The Oilers losing 6-0 to Nashville on Friday night is not helping the powder keg of emotion that is the OilersNation right now. Twitter reads terribly with demands for everyone that collects a cheque from Kay-Z being immediately dismissed. The comments section here at the site stretches to infinity as people vent their rage and frustration with a team that looks to be writing off another year of NHL hockey.

Incredibly the only people not showing any rage or heart at this moment are the Oilers themselves – which has a lot to do with explaining why we are all in this mess in the first place.


Lost in all of this losing has been the play of the newest Oiler Mike Brown. Now sure there are some gaps in his game – particularly at 5 on 5 – but it has also been refreshing to see someone in an Oilers jersey finishing checks (say what!?) standing up for his team mates (how is this possible) and getting the jackhammer going in spectacular fashion (oh baby.)

Assuming the Oilers ever figure out a way to win (they will) and start playing with some emotion (perish the thought) Mike Brown could well end up being a fan favourite in E-town among fans who are currently displaying roughly 150x the heart of many of their beloved Oilers.

Good on you Mike Brown. Beat someone else down if you can find the chance tonight and give us all a good cheer will you?



The Oilers are set to see the return of Horcoff, Hartikainen and Hemsky tonight. If the object of professional hockey was to dress the greatest number of players whose names begin with the letter H the Oilers would be heavy favourites to win tonight’s match against the Hawks.

Sadly winning a hockey game has something to do with goal differentials at the end of 90 minutes of play or something. So the Oil will be forced to try and do that, instead of standing pat and letting the Hs speak for themselves. Chicago just ended an insane 24 game streak without a loss in regulation so you know they will be ready to play.

Per the Oilers twitter about 23 seconds before puck drop


GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Oilers love to mess with our heads and just when you count them out they usually play out of their minds and draw us back in. Tonight will be one of those nights and they will win 4-3 forcing approximately 140,000 Oilers fans on twitter to reevaluate their entire line of thinking.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Mike Brown will fight someone and we will be happy, shadow boxing along the entire bout from the squalor of Wanye Manor.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION:  Minutes into the game GM Steve Tambellini will burst into the Oilers section of the press box. "I have finished my assessment of the team" he will breathlessly announce to all within earshot. "I can now conclude with great certainty the Oilers made a horrible mistake hiring me to be in charge."

He will receive a standing ovation from the entire world.

  • Oilers4ever

    If anyone thinks Danis is an NHL level goalie I’ll hit them over the head.. totally down too early on Kane’s goal to make it 6-5… heaven forbid if Dubynk is hurt for any length… although his efforts show that the last few games he ain’t NHL level either.. Where’s Khabby when you need some stability.. Only the Oilers would figure out a way to blow a 4-0 lead.. Hawks will win this 7-6 in regulation and Oilers will get jack crap.. so what else is new…

  • oilman3

    trust the oilers to revert back to backing in and letting chicago take it to them. i am so sick of them backing away from the attack and just continually dumping it around and around the boards in their end. it’s unbelievable to me that a team whose obvious biggest weakness is defense would keep dropping back into some sort of ill conceived defensive shell. i know it’s not good to get caught up ice if the other team turns it over, but i’d rather see way more aggressiveness offensively where we actually have a chance to compete. defense is not going to win us games. finally, last night watching the flames getting spanked they mentioned how sutter doesn’t let his team sit back with the lead because coaches that let their teams do that “aren’t around very long.” hmm

  • DSF

    are these retards uncoachable? Potter is pinching with a 1 goal lead and 8 mins left….garbage defense….useless…deserve what they get and that’s a pile of loses.

  • Spydyr

    Uh, if Denis is hurt who do we have now? Jesus! This team needs to stop letting crap like this happen without an answer. Two goalies being run into and nothing in response? Terrible.

    • Time Travelling Sean

      True enough, that’s not an easy feat. There were some really bad plays this game but we managed to keep it together and come back when it was really needed to answer on their goals.

  • DSF

    The Hawks. coming back home from a road trip, didn’t show up in the first period.

    In the final two periods, the Hawks outscored the Oilers 5-2 and outshot them 31-13.

    It happens.

  • ubermiguel

    Lots of positives from this game. Got the win against a very good team. Scored a bunch. Played with hustle. Horcs showed real leadership. He calling the team meeting, played well, got points, got in a scrum after a whistle. That gives me the most hope.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    I was almost hoping for a loss. The team needs to hit rock bottom. Unfortunately this win will serve to pacify most fans.

    Blowing a 4 goal lead is no positive. Stupid D parings and surrendering so many chances while on the PP is ridiculous.

    This team needs some serious work, starting with it’s management. Krueger, Lowe, Tambo, MacT, I want you all out! No more old boys club. Bring in the individuals that have already proven themselves at the NHL level. No more grass-roots ex-Oiler crap.

    The Oilers of the 1980s will NEVER happen again. Look at the past 5 cup winners to see what it takes to win in the playoffs. Stop chasing the great-white-buffalo! The next Wayne Gretzky will not be around in our lifetime. Stop trying to draft him.

  • Gilmore Tuttle

    Damn and I just gave up my parade spot on Jasper back to that hobo so he could have his grate again.

    Attention fanatics – don’t get too excited quite yet.

  • Alsker

    Tonite reminded me of winter of 85, dointg tequila shots after each goal with buds during an Oil/Bl.Hawks game, Bannerman and Fuhr.. 12-9 me thinks was the final, the hangover lasted 3 days atleast, the good old days.

  • Eulers

    That was an amazing game! My girlfriend gave me tickets for Xmas. We happened to be sitting just in front of Stauffer and the 630 CHED broadcast team. When you listen to the highlights both on and CHED, you can distinctly hear us as the only people screaming after the Oiler goals. Wow! Great Xmas present!

    Now, we are drinking a beer to calm the nerves after watching the Oilers hold to a 4-0 first period lead for dear life!

  • Mike Brown has gamesmanship.Ben Eager is so done with this team.Waivers by Fridayfor Eager. Gagner-yak-MP looked great once again.MP looks so 2011.He has to be more physical on the puck but imo he belongs with Gagner and yak. RNH and Ebs looked better with Hartsy.Horc,hemmer and Hall looked great.The Oilers looked good through out the line up.When Belanger comes back the team should keep the current lineup with brown and smyth and belanger on the 4th line. Jones and Petrell? Someone will be moved including hopefully this week Eager.

    • Ogie Oilthorpe

      Great comment. I like Brown a ton, not because he scored a goal, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while, but he has heart and it shows on the ice. Would like to see any combnation of pick + prospect + Eager or Jones for a decent left winger or 4-5 defencemen. i beleive Petrell may have to clear waivers to head to OKC, if so maybe we could get a 4th or 5th pick for him.

  • Alsker

    It was nice to see Brown get his first, deserved it,earned it, but little doubt as to who is the spoon that stirs the pot, Im honestly stunned as to how much this team missed Horcoff, and damn glad hes back, still hate his contract but thats not his fault, is it K-lowe … hey it was ELPH much better than what we’ve seen since last Friday

  • Eulers

    Nice to see the Brown pick up gets a bit of recognition. After all the complaining this year about not having a guy like Brown, to get Brown with a fourth round pick is a great pick up. He’s like a Stortinin, who can actually fight, and skate, and hit.