The Oilers end their franchise-high nine-game road trip tonight with a date in Denver, and they will look to salvage the trip with a victory. A win would make them 3-4-2 on the trip and keep them within five points of the playoffs.

If the playoffs are the goal, tonight is a must-win when you look at the standings.

A win tonight would give them 25 points in 26 games, meaning they’d need 29 in their final 22 games to make post-season if we agree that 54 points is the magic number to get in.

Outside of the daunting task of needing to go 14-7-1, 13-6-3 or 12-5-5 in their final 22 games, their playoff push could be derailed by too many 3-point games. So far this year the western conference is having a significantly higher amount of 3-point games than in previous seasons.

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Western conference played 615 games.

465 ended up as 2-point games.       75.6%
150 ended up being 3-point games. 24.4%
98 of (150) went to a SO.                      15.9% (of total games played)
52 of (150) were decided in OT.            8.5% (of total games played)

Eastern conference played 615 games and oddly enough had the exact same amount of 3-point games.

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465 ended up as 2-point games.       75.6%
150 ended up being 3-point games. 24.4%
85 of (150) went to a SO.                      13.8% (of total games played)
65 of (150) were decided in OT.          10.6% (of total games played)

With the same amount of 3-point games each conference ended up with five 100-point teams and the 8th seed in the East had 92 points, while the 8th seed in the west had 95. The 8 playoff teams in the east combined for 68 three-point games and 802 total points,  while the 8 western teams had 83 three-point games and combined for 815 points.

In 2011, the east had 150 games go to OT, while the west was just below at 147. (24.1% of  league games).
In 2010, the east had 156 games go to OT, while the west had 145. (24.5% of league games).


So far this season, however, there has been a significant difference between the two conferences.

The Eastern conference has played 190 games.

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152 have ended as 2-point games.   80%
38 ended up being 3-point affairs.     20%
19 of (38) went to a SO.                        10% (of total games played)
19 of (38) were decided in OT.            10% (of total games played)

The Western conference has played fewer games, 185, but they’ve already seen way more go to OT.

128 have ended as 2-point games.   69.2%
57 ended up being 3-point affairs.     30.8%
33 of (57) went to a SO.                        17.8% (of total games played)
24 of (57) were decided in OT.            13% (of total games played)

Right now the west has 10% more of their games ending in 3-point affairs.

The league as a whole is up a bit as 25.3% of the games played have gone to OT, but the west is significantly ahead. It could just be an anomaly to start the season, or the teams or more even or playing to get to OT. Either way, if the west stays at 30% it will be much harder for the Oilers to climb up the standings.



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Usually you don’t switch anything anything after beating the best team in the league, but Krueger suggested he’d put Jones in for Hartikainen. Krueger also hinted that there was a slight flu bug going around, so maybe Hartikainen is sick. The Oilers need to compete as hard as they did in Chicago and they’ll have a chance. If they revert back to losing battles and not making smart plays at the offensive blueline they will lose.


  • If I’m the OIlers, I’d move Eric Belanger before the deadline. It is obvious by his play on the ice that he isn’t happy here, and the Oilers don’t need that in their dressing room. I think he’d have some value. He’s a veteran who can kill penalties and win faceoffs.
  • How much is Ladislav Smid worth? Is he better than Johnny Boychuk in Boston? I see them as similar players, although Boychuk benefits from playing with Chara. Boychuk’s cap hit is $3.36 million. Matt Greene is $2.95 mill. Johnny Oduya makes $3.38 mill. On a good team Smid is a very good #4, and the Oilers desperately need him. He’ll probably get $3.5 mill in free agency so if the Oilers offer between  $3.1-$3.5 million I think that is fair. You?
  • Anton Lander has been assigned to OKC. Smart move. He needs to play more than 9 minutes a night.
  • If you have a moment take the time to vote for New Sarepta (my hometown) in this contest. It will give them a great night out, but more importantly some money to upgrade their arena. I’d appreciate it if you voted just once at least. Daily would be even better, and likely give you good karma to win something on my show. Thanks.

GAME DAY PREDICTION: After Sunday’s entertaining and unexpected affair, we won’t see as much offence tonight, but it will be close. Oilers keep slim playoff hopes alive with a 4-3 OT victory.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Duchene has six points in three games vs. Edmonton this year and he maintains that pace with a goal and an assist. Nugent-Hopkins matches Duchene’s production and scores his first goal in 12 games.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS PREDICTION: After being on the receiving end of numerous heavy hits from Ryan Wilson in the OHL and NHL, Hall returns the favour when he lays out Wilson with a clean hit behind the net. The hit sets the tone for an exciting third period.



