Magnus Paajarvi took a circuitous route to the NHL, considering he starting his North American career in the NHL. After spending plenty of his entry level deal in the AHL–along with 121 in the NHL–he appears to have arrived as an overnight sensation.

Magnus Paajarvi made the NHL in his first try at North American hockey (age 19), scoring 15 goals. He got plenty of playing time, including PP (3-6-9, 11th best total for rookies that year) and at evens (12-13-25, 12th best total for NHL rookies 10-11).

The following year, Edmonton brought in a fresh crop of rookies (including RNH) and coach Tom Renney couldn’t find a spot for him. Paajarvi’s confidence began to fade and he split his sophomore season between the AHL and NHL. Coming into this year’s late training camp, Paajarvi was a "bubble player" with no waiver worries–a terrible spot for a youngster trying to make the NHL full time.

This season, Paajarvi’s OKC performance during the lockout was pedestrian and he was not certain to get a regular job this NHL season.


Which brings us to the Edmonton Oilers and the tremendous need for immediate help. A player like Paajarvi–who looks like he’s finally emerging as an NHL player–might fetch you a solid veteran rental for the stretch drive and give the Oilers a chance to finish closer to the second season.

That’s why Steve Tambellini’s comments today are so timely:

  • Tambellini: “Whether you’re in the playoffs or not, if you can upgrade your team or improve it, we’ll do that, but most of the people here are the people we’re going to be counting on for some time. You’re not going to give up youth just for a quick fix there, that’s for sure.”

If you look at the men Edmonton has traded away–even in the last few years–it really points out the importance of waiting to see what these kids are going to be as mature hockey players.

  • Andrew Cogliano, now enjoying a solid season on the left coast
  • Jarret Stoll, Stanley winner in LA
  • Matt Greene, same as Stoll
  • Kyle Brodziak, solid career in Minnesota
  • Riley Nash, 2 goals tonight for Carolina

The club’s current trouble–bottom 6 forwards-might get a nice boost from the men listed here, and I think the club could find a spot for Matt Greene on the Oiler blue.


At this point, Paajarvi is extremely unlikely to be sent down (he becomes waiver eligible either later this season or next fall, depending on how many games he plays down the stretch) based on merit. He’s certainly one of their best forwards most nights, and gave a fine showing on this road trip.

By eye, by advanced stats, by any measure, Paajarvi is delivering quality play. His goal and assist tonight show just how well he’s playing this season. Whether it’s confidence, the right chemistry or the hockey Gods shining a light, young Paajarvi has become an overnight sensation.

After all this time.


If you’re an Oiler fan, this isn’t your first rodeo. You know that this thing can go sideways any number of ways. When it comes to Magnus Paajarv, I think we can safely say he turned the corner just in time, and the Oilers’ patience has paid off in a big way.

Now, about that playoff run….

  • 24% body fat


    18 draft year – 79g 49pts

    19 draft plus 1 – 76g 41pts

    20 draft plus 2 – 68g 41pts

    21 draft plus 3 – 68g 42pts

    22 draft plus 4 – 75g 47pts

    23 draft plus 5 – 26g 25pts

    392g 245pts .625ppg


    19 draft plus 1 – 82g 29pts

    20 draft plus 2 – 82g 36pts

    21 draft plus 3 – 78g 31pts

    22 draft plus 4 – 76g 31pts

    23 draft plus 5 – 0g 0pts

    24 draft plus 6 – 82g 75pts .914ppg

    400g 202pts .505ppg

    So Henrik Sedin, while playing with a winger he has played with his whole life and cherry minutes with insanely high offensive zone starts while being a year older; and a year further in his development in relation to the draft was not as far along a Gagner at the same point in their careers.


    Oh and Sedin is a way bigger pansie than Gagner!

    On the plus side DSF, we had patients with him, so in regards to Granlund, don’t worry. Maybe in another 6 years he will get 40 points.

    I strongly recommend you reading SB nations Wild site. They too have no concept of anything over their. They also think Granlund is better than Hall.


    and by the way. I purposely left you spelling errors so you would have something that can deflect the subject away from the proven facts.

