At last year’s trade deadline, the Edmonton Oilers sent away 2-way defender Tom Gilbert in favor of veteran defensive defenseman Nick Schultz. It capped a 3-year period where Edmonton sent away quality, veteran players. Will we see the same this time?


  • March 1: Oilers trade D Denis Grebeshkov to Nashville for a 2nd round pick in the 2010 draft (Curtis Hamilton).
  • March 3: Oilers trade D Lubomir Visnovsky to Anaheim for D Ryan Whitney and a 6th rd pick in the 2010 draft (Brandon Davidson).
  • March 3: Oilers trade D Steve Staios to Calgary for D Aaron Johnson and 2011 3rd rd pick (Travis Ewanyk).

In what could be termed the ‘great Barbara Ann Scott’ purge of 2010, Edmonton sent away the sublime Lubo plus two other regular defensemen at a deadline that raised the white flag and sent fans to the draft preview websites.


  • February 28: Oilers trade L Dustin Penner to Los Angeles for D Colten Teubert, 1st rd pick in 2011 (Oscar Klefbom) and a conditional 3rd rd pick in 2012 (Daniil Zharkov).

This is a classic ‘rebuilding team at the deadline’ trade save for the fact Penner had another season left on his contract. Edmonton had long since tipped their hand to the fanbase that the rebuild would continue until further notice, and the deal resembles the Ryan Smyth deal of 2007 in that there were ‘three assets’ in return for a useful player who could contribute in a significant way to a championship run.

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The Oilers have not received much at the NHL level from the deal, but that should change starting this fall and could pay dividends rolling out over a decade or more; it could also crash in a heap. Such is the nature of offloading proven talent for picks and prospects.


  • Februrary 27: Oilers deal D Tom Gilbert (signed through 2014 summer) to Minnesota for D Nick Schultz (also signed through 2014 summer).

This was a trade that gave Edmonton a veteran LH defender who played a safer, more sedate style of game. Gilbert’s skill set on the Oilers was duplicated by the emerging Jeff Petry, an Oiler draft from 2006 who took time to develop.


The Oilers dealt off those veteran players–Lubo, Penner, Gilbert–as part of a rebuilding plan. Purge the actual NHL players, grab a wonderful tomorrow.

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At some point, the men who make the decisions about this hockey club–I count Kevin Lowe, Craig MacTavish, Steve Tambellini–have to ‘man up’ and give these young performers some stable role players to keep the beat and play the opponents to at least a draw.

I think we’re at a point where Hall the Chance Machine, Ebs, The Nuge, Yak City and Samwise can push the river if the 6’s and 7’s and 9’s can keep the score even.


The Edmonton Oilers youth is ready to do some damage–but they need help. Today’s waiver move of Ben Eager is a nice start, and I do believe there’s an opportunity between now and the deadline. There’s a UFA-to-be to sign and maybe a trade or two–except this time Oiler fans should expect some immediate help.

Playoffs or not, the time for rebuilding is over and the time for team building has arrived.

The path is clear, it’s time to find a way.

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  • Mumbai Max

    First thing I gotta say is Im glad they got rid of that bum Gilbert. Schultz is much better, dont care what anyone says or what any stupid advanced stat says. Tom Gilbert was not a hockey player he was terrible to watch.

    Second thing is get Chris Stewart out of St Louis somehow. Dont care how just get him. Without trading the wonder kids.

  • DSF

    Hey Lowetide I got a question.

    Do you think its tough for the Oilers to have trade talks with other teams for their “impact” players without the other team only for Eberle Hall Nuge or Schultz? Like asking for big strong top line scoring winger or a top paring dman?

    • Lowetide

      I don’t think the Oilers need an impact player, but they do need solid veterans who have a proven track record and are in their prime/just past.

      That isn’t going to cost Hall, Ebs, Nuge, Yak, Schultz or even Gagner.

  • vetinari

    The Oil will actually be in decent position next year, capwise, once Whitney, Khabibulin, and Sutton’s contracts and Souray’s buyout are off the books, and I’m sure that there will be a dozen or so teams looking to offload talent between now and then– now’s the time to be ringing phones and knocking on doors to supplement the roster and get the players that they should have signed or traded for years ago.

  • See this is where I say the Oiler’s are in no way ready to move off the rebuild.

    They need a number 1 defenseman.

    I don’t care how many points Gagner has…He is not the center this team need’s moving forward.

