The Oilers end their franchise-high nine-game road trip tonight with a date in Denver, and they will look to salvage the trip with a victory. A win would make them 3-4-2 on the trip and keep them within five points of the playoffs.

If the playoffs are the goal, tonight is a must-win when you look at the standings.

A win tonight would give them 25 points in 26 games, meaning they’d need 29 in their final 22 games to make post-season if we agree that 54 points is the magic number to get in.

Outside of the daunting task of needing to go 14-7-1, 13-6-3 or 12-5-5 in their final 22 games, their playoff push could be derailed by too many 3-point games. So far this year the western conference is having a significantly higher amount of 3-point games than in previous seasons.

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Western conference played 615 games.

465 ended up as 2-point games.       75.6%
150 ended up being 3-point games. 24.4%
98 of (150) went to a SO.                      15.9% (of total games played)
52 of (150) were decided in OT.            8.5% (of total games played)

Eastern conference played 615 games and oddly enough had the exact same amount of 3-point games.

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465 ended up as 2-point games.       75.6%
150 ended up being 3-point games. 24.4%
85 of (150) went to a SO.                      13.8% (of total games played)
65 of (150) were decided in OT.          10.6% (of total games played)

With the same amount of 3-point games each conference ended up with five 100-point teams and the 8th seed in the East had 92 points, while the 8th seed in the west had 95. The 8 playoff teams in the east combined for 68 three-point games and 802 total points,  while the 8 western teams had 83 three-point games and combined for 815 points.

In 2011, the east had 150 games go to OT, while the west was just below at 147. (24.1% of  league games).
In 2010, the east had 156 games go to OT, while the west had 145. (24.5% of league games).


So far this season, however, there has been a significant difference between the two conferences.

The Eastern conference has played 190 games.

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152 have ended as 2-point games.   80%
38 ended up being 3-point affairs.     20%
19 of (38) went to a SO.                        10% (of total games played)
19 of (38) were decided in OT.            10% (of total games played)

The Western conference has played fewer games, 185, but they’ve already seen way more go to OT.

128 have ended as 2-point games.   69.2%
57 ended up being 3-point affairs.     30.8%
33 of (57) went to a SO.                        17.8% (of total games played)
24 of (57) were decided in OT.            13% (of total games played)

Right now the west has 10% more of their games ending in 3-point affairs.

The league as a whole is up a bit as 25.3% of the games played have gone to OT, but the west is significantly ahead. It could just be an anomaly to start the season, or the teams or more even or playing to get to OT. Either way, if the west stays at 30% it will be much harder for the Oilers to climb up the standings.



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Usually you don’t switch anything anything after beating the best team in the league, but Krueger suggested he’d put Jones in for Hartikainen. Krueger also hinted that there was a slight flu bug going around, so maybe Hartikainen is sick. The Oilers need to compete as hard as they did in Chicago and they’ll have a chance. If they revert back to losing battles and not making smart plays at the offensive blueline they will lose.


  • If I’m the OIlers, I’d move Eric Belanger before the deadline. It is obvious by his play on the ice that he isn’t happy here, and the Oilers don’t need that in their dressing room. I think he’d have some value. He’s a veteran who can kill penalties and win faceoffs.
  • How much is Ladislav Smid worth? Is he better than Johnny Boychuk in Boston? I see them as similar players, although Boychuk benefits from playing with Chara. Boychuk’s cap hit is $3.36 million. Matt Greene is $2.95 mill. Johnny Oduya makes $3.38 mill. On a good team Smid is a very good #4, and the Oilers desperately need him. He’ll probably get $3.5 mill in free agency so if the Oilers offer between  $3.1-$3.5 million I think that is fair. You?
  • Anton Lander has been assigned to OKC. Smart move. He needs to play more than 9 minutes a night.
  • If you have a moment take the time to vote for New Sarepta (my hometown) in this contest. It will give them a great night out, but more importantly some money to upgrade their arena. I’d appreciate it if you voted just once at least. Daily would be even better, and likely give you good karma to win something on my show. Thanks.