  • A-Mc

    I’m very happy that Paajarvi is finding his way. I wanted the kid to succeed so bad but he just wasn’t ‘getting it’. Whatever has driven him to play the way he’s playing, i hope it continues.

    The best part about the production that Paajarvi is getting is that its not Lucky. Everything he’s getting is 100% because of his play. This tells me that it will be consistently reproducible as long as his play doesn’t change. But can he play this way consistently? *Shrug* I hope so!

  • The Goalie 1976

    I will be the first to admit I didnt see PVR as a viable option for a top 6 role. I thought all he would be is a good 3rd line checker with his speed.

    Now it seems he looks like the type of player who when things are going well and the pts are coming he can play with the skill on the top 6. But he has nice versatility that when the pts dry up, he can slide down to the 3rd line and still contribute in a defensive role.

    The Oilers have had many players like this in the past (Horcoff, Pisani, Smyth last season…ect) and PVR playing this type of role is very, very valuable to the team. I wonder (like others)if he could replace Belanger at center? and even some of Horcoff’s minuits.

    • oilerjed

      “I wonder (like others)if he could replace Belanger at center? and even some of Horcoff’s minuits.”

      I was also wonder about this, with his speed he can cover the ice no problem. Has he ever palyed center before? Could be his saving grace if he could make the switch on a team heavy with wingers.

      • The Goalie 1976

        He can skate like Marchant. I know he is defense-first, which is what you want in a center. The only question is can he win faceoffs?

        I don’t think he will ever score like Gagner, but he could be a PK, 3rd line center like Bolland, Horcoff, Stoll. THIS would allow a Horcoff buyout. Otherwise without a replacment we would be crazy to get rid of Horc.

        I’d like to see both Hall and PVR tried at center next training camp, and hopefully one of them sticks there. Can’t hurt to try can it???

        • oilerjed

          Why buy out Horc?? (covering my head) Seems to me if we are paying him anyway why not keep him and move him down a line. He has always worked hard just hasnt produced. Even if we get a center we are still going to need another one for the fourth line if we get rid of Horc. Am I wrong? Plus he can slide into a top line center role when we need defence.

          @ Newage
          Do you think you could learn to paraphrase yourself????

          • The Goalie 1976

            I agree. Personally I wouldnt buy out Horc, but others seem to feel differently. I was just playing devils advocate and assuming that brass would buy him out without a replacement.

            Unless somehow we are cap-crunched, then you may have to look at him as cap-relief.

          • The Goalie 1976

            The oilers won’t be cap crunched. Rookie contracts no longer count towards the cap, just the base salary of 900k~

            Based on this (schultz, yakupov, RNH all makine 3.85 this year) the salary will get decreased by 6-9 million. Thus no need to buyout Horcoff. Maybe in a year or two but by then he will have one year on his contract left.

            So basically I am agreeing with you.

        • SumOil

          I finally agree with moving Hall to center. He can generate tons of chances but he isn’t a finisher. I always thought he was destined to the wing but since he just tries to go through 4 guys every time I think I agree that Hall should be moved to center.

          I think Paajarvi will never be tried at center. I think that they would have tried it already if they were thinking that.

  • Spydyr

    OMG it is written .Not trying to be sarcastic but many of us said this when everyone was so high on Hartski . I am so happy for Magnus . They had it right with HOPE even though Omark got screwed over . ps Hartski will also be a player but moreso on the 3rd – 4th line .

  • The Goalie 1976

    I hope they resign Jones for another season. I think the PVR could use another season to learn from Jones and even Smitty a bit. Jones is everything PVR needs to become. Drive hard to the net, score greasy in close goals, actually score 15-18 times a years, play in the top 6 when injuries arise, contribute in a bottom 6 role and hold your own defensively when required, and play the PK.

    I think a lot of us underestimate how valuable Jones is. I would love it when PVR is able to push him off the lineup based on play and not draft position.

    • I am not sure of you are being serious here. Jones is a terrible hockey player. He is constantly cheating for offense; doesnt help in the defensive zone and is terrible at possession play. PRV is excellent defensively, has shown to have better hands, is a constant driver of play and possession. PRV is already a better player than Jones. He might even be as good a PKer.