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  • 24% body fat

    The new Trade Machine on Cap Geek is awesome.

    How’s this for a deal?


    $9.6mil cap hit


    $10.7mil cap hit

    Oil get the much coveted Top 4 D, two excellent prospects that fit the rebuild and a much needed two way center.

    Phoenix gets much 2 much needed scoring forwards (instant upgrade to their O) and two legitimate prospects. Phoenix stacked with D depth, so structure of deal and outgoing cap expense makes sense for them.

    Get it done Tambi lol

    • Citizen David

      Getting Gormley would be so awesome that I think it kills the deal. Yandle is a good Dman, to the point where not long ago he was being considered for the Norris. I would also say Visentin is considered much stronger than Roy, particularly since he was the starter and Roy was his backup at the same WJC a couple years ago.

      Great deal for the Oilers, but likely the Oil need upgrade the prospects going the other way to make it even.

      Just my opinion.

        • Citizen David

          In my opinion Gormley is a higher rated prospect than Klefbom even. Both are good, but Gormley was projected to go as high as 4th, even though he slid further. He’s also a year further along in development.

          That being said, Gagner & Hemsky are probably worth just slightly more than Yandle & Vermette, so maybe it balances. I don’t know their contracts though.

      • Phixieus666

        Might just need to add a pick or two to make it happen. I like the trade for what it brings but maybe not the exact players, I don’t think it would be mailing it in. What if this was kind of a three way trade that sent Vermette to TOR for Bozak? Vermette has a couple years at a reasonable cap hit, TOR thinks Bozie will want more in his next contract and the Oilers could offer Bozie the money and position he wants.

        That would be an awesome trade.

        • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

          Probably a more realistic chance of pulling something like this off with a 3 way deal.

          Realistically, I don’t think the Yotes ever go for the trade I pitched cos Gags and Hemsky are both poor defensively and that doesn’t really fit with Tippet’s model.

          I hope Tambi is targeting teams like FLA, NYR, and PHO that have a lot of D depth as potential trade partners though.

          Smid/Belanger to NYR for Boyle/Gilroy?

          • Phixieus666

            I think Hemsky is a little underrated defensively. Staples today was saying to some team will likely offer Gags 5+mill so his value seems good right now. I think that the yotes would need to sacrifice some of the defense to gain some offense. You never know.

    • Dustin Terpstra

      So basically ur giving up on this season with this trade. It wont happen cuz tambo would be signing his firing papers. Even tho he should be fired anyways Plus I think u would have to give up more assets on edmontons end.

    • 106 and 106

      Awesome Machine bud, thanks for the info.

      NHL GM’s are unfortunately a lot more hesitant to make big deals, so while we dream them up, we rarely ever get that much fun (other than “For the 1st overall selection…) –

      Even Trade Deadline is usually a bust (Gilbert vs. Schultz was ALL we got after weeks of hype – HYPE!)

      Hope the Oil avoid the 3 point drudge tonight and squeak one out in regulation – where is a Yak celly – he’s due to be primed for a couple.

      JG – applauded on the community work – you got my vote!

  • Citizen David

    This will be a good game, I see the Oilers confidence as particularly fragile though, a loss could do some major damage, a win will add a little to the Chicago win. I like the lineup, adds backcheck to every line, the #1 line can do a lot of damage, it protects Nuge and Gagner’s lines, but I don’t like Smyth at Center. Not that he can’t play there, just that he’s not a natural there. I think the Oil will get 3 5on5 goals tonight, and 1 PP. Too bad I have to play soccer instead of being able to watch it.

  • 106 and 106

    I like Smid, but I think too much stock was put in his season last year. He probably will not live up to that season again in his career, so any long term deal will be a mistake.

    He’s likely to be passed by other aquisitions, or slight chance of a young prospect (Klefbom) surpassing him on the depth chart. He plays hard, but the talent is just not there for a $3M/year contract. He has poor outlet passes, and no offense, so he just lacks a complete game.

    Above average defensive defenceman, with no offence = $2.5M/season max. I wouldn’t do more than a 2 year deal.

    Just ask GMs how they feel after paying a lot for a defensive defenceman (with no offence). I think of Hal Gill and Willie Mitchell. It’s very hard for these guys to live up to big contracts.

  • 106 and 106

    Hope the Oil resign Smid – it’s poor practice to spend years developing a guy and then lose him right as he’s hitting his prime. If compete and a lack of quality vets is the team’s problem, that’s not Smid.