GAME DAY PREDICTION: After Sunday’s entertaining and unexpected affair, we won’t see as much offence tonight, but it will be close. Oilers keep slim playoff hopes alive with a 4-3 OT victory.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Duchene has six points in three games vs. Edmonton this year and he maintains that pace with a goal and an assist. Nugent-Hopkins matches Duchene’s production and scores his first goal in 12 games.

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NOT-SO-OBVIOUS PREDICTION: After being on the receiving end of numerous heavy hits from Ryan Wilson in the OHL and NHL, Hall returns the favour when he lays out Wilson with a clean hit behind the net. The hit sets the tone for an exciting third period.



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  • Jason Gregor

    I was one of the people that said we should get rid of Horcoff or buy him out at seasons end, but the truth is the Oilers play better when Horcoff in the line up.Just check the stats. Aaaaah Only if he was making 3mill instead.

  • oilman3

    good job boys. i was pretty worried about this one since the avs were rolling and at home, not to mention the altitude always seems to wreck the oilers even at the best of times. also gotta give dubnyk some credit tonight. i’m still not sold on him, but he looked comfortable, swallowed up the rebounds and just looked quicker getting back into position than he often does. bring it home and keep it rolling.

  • oilman3

    Jason thanks for the stats, but lets look at it a different and arguably easier way to understand the mountain that the oil will have to climb to make the playoffs:

    Using the bigger sample of 2012:

    930 games – 2 PTs awarded + 300 games – 3 PTs awarded = 2760 PTs in 1230 games = 2.244 PTs / game avg.

    Assuming EDM wins tonight, 26 PTs in 25 games or .961 PTs per game. That’s a 430 (.961/2.244) winning percentage. Pathetic.

    You assume that 54 pts will be the hurdle. With all due respect I think that 56 will be the cut off. That means EDM will have to get 30 PTs in 23 games – avg of 1.26 PTs per game – a 586 winning pctge. Thus they will have to play significantly better than both the kings and van have played thusfar in the season.

    And that’s a big hurdle.

      • Rocket

        I’m not saying they have to catch them I’m saying they have to play better than van has played so far this year – iow when they had a healthy defensive core and were 3rd in the west.

        Iow we have to be the third best team in the west for the balance of the season in order to squeak into the playoffs.

  • 2004Z06

    Gagner is brutal defensively, but as long as he keeps potting goals, I can forgive him. Really happy for Maggie, I knew he had it in him and just needed a legitimate chance. Loving Mike Brown!!!

    • 24% body fat

      Eberle is just as bad defensively, plays an easier position, worst plus minus among forwards, not scoring as much as gagner, and takes a much higher cap investment in him.

      Why does no one complain about his d game?

      I like eberle but his contract might be what hinders this team in the long run.

  • outdoorzguy

    I watched the interview with Tortorella after the Ranger loss to the Sabres. How come our media never go after Krueger or Timid Tambellini like the New York media go after their coaches? Especially with the season we’re having. And don’t get all excited because we beat the Avalanche. The Oilers still suck, will continue to suck with a Junior A coach, and will suck even more with the Three Stooges, oops sorry, now it’s the Four Stooges (add Howson as a stooge) at the helm of this floundering ship. With all the brass at the top of this organization its no wonder the ship is sinking. Just way too top heavy.

  • Rocket

    Is it me or do Hall & The Avalanche not get along?

    He seems to hate them & they hate him back. Maybe it’s just me or maybe it has something to do with that hit last season on Hall & his shoulder problem.

    Also, did Louie DeBrusk just reference a soap opera? Wow, that is one long road trip!

  • Buttonpusher

    DSF you’re so pathetic…what do Kadri and JVR have to do with anything? And how are they making Gagner and PRV “look like goofs”? You sound more and more like a crazy old man all the time.

  • PlayDirty

    I’m tired of hearing about Lindy Ruff. He’s won as many Cups as Krueger. He came close once 14 years ago while riding the coat tails of the best goalie in the league at the time. Otherwise, his teams played according to there expected talent level. It’s not like he ever got them to over achieve in any significant way.