      • The Goalie 1976

        Jones is not a terrible hockey player. How has PVR shown to have better hands when he gets better opportunity with the top 6, but has never scored the amount of goals or the greasy type of goals that Jones scores.

        Jones playes a brand of greasy drive to the net hockey that most of the roster including PVR does not (yet.)I think the contributions of both Horc and Jones goes unnoticed.

  • oilerjed

    If I was krueger i would have PRV practicing only two things everyday.
    1) start at own blueline and blast down the boards and drive straight through dmen on way to net.
    2)start behind net at dead standstill and practice power wrap arounds. ALl day long……

    With this guys speed and the length of his gorillian(?) arms this should be his bread and butter.

    As for the playoffs……… 3 points out and no teams playing consistent except Chi(45 points already wow) and Ana, why not? Much better for these kids to be fighting for their playoff lives then floundering for the last half.

    Will they make it? I hope so cuz playoffs in Etown are epic!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Jonesy sure looked out of his element in the top 6 last night, often on his backside which is odd for him. No imagination whatsoever on that 3 on 1 he had, might as well have been a 1 on 1.

    Never was big on Paajarvi, but he has shown some signs of life at times this season. May be a player there afterall. I’d still let him play out the rest of this season in Oklahoma though. This should be a noticeably different team come training camp in the fall with the changes coming down the pike.

  • TKB2677

    In the last two days, both Horcoff and Magnus have silenced their critics. It is unbelievable how much better this team is with him in the line up, just by merit that they can win a faceoff on the powerplay, and have someone on the ice that can contribute offensively.

    Plus, these line combinations are so good right now. There is balance throughout the entire line up. If our D core was just a little bit better, this looks like the team many were expecting to show up at the beginning of the year.

    A few days ago, it was all gloom and doom, and there’s no way to make the playoffs. As we sit three points out of a spot, with half the season to play, does anyone think we can do it?

    An even more terrifying thought, is what if the team keeps playing like this, and not only do we make the playoffs, but we go deep. What does that do for all the trade speculation and everyone that thinks we need to trade Gags or Hemsky? If we make it to the second round of the playoffs and loos to the eventual cup winners, do we suddenly have the team?

    • oilerjed

      Trade Hemsky while he is healthy!!!!! Keep Gags. Find some D. Whether we make the playoffs or not this should not change. Thought we had groundhog day again yesterday when Hemsky disappeared. He has a knack for getting hurt just before we can trade him, only reason he is still an Oiler these last 3 or 4 years.

      • 2004Z06

        Hemsky and Smyth have been my favorite Oilers for many years. To get better, you’ve got to take risks. You’ve got to have the courage to SELL HIGH. Yes it’s very difficult to contemplate trading a player when he’s playing so well but NOW is the time.

        We’ve got to hope he can stay healthy for another three weeks and then move him at the deadline.

        Yes, to keeping Gagner
        Would consider keeping Whitney (unless the right deal comes along)

  • PVR was always a player, but he is a player that needs to play with skill. Sure he has improved his defensive game and become a reasonably well rounded player, but he does not have the grit to be a 4th line player. If you put him with meatheads he is lost.

    The reason he looked good the first year was because he got 1st or 2nd line minutes all year and power play time. This was the only reason I did not like the Smyth signing at the time. We had already drafted some skilled wingers and moving Paajarvi down the depth chart to a 4th line role does not work.

    Being moved in and out of the lineup, repeatedly moved to the farm team and then being forced to play with 4th liners with no offensive upside can kill a players confidence and really stunt his development. We are actually lucky he has stayed fairly positive and still seems to want to play here. Imagine what happens to Eberle right now if they decide his point production this year does not warrant top line or pp time and they move him to a 4th line role. He would have a hell of a time playing his way back up the lineup.

  • TKB2677


    Please don’t tell me you are saying the Oilers made a mistake on Cogliano? He’s exactly what the Oilers DON’T need on this team. He’s another small, non faceoff winning, non physical, not tough to play against, center who does a lot of other things ok most games. I don’t even know if he plays center anymore because he was so terrible at the position.

