutton,etc. But we do know what it would be if your name was Doan.

  • paul wodehouse

    It would just be nice if plays liek this were dealt with more severly by the NHL, so that players wouldn’t have to take this in their own hands, and turn the game into needless goonery. So now next time we play, someone fights Benn, or slashes him, or cross checks him back. This is totally unnecessary if the league would take incidents such as this more seriously.

  • DSF

    It will be interesting to see how Minnesota handles the next game……….I think that although Hall may be spared because he is not playing the rest of the top six gang will need to keep their heads up.

    I smell retribution in the air.

    As for Benn taking a cheap shot at Jones………if Jones has any character he will take him to task next game.

  • Why are teams allowed to cheap shot the Oilers that sometimes cause injured but get no suspension. It’s unacceptable. Had incident been reversed, there would have been a suspension, guaranteed.

    Last season Sutton got suspended twice and neither time was the player injured. Why the double standard. Why does Shanny hate the Oilers so much?

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the head shot Nystrom laid on Potter earlier in the game. Potter left the game and didn’t play in the St. Louis game.

    Why is it all right according to Shanny to cheap shot the Oilers injuring them but not suspended them. I’m sure Shanny didn’t like to suspend Carcillo last season for that cheap shot on Gilbert.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Shanny hates the Oilers or else players would be suspended for cheap shots injuring Oilers players. Doan threw a cheap shot on Horcoff and Horc got injured. No fine or suspension for Doan.

    I’m getting really frustrated that other teams are allowed to get away with cheap shots sometimes causing injury that warrant suspension on the Oilers but never get one.

    • DaveChamp

      You are what I consider a “homer.” You don’t consider the actions the home team gets away with and doesn’t get suspended for. You can be a fan which is great, but if you want to evaluate things fairly, you need to have a more balanced outlook.

  • james_dean

    With a blatantly dirty play like this a short suspension is in order. Luckily Jones didn’t get a concussion or broken jaw when his head hit the ice, but Benn’s intention was to hurt him and that is what the suspension should be for. A couple games pay is well more than $10K and hurts his team.

    Would it have a dirtier play if Jones’ ribs were broken? Lacerated kidney? It’s the intent, not the result that should be suspension worthy.

  • Brutal! I’m sorry, but that is a play that needs to have a suspension attached! From behind. With a stick. Intent to injur. How that is treated with less severity than a hit that may be too high or too low makes absolutely no sense. Hitting is a part of the game, assulting someone with a stick who doesn’t even see it coming is not. This is flat out embarasing. My call, my league, thats five games minimum.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Hals hit was mostly due to the high speed both players were travelling at when they collided. Hall was in his stance when he was looking to crush Clutterbuck. It was unintentional and a clear accident and warranted him two games.

    Benn however went out to clearly injure Jones. He zeroed in on himand delivered a pretty nasty crosscheck to the numbers. Shanahan is a joke, he couldnt be anymore transparent in his obvious disdain for the Oilers. Benn should have gotten five for his intent to injure.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Does Ryan Jones get a small commision on this amount?…….he should.

    Shanny’s probably hoping a dozen players go nuts during this evenings games. Has to be great for the revenue he generates.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Smider sure looked like a pylon on that 4th St. Louis goal last night. Looked like a revolving door as the 2 Blues players walked around him and scored. No way he’s a nessessary part of this group going forward. If he thinks he worth anything close to 4 per, let that peripheral NHL’er walk.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Quicksilver …. totally agree with you. Not sure what happened to Smid this year? seems since he is back from the Euro Cheese league his game as gone south.. seems to be on his knees and belly half the night.

    Both Petrys, Smids game have regressed this year.
    Then again, on any other team they would be at best second pairing if not third.

    If you dont have them , but shine them up a bit,
    they look like stars.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    How is he trolling, no way Smid is worth anywhere near $4M this season. I wouldn’t be happy with him getting anything more than $2.5M since he lacks offence, lacks puck moving ability, and this season has played pretty poorly.

    Quicksilver has a very valid argument, except for the part where he calls him a peropheral NHler.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    The NHL’s discipline is a joke. Who cares is Jones wasn’t hurt? It wasn’t a hockey play and it was dangerous. Wait until somebody decides to give Crosby a cross check in the back away from the play. That fool would probably get kicked out of the league. There’s such a double standard that it’s ridiculous.

  • Milli

    My problem with that hit is it has nothing to do with a hockey play. But what I will say is, now we know whats allowed, boys, take full advantage of it. The NHL is willing to say that that play is okay, not suspendable…..well well….next time some cheaps Nuge or Ebs….BATTER UP!

  • paul wodehouse

    … im sure 28 says thankyou Benny Boy… he didn’t have to embellish after the cross check anymore than necessary to draw the penalty & pocket change fine…

    nicely done Mr. Jones

  • Milli

    You know what I think would really to wonders with the whole suspensions in the NHL right now. An explanation from Shanahan how the hit in question could be deemed legal. The Harry Z hit that happened a couple nights ago was suspendable after I watched the explanation video Shanahan made. I think another way to really get the point across would be to explain how a check like that can be legal and maybe even use an example of the same kind of hit that wasnt suspendable.

    I thought the hit was clean until I watched the video Shanaban made and how he explained how he left his feet and made contact with the head. I usually hate seeing guys get suspened because some nob comes across the blueline cuts to the middle and makes a drop pass while looking behind him. But after watching the video it makes sense that he was suspended.

    HOW DUMB are some players. You have played hockey your whole life and Im sure somewhere down the line someone told you to not cut into the center ice of the opposing zone and make a play like that. Your gunna get your head ripped off. I remember when I played and I did the exact same thing. Luckly the guy that caught me wasnt bigger than me but he knocked the wind out of me and I never did that play again.