    The Oilers have to find replacements for Horcoff, Smyth, Belanger, Petrel, Whitney, Hemsky , Potter , Hartikainen

    The Oilers still have to get tougher in the bottom six.

    Like LT said, find player’s to mix in the top six.

    The Oilers just don’t have the assets to move for these pieces.

    • Hear, hear.

      The top five are the only untradables. We took the best players in the draft regardless of their position with the intent of dealing the lesser surplus talent to fill out the team. Hemsky AND gagner are BOTH surplus goods and both are playing at or near the top of their game. This is the perfect time to deal them.

      The test is… Do [email protected] have the guts to pull the trigger?

    • I agree with you David except.

      I would use Gagner and Petry for that defensemen, cause let’s face it; you’re not getting a number 1 defensemen without giving up more.

      Petry become’s expendable, because I think the Oilers expect Klefbom to fit right in.

      Hemsky and a pick won’t get you that player. Gagner has more value.

      While I tend to agree with giving up proven talent for pick or prospects, I would in a heartbeat give up Hemsky for a pick in the top 10 – 15 of this year’s draft only.

      One that can fill Horcoffs spot within the Next year or two.

      This because Hemsky’s position is filled already, the Oilers have to draft two centers in this draft IMO.

      Hemsky makes also makes a cap crunching 5 million.

      The Oiler’s can then possible deal Jones and Belanger as a package or separate for picks or prospects.

      Would Jones and a prospect get you Gardiner? One would have to think so.

      Would Gardiner be an upgrade on Potter,Peckham,Fistric, I would think so.

      I would use one of the two second round pick’s this year plus a player/ prospect for Ryane Clowe in a trade and sign situation, the player could possibly be Whitney.

      The Oilers will need to move out the remaining players on this year’s roster to make way for new players that will compete better for a playoff position next season.

      Time to move out dead weight.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Could be one way of looking at it, or perhaps there’s a fine line between proven talent and junk. It’s become rather obvious the last 3 yrs it would be the later.

        The perfect storm with managements goal being, securing lotto selections for the foreseeable future. Need atleast one more top 3 pick. Not all currently in the fold will pan out.

        Anyone who resembles Adrian Barboa is alright in my books. Not many wouldn’t want to flare her nostrils in the day.

  • We need the Right body vs.the Right draft pick. We have lots of bodies to trade, The right body IMO would be a young 1/2 defenseman.

    Look to Jack Carlson, Either of the Johnsons , Cam Fowler, one of the Pens Defenseman….that caliber…

    The give could be some combination of Hemsky, Whitney, Jones, Yakopov.

    I would over pay in hockey trade to get that one piece we need…a great, +25 minute a night dman.

    Need that top dman vs. the goal scorer …

  • Devon

    Hey LT, what about going out and using their depth on D to acquire a skilled depth center. They could really use a number one guy down their that’s good enough to play a regular shift at the NHL level and not get killed. Lander’s about the closest guy and he could use at least another year full time in the AHL. Anyone currently on D with Okalahoma you’d be willing to part with and whom might they be able to acquire? It’s only a minor deal, but something they should look at especially when they could have all three of Klefboom, Gernat and Musil taking regular shifts the Barons next fall.

  • Let’s stop the “Yakupov for XXXX” crazy talk, shall we? Kid’s playing top 6 minutes right outta the box despite being a defensive calamity. We need that big juicy D-man, we can buy him this summer or trade Hemsky + a second rounder.

  • Devon

    Hey Lowetide

    I should have phrased my question better. I know the Oilers dont need any “impact” forwards cause they already have those, Im talking more about a top end “imapact” Dman like a Keith or Seabrook (AND I KNOW THE HAWKS AND OILERS ARENT GOING TO MAKE THAT DEAL JUST AN EXAMPLE) or a big physical skilled forward (which dont fall off trees, so thats why the asking price is always huge).

    Also about Stewart. Ya he is inconsitent (maybe not as bad as Penner has been before) but so is every other big skilled guy not named Lindros. The thing I like about Stewart is, he is really hard to compete against. So even if he isnt scoring at that particular time he still makes it diffucult to play against for the other teams best players or dman.

    I like the St louis Blues forwards group because they are so skilled but also have the abbility to wear down the others teams player.

    On another note how about Jake Gardiner agent tweeting what he did. Maybe him and Schultz want to have a reunion because I sure would welcome it.