    He’s younger Eric Belanger only a little faster but who can’t win a faceoff even if a gun is put against his head. If you look at Belanger’s stats, before coming to the Oilers he had 9 years with mid teens in goals and 35 ish points. That’s exactly what Cogliano could be without the faceoff ability. The Oilers have enough small forwards on their team already.

  • Oasis

    We are finally seeing what Magnus P can do in the league and it’s because of two things

    1. Some quality ice time with some actual decent players
    2. Confidence

    I mean really, did we expect Magnis to turn his game around playing with Belanger. With a few injuries and some healthy scratches Paajarvi finally got some legitimate ice time and he has made the most of it and I couldn’t be happier. He has the tools to be the big forward that this team needs……..size, speed and good hands. Hopefully he can maintain his drive to go to the net and in time get a little meaner too.

    The other day somebody on the radio called 630 and said it was time to give up on Paajarvi. I wanted to reach through the phone and punch him in the teeth. Paajarvi is on his way there just give him some more time.

    • By god if you ever discover the trick to reaching through the phone and touching someone , plese let me know how you accomplished it, my Kingdom for the ability to share the love!!Ha ha ha ha.

      I am with you 100% on Magnus being a key Oiler moving forward for this team.

      I think much of the negative internet banter is from opponents fans trying to rock the boat, people severly underestimate the effects just a few people can have in cyberspace and how the lines between cyberspace and traditional media have been blurred and are now overlapping. Gagner has suffered the same attacks for a long time, it is simple cyber-warfare, what the hell did the NHL think they were immune from the afflictions we all face every day online , the same issues all businesses today face. Teenagers have their lives disrupted every day by the internet and social media, and as a hockey fan I live in utter fear that public opinion begins to dictate what the team and managment does, but its a real catch-22 because here I am trying to influence the team the same way the nasty people are doing.

      This is why its so important for Oilers fans to post online and support their team and answer the bell to critics who post negativity, no word should go unanswered, and yes its a huge monumental job but in todays world it is considered a cost of doing business. The Oilers are to dam cheap to invest money protecting there mutli-million dollar business from cyber-attacks, they are not pro-active at all, they consider banning posters on their home site to be all they need to be doing in terms of cyber-security, this is BadMedicine.

      Magnus is a key player for our team and no amount of cyber-harrasment will deter diehard Oilers fans from protecting him and all of our assets online. Its the world we live in and you either live in the moment or in the past, its time for the Oilers to catch up and put some preventative measures in place right now to counter this newage influence that cyberspace has on their business interests.

      Jeepers I wish I could reach through this computer many days , just to share the love baby, just to share the love, ha ha ha.

  • The Goalie 1976

    Magnus is the only legitimate power forward we have on this team. He also happens to be the only one we have developed out of our own system in many many years, he is above average in every area and is evolving upwards in a steady conventional manner as Gagner did , this is a testament to the hard work the organisation has put into their player development. If you look at the OKC roster and give your beanbags a shake you will see that we DONT have anyone even near MPSs total package.

    No offense to Harti he is a power forward of a different type, but he isnt even in Magnuses league talent and skill wise, he is an excellent one dimensional player at this point who has discovered the secret to sucess that some of our best young men are now finding, he LISTENS and REACTS to what is asked of him immediatly, and he figures out how to make sense of it all AFTER he has executed what the coaches ask exactly, this precision and focus is called professionalism and is what we are trying to build into these young men first and formost.

    I would not advise trading MPS, I have supported him for several years to the same degree I have supported Gagner in the face of the hypocrytical criticism the fanbase has heaped on him. We have a gem here and he is a core player on this team if we plan on winning a Stanley Cup here, in fact I will go so far as to say on the record that Magnuses development is on pace with the timeline that should bring us our first Cup.

    Sam Gagner is a six year pro who is 23yrs old, Hall and Ebbs and Nuge are close in age and still evolving hard and fast, MPS has matured mentally in perfect sync with his body and has actually taken the inside track with Nuge in the physicality of the NHL game, Hall is fearless but Nuge and MPS have learned how to handle not just challenge the bigger men better than average at the NHL level so far.

    All you need to do is watch the last goal MPS scored and go through the NHL and try to find big guys like him with speed and hands who can do that at this level, and then take a look at the list of names that you come up with, make sure you put your hand on your wallet because the pricetags on these men will be much higher than average. MPS is filling a need in a critical area for this team and he has not only filled a role he has embraced it completely, MPS is an example of what in this organisation we must call a generational player because we dont produce power forwards like him from within our system very often at all, not guys with his size and skill level or his compete level, this young man is a core player and the sooner we settle that in our heads the better.

    Its time we woke the hell up as an organisation and managment team and faced the reality that we CANNOT continue to compare our entire roster to the three #1 picks we have here, we need a real serious attitude adjustment before we lose a player like MPS to a stupid call by managment, MPS eases the physical burden on our smaller forwards and we lose NO SKILL to achieve that, right there in this city the BUCK STOPS. The NHL is evolving away from the fighting game as we traditionally knew it this is the era of the middleweight fighter who can play exactly like Brown can play. Players with Magnuses size and speed are now becoming very valuable again because they are really hard to handle if you cant intimidate them with dirty plays.

    On that note I know time was up and the turd was in the penalty box so we couldnt smash mouth him, but I will gaurantee you this, if we dont remember his number and someone doesnt smash mouth him for disrespecting MPS last night we will NEVER take the next step, that ingrate took liberties on the man who was playing best for us on the night and that threatens our system and requires retaliation, and the type that we do in the first two minutes of the next game we play Colorado, that number must be taken and crushed so their TEAM remembers that we protect our systems integrity and that means you need to fear taking libertys on our key system assest.

    What we should have done is taken a liberty on them immediatly by doing the same to their skill players, you see kids teams WANT us to abandon Magnus to the wolves because of his skill and speed, they cannot stop him so they need to hurt him, this is our red flag that should set us off like a bomb, we DONT WANT MPS fighting for another year or two, we want him to hurt teams with his skill, in fact we can afford to support MPS in the physicality dept, we DO NOT need a big less skilled tougher forward to take his spot, we need to remember how dam lucky we are to have a homegrown above average and still evolving upwards power forward on our team and we need to protect him from intentional liberties, we send the wrong signals when we do not respond to protect him, we tell teams its ok to target our skill players, other teams dont want us to classify Magnus as a skill player so they are running him to see how we and he react, well heres the big news folks, we need to send the right messeage and that is that Magnus is a skill player for us who can use his body very well in the ways our system requires, we DONT want him fighting and we will smash mouth anyone who tries to break one of our links, last night we failed to make a statement when we could have targeted one of their players, now we need to set the record straight in the first 2 minutes of the next game we play Colorado, and we need to first smash mouth the guy who went after Maggie and then we need to kick his arse in a scrap, but first we need to abuse him a little to send a message. Nothing so easy as a fixed fight, abuse first disrespect first them scrap him down to ice level to send the proper and complete message.

    Remember this , the reason MPS didnt throw any crap back when he was targeted is because he doesnt have enough faith in his linemates and teammates yet, we have a long way to go in the dynamic managment department of our team toughness on the ice, its the same as with our offense we have no dynamic managment present to speak of, we just let it slide and hope for the best. With a 4 goal lead and 2 mins left we should NEVER take any crap and if we do its a coaching issue, in those situations we are vulnerable to retaliation and if we plan on becoming winners we need to defend our position with tooth and nail, at the 3 minute mark the coaches should have been rolling tougher lines repeatedly, and we should have wagered some of our goal lead to send the message that we already knew the GAME WAS OVER and that as soon as we have a nice lead we WILL get nasty on teams ever night very nasty if they dont roll over.

    The biggest hurdle winning teams must get over is balancing their dynamic focus on the ice during games, goals are not enough they are just step one, step two is useing that offense to balance our onice effect. A purely offensive team is not enough, we need the goals first and then we need proper dynamic managment to send messages to the team we are beating to roll over and play dead, we need to learn to kick em when they are down and if they twitch we need to give it to them even harder, this is the “depth” we need a depth of committment and proper dynamic managment of games.

    Maybe for this year we will just take notes on this issue and next year we will implement an evolved game managment tactic, it seems as if things are falling into place perfectly right now. But we do need to aknowledge what happened dynamicly at the end of that game because it is one of the little details we need to begin to work on at this point in the cores evolution, is was an excellent example of what we will be dealing with a lot in the next few years here if we continue to develop into an offensive team.

    Closeing out games is a key part of the winning formula and it doesnt always mean more and more offense without teeth, it means more offense with bigger teeth, in the last 3 mins of games we are winning solidly we need to get our bottom six rolling on the offense with their big sharp teeth bared. That is how you finish off games as an offensive team, you use your skill men to put you in a position to use your tougher men in an offensive role to finish off opponents. You do not roll your core offensive assets in the last 3 mins when the win is yours,not yet, maybe next year, but now we sit them and we finish games with the bottom six. Maybe we put out one guy we need to kickstart or one guy who needs to shake the monkey off his back but the rest of the men on the ice late in games we have in the bag need to be bottom six heavy lifters with sharp teeth and sharp attitudes.

    Thank god Krueger finally took time to adjust his lines the proper way dynamiclly speaking, now if this team can just find a way to get ahead of the Intuative Dynamic Analysis team managment curve we will take off like a rocket.

    Last nights roster looked like a playoff roster and last nights system execution was playoff level, the coaches were on the ball all night long and really did well in the 2nd preiod when things began to heat up adjustment wise, we kept the rear naked choke in deep and put them to sleep. Well done, now lets book this one and move on.

    We dont need much at this point Konopka would have set us up nicely and still will next year, if we make a trade in needs to be for a top five FO man with at least four years of sucess, and we need to be prepared to pay dearly but not touch our core, we need to swing some picks and some prospects with maybe a veteran off the roster and our biggest asset CASH. We need to start to ask Daddy for more cash so we can stop cannibalising our roster to gain critical assets and we can do that.

    Pull the trigger on Luongo and dont give anyone off the roster except veterans not named Gagner, Hemmer is the most likely bait along with Whitney, two players that would definately take Vancouver over the top. Hemmer gives them a zone entry machine who should be a godsend to reinvigorate the Sedins, imagine the damage they would do with Hemmer providing elite zone entrys. Whitney is a perfect fit for their defense which dearly needs some backend managment offensively. At this point in time this team needs to be very very cautious in the assests we move who are still young and unproven, we need to give them time to evolve within our system before we ever consider moving them and this means at least 3 years of system immmersion to see what they can offer us. Seeing as we havent had a concrete consistantly managed system for 3 consecutive years, we are in a very precarious position, this team has lost some high quality player during these system lapses and recoverys in the past, we cannot afford to lose players to this poor managment dynamic any more. We can and will trade if the right opportunitty arises but we cannot even for a second feel the need to make any moves that affect our core, and the reality is that with our system issues we need to take a step back this year and try to conceptualise the perspective that we have most of the pieces we need already in place, lets not undermine all of the high level hard work our managment team has done to get us to this point, we need one faceoff specialist and we dont need a second rater we need a top 5 man and this might take another year to aquire, but we need to focus on what we already have much much more and this means we need to slow it down this year and only make large upgrades, no short term fixes at all right now, and the only large upgrade we NEED at this point is an elite FO man.

    Its time for this organisation to start focusing more on the system to create the positive evolution we need and less on the individual players, we put a lot of energy and braintrust into picking and bringing in players, by what baseline do we find it justifiable to undermine all of this resource investment so often??

    We have the core manpower we need already, we have the core managment people already, we have a focused involved coach,we have the right owner, now we seem to be dialing in the system we use, our focus has finally fallen where it needs to be, on the SYSTEM and we are finally looking to the right place for the adjustments we need resultswise. Lets keep er steady and not make any rash decisions personellwise, lets not ovethink it at this point, next year was always going to be our biggest development year because of the d-men we have in the system, so now is not the time to be making hay, lets just use the rest of this year focusing on the system execution and dynamic game managment as we have been doing, I know managment feelsthe need to answer the critics immediatly but this is the same as last nights game where an opponent tried to define MPS the way they wanted not the way we want. Lets not let our critics define us at all, lets define ourselves and create the team identity we choose for ourselves.