  • OilClog

    Belanger to Montreal for some poutine.. Been saying this since Belanger said in the summer he’d love to be a hab… How is he allowed to be an Oiler anymore after saying that.. Screw him.

  • Dustin Terpstra

    I like the Matt Greene comparable for Smid.

    What would it say about the organization if the next step in this re-build is to start shipping out the key pieces of the last, unfinished, re-build?

    Smid is one of the 10 or so guys on this roster that can still be slotted into the finshed product, even if he’s not in his current role. Assuming they ever become a finished product of course.

    The Belanger signing was one of the few Tambellini moves that I was optimistic about because he actually appeared to be addressing team needs. My one hisitation was that he had been through 6 other organizations before coming to the Oilers.

    Surely the Oilers did their due dilligence in trying to find out why this guy was such a suitcase, right?

    Or not…

      • Phixieus666

        Explain what you mean by good?

        I assume you are talking stats where as I am talking attitude.

        I would think that if his previous teams felt that he brought needed value they would have tried a little harder to keep him.

        If they did try to keep him but he was never happy with his team, then that’s got to be a red flag as well.

        Either way I would like to think the Oilers are connected enough to the league to know what they were signing.

        • Phixieus666

          He was a mark of consistency stats wise. I think the moving to teams has a lot to do with him not being a top player. He is the type of guy who gets traded for play off runs and such. Similar to Spacek. Good plug and play type player but also easy to replace in the off season.

    • Dustin Terpstra

      You can’t read a lot into the 6 teams as he signed as a free agent with Minnesota Pheonix and Edmonton (not traded) Minn traded him on deadline day because Washington was looking for help for a playoff run and Belanger was set to become a free agent. Drafted by LA so that’s 5/6 teams right there.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    2 questions.

    Is Eager in the same boat as Belanger? I like what Eager can bring, but he doesn’t strike me as a guy that would last too long as a #13 being a healthy scratch.

    Petrell, why hasn’t he been tried at center? He played there during the summer. Given our lack of a natural #4 center that can win draws and the fact that Smyth is barely better than Gagner/RNH at draws, why wouldn’t you give Petrell a shot? I don’t see too much room moving forward for a guy like Petrell, but if he could show as a not bad center option, he’d have some value.

  • 24% body fat

    I’ve had too many ulcers from drinking Kool-aid. 4-1 Avs with an empty netter….but if the Oilers win can we get at least moratorium from ON posters from dumping on Horcoff until the season is through. With a win:

    Pre injury: 4-3-2 During injury: 3-8-3 Post: 2-0

  • O.C.

    Interesting fact. Edmonton record better than both Washington and Tampa Bay.

    Interesting fact. Edmonton made the playoffs their first year, with a kid lineup, on the final day of the season, when 80% of teams would qualify for the playoffs.

    Interesting fact. There are ~ 50% more teams than in 1979/80.

    Interesting fact. It took Five Years for the best assembly of talent ever seen to win the Stanley Cup, again in a smaller league.

    Interesting fact. The sky is not falling (unless you are a Canucks fan)

    • hunkybill

      Interesting fact. I broke my toe and my nail is falling off.

      Interesting fact. Oilers fan are so passionate about winning, they can’t see the forest because the trees are in the way.

      Interesting fact. I just want to watch exciting hockey, don’t really care if they ever win the cup again.

      Interesting fact. Your interesting facts are awesome!

  • The Soup Fascist

    Sign Smid.
    Sign Paajarvi.
    Keep Gagner.
    Trade Hemsky, Whitney, Teubert, and a 4th round draft pick for any big and fast two-way centre and a veteran top 4 d-man.
    Trade Eager and Belanger.

  • Marcus

    Ahhh….New Sarepta. I’m dating myself here but I remember playing in that town’s rink 30 years ago. Not only was the coldest rink I’ve played in, for some reason it was always far, far colder inside that rink than it was outside. Not sure if things have changed since, but you’ve got my vote.

    At end of roadtrip, Oilers sick and tired of hotels and each other. 3-1 Avs.

    • Phixieus666

      Ya he couldn’t identify good talent with Columbus what the hell is Edm getting him to do it for. The utter stupidity of the management is just overwhelming.

  • RexLibris

    Hearing that the Oilers hired Howson as a pro scout.

    If you’ll excuse me I’m going to go watch the junior team in town that is run better than their professional parent team. And try to forget that fact for a few entertaining hours.

    • The Soup Fascist

      Well at least they are bringing in someone with a storied history of working with successful NHL teams. Howson should be able to change the losing culture around here!

      I need to go see Rick DiPietro for some counselling to cheer me up.