    Last night we needed to protect the system integrity not MPS, the value, the gold coin we needed to defend was the SYSTEM support Magnus was giving us, and that is what we need to go Junkyard dog to protect night in and night out, and just as we need to respect the system and priorise it in our minds and defend it on the ice we also need to priorise and defend the system at the managerial level. The catalyst we have been searching for has been right there in front of us the entire time, now that we have dialed it in lets stay focused on it please.

    The system must be out team catalyst and we must all defend it at all costs, we need to develop a common cause and that needs to be protecting the integrity and functional ability of the system we choose to use, that system is our banner, or colors and if you dirty them up we will crush you. Defending individuals is impossible but defending the system is much easier to focus on for the entire team and it encourages every man to take a part in this dirty work and to take pride in being able to do so. If an opponent targets one of our system assets we wll need to see it for what it is and take it a a system attack and react enmasse.

    Every crosscheck to Nuge is a system attack, every crosscheck to MPS and extra shot on J Schultz is a system attack and we need to identify it for what it is and take it personally as a group, not think that every man needs to be a pillar indivdually out there, for gods sakes there were five players all hunting Taylor Hall intimidating him last night and I didnt see anyone come flying in stick high wiping out a few of them, no one defended the system, they left a key system asset undefended and that is NOT acceptable, that wasnt Hall they were supposed to be defending it was their SYSTEM, and for as long as we refuse to clearly define the system as what we need to defend we will give backdoors to individuals who are not naturally nasty to avoid the dirty work, we need to share and share alike , everyone needs to do some grunt work or we will never become champions.

    I hate the system we are useing but that doesnt change the facts as they stand today, this hockey club is finally catalysing around the right thing, the SYSTEM, and by god I have posted close to two- hundred thousand words online trying to get this dam point across. Others have done the same and it looks like the point is finally being recieved in the right places.

    • Wax Man Riley


      Please, please shorten your posts. Please. Nobody reads them, and when I have read them you don’t say much.

      I read one the other day and the point was: The coaching staff has to concentrate on what the team did to win their 21 games. Watch the tapes and do that.

      DEERRRRRPPPPP….. of course they watch the tapes and try to do those things. They don’t sit there, watch the tapes of the wins and say “Lets not do any of those things”

  • 2004Z06

    If MPS can win face-offs, you move him to center. He has good speed to get back and jump into the rush, he has good hands and is defensively responsible. He becomes your big number 2 center and Gagner moves to the wing where he belongs. I like Gags, but he can’t win a draw and is horrible defensively. I have wanted them to try MPS at center since he got here. He has the tools!

  • Ducey

    OK seems we the so called knowledgeable fans have backed off on Magnus and returned to Hemsky bashing/trading . I wouldn’t unless we got a # 3-4 “D” in return( not drafts) or will Klefbom fill that role . Saying goodby to Eager makes sense and now its time to trade Belanger . Both have been Tambo’s decisions but he must realize it’s time . Lander can cover the 4th line . Put Smyth with RNH for rest of this year. 13/14 will be a new day .

  • 2004Z06

    We need North-South players with grit. If we can turn M.P. plus a pick into Brandon Dubinsky (who can play centre and left wing) we would be better off.

    Patience is important…having the right mix of skill (1st line) and grit (2nd line) is more important for this club at this stage of the game.

  • 2004Z06

    10 things to like about the Oilers season:

    1) Magnus comes around just in time to ensure he’ll be back next year

    2) Gagner takes the next step and silences his critics

    3) Dubby takes the next step, keeps hope alive that he has what it takes to be a Tier 1 goalie

    4) Whitney appears to be returning to form ( the jury is still out on this one)

    5) Petry appears to be returning to form

    6) Hemmer is playing great and is healthy enough to bring us one of the pieces we really need


    8) Mark Fistric

    9) YAK and J Schultz still in the running for the Calder


    11) Flames in